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Empty shelves after the gun rush at Spartan Arms in Las Vegas (courtesy Spartan Arms)
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Let’s cut to the chase. Things got really ugly real fast in the suburban city of Kenosha, Wisconsin last week. I won’t get into the politics of what happened, but let’s talk about the business side of things after the fallout.

The pandemic had already pushed millions of Americans to run out and clear the shelves of guns and ammo. In an election year. Everything ran out very quickly and stocks depleted, though in a manner that would catch up quickly. Then George Floyd was killed and a whole bunch more unarmed people decided to arm themselves, pushing demand to all-time highs.

So what now?

In my time in this business, I have a lot of friends that I’ve made and helped out over the years that also are in the industry. Everyone helps each other, and I got a phone call from my buddy Scott last week. He told me he was sold out of so much stuff that he’s scrambling to get the shelves filled back up. He asked me how many Ruger LCP’s and Anderson stripped lowers I could spare.

I checked in the inventory and gave him the count: about 5 LCP’s left and just under 100 lowers. He said great, consider them sold. Wire transfer is inbound.

I asked him what’s happening and his answer was simple: everyone’s buying everything faster than he can possibly replenish it. The Anderson lowers that normally sell for $35 or $40 during normal times are now selling for $100 and he has a waiting list for them.

We’re having a tough time with every single one of our vendors. Every week we’ll make the requisite calls to all of our suppliers and there’s just not enough in the supply chain to run a business. I got my first ammo allocation since May last month.

How much ammo did I receive? My August delivery consisted of eight boxes of .40 S&W Remington Golden Saber. My rep didn’t mince words. “You want the eight or you want nothing?”

No sooner than I said I’d take the eight, I thanked him and told him to keep me posted.

The industry is dealing with this from every wholesaler out there. Dealers like my friend Scott are buying items at retail prices just to meet the demands of their clamoring customers.

The wholesale reps are just as frustrated as we are. They have no product to sell. Or the stuff that does trickle in gets blasted out via email at 9:00AM and is fully spoken for by 9:03AM. My rep at a large southern outfit has been at the company for a long time and he told me flat-out that the demand this time is greater than it was post Sandy Hook.

Buyers are placing purchase orders with no delivery dates in sight. I was forwarded an email from a friend who was drafted by his buying group that raised minimum order sizes on guns and ammo from $500 to $10,000 effective immediately. Items ordered today would be filled on a best-case scenario in 6 to 9 months.

This is the impact of bad nightly news, widespread shifting of the political winds and the total depletion of available stock. When all these things combine, we’re seeing a perfect storm of headaches.

What are we telling customers? The truth. We have NO idea when things will be in stock and if they see something they like — not even necessarily love — they should snap it up fast, because as each day goes on, we run out of more product.

For the past four months, even after adjusting prices upwards with demand, our shelves and showcases are still empty. No GLOCK 9mm’s of any kind. No SIG classic or polymer framed guns. No CZs. Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0’s flew out the door as fast as freshly smoked brisket at Franklin BBQ at 10:31AM. And, of course, the ammo for them is as hard or harder to come by.

Apocryphal reports from my gun nut friends are that, just as it was in the months leading up to the Obama inauguration, people are lining up early at the big box joints like Cabela’s and Academy and snagging all the ammo they can and posting it for sale on the gun boards before lunch.

Based on some of the posts I’ve been seeing — I don’t know if it’s fake news or not — but there are a LOT of new folks on the forums and the boards selling 9mm FMJ for well over $20 a box.

Even after telling folks that what they’re looking for isn’t available, I’m inevitably pressed for a better answer. Come on, there’s got to be SOMETHING you can get me! 

And they’re not entirely wrong. There are a few things out there left in the warehouse. Bolt action and lever guns in odd calibers and some expensive items like $1540 CZ 75’s and other out-of-the-mainstream items. To give you an idea of what’s happen to prices, we are now paying wholesale what we used to sell some stuff retail for.

Some of my customers used to love the Bulgarian made Arsenal milled receiver rifles. They weren’t cheap, but to get a decent AK, you have to spend some money.

Nowadays? I can buy a stamped Arsenal receiver rifle like the 107R that nobody seems to want, and I’ve got to pay wholesale for what I used to sell the milled receiver guns for to customers.

Paying more and getting less seems to be a sign of the times. I don’t want to sell someone a product I wouldn’t buy myself or that I don’t believe is application-appropriate, but there is just so much out there that is sold out, with no ETA on restock that folks are willing to deal with the risk vs. the uncertainty of not being able to get their first choice.

It’s not just Title 1 stuff, either.

Every suppressor manufacturer that I have spoken to is backed up on orders bigtime. We have not gotten any Advanced Armament pistons or mounts in months. Dead Air products are also tough to come by. Our shelves have been out of Sandman rifle silencers for months and Ghost 45’s for longer.

Silencerco Osprey 45’s have been out at our preferred wholesalers for weeks. Some of that stuff is trickling in, but we’re getting two or thee units at a time when we are more to 20 or 30 units at a time.

As a joke, I devoted a small section of the whiteboard to all the guns and ammo that the UPS driver delivered in in the month of August. Here’s the full list:

Springfield Hellcat: 1

Glock 43X: 1

40 S&W Remington Golden Saber: 8 boxes

Gemtech Lunar 45: 1

Dead Air Mask 22: 2

Worse still, the more I talk with other dealers and vendors, the more I am convinced that this is just the beginning.

To hear stories of dealers buying stuff at retail just to restock is one thing. To be a counterparty to the transaction and witness it firsthand is another. My gut tells me that we’re on track to see a lot more empty shelves before we see stuff begin to come back.

Hopefully, everyone is stocked up with sufficient supplies in case things go sideways because as readers know, if things can get that strange in a city of under 100,000 people in Wisconsin, it can happen anywhere in the country.

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    • “Welcome to the “New Normal”, get used to it.”

      That depends on what the ‘threat level’ is after the Nov. election.

      Worst case, ‘Joe’ wins, keeps the House, and re-takes the Senate. If he has the votes to ban stuff, the sky’s the limit. Definite 4 years, 8 years if he gets re-elected.

      Best case, Trump wins, the Leftists don’t control the 2 lower houses, things will improve in a year or so. The pressure will be off, until the next election…

      • When he wins he will replace at least RBG. Plus all the lower court appointments he’ll make.

        When he wins there will be violence. Figure on at least a thousand or so dead on the left’s side if the riots continue. Figure tens of thousands if they try to stand and fight a second civil war. At least. And if they try a second civil war that will give Trump the green light to change colleges. Away from the left and more sane.

        It’s going to be interesting.

        • Trump should invoke the Defense Production Act to turn all those factories that were making ventilators into making guns and ammo.

        • Regardless of who wins the election, there will be mass domestic terrorism….er, “peaceful demonstrations”……on the streets of America as never believed possible. If Trump, then to de-stabilize administration and oust. If Biden, then to implement promised Socialist agendas. it’s going to get ugly.

      • Biden wins – the insane crazies rule in DC. Life gets tough for the working responsible man.

        President Trump wins – the insane crazies tear it up.

        • And just who are who are you labeling a tyrant??? The only tyrannical behaviour I see is the demorat mayors and governors locking people up in their home and shutting down the economy. Wheeler in Scumattle and Lighthead in Chitcagostan and Krudson in St. Louis come immediatly to mind along with the whack jobs in Commiefornia and Wretched Gretchen in Michigan and Prickster in Illannoy along with Fredo’s brother in NY and DeBlowjobio in NYC.

    • Same here. Stacked it high during the ‘Trump Slump’ when prices were low and supply was plentiful. Plenty of ammo to last me for literally years.

      Don’t need any more guns. Now tweaking my gear.

      • Unfortunately, we were in a personal financial slump during the same period as the Trump slump. 😬 this summer was the first in about 5 years we had some breathing room, and I was getting ready to replace the firearms I had sold off over the last few years…. oh well. I’ve got the bare necessities.

        On the bright side, firearms aren’t toilet paper. There will be a HUGE used market in about 2-3 years as long as the dems don’t cheat their way into the presidency.

        • I don’t get why I keep seeing this all over the gun boards.
          The first time buyers just learned all the hoops you have to go through to buy a gun.
          They have seen riots, arson, and looting in the streets.
          They have experienced the lockdown and shortages of things like toilet paper.
          They’ve heard the calls to defund the police.
          Without a gun, the first thug that comes along can take everything they have.

          Why would all these people sell their newly purchased guns?
          They will just stick them in a closet, or a bedside drawer, along with a box of ammo and hang onto it until the next crisis.

        • I tend to lean with docduracoat’s opinion. There will be some sell-offs, but I think the majority who don’t choose to train regularly will just put theirs into the closet.

  1. I was at our local Academy and Sportsman warehouse this morning….I’ve been keeping my eyes out for a Mossberg 930, Beretta, or Stoeger. A fast semi. Roaming pawn shops, hunting when the game is scarce is a challenge but fun.

    Anyway, very few guns on the shelves and little ammo. Some lever actions…no one seems to like them. Very expensive self defense ammo in .40 no one seems to want. This new normal sucks, but I don’t blame the manufacturers from not want wanting to add more capacity when they’ve been burned before. However, it kinda feels different this time. Like the years long .22 shortage a while back..only maybe worse.

    • I don’t know why people are passing on the leverguns. There’s nothing better than a lever-action rifle for combined fun and utility. If I had gun-buying $$ right now, I’d be getting myself one.

      Yeah, this go-around is a lot like the post-Newtown panic — but it’s going to be longer and a lot worse. Even in the best-case scenario of a clean, decisive Trump victory, it’s still going to be long and ugly.

      Sucks, because I only just got to where I could buy ammo again when the COVID shortage kicked in. The plan was to stock up a few boxes with every paycheck and have a decent stock before election season, but nope… I guess them’s the breaks.

      Even though it sucks that I don’t have enough ammo to go out and practice and have fun, and probably won’t be able to replenish the stock for a solid year or more, at least I do have enough guns to arm the whole family with *something* and enough ammo to repel invaders if needed.

        • Violence is probably a given regardless of who wins. I think even if the Dems win, their useful idiots will still be commanded to go berserk just to “get even.”

        • What kind of dog you getting? Not another possum chasing Plott I hope. ,,,,, gunms and security lights aint such a big deal, it’s these damn dogs that keep the “Coons of Doom” out of the sweet corn. ,, Dogs and their danged olfactory sensors, night vision, sonic hearing. Do they ever sleep? First cornstalk bust , their all over it. Run run run away head for the creek , find the tallest water oak.

        • Tend to agree.

          Especially since, regardless of your opinions on the guy, Trump is very likely to win. The key metrics were all way, way in his favor months ago. Other metrics have or are sliding his way. And then there’s the fact that Joe’s got some obvious issues.

          A sign I’ll be watching is how the “Occupy the White House” thing goes. Not just logistically but also in terms of the response from various key parties.

        • possum:

          It’s another Plott. First one from a breeder. Damn things are impossible to rescue after the lockdowns.

        • Just bought a new Glock 19x to go with my two German Shepherds and Catahoula Bulldog (Level 1) and three Chihuahuas (Level 2).

        • It almost cracks me up reading these people’s assessment of what Trump would do. It’s all stuff Clintons and the Obama administration have already done, plus a few things they didn’t think they could get away with before, all dialed up to 11. They’re so far up their own asses, all they can see is their own crap.

          To be fair, Trump may end up doing some of those things…if the Democrats’ cabal of political arsonists force him to.

          And I do believe the Clinton/Obama cabal will try all of that and more — the real question is whether any of the states will go along with it. If Inslee & co. do take the secessionist bait, I wonder how long they’ll last. There are a *lot* of people here in WA who are fed up with the totalitarian progtardians.

          Also, two can play the splitting-up-states game. Eastern WA has plans for the State of Liberty ready to roll already; it and Eastern OR could provide a nice conservative counterbalance to Puerto Rico and/or DC. Also, Northern California isn’t as Democrat as some people think. That could get very messy though, and a fully Democrat congress could really screw America over in that regard if they only let their own gerrymandered states in.

          Anyway, yeah… Fuck those people sideways.

        • On the one hand it’s good to know what the opposition is up to, on the other hand we shouldn’t be repeating the MSM propaganda. Look at the “focus group” all super dems and anti Trump Reps. Articles like this only sereve to reinforce the “enemy” strengths. Comment is for Strict 9 link.

      • I’m looking for a good .44 mag lever gun to go with my 4″ 629. I can use the same 260gr. Handloads in both. I may would even buy a good .444 marlin carbine.

        • You can shoot .444Marlin in a 629? Didn’t know that, wonder if a SuperBlack Hawk can? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nope, when I was hammering the. 444 into the cylinder it went off. ,,,,Pieces of Ruger SuperBlack Hawk for sale. [email protected]

        • Henry H012X. .44mag 8+1, Polymer stock. Swivel Studs, Large Loop Lever, M-Lok, Picatinny Rail, 5/8×24 Threaded Barrel, Fiber Optic Sights. Tube and side loading. MSRP $970, but can be had for under $900.

      • Lever guns are fine, but not a priority for those hedging bets on a Biden win and AWB. You want the stuff that you likely won’t be able to buy. Most likely you will still be able to get the lever guns down the road. But for those without a home defense gun, sure they could do nicely.

        I popped into a local shop just to see the damage this weekend and they had a ton of ammo, lots of 9mm blazer for like $22 a box. Had pretty much everything but .300blk, just priced high enough that you would only buy it if you really really had to.

        • That’s part of my point — a levergun would be a great way to hedge your bets against all of those possibilities.

          First, nobody’s likely to ban or restrict it; second, a lever-action carbine is a kick-ass home defense tool; third, when other options are scarce and prices rising, .30-30 rifles and ammo are still plentiful; fourth, leverguns are great for hunting all sorts of things, including tyrants and their stooges.

      • Yes, a lever action rifle chambered in pistol caliber is fun to shoot but not the fastest to reload. Ruger made a 10-22 ish lever action rifle that used their 10 round rotary magazine which of course meant that it could take the extended BX mags as well. So naturally, they discontinued it.

      • Here’s what I did to ration the use of my centerfire ammo, a 22lr. conversion unit for my Glock 19 and a Henry lever action 22 rimfire to practice with vs. Winchester 94 in 30/30. Now I for even cheaper and ever more available an Umarex Glock 19 gen3 co2 BB gun.

    • That was crazy I still am reluctant to just blast through any ammo because of that. I set aside a predetermined amount for the range and thats it. Ive got like 4K .22 rounds in the basement though : )

    • I stopped by Academy about a month ago and there was zero handgun ammo outside of a few .22 shotshell and some 44 magnum. Their handgun case looked half empty.

      Fast forward to this past Saturday, I stopped by my LGS and was surprised to see their gun cases fully stocked. They weren’t short on long guns either. They had most ammo except there was no .22lr, 9mm, or 5.56. Oh, and the store was packed.

  2. I don’t have a massive stock pile of ammo, but I do have enough to not feel naked:

    300 or so for the Mosin (plus a couple of hundred for my 7mm Mauser and Arisaka)
    About 2000 22LR (thats for the STG 44)
    around 1000 380 ACP (feeds a carry gun)
    around 1500 9mm (feeds a carry gun and the Sub 2000)
    around 150 00 Buck for the Mossberg

    Again, not a massive stockpile but enough to not feel pressured to jump at any price for ammo that pops up.

    Just hold the line and ammo supply will begin to catch up to demand – we’re not going to go back to the days of $0.18 per round of 9mm any time soon but the ammo manufacturers are ramping up production.

    • Sounds like my position, I have too much to bug-out with, but just enough to supply several combat load outs for friends and family. Not enough to be stocked up, but just enough to not be defenseless.

      Aggressors will bring me more weapons and ammo if it comes to that. Otherwise, I could probably pass some precious metal under the table to what LE / Military remains patrolling the area, if things get that bad. It’s pretty much common sense to over report what you expend in a firefight so you can get extra ammo “off the books”, that extra is what I would trade for and a unit’s command wouldn’t be the wiser.

      • Another fine reason I keep a couple dozen 1 oz bullion coins in the safe, never can tell when an opportunity might present itself.

    • ~4 k ,22LR
      ~2.5 k 9mm (10+% JHP)
      ~2 k. 45 ACP (40+% JHP)
      ~ 1.2 k .308
      500+ 30-30 Win 150 gr soft point
      200 12ga slug, 250 #4 buck, 400 bird shot

      I’m guessing that should get me through to the inauguration.

  3. Bought over a period of time 42,000 rds of.223 1800 rds of M1 garand 200 clips 12,000 .38 22,000 rds of .40 cal and 120,000 of.45 acp 17 cases of 12ga shot shells and am planning to get more not to mention 22,000 rods of.22 am good for awhile!!!!

  4. LuckyGunner Ammo Current Inventory. This is the best prices right now as of today

    No Target Ammo
    9mm – +P 124 Grain JHP – Speer LE Gold Dot Duty – 50 Rounds ($1.30 per round)

    No Target Ammo
    45 ACP – 230 Grain Bonded JHP – Remington Golden Saber – 50 Rounds (73.0¢ per round)

    10mm Auto
    No Target Ammo
    10mm Auto – 200 Grain JHP – Federal Personal Defense HST – 20 Rounds ($1.48 per round)

    44 Magnum
    No Ammo Available

    357 Magnum
    No Ammo Available

    38 Special
    No Ammo Available

    380 ACP
    No Ammo Available

    No Ammo Available

    7.62×39 – 123 Grain Ballistic Tip – Nosler – 20 Rounds ($1.60 per round)

    12 Gauge
    Good Supply

    All I say it WOW! Glad I bought during the Trump slump….

  5. LuckyGunner Ammo Current Inventory. This is the best prices as of today

    No Target Ammo
    9mm – +P 124 Grain JHP – Speer LE Gold Dot Duty – 50 Rounds ($1.30 per round)

    No Target Ammo
    45 ACP – 230 Grain Bonded JHP – Remington Golden Saber – 50 Rounds (73.0¢ per round)

    10mm Auto
    No Target Ammo
    10mm Auto – 200 Grain JHP – Federal Personal Defense HST – 20 Rounds ($1.48 per round)

    44 Magnum
    No Ammo Available

    357 Magnum
    No Ammo Available

    38 Special
    No Ammo Available

    380 ACP
    No Ammo Available

    No Ammo Available

    7.62×39 – 123 Grain Ballistic Tip – Nosler – 20 Rounds ($1.60 per round)

    12 Gauge
    Good Supply

    All I say it WOW! Glad I bought during the Trump slump….

  6. I was pretty well armed already, but have to admit I bought one of the $1540 CZ-75 Compacts because that is my all time favorite handgun model run through CZ’s Custom shop and I thought I would never get one after CZ ceased production in 2018, so I decided to go for the high roll. I haven’t had it to the range yet, but the test target only has one asymmetrical hole and that bodes well for my next visit. What concerns me more is the ammo shortage and, of course, the possibility of a Biden/Harris Presidency leading to a new class of range tattlers, but I’m taking this whole mess one day at a time and that hasn’t happened yet.

    • Oh, I also bought a house so far out that I have black bears for protection. These rioters seem to me to be the kind of city folks that the sight of a black bear will send scrambling for cement sidewalks.

        • I’m a retired field geologist and have worked in bear country long enough that I have a certain attachment to the extent I’m not sure I would wish that kind of gastric distress on most bears one of these communist BLM or ANTIFAs would generate. The exception might be an alpha male in the 6-800 pound range. It would be a hard way to get protien. Bears are interesting critters and definitely omnivores. I’m in the early stages of moving, but when settled in I will have to take in humming bird feeders and bird seed type feeders at night to keep the bears from accidentally destroying them. One local bank does photo contest calendars every year and several years back they had a photo taken near where I’m moving of mama bear and two cubs stretching up a thin pole to eat out of a humming bird feeder. Cute, but humans aren’t welcome in family gatherings.

  7. I’m OK for now save for an actual shootin’ war. I even played around with selling some 223 I got cheap. I wouldn’t sell them for more than my LGS sells em. Sans tax. Dunno what will happen post November 4-win or lose…

    • Post November 4 is a scary proposition regardless! What I wonder is wether my house in the city will still be there if it doesn’t sell first.

  8. Bought a Gen 5 26 yesterday at my LGS.

    $530 – not inflated for my area. (Love those guys).

    They told me there is no ordering …just accepting or rejecting when the distributor call.

    They had a a decent amount of Shields, FN 503s, and Walther PPS’s.

    They did have a good bit of 9mm at 25 bucks a box for 50. Same as SGammo but no shipping. I have a few rounds so i didnt get the ammo.

    I’m afraid this will last long beyond the elction.

  9. “9mm FMJ for well over $20 a box“

    Don’t you mean $60?

    There is one store that seems to have ammo consistently in my area. Prices are decent too in this market. Also .40 S&W and .357 magnum is not hard to find for me. But one is not super popular and the other is a revolver cartridge.

  10. Hank, you know how this will play out, right? If people can’t get guns and ammo on the legit market (you and all the other FFL’s), they’ll go where they always go – the black market. That means gun runners, smugglers, MS-13, back alley deals, widespread theft, etc. And the law will not be able to intervene on any significant level because they’re busy elsewhere dealing with BLM/ANTIFA, and other business. That’s the future we’re staring in the face.

    • Even black markets need a supply of products. This isn’t a case of something being restricted and able to smuggle it in from an area where it’s legal or not enforced. If there are gun or ammo unavailable in other countries, legit businesses are importing them.
      Crooks can’t hit gun stores to steal a cache products. Preppers, competitors, and collectors often have more inventory than gun shops, but you need to know who to hit (bad opsec) and when they’re not at home because of Covid.

      • Correct. It’s a supply issue. Manufacturers are waiting to see what happens with (1) the election and (2) COVID. The ‘Rona has affected mineral suppliers both domestic and abroad. All sources must cone back strong in concert for the supply chain to be restored. Not going to happen for a while.

      • A few words. ANG armories. China. Iran. Afganistan, Other foreign sources. If there’s money to be made, someone will find a way to supply the underground market. Just as with drugs, human trafficking, etc.

  11. I walked into a gun shop yesterday and bought a brand new Glock 19x for $524…my brother didn’t believe me…I had to send him a picture of the receipt.

    • There’s a bunch I’d like to purchase, but I have no need in all but two. Super long range, and heavy pistol are my deficiencies in stock atm. Not much worry about the big bore pistol I want, it’s in stock & prices subject to only minor $100 elevation. The other is off the table due to prices. That nothing new, that one’s always been above my pay grade.

  12. There is only one way I can look at this. I’ll get what I can when I can.

    I do feel like we need more manufacturing of all kinds taking place all of the US. Something the left and their green new deal would destroy. It’s painfully obvious that too few places are making the goods we need. Too many that do are in other countries.

    This is likely to result in a black market where the criminals and the crazies will kill to get other people’s guns. Part of what the left claim they are so afraid of.

    This entire thing could have been avoided if the left were not so anti gun. People could have been arming themselves at a much more manageable rate. Not to mention their insane ideas of letting criminals out of prisons.

  13. I’m sitting okay on ammo. Enough that I don’t worry that I’ll be caught unprepared if things get really bad, though I’m not stocked up enough to make regular trips to the range at this point.

    One thing I find kind of amusing is, my love for all things .32 ACP is turning out to be a plus these days. The one semi-auto caliber that doesn’t seem to be sold out or selling for ridiculous prices right now is good old .32. I have three pistols chambered for it, and a decent stockpile of ammo for them that I’m still able to build on here and there.

  14. I say the left is causing the riots and gun violence to get so bad that they will use it as an excuse for mandatory gun control laws. They cause the mess, the murders, the violence until it gets out of hand. Then they say see it’s so bad that we must have more gun control. Just sayin’

    • Or not. I made a trip last week up into AL and TN.

      Stopped in a few locales just to check out inventories.

      A couple seem to be decreasing demand by doubling prices (50 bucks for 50 9mm fmj).

      And then a couple had had mildly elevated prices and a decent selection.

      I saw few Glocks and no Sccys or Taurus autos. Ironically, I saw plenty of Springfields.

  15. We need moar Boolitz & Boomsticks crank em out faster manufacturers!! Your future existence as a company depends on if 👌

  16. If and when the Bolsheviks make their major move, and unfortunately that is currently well beyond the realm of probability, they are literally going to reap the whirlwind.

    This isn’t Russia in 1917, or France in 1789. We literally INVENTED modern revolution, and that revolution is alive and well today in the hearts, minds, and souls of American Patriots.

    Communist revolution is also nothing new, and nothing to be discounted. However, it will fail, and fail miserably here in the US. The forces of abject evil will be vanquished, and many so called “revolutionaries” (Bolshevism) will likely die in the street and on the gallows. Order will be restored, and the US constitution will once again be revered and taught in US classrooms.

    We are not Venezuela or Cuba, or a thousand other Marxist cockroach eaten shitholes. Make no mistake, we will fight you to the death for the soul of our country, and we will win.

  17. I’m seeing gun prices come back down with what they have in stock because there is no ammunition.
    I’ve preached for years Buy It Cheap Stack It Deep.
    The writing was on the wall for this crunch.

  18. Since the start of this latest ammunition extinction (the previous was in 2012). the only pistol ammo I’ve been able to buy in quantity is .40S&W. You know, that “extinct “caliber that you 9mm fanboys are always pontificating about. Meanwhile, you can’t beg, borrow or steal a box of 9mm. Idiots.

  19. This is my hobby, nothing more, I don’t get the rush. The martial aspect of the right is nothing more than a fairy tale. Please don’t try and tell me a population that trips over itself to allow its ruling class to shut down the economy indefinitely for a fake pandemic is going to use guns in an organized way to fight tyranny. Tyranny is here, we’ve rolled over every time.

    Worried about riots? Point a gun in a Blue city at the mob and the police will be after you. Retreat out of the city is the only way, not shooting your way out. How much ammo can you carry on your person at one time?

    All this to say, stop ruining my hobby you retards, I have two gun drills to practice!

    • You got that right!….. this country is lost…. at least TACTICAL AMERICA is lost…. look at the youth and how they behave….
      If anyone thinks there’s enough Patriots to overwhelm the mobs, then why aren’t they out there confronting these mobs?
      The government is running its test to see how much the people will take before they break…. that’s pretty obvious with what they’ve done to the economy….
      The government is now being run by “people” who have hated this country for many years…. they are loving all this destruction….
      You “Americans” are altering it under the lie of DIVERSITY…..

      • Says the keyboard warrior in his mom’s basement……

        Not our job to go take of stuff in someone else’s backyard….where we will be met with lefty politicians blaming decent “boomers” for all the world’s ills

        Sweep up your own shit before you blame your betters.

  20. I’m still wanting that Mossberg 940 JM and 590 retro and probably will be for a while. I wonder if gun stores would be willing to trade for ammo since it’s in so short supply?

    I have new unopened cases of 5.56, .308, 9mm, .45. I’ve heard before they didn’t want to take what could possibly be reloads due to liability, But I also have about cases of .22.

  21. Finally found some 9mm at an LGS, but I still had to wait in line outside with my friend for almost an hour to get our allowed 2 boxes each.

  22. I got some SD 9mm for about $1.20/round today. A little high, but still not terrible. I’ve got plenty of range ammo, but was getting low on the good stuff…

  23. I’ve got enough to weather a storm.

    I haven’t got enough to weather a storm and go out shooting and training like I would prefer… except in .22lr.

    But hey, it’s something.

    • Same here. I thought that I actually had MORE than enough, then this shit happens. Turns out more than enough is NOT enough. I have actually been sourcing ammo, doing pretty good at good prices, but us stalled for now/ Was actually sharing 50/50 with my neighbor who had almost nothing; better to share with a good friend. Went to a gun show last weekend to check stuff out: 9mm FMJ for $30 to $40 a box! People were buying it at those prices This new normal sucks, but will get worse.

  24. A big thank you to the me too crowd that abandoned the 40 S&W for the less effective 9mm. I got a perfectly good LEO trade in Glock 22 gen4 really cheap spare magazines are plentiful and cheap. When reloading components were available they were the cheapest. Now 40 S&W along with 45acp is the only handgun ammo available. When all you can get is FMJ ammo you will wish you had a 40 or 45 instead of smaller lesser calibers.

    • Haven’t been on the scene of many shootings, huh John. Don’t be disappointed when your death ray 40s and 45s don’t blow then down the block with one badly places round in the forearm.

    • .40 ammo and .45 is sold out in all the stores near me in central Texas. There is an alternative to settling for bureaucratic cartridges such as the .40. Simply stock up on Ammo before a crisis, problem solved. If your argument for .40 involves being unprepared ahead of time and people still not demanding it as much as more popular calibers during a global pandemic that’s not exactly a selling point.

  25. On Saturday my LGS was out of the specific pistol I was looking for, and they only have enough ammo to sell to firearm purchasers, but they’re 90+% stocked on firearms (handguns, black rifles, defensive shotguns), at / below MSRP.

  26. It’s times like these that make me glad I own several handguns chambered in 30 Luger (AKA; 7.65 Para and 7.65 x 21). Ordered two 1k round cases of Prvi Partisan last week from SG Ammo, was at my front door less then 48 hrs later. This 30 Luger Prvi ammo is a 93gr projectile traveling at over 1300 fps out of a 1900 DWM Am Eagle Luger 4.75″ barrel, and over 1250 fps out of a Walther P5 3.5″ barrel. Zeroed at 25 yards, drop is only 1.3″ at 50 yards. Over 300 ft/lbs energy at the muzzle, but carries energy downrange better then most handgun calibers. The stuff is similar to 357 SIG, just 1.4mm smaller.
    I’m well stocked on 9mm, 45acp, 50ae, and 308Win, in both FMJ and SD.
    Been improving my shooting skills and “tuning” gear at training facilities in 3 different states these last two months.
    Hey Trolls, time to dance for the masters who hold your leashes.
    Daddy’s back, I command you.

  27. I’ve been saving up for my first 1911, and hit my goal last week. Guns usually cost me double–half goes to the LGS and half goes to the wife for bling. Keeps things smooth, and the bling she wanted at a prior purchase of a couple pocket .380s for me and the daughter, was another one for her. So it ain’t all jools. But yesterday I got my first .45 ACP, and they had a few cases of Blazer brass ball ammo for 20 bucks per box so I got a couple hundred rounds. Also got a small pocketknife for the daughter. Never much followed .45 ammo prices but I think that was a fair price, and I know they didn’t gouge on the gun. There are 4 watering holes I frequent whenever I get a craving, two with a 40 year history with me, and 2 of them have suspended internet sales so they could better serve their local customers. I was customer #67 at the gun counter, and I noted they were doing about 10 transactions per hour, which is pretty normal for them. This is located in my state’s capital city.

    The long gun rack was full of bolt and lever rifles, and fancier shotguns. Handgun inventory was maybe half of normal. Anybody want a SCCY with a reflex sight? They got a wheelbarrow full of them for approximately $30 under full retail. They were limiting purchases of defense ammo to 1 box per person, but all else appeared to be wide open. They had a fair amount of 10mm and .40 range ammo, and some wingshooting stuff, no 9mm or .380 range ammo, and no .223/5.56 that I could see. Probably shoulda got more ball ammo, but this is more of a fun gun and I’m happy. May stop by again when I take the daughter back to college this afternoon though, for kicks.

  28. No one seems to want Arsenal because they’ve gone to shit on QC in recent years. High prices + low/mid end of WASR tier quality = no sale. Older SLR’s are still moving like hotcakes.

  29. Shotty reloading supplies have dried up too, maybe not as much as pistol ammo and not as visible.

    out of stock, out of stock, out of stock..notify me email button blah, blah.

    This WuFlu rioting apocalypse is surly ticking me off.

  30. Was at an LGS(one of my favs) on Friday, and while the cupboards weren’t bare, there were slim pickins’…Was told that the hardest thing to come by these days were primers…plenty of powder available though…

  31. I might simply be evil minded, or suspicious, call it whatever you like, including foolish. That said, respecting existing manufacturing capabilities, the current “shortages” strike me as more than a little suspicious. Have I overestimated “existing manufacturing capabilities”?

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