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Just over a third of Texans polled say they own at least one gun. Some 17% of gun owners bought a gun within the past 90 days, and of those, more than half were first-time buyers.

The pace picked up substantially in August.

Most of the people who bought their first gun this summer bought it in the past two weeks. Of the people who bought a gun in the past 14 days, 84% were buying for the first time.

Almost half of the 1,150 Texas voters surveyed expect that the pandemic will lead to civil unrest. About a third own at least one gun.

“I think there is a general panic and unrest,” said poll respondent Tony Ashcraft, owner of a gun center in Pearland.

Demand by first-time gun buyers began to spike in March, said Ashcraft, who said that in six years selling guns, he’s never seen as many first-time buyers as in the past six months.

“There’s no one flavor of humanity that comes in. A big panic is panic in everybody’s mind. Everybody is worried,” he said.

The survey results bear that out.

First-time gun buyers favor Biden over Trump, in fact.

– Elizabeth Thompson in First-time gun buyers in Texas fear civil unrest, poll shows

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  1. If this country votes for a 47 year long career politician whom never held a private sector job in his life, voted for the quagmire Wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, voted for Unrestricted Free Trade Deals that have hollowed out our manufacturing sectors, and has been nothing but a sock-puppet, lapdog, bitch for Communist China……..then this Country deserves to become a 3rd-World SHITHOLE, and judging by this PHONY COVID-19 crap, most people will drop like sacks of hot potatoes.

    • C’mon man! This is Blue Collar Joe we’re talking about, because everyone equates being an attorney with blue collar work. Sure he’s been MIA when it comes to keeping jobs in this country. The last administration said those jobs weren’t coming back! Suck it up losers! Learn to code! Blue collar workers want a raise? Ha! They get to compete against the cheap labor from millions of illegal immigrants that Joe has promised to give amnesty to. More to come from open border Joe! Deal with it losers.

      He hasn’t done anything noteworthy in 50 years, but now he has a brilliant plan! There’s a sucker born every minute…

        • For his prize, he gets to sniff the hair of any TTAG reader.

          I read the entire article, and then searched for the word “Biden” to be sure. There are no questions in the listed poll about voter preference. She presents no evidence to support the claim that new gun owners support Biden. The word “Biden” only appears twice, once in reference to Trump’s claim that Biden wouldn’t quell the violence, and once in her unsubstantiated claim about candidate support. This is clearly an agenda driven article, not real journalism.

        • what an article! A THIRD OF Texans polled own guns huh? (snicker) After that tidbit, it’s hard to take anything that follows seriously. Polling must have been limited to Travis county residents or something…..

        • The woman writing this article either has data not published in the link to the survey she provided or is making stuff up. The cross-tabulated data in her link shows 59% of gun owners supporting Trump & 37% supporting Biden. Later in the survey respondents are asked if the gun purchased in the last 90 days was their first. Nowhere in the tables I can see is there any presentation of data on presidential preference for those first time buyers.

        • He doesn’t know the thing, he’s lucky if he knows his name and what day it is.

          Hi I’m Joe Braindead and I’m running for the U S senate,Effing moron.

      • “Learn to code!”

        That’s probably the funniest part of your post. I frequent tech forums. Techies felt safe, only five years ago. They thought their jobs were secure, and mocked their less educated, less tech savvy brethren. Today? They are beginning to see some payback for their aloof and elitest attitudes. Techies are being reduced to competing for jobs in that mythical “service economy”. And, there aren’t enough jobs at McDonald’s and WalMart to go around!

        NOTE: Please don’t mistake me for a coder. I can sometimes read code, I can use code, do my own compiling, but I am no coder.

    • A direct or indirect vote for the self serving lowlife Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Joe Biden or any democRat is a vote to appease bullies, looters and arsonists and crap on America.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • “PHONY COVID-19 crap”

      You are so right, as Rush Limbaugh said, “it’s just the ordinary flu“

      Don’t let the Democrats put their duct tape across their mouth to forbid your right to free speech, wearing those mask is just a sign of control.

      • “Don’t let the Democrats put their duct tape across their mouth to forbid your right to free speech…”

        I really wish the would, and a few extra wraps to cover the nose, as well… 🙂

      • It’s not the flu! It’s no worse than a virulent influenza strain and has some similarities in symptoms, but it’s not the flu.

    • See now the point of this article goes much deeper. Libtards go out and finally exercise their 2nd amendment right to bare arms YAY!
      Then turn around and admit they support the very party who will strip that right away ASAP?!
      That’s like admitting you support socialism and the green new deal AOC.
      COME ON MAN!
      Like Gump’s Mamma says;
      Stupid is what Stupid does!

    • Don’t forget removing the usury cap so creditors can shake down everyone and smother us all with more fake debt.

    • Really? As opposed to voting for the president who lies about most everything? There’s audio of Trump telling Bob Woodward how dangerous Covid 19 really is and then he tells the American people it’s all fake, and it will go away. We had trucks behind our hospital with dead bodies in them. He dumps on our Vets and our armed forces, then lies about it, until you listen to the recordings yet again. If we get Biden the only people at fault are the Republicans who didn’t vote for a better candidate to replace Trump this time around, say even Kasich?

      • You’re the liar here. Even Bolton who hates Trump and was there says Trump never said the shit that EVERY POS DEM actually feels in their hearts:,it’s losers like YOU who devalue our troops.

        Woodward is a lying POS caught on YouTube today crying like a witch promoting Marxist intersectionalist critical race theory BS, sniveling about “white privilege”. (Anyone who spouts that BS supports looting and arson nationwide).

        A vote for Biden is a vote for a bankrupt and a disarmed America OWNED BY CHINA, run by professional victimologists who will teach your kids to be trannies.

        everyone here needs to stand outside their LGS and talk to first time buyers and drill it into them: if you want to keep that shiny new firearm, hold your nose if you have to but you better vote TRUMP PENCE and Republican down ticket all the way, cause Biden already promised hes appointing BeatOff as chief confiscatory lead magnet.

  2. Well, in keeping with their privilege mentality, “I’ve got mine.” No need for anyone else to ever have access to a gun.

    • New gun owners in free states think, “it was easy to buy a gun”. New gun owners in slave states think, “hmm, some restrictions had to wait several days, but hey it’s all part of the process, it’s normal, still got my gun”. Both of these group are still in denial about Dem gun control saying to themselves, “they won’t take my leagally purchased guns away”. These same folks are mostly focused on what’s happeing in the now, their work, family, raising kids, other misc hobbies. They’re so busy they let the left-media spoon feed them. We, POTG need to keep educating these folks!

      • Unfortunately, it will take more than rhetoric to change these peoples minds. They have been so brainwashed that nothing short of a drastic event in their lives, them being red-flagged or having to actually protect themselves with a firearm will change their minds.

        • Nope. Not even that. They can’t mentally/emotionally cross that bridge. They’ve so invested their whole lives in to the church of liberalism that any challenge is an attack on their god/religion/existence. When their Midas-touch-of-crap destroys the world around them, they look around in bewilderment and wonder how their earthbound utopia turned in to hell. They say to themselves, “It wasn’t done right,” then move to your pristine states vowing that, “Its going to be done the right way this time because I’m going to be in charge.” And everyone knows how wonderful megalomaniacal liberals are. You probably already have one or two on your city council or school board. They probably came from a liberal utopia with a mandate to make you see the light. If they can change this one small town in to heaven on earth, then they can move up the Democrat Party ladder and bring their “proven” ideas to the rest of humanity. They would “bring the light” to you so-to-speak. Their life goal is (literally) to be Lucifer (light bringer).

        • Correct, when their tardtopia schemes fail time after time,they double even triple down on the mental disease professed of the church of Leftardism.

        • I’m waiting for the screeching when somebody tells them they have to turn in that gun they just paid a thousand bucks for.

      • “New gun owners in slave states think, “hmm, some restrictions had to wait several days, but hey it’s all part of the process, it’s normal, still got my gun”.”

        Jack, it was here in TTAG a few weeks back about a California gun store dealing with first-time customers had some very angry customers who couldn’t go home with their gun right then and there.

        And a number of TTAG commenters opined that would turn them into Republican voters.

        A little song dedicated to them :

      • You don’t think Trump won’t takenour guns? He will in a heartbeat of it suits his selfish soul. He lies then changes the lie moments later. Did you hear him speaking to Bon Woodward about Covid being real and dangerous? Yes he said that and then told millions of us that it’s a hoax. Why didn’t anyone with intelligence and real values step up against him? Certainly Kasich would be a better president.

        • You need to take your Biden propaganda and eat your gun.

          and sthu about Kasich, that RINO traitor is an open borders Whore like Biden, who just announced he will give citizenship to 22 million illegals, who with chain migration will swell our population by SEVENTY MILLION DEMmigrants, depressing wages and taking jobs and biting way our freedoms for free healthcare and food stamps we can all pay Gordon with higher and higher taxes.

        • Damn autocorrect:

          “and voting away our freedoms for free healthcare and food stamps that we can all pay for with higher and higher taxes on lower and lower pay checks.”

    • If Biden wins, they probably won’t get to keep those guns, regardless of the type. Dems are coming for them all if they get power. The history of chipping away at rights (by both sides) over the last 50+ years will turn into the equivalent of dynamite in the a mountainside. The changes will come faster and be bigger then ever before.

    • All polls are manufactured to drive public opinion, not report it.

      This is a well established science, in fact, and has been going on for about 100 years.

      • I’ll bet the Thompson and others like her lost a lot of money betting on Hillary in 2016, too. nothing like making up news, especially with people who don’t mind lying to pollsters. I’ve given 3 polling callers false info over the past 2 months- why not?

    • I remember all the “skewed polls” stuff from the Obama-Romney election. Quick history lesson: the polls weren’t skewed and they weren’t wrong. Obama won.

      Repeat: Obama WON.

      We should be careful dismissing polls that show Biden ahead. Polls are not generally as wrong as y’all seem to think (though sometimes they can be, as evidenced by the last election). They are as good as the samplIng and analysis methods that go into them, which can be hard to evaluate until after the election is over and there is a known outcome. But this kind of electoral polling has a pretty long track record of accurate prediction. Maybe all the polls miss something important about the electorate in the age of Trump… but then again, maybe not.

      In short: Trump needs to keep fightin’ hard. Some metrics look good for him, but the polls, while improving, are not yet his friend.

      • “In short: Trump needs to keep fightin’ hard.”

        What is it in Trump’s messaging that you believe shows he’s not “fightin’ hard”??

        As far as I’m concerned he’s the only candidate in my 68 years who’s known how to fight back against the false narrative put out by the MSM and the rest of the Left. They hate him for being effective- too bad a fair number of those a bit to the Right can’t understand why he must resort to tweets and trolling to get the liars to actually state their positions in plain language that everyone can understand.

        Had Trump resorted to the normal, Conservative-type, “acceptable” way of getting his message to the voters he’d have never been the 2016 Republicrat candidate and we’d be seeing Jeb Bush trying to run yet again in 2020, having lost to Hillary in 2016 by double digits…

        My never-fail analysis of betting on candidates is: When both candidates run on progressive policy the democrat will alway win.

        • I hear someone say Assault Rifle the conversation turns to an education about Armalite Rifle. It is up to you to get the crap out between the heads of people who have been brainwashed by people who despise America.
          Ask them how it feels to vote for the party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Gun control and other race based atrocities? Ask them if the guilty as sin democRat Party should be held liable for Monetary Reparations?
          If they try to save face with stupidity then you have no choice but to tell them they have 10 seconds to get off your property or you’ll call the police and have them removed. I mean if a democRat is going to roll over and play dead for race based atrocities and give the democRat Party a pass on Reparations think of what such a zero Content of Character lowlife would do to you.

          TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • “What is it in Trump’s messaging that you believe shows he’s not “fightin’ hard”??”

          Note I said “keep,” not “start.” I believe Trump is fighting, hence the tightening polls. But he isn’t yet ahead in those polls, which is cause for concern.

        • Sadly I suspect that most when they hear Debbie W sound off instantly think nutbag and listening stops. She has a good message but really needs to work on her delivery.

      • “I remember all the “skewed polls” stuff from the Obama-Romney election. Quick history lesson: the polls weren’t skewed and they weren’t wrong. Obama won.”

        BIG difference between the Mittens-Obama match-up –

        People weren’t afraid to admit they supported Romney. People have a good reason to lie about supporting Trump…

      • And watch for the deluge of postal votes for the Democrats after election day.

        There needs to be a rule that postal votes MUST either be received at the designated address at close of business the day of the election or at a polling station on the day of the election. Any ballots received after the day of the election are declared invalid.

        • “There needs to be a rule that postal votes MUST either be received at the designated address at close of business the day of the election or at a polling station on the day of the election. Any ballots received after the day of the election are declared invalid.”

          This assumes that the postal service is designed and equipped to actually handle the volume of articles that would be represented by the entire nation voting by mail. This is 2020. Why does it generally take seven days to move a letter from one coast to another, at a commodity price?

        • Hey, what if it takes me seven days to get to the polling place to cast my vote in person? The answer is “tough shit”, and that should be the answer for postal votes, as well. Get your vote in on time or it does not count. I voted twice while stationed overseas in the ’80s, found out a decade later neither vote was ever counted (military votes mostly conservative).

          • “I voted twice while stationed overseas in the ’80s, found out a decade later neither vote was ever counted (military votes mostly conservative).”

            When stationed in Texas, I was informed at the polling place that absentee votes were never counted, unless to break a tie, or near tie. And then, only enough votes to break the tie. The remainder of the votes were ignored…even though the remainder might result in another tie, or completely change winners.

      • Obama did not win. Obama stole the election by using the levers of power to hide and disguise his enormous failures as a president and as a man. Used the IRS to discriminate against any opponents, sent the UN Ambassador to lie to the country about the terrorist assassination of a sitting Ambassador who he had deliberately abandoned in a hostile country. POS has not stopped lying and manipulating yet!

        • I agree Obama was a horrible president. But he did win, and the polls were right about it. We must not trick ourselves into false beliefs that make us complacent.

          (To be fair, we can also admit the polls were a mess last time around. Polls are just one indicator amongst many, not the be all and end all.)

          • “I agree Obama was a horrible president. But he did win, and the polls were right about it. We must not trick ourselves into false beliefs that make us complacent.”

            Been looking for a place to drop this in. Looks about as good as any:
            “But if the election is close this year….and a few battleground states fail to report their votes on time, then neither President Trump nor former Vice President Biden might be able to assemble the required 270 electoral votes needed to become president.

            If such a stalemate occurs, a constitutional fail-safe would throw the election into the House of Representatives. Our nation barely avoided that outcome 20 years ago and has only used it twice in our history.

            But even though the House will likely remain under Democratic control after the election, the Constitution’s process for resolving disputed elections should still bode well for Trump’s reelection.

            How could control of the White House end up in the domain of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.? It depends on the decisions made 230 years ago.

            America’s founders rejected the idea that Congress should pick the president….They wanted the American people to have the primary hand in choosing the president. But the founders wanted the choice mediated through the states, because they also feared direct democracy.

            In a compromise that binds us still, the founders allowed state legislatures to pick electors for the president, based on their number of senators and members of the House combined.

            The state-based organization of the Electoral College and its slight advantage for states with small populations (which receive two extra Electoral College votes no matter their population, since every state has two senators) underscore the founders’ desire to give federalism a say in the choice of the president.

            The founders went further in designing their constitutional backup. They realized that the Electoral College might yield no majority winner. They expected that regions might support their favorite sons instead.

            In Article II of the Constitution, as modified by the 12th Amendment, the framers established that if no one won a majority of Electoral College votes, the House would pick the president from the top three vote-getters.

            But…the Democrats — assuming that they hold onto their majority in the House — still won’t pick the president. Rather than allowing a simple majority vote in the House to select the president, the Constitution requires that the House choose the president by voting as state delegations. That means that California (represented by 53 House members) and Delaware (represented by 1 House member) would each get a single vote to pick the president.

            Once again, the founders decided to amplify the voice of the states in the presidential selection process, rather than defaulting to pure democracy.

            And that is how Trump could win the presidency again. If the Electoral College votes yield no majority winner Dec. 14, the Constitution sends the vote to the House.

            Thanks to Republican advantages among the states, rather than the cities, the current balance of state delegations in the House favors Republicans, with 26 delegations controlled by Republicans and 23 controlled by Democrats (Pennsylvania is tied). If today’s House chose the president by voting by state delegations, Trump would win.

            But there is one more twist. The 20th Amendment to the Constitution seats a new Congress on Jan. 3, but does not begin the term of a new president until noon on Jan. 20. That means the new House chosen in the November election, rather than the current House, would choose the president if neither Trump nor Biden wins an Electoral College majority.

            Even though Republicans currently have a majority of House delegations, Democrats have narrowed the gap. After the 2016 elections, Republicans had held a 32-17 advantage in House delegations. If Democrats can win one more congressional seat in Pennsylvania and then flip one more delegation, they could achieve a 25-25 tie in the House in January.

            Under this scenario, the election would require political bargaining of the most extreme kind for the House to resolve a disputed presidential election.

            But suppose the House can’t agree, which could well be likely given the polarization of our politics. The Constitution even provides for this.

            If the House splits 25-25…then the 20th Amendment elevates the vice president-elect to the presidency. Under the 20th Amendment, when the Electoral College fails, the Senate chooses the vice president.

            But unlike the House procedure, the senators each have an individual vote, meaning that under the current balance in the upper chamber, 53 Republicans would choose Mike Pence to effectively become the next president.

            But one-third of the seats in the Senate will be filled in the November election, meaning control of the chamber could flip to the Democrats. Under this scenario, Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., could wind up as our next president and make history as the first woman to hold the office in American history.”

            have lotsa popcorn on hand on election night.

        • Imagine neither gaining enough electoral votes, then Trump getting enough House votes for the win. There would be rioting for sure because the media / dems would pretend Trump was just cheating, and the brain dead zombie horde would do what they do best: violently react off pure emotion.

          • “I should have started with @Sam. I was actually replying to you.”

            I read what you wrote, but not sure you wrote what I read.

      • Remember the polls had the horrid skank wining resoundingly over Trump and the Skank still lost, as she is a looser and a witch with a B.

      • “ First-time gun buyers favor Biden over Trump, in fact.”

        That line is just dropped into the article to stand in its own, free of any supporting evidence. Not a single word or digit is given to establish the truth of that claim.

      • National polls are MEANINGLESS! We don’t have a national election. We have 50 state-wide elections for the electoral College.

        So if it’s a national poll, ignore it. Focus on the states. Those polls were very accurate in 2016. But the national polls supported the narrative and were hyped by the media.

    • Chris,

      Polls are meaningless.

      Did you intentionally type “polls” or did you mean to type “pols” (shorthand for politicians)?

      Oddly (or maybe not), both possibilities are quite meaningful!

    • “First-time gun buyers favor Biden over Trump, in fact.”

      I read the entire article and seem to have missed where this claim was substantiated in any way – the actual firearms part of the survey (pg 20) – sorts the answers based on urban / suburban / rural voters, not Biden vs Trump. Maybe I missed something?

  3. The important question is how many were voting biden before and changed their minds. Trump doesn’t need them all he needs a goos number if defectors.

    Many of the Rep leaning people are not first time buyers.

  4. In other words;

    1150 people surveyed. ~384 (33%+) fessed up to owning a gun, 65 (17%) claimed to be first time gun buyers and of those 33 plan on voting for Biden vs. 32 for Trump.

    • Also, don’t forget that only the most die hard lefties are the ones who tell the truth in polls. Even moderate liberals aren’t comfortable telling their opinions for fear of being canceled. So there could be more than half of those purported Biden voters that are actually on the fence or have totally decided to vote against the insanity that is the Democratic Party. And I realize the disconnect between trusting a poll on not trusting polls, but that is the only info we have & we need data to make inferences for the future.

      • The earlier polls were designed to suppress funding for the (R)s. Now they’re starting to tighten up in order to motivate the (D) voters. The last two weeks will be for saving face so they retain some degree of credibility for the next election. It will be interesting if Trump wins by a landslide how they’ll handle it when the real numbers reflect Biden’s impending doom.

        • There is zero enthusiasm for Biden. He got by early in his career with charisma and an ability to BS. Dementia has put a stop to that. Democrats have repeatedly rejected him on a national level. Democrats didn’t think twice about immediately rejecting the media darling Kamala. All they have to work with is fake news fueled rage and drama, and mean words (not policy) from the incumbent. Their policy argument is halfhearted at best. It’s pathetic really.

        • “There is zero enthusiasm for Biden.”

          There is a lot of hate for Trump. That’s motivation, right there…

        • Sure it’s motivation, but it’s all they have. When was the last time someone won based on that alone? That’s a serious question BTW. No one actually believes in Biden. He’s the biggest joke to ever run for president. It’s sad that so many people vote based on emotion and media manipulation instead of policy and results.

        • Dude. I live in the san francisco bay area. Liberal. leftist mecca. And I see no love for biden. The same thing happened in 16 for hillary. I have seen some real love for Trump. Go figure.

        • JWM,

          I’m in SoCal. My ex and her friends remain Biden votors. The Trump love is forbidden love…

  5. I don’t think that the source news article says anything more than: “Pearl clutching panicking gun buyers clean out gun shops in preparation for an election”. I think some folks just want to be ahead of the curve in case the ‘senile one’ is accidentally elected and fear potential gun bans.

  6. Anyone who is a gun owner New or old dumb enough to vote for an anti gunner like Biden or Harris needs to get an education on just what their platform is on gun control.Just hoping these people aren’t transplants from California and brought the ideas they just fled from.

    • But they “support the second amendment,” they say that all the time! Usually on the same breath as calling for a ban on military weapons or assault weapons and going after gun manufacturers, so I guess they just provide the quotes with both so they can be appropriately chopped up and distributed to the campaign and fact checkers.

      I guess for the people they are going after, supporting the second amendment and banning, registering assault weapons with a $200 tax are compatible concepts.

      • Since Socialists need money to implement their (failed) policies…what makes you think that a Democrat administration wouldn’t “update” or “modernize” the NFA registration fee of $200 to $1,000…$2,000 or higher? This way they could use compliant firearm owners $$ to exert even more control over the populace (all that “free” $#!t costs real money).

        • If the tax stamps had kept up with inflation, the price would be pushing $4,000 now.

          Government inefficiency is the only reason why a $300 suppressor costs $500 right now instead of $4,000. The progs are probably salivating at the thought of the punitive registration revenue stream.

  7. Democrats in Texas (yes there are many since it use to be a Democrat state) most likely believe Texas will never let guns be taken away. But conservatives believe anything is possible on a national level. Texas is 30 million people, 10 million are eligible to vote. There were more than 3 million hunting licenses issued last year in Texas, so at least 1/3 of voters are gun owners. A few may vote for giving up their guns, but most you would have to kill to get the guns.

      • @Ralph: FUDD or not, Texans love firearms, feed they families with hunting and protect their livestock and property with firearms, especially in the west and south. Try to take a deer rifle, duck shotgun or AR for hogs away from a Texan hunter or rancher, you might find yourself on the business end, which is exactly where you don’t want to be. I expect the Dems are going to be butt hurt and maybe violent come Nov 5th.

    • Ann Richards would probably still be governor if she had not handed the election to Dubya in, what, 1992? by refusing to even allow discussion on carry licensing.

      • Ann Richards became governor ONLY because Clayton Williams (the GOP nominee) ran a campaign than was so bad it makes Joe Biden look like a politician genius. Williams quite literally could have gone on safari for four months after winning the primary and he would have crushed Richards by 5-10 points. But nooooooooo ! He committed so many own-goals that even hard-core repubs were having second thoughts.

        Once the Texas GOP nominated somebody who was not an utter disaster, Ann was doomed. Her refusal to even consider scrapping the old gun laws (at that time, there were no provisions for any sort concealed carry license, but there were lots of exceptions that were routinely employed) certainly didn’t help, but once Bush the Younger got into the race everyone knew she was going to be “one and done.”

  8. So, I don’t see the crosstabs in the poll release and don’t care to go digging for them. But for reference:

    “Is there a gun in the home/garage/car”: Total response 1,078, 38% Yes = 410
    If yes: “purchased in last 90 days”: Total response 410, 21% Yes = 86
    If yes: “first time gun purchase”: Total response 86, 54% Yes = 46

    So, out of the 1,078 total polled, only 46 people (i.e. a whopping 4%) are “first time gun buyers”, among whom there is some apparent analysis that indicates that they favor Biden – and the degree of that support isn’t even quantified.

    Who cares?

  9. I wont be staying awake at night worrying about any of this. This is something I’ve been more inclined to think all year, much like a few others here. Regardless of what various writers on this site wanted to believe. This article doesn’t really change anything. It wouldn’t mean much of it said the exact opposite. I still see no reason to vote for the insanity of the left. There is no reason for me to stay home on election day either.

    • What “keeps me up at night” is worrying about all of those generic, unrequested mail-in ballots that will be found in car trunks all over the “red states” in the days after November 3, 2020. A landslide in “blue states” isn’t all that significant so long as we have an Electoral College to make the ultimate decision and those Elector’s votes must reflect those of whom they represent.

      Of all the dirty tricks the democrats pull, this is the one that will cause the most chaos which is always in their favor. This problem needs to be settled in the next few weeks regardless of where the battle must be fought.

      • All ready got absentee ballot apps in the mail from the dnc. Of course no one in my house is registered as a dem. Makes you wonder don’t it?

      • Thanks to Trump, this is actually a serious topic of conversation now. This has been an issue for as long as I can remember. It just never gains any traction. I want it done away with and made illegal. There is no legit reason for it anyway.

        • It should only be by registered voter request in case you’re out of town, in the hospital, etc. With lengthy early voting these days, those requests should be very few.

  10. If this is true, that I blame the gun shops for this.

    Greedy money grabbing bastards that they are.

    Here’s my theory, whether it’s a first time or a 20th time customer the shop has a captive audience for a period of time. The time commences when they walk in the door, walk up to the counter, start looking at guns, q&a with the sales staff, Make a selection, and do the paperwork.

    At the point of doing the paperwork, The customer should be presented with a printed safety briefing sheet. You know, all the usual stuff…..treat all weapons as if they’re loaded etc.

    AT THAT POINT….. The customer should also be presented with another sheet explaining briefly The political problems that we’re having and why it’s so fucking important to vote for Trump. They need to be told that if they don’t vote for Trump that they’re going to lose their newly acquired firearms. Lead the customer by the nose if they need to.

    When I worked at a gun shop that’s exactly what we did. We made sure that the customer received the gun that they wanted; and most importantly the knowledge that they needed before they headed out the door.

    Here in Illinois we get two bites of the apple. The customer walks in to make their purchase, and then three days later after the waiting period Expires they pick up the gun. No fucking excuse in the world to not educate the customer on what they need to do in the polls. None.

  11. Should be interesting to read what spin 49’er and the other Proggie trolls have to say about this…!

    Probably a twist on…” for me…but, not for thee”. Maybe “you’re making us buy gunz for protection from you”.

    Come on little Minor don’t let me down.

      • Oops, I forgot that possibility…my bad.

        Kinda like the wishy-washy liberal Mayors who enable rioting and violence in their cities being targeted by those same rioters and violence and then using their “defunded, devalued, disgraced” Police to save their miserable butts and property.

  12. “Most First-Time Texas Gun Buyers Are Voting for Biden”

    Of course they will, the struggle with mental retardation is only cured thru the education that Leftards lack and are so against,Leftardism is a mental disease.

  13. I’ve commented (MANY TIMES) that nearly all the black gun owner’s I’ve known vote Dim and didn’t believe me when I stated “Obama wants to take yer guns”. One old guy told me the NRA lies about Barry. These were all at my local LA Fitness gym. You can’t fix stupid…but you can quit arming it!

  14. Never, ever underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. My first thought was how many of these people were idiots that moved to Texas from California, and brought their socialist crap thinking with them? Since this is how they are going to vote-and refuse to learn from history, I think these so-called “Biden voters” should automatically have their guns confiscated from them-and by force, if necessary. You know, so that they can love and get used to what they are in for when they vote for a dementia-laden fool that reflects their own idiocy and stupidity.

  15. Political schizophrenia occurs everywhere — not just in Texas. My family millennials are ardent Biden supporters, but regularly carry handguns. Of course, they’re appalled at the thought of anyone owning an “assault weapon.”

  16. The typical democrat voter makes no connection between the democrat party and gun control….confiscation and banning. The democrats say “common sense gun control,” which means “banning and confiscation,” and normal people do not understand that…..they believe the lies…..

  17. Virtually all blacks who describe themselves as conservative voted for Obama. It’s almost impossible to overstate how tribal blacks tend to be when it comes to politics.

    • They may have voted for the “Black” candidate on his first term, but conservative Black voters did NOT vote for his second term. A self made black man(not in the entertainment business) will become a conservative Republican sooner than a white man. He knows what poor is all about and he wants to comforts that come from having money for himself and his family. He does not want do be dragged back to the plantation.

      • They may have voted for the “Black” candidate on his first term, but conservative Black voters did NOT vote for his second term.

        Look at the graph. Those are 2012 voters. They voted in lockstep to give Obama a second term.

      • As I recall, Obama’s support among blacks dropped dramatically between 2008 and 2012, from 98% to 95%. Either of which clearly illustrates zero consideration of issues or ability, a totally, 100%, absolutely racist vote.

  18. When are they going to run a poll on putting democRats in prison for using taxpayer money to attempt to overthrow a duly elected POTUS all based on concocted lies, schemes, slander, libel and other despicable lowlife democRat Sht? The people who vote for a democRat must enjoy the smell of Rat Sht.

    • “When are they going to run a poll on putting democRats in prison”

      Word up, here in the United States of America people are not put into prison because of a poll.

      We have the United States Constitution, which sets out due process for people in this country, which includes a credible charge by a prosecutor, a trial by jury with a presiding judge and sentencing hearings to determine appropriate sentences.

      I do realize you may be unfamiliar with the American jurisprudence system, and I understand that a person in your position may be disappointed by our insistence on due process and equal justice under law, but it is the American Way. It would be unrealistic to expect a paid Russian Internet research agency operative to be familiar with justice in the United States of America.

      And I would point out, there have been multiple investigations by both Republican controlled congressional committees and the department of justice, and thus far, Hillary, Barack Hussein Obama or Joe Biden have not been charged, much less convicted.

      On the other hand, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, assistant campaign manager, personal attorney, national security advisor, etc. have all been charged, convicted, and sent to Federal prison.

      • ” We have the United States Constitution ”

        Okay, Miner– so you know about that? Maybe you want to take a look at the Second Amendment. On the rare occasions I read the shit you post, I thought maybe you never heard of the Bill of Rights.

  19. This poll has two huge problems:
    1. People lie to pollsters, random stranger on phone asks about guns? Nope!
    2. They assumed that Democrats will vote Biden and that Biden supporters will vote.

  20. The full poll results appear to be here:

    Maybe it is my lack of coffee thus far today, but where is the cross-tab that shows that “First-time gun buyers favor Biden over Trump, in fact.”

    And even if a poll does show that, doesn’t that just mean you can add gun ownership to the semmingly endless list of things for which conservatives speaks carefully and liberal won’t shut up?

  21. Looking at the poll, it’s because most first time gun buyers are also black or latino, two groups that are more inclined to vote for getting a big D .

    For many of them, guns aren’t the primary issue even if they are now gun owners. Wish they could see that Joey Fingers isn’t going to really help them with the OTHER issues that they care about, but that’s years of brainwashing for ya. Need more Colions, Brandon Tatums, etc to get through to these communities instead of grifters like Sharpton and Dyson.

  22. Character counts, but vote for whoever best represents your integrity and beliefs.

    This past Sunday Joseph Biden and his wife Jill attended church at St. Joseph’s on the Brandywine in Greenville, Delaware, as they do most Sundays.
    After the service, Joe visited the graves of his first wife and baby daughter, who were killed in an auto accident in 1972, as well as the grave of his son, a United States Army Officer and Bronze Star recipient.

    On that same Sunday, Donald Trump was attending Trump National-Potomac Falls, from  9:55am-2:15pm
    It was golf course visit number 278, Trump’s 18th visit to his Potomac Falls golf course this year.

    • “This past Sunday Joseph Biden and his wife Jill attended church at St. Joseph’s”

      I bet that means the world to you because of your Catholic faith, right?

      “Character counts, but vote for whoever best represents your integrity and beliefs.”

      Like I said, they gave up on policy arguments and actual results. It’s all about emotion.

      • You could not be further from the truth!

        I myself am an atheist, I don’t accept the claims of any of that who doo sky daddy stuff.

        But I am happy to respect the sincerely held religious beliefs of others, especially if they live out the positive tenets of their faith and benefit mankind with their service.

        Or, you could just go golfing and bill the American people a couple hundred grand for providing rooms for your Secret Service detail.

        I thought during his campaign Trump said he would be too busy to go golfing during his presidency, that must’ve been just more BS like “I’ll build the wall and have Mexico pay for it”, right?

        Oh yeah, “on day one I’ll repeal Obamacare and replace it with better insurance, that will cover more people.“

        “Promises made, Promises broken”

        • I know you’re an atheist, that’s the point. Everyone here knows you’re full of it.

          “But I am happy to respect the sincerely held religious beliefs of others, especially if they live out the positive tenets of their faith and benefit mankind with their service.”

          I’m glad to see you aren’t for removing the tax exempt status of churches like most other progressives.

          “who doo sky daddy stuff” doesn’t sound very respectful.

        • I must tell you that I am “for removing the tax exempt status of churches“.

          While I believe every individual has a right to have their beliefs respected, I don’t think that any organized delusion should have a tax advantage over American citizens.

        • “organized delusion”

          Wait a second. So you admire and respect Joe Biden for being delusional? How about this Miner? Just be honest. You’ll say anything to make Trump look bad, or Biden look good. It isn’t really about personal opinions or beliefs, it’s only about your side winning. Everyone knows that you don’t give a rat’s azz if Joe goes to church. You routinely mock Christianity. People would have more respect for you if you would just be honest, regardless of your opinions.

    • There is very little (approaching zero) integrity or good character at that level of politics. Those traits have less than no survival utility there. From what I have seen it is pretty scarce at even the lowest levels. People who don’t want to control others and gather power are much less likely to enter politics and don’t last very long. Going to church is not a reliable indicator of anything as far as I can tell. Beau’s time as a military lawyer what doesn’t rub off on his father. I suspect that you are mentioning those things because you think they are important to your audience not because they are important to you. Unfortunately, voting for people who are most likely to enact or help enact policy you find the less detestable is the best one can hope for.

      • Yes, the Buckley Principle. As noted above, integrity at this level is as rare as hens’ teeth. To say you won’t vote for a person simply because of their relative lack of integrity is to invalidate the whole lot of them. My vote for Trump was/is as much a vote against the other guy, and I have to do it with a clothespin on my nose, but I still do it because I believe he is the best chance at the time of getting things done that this country sorely need.

    • This past Sunday Joseph Biden and his wife Jill posed for cynical photo ops in church and at a cemetery.

      On that same Sunday, Donald Trump was doing something useful by promoting outdoor recreation during a time of indoor lockup.

      • The Bidens go to church almost every Sunday, it was not a photo op.

        Maybe you’re thinking of trumps photo op in Washington, where held a borrowed Bible upside down and backwards after using teargas to clear the park of peaceful protesters.

        It is interesting to note that the first evangelical church leader to endorse Donald Trump was Jerry Falwell, Jr who has now been proven to be an actual cuck who enjoys watching a strapping young man service his wife in a hotel room.

        I guess Christianity means different things to different people…

    • And this means? Golf(although I think it is a silly game, personally) is actually the way many people stay fit. Most seniors figure out when horseback riding, jogging, tennis, etc are too much for them. Usually, golf is something they can do in their later years, even if they need a cart.
      Him golfing at his own golf courses doesn’t cost the government any more money than it costs normally. What did Obama do? What will Biden do?

      • “What will Biden do?”

        To be fair, Biden will spend his free time in the basement taking naps. I’m sure we’ll all get extra refund checks with all of the money we save.

      • “I think it is a silly game, personally) is actually the way many people stay fit.”

        Really? Another belief that is against all evidence to the contrary, interesting.

    • “After the service, Joe visited the graves of his first wife and baby daughter, who were killed in an auto accident in 1972, as well as the grave of his son, a United States Army Officer and Bronze Star recipient.”

      And you know that because a camera was there, recording it for Biden’s campaign.

      Here’s something you didn’t know – President Bush made regular appearances at Dover AFB to honor the returning remains of gulf war US servicemen and women. Except he didn’t invite a cameraman along to record a campaign commercial…

    • Miner a question : was that his son, a former Attorney General of the United States? Also bronze stars are easy for the son of a senator.

    • ” killed in an auto accident in 1972 ”

      And even to this day, Biden claims it was the fault of the other guy, that he was drunk at the time of the accident.

      The investigation showed that he was stone-cold sober, and it was Ms. Biden that ran the stop sign and caused the collision. The driver of the truck tried to help, but couldn’t.

      Didn’t matter to Ol’ Jokin’ Joe. He pushed the drunk truck driver story, and still does. It totally ruined the guy’s life. He never really got over that accident, and Joe just kept piling it on.

      But, you know, Joe’s just such a great guy.

  23. If the survey is legit, who is surprised? At least half the voting population believes that all the civil unrest is due to public anger over Trump. Lefties are buying guns to protect themselves from the mobs angrily, and justly, opposed to Trump and the deplorables who elected him. If we thought that the majority of first time gun buyers had seen “the light”, we were foolish.

    Even my sob-sister brother-in-law is all aflutter. His wife wants a gun in the house to protect them from the “right wing crazies” who are leading the destructive mobs and looters. BIL believes guns are most dangerous to the owner, and he doesn’t know how to compromise his core anti-gun beliefs in order to please his wife. I told him the mobs were all Democrat voters, but he refused to believe the news outlets are lying, about anything. So, I told him to buy a gun, any gun he could find, then hide it somewhere in the garage attic so the gun can’t hurt him. He asked what good is a gun in the attic. I said it was useless, but incapable of harming him or his family; best of both worlds.

  24. Lol like y’all actually vote for the President. They aren’t elected by popular vote. Some folks from somewhere vote the president

      • “But…but all them Dimocraps keep saying the Hilabeast got the most votes”

        She did, highlighting the founders’ fear of direct democracy.

  25. How the hell would you know?

    What you should say is most first time gun buyers who took this poll.

    I’m just waiting for the panic selling.

  26. As the honest people with 3 digit IQs have been saying, those guns are for you.
    Marxists buying guns is not a good sign.

  27. I can’t wait to see videos of first time buyers shooting their new pistols. Hahaha! They’re more likely to hit the target throwing an anvil at it.

  28. The Dallas News is not a credible source. They always endorse democrats. The entire thrust of this article is based on nothing more than a push-poll.

  29. “Most First-Time Texas Gun Buyers Are Voting for Biden”

    Good, if it gets that military hating SOB pile of filth out of the White house, I’m all for it!

      • enuf believes it because he don’t want to hear the TRUTH. he wants to hear what he wants to hear……and isn’t intelligent enough to know when he’s being lied to. he’s likely a dem for life……….Sad….

    • Enuf, we pretty well know you’re a fool, but please! A whole bunch of “anonymous sources” without a SINGLE named contributor equals “YOU MADE IT UP!” Even before all the eyewitnesses who came forward and stated loud and clear, that did not happen. One could almost imagine you were a paid troll.

  30. I wonder as to the following. How many, if any of these “first time gun buyers” who would vote for Biden have ever viewed the man’s past record in the U.S. Senate? For instance, what has he proposed, what has he supported, what has he opposed.

    • “I wonder as to the following. How many, if any of these “first time gun buyers” who would vote for Biden have ever viewed the man’s past record in the U.S. Senate? ”

      Based on life long observations of the human condition, informed by intelligence and experience, most people do not analyze campaigns, or candidates. They vote for whomever they are convinced will give them bread and circuses to their liking.

  31. I’m a Texan with MANY guns. I’m sick of you brain dead Orangetards. Democrat vote this time but will vote Republican the next. This piece of lying sh*t in the Oval Office has got to GO!

    • FWIW, the democrats ain’t totin’ the Confederate Battle Flag anymore …not for a loooooong time. ….and General Robert E. Lee( my hero) has been dead a looong time too.
      If joe and kamala wins you can kiss your fuckin’ guns goodbye. Which you’ll deserve but we won’t. Nothing personal, but you’re a damn idiot if you vote democrat. ESPECIALLY in 2020. Wake up and smell the gunpowder. While there’s still some to smell.
      From a Southerner of Confederate heritage.

  32. I guess they don’t want to keep the guns they just bought. If they are stupid enough to vote for Sleepy Joe, they deserve to lose them. A vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for gun confiscation. Guess they aren’t as “woke” as they think they are.

  33. This young left indoctrinated journalist, made a huge error in that statement. She would’ve gotten berated by any ‘real news’ editor that read this piece (of pooh). You can not use polls of reason for gun buying or gun ownership and make a large not factual jump to ‘it means they are all Biden supporters, it’s a fact’ because it was done during the pandemic or unrest. Where is the poll of all the new gun buyers that lists the majority of them supporting Biden. Where is it, journalist? pfffff, fake news pusher. Not suprised at all coming from the Dallas Morning News. Could’ve come from papers or local news stations in Austin, Houston,etc. too. This is what happens when liberals move to Texas. Go back where you came from and stop fffing up my Texas!!!!!!!!

  34. Sorry, maybe I am reading this wrong. Just went thru the poll, did not see anything about first-time gun buyers supporting Biden. I did see all gun owners overall supporting Trump (Page 6, question 2) 59%-37%.
    Can anyone direct me to the passage or poll question stating first time buyers support Biden?

    • Nah, you just didn’t read the previous discussions. There were no actual connections, it’s a puff piece.

    • Actually, foghorn5950 may be correct because 37% is about a third of the gun owners polled. He does, however, not mention the 59% (almost two thirds) of gun owners that were for Trump. The statistics (if correct) are true, but the third who say they are voting for Biden are “progressives” that probably moved to Texas from California (in other words, stupid).

  35. If this article contains factual statistics those young voters are going to be quite surprised and pissed off when JOE, Harris, AOC, Sanders, etc begin their gun control push.

  36. Joe who we never heard from him as vp to the liar 🤥 he should have gotten in his sons coffin ⚰️ for all he’s worth. Trump is the man 👨 always was and always will…..

  37. First time gun buyers huh? Voting for Biden huh? Guess they really don’t want to be gun owners after all. If Joe and Hoe get in, the race is on the keep what we have.

  38. “Most First-Time Texas Gun Buyers Are Voting for Biden”

    Do theyrealize that if Joe wins they won’t be “first time gun owners” for very long?

  39. I’m 60 years old. I’ve been a One Issue Voter for 42 years. That issue is the 2nd Amendment. The issue narrows the field as much now, as it did 42 years ago.

    If 2016 taught us anything, it’s how WRONG the polls are, and that the Lame Stream Media is nothing more than the Propaganda Arm of the DemoSociaCommiecrats.

  40. The number of gun control questions will be limited and very, very general during the debates for this very reason. The Dems aren’t going to risk biden or Harris telling all these first time gun owners that they are idiots and the first thing they want to do, if elected, is to take the one thing that helps them sleep better at night. Get ready for “I believe in the second amendment but….” on the debate stage. Kinda wish the “hell yeah we are going to take you ar15” guy was still in the mix to see him back pedal like crazy.

  41. The first time buyers vote for Biden? I don’t know if it’s true, but I can’t say it doesn’t make sense. All the critically thinking people have been gun owners for long time.

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