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By Mike McDaniel

Many readers are, I’m sure, familiar with the Tuelller Drill.  In 1983, police officer Dennis Tueller conducted research that revealed that an assailant armed with a knife can close 21 feet and inflict deadly wounds on a police officer before he can draw, fire and hope to stop the attacker. Obviously, a sword-armed attacker can do the same at greater distance or in a shorter time due to the length of their blade.

It might seem counterintuitive to some, particularly if they reflexively consider the Second Amendment a menace. But this knowledge absolutely refutes one of the fundamental gun control arguments: without guns, violence would be greatly reduced or eliminated. Some phrase their anti-liberty desires to suggest that if there were no guns, there would be no gunshot deaths.

Radical gun control and confiscation, of course, would disarm only the law-abiding. Only criminals and governments would retain firearms, and history reveals gunshot deaths would continue at very high levels; only the people doing the shooting would change. Governments with a monopoly on lethal force inevitably use it against their citizens, as there is nothing to restrain their worst impulses. And of course, criminals are always armed as they please.

Just for the sake of argument, though, let’s consider what a world without firearms would be like. Would violence really be substantially reduced?

At the battle of Marathon in 490 BC, as many as 6600 were killed within five days using weapons no more modern than spears and swords. At the battle of Actium in 31 BC, using the same kinds of weapons, as many as 7500 were killed in a single day (almost twice the number of Americans killed in the entire Iraq war).

At the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD, as many as 6000 died in a day. At the battle of Agincourt in 1415 between 7100 and 10,500 died. All of these men were killed and wounded without the use of firearms. Their most advanced personal projectile weapons were bows, but edged and blunt trauma producing weapons accounted for much of the casualty total.

It takes only seconds and an Internet connection to find thousands of people contemporarily killed or wounded with knives. But to extend the argument just a bit further, consider these recent cases of crimes committed by people wielding swords.

New York – White Supremacist Pleads Guilty In Fatal Sword Stabbing Of Black Man

The self-avowed racist explained he committed the murder in Manhattan because it is a global media capital and that he expected the coverage would garner widespread support for his cause. He said his intention was to “inspire white men to kill black men, to scare black men, and to provoke a race war.”

Caughman, who was collecting recyclable bottles at the time Jackson attacked him and repeatedly plunged a sword into his chest, was a variable in the killer’s plan. According to Jackson, he had been stalking another victim but lost his nerve and chose Caughman at random, not realizing he was an elderly man.

Montana – Police: Man, armed with sword, forces way into home, assaults woman

A man is facing 11 charges stemming from a Saturday incident in which police say he forced his way into a stranger’s Great Falls apartment where he sexually assaulted a woman.

Jarrell Aaron Anderson, 39, armed with a katana, a long sword, is accused of forcing the door open at an apartment on 10th Street North, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Once inside, he forced a woman to give him oral sex, the affidavit says.

And Florida (of course) – Pasco man arrested for threatening child with sword

An arrest report says 45-year-old Kenneth Lamella took out a two-foot sword in Port Richey on Saturday night and was intentionally swinging it near the child’s abdomen.

When the child asked him to stop, deputies say he continued to swing the sword and said, “I’m going to cut your head off!” The child later told deputies Lamella’s actions scared him.

There are thousands more like those examples. Edged weapons—swords–can also be used in self-defense:

A Georgia man is facing charges after allegedly molesting his girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter, according to police and media reports.

The child’s mother reportedly caught her boyfriend, John Lawarren Williams, in the act when she walked in on Williams allegedly assaulting the child in her Twiggs County home, WMAZ-TV reported.

The woman grabbed a sword that was in the home and slashed Williams as she tried to stop him from leaving while she called police, according to WMAZ.

The wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan have taught many lessons, but one is particularly applicable to this issue: even essentially medieval craftsmen can produce modern firearms like functional AK pattern rifles.

Consider this passage from a 1922 book regarding Afghan gun makers:

“The villages of the pass are famed for a strange industry — the manufacture entirely by hand of rifles and ammunitions, especially rifles, to the eye so like the products of European arsenals as to deceive all but experts. For these, since they are comparatively cheap and serviceable, there is a ready sale all along the border.”

Fast forward to 2012:

“We met a local gunsmith, Farid Shah from Zarghoon Khel, Darra. This man has a workshop set inside his small shop and has a single helper. ‘I produce Kalashinkov (AK-47) rifles and 12 gauge shotgun rifles in the Kalashinkov design,’ said Farid Shah.

Replying to a question about the quality of his guns, he simply said that his guns were no match for the Russian, Chinese or Pakistani guns produced in Wah Ordnance Factories.

‘A gun made manually from ordinary steel manually cannot match a gun produced in a well equipped factory from weapon grade steel using computerised machines,’ claimed Farid, adding that his guns were bulky and since there is no standardisation in the workshops, it is not possible to replace parts.

Hence, if something goes wrong the entire gun has to be thrown away.

‘This gun costs Rs12,000 a piece and takes 10 days to complete. But we cannot produce quality automatic weapons. Locals know it that is why no one would buy a Darra made AK-47 rifle in Peshawar or the rest of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).”

Even with these drawbacks—by western standards—there is a real market for these guns.

Firearm technology is ubiquitous. You can build a functional firearm with $20 and a quick trip to Home Depot. And how we have the expanding technology of 3D printing, too.

Even if gun grabbers had their wildest dreams realized and guns could somehow magically disappear, it would take little material and time to produce new firearms. It would take even less time and materiel to produce swords. The armament genie is out of the bottle and has been for centuries.

As has always been the case, it is not the weapon that kills, but the human being who decides to use it for evil. Gun control is always an attempt to somehow harness and alter human nature. Because it is invariably focused on depriving the honest and law-abiding of the means of self-defense, it has never worked. And it never will.


Mike McDaniel’s home blog is Stately McDaniel Manor

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    • Make all political partisans drop their habit of being more loyal to a side than to their country.


        • Indeed, if the choice is between a Republican and a Democrat, and it is 99% of the time, there is a huge, massive difference between the two parties on gun control. Just look at the judicial appointments.
          People can find Trump abrasive or disagree with one or twp positions, but just look at his judicial appointments which are something he alone decides on who to nominate and/or who to listen to on who to nominate, and the >100 federal judges he has nominated are night and day on the second amendment compared what we would have gotten with Hillary.

          In fact if Trump had not won we may have had Heller reversed already.

          The “there is no difference” people on this forum are a fringe, or sometimes just outright Democrats.
          Second Amendment advocates don’t agree 100% on things, and no one agrees with any president or any elected official or any party on everything. But you have to be stupid to attack the GOP or Trump on 2A in a general sense, it is absurd in the political context, and that matters. the alternatives is are ALL worse.


      • Divert much? On the gun control issue the is a party consistently voting to shred the second amendment and disarm the law abiding, it is the Democratic party.

        • Very true. Gun control was a major political issue in the first half of Bill Clinton’s (D) first term and during that time he lobbied for, and signed, two major pieces of gun control legislation, the Brady Bill and the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

          A case in point is the Clinton/Gore administration’s (D) continued insistence that the Second Amendment poses no legal obstacle to the federal government confiscating every privately owned firearm in the United States.

          Arguing before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2000, in the case of United States v. Emerson, the assistant United States attorney said exactly that, to an incredulous three-judge court.

          Here’s the exchange:

          Chief Judge Garwood: “You are saying that the Second Amendment is consistent with a position that you can take guns away from the public? You can restrict ownership of rifles, pistols and shotguns from all people? Is that the position of the United States?”

          AUSA (attorney for the DOJ): “Yes”

          Garwood: “Is it the position of the United States that persons who are not in the National Guard are afforded no protections under the Second Amendment?”

          AUSA: “Exactly.”

        • I let my FFL expire back when they started the NICs checks. Does anyone but me still remember the clusterf**k that was THAT rollout?
          The ATF wanted the dealers to use the system for three months, and THEN they would decide how much to bill you for the calls. The FFLicensees were to pay for the whole system. Whatever the system cost, divided by all the calls received, times however many calls you made.
          IOWs, no way to know how much additional to charge your customer, because no one had the slightest idea until after it was all a done deal. Then I could have been billed 300 bucks per call! No way could I have stayed in business that way, so I bid the ATF goodbye instead, no longer sold guns, and slowly moved away from gunsmithing into general machining instead.
          Notwithstanding that the NICs check became free, as it is now, after Congress decided to just have the taxpayers pick up the bill to fix the system, after it crashed on the first day and no guns were allowed to change hands for months.
          Yeah, we aren’t governed by retarded tree frogs. Pull the other leg, its got bells on…

    • You read my mind!!!

      “If only all liberals and evil in the world would disappears. They are one-in-the-same”

  1. Many died later.from wounds infected .
    One thing is certain, only the strong would survive followed by those able to work together against a common for.

    Pajama boys would be fodder.

  2. If criminals could obey the law…
    If tyrants could only forgo slaughtering their people…
    If unicorns farted skittles…

    • If my cat had wings he’d be a canary…
      My Dad used to say: “Wish in one hand and shit in the other. Notice which fills up first.”

  3. Wish you had not put this out. Now ERPOs will take my extensive knife and sword collection. Worth much more than my modest gun collection.

  4. If guns disappeared there would be much less in the way of homicides. It’s easy to talk about killing someone with a blade, it’s much harder to do it- mechanically and psychologically, compared to pulling a trigger. Guns exist for a reason.

    That said, the people who would be fine with killing would have very compliant victims. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a bunch of gangbangers kill each other with guns than have my method of self defense taken away so that I have to surrender to anyone with a meat cleaver.

    • The Hutu in Rwanda did not need guns to commit genocide against the Tutsi and Batwas. Using machetes and clubs they managed to kill over 70% of the Tutsi and 30% of the Batwa. Estimates are close to a million people perished.

      • Battle of Cannae in 216BC is also a good example. Causalties approaching 100,000 in one day. Death tolls at that level weren’t seen again (in one days fighting) until the Napoleonic Wars.

        • It appears I’m wrong in that last statement. When the Roman’s defeated Boudicca, and the Roman defeat at Arausio casualties also approached those levels in only one days fighting. Any way, pretty extraordinary given the tech of that age.

        • Garsden
          I am relying on memory but it don’t think the total at Cannae in one day was exceeded until the Somme in WW1.

          Of course we should also ban petrol as most mass murders are fire Not firearms.

        • I think you’re right, I do remember reading somewhere that Cannae was the worlds bloodiest until WW1.

    • KenW touches on something Rupert Smith brings up in The Utility of Force. When that book came out back in 2009 he claimed, and had decent evidence to back up the claim, that the greatest WMD ever invented in terms of death toll was not the atomic bomb or even the AK-47, as many claimed, but the machete.

      According to his numbers the machete was the number one worldwide killer every year for decades but outside a few international organizations no one wanted to discuss that fact because small arms control made people’s reputations and grabbed headlines but would never cover the number one killer.

      Also, while I would agree that it is mechanically easier to kill with a gun, I don’t think psychological resistance to a knife is high. Blades and other “up close and personal” methods of assisting others in shuffling off this mortal coil were the preferred method for most of the time our species has existed. Guns have only existed for a comparatively short time.

      Given that the Population Reference Bureau estimates that the current population of earth is only 7% or so of the total human population over the last 50,000 years, and the fact that the oldest known knives are dated to 2.5 million years ago it’s likely that more people have died to edged weapons and bludgeons than have died from gunshot wounds. Archery didn’t even become a thing until about 20,000 years ago, so before that nearly all homicide was at best, at spear length. The concept of a “safe” table knife with a blunt tip didn’t arrive until the early 1600’s and the notion caught the King of France’s attention in 1669 when he banned normal “EDC” knives at his table and from being carried in public, as most people did at the time, to reduce violence (and probably the threat of his own assassination at dinner).

      All in all, once you’ve made the decision to kill or to be indifferent to other people’s lives a gun is just a tool of convenience, but killers don’t have much aversion to using a blade. It’s the decent folks that have such an aversion.

    • In a world of blind people, the one eyed man is king. You sir would conquer the world Ash style i.e. impressing the savages with your boom stick.

        • Not to mention that, to my knowledge, big green never even made a hammerless double, cobalt is an additive to make a tool steel and not a finish, etc. etc. It is astounding how ignorant supposedly educated sheeple can be.
          The only way I can watch movies is to see them as art. Like looking at a Picasso. So what if the guy has three faces and the woman has six boobs? Its still funny to look at.
          I can’t even watch TV though. It insults me. I haven’t had a TV since the days of cathode ray tubes.

  5. Yeah, let’s take things back to what they were like before the invention of firearms. I’m sure liberals would just love that world.

  6. In old Memphis, TN you could legally carry a Navy Colt, but not a Bowie knife. The wounds from the Bowie were to hard to treat. Or, so I read. I think they gave out double edged Arkansas toothpicks at the city limits though.

    • Part of the Jim Crow laws of the time. The white Democrats needed to keep control of the blacks. Currently they are leasing black voters with promises of free stuff paid for with money stolen from the rich. How long can that last? Until we become like Venezuela.

  7. How many mass attacks in this country have been launched by killers using bladed weapons? How many theater killings have been launched by attackers using bladed weapons? How many school slaughters have been launched by attackers using bladed weapons?

    How many of the same sort of attacks have been conducted by people wielding weapons other than firearms?

    How many of the same sort of attacks been perpetrated by people using firearms?

    Point is, the theory of “no guns means no deaths by gunshot” reaches the correct result: zero. The problem with the theory is it doesn’t work under all conditions. The article posted contains some interesting information, but information of the type we all love….logic and data. Both of which are useless in the war over the Second Amendment.

    The people who want guns confiscated know that it is impossible to remove all firearms in private hands, but that fact is irrelevant. They are convinced that only “normal looking” people go about with guns, representing a danger the gun owner will just “snap” and start shooting people in malls, coffee shops, theaters, schools. You know…places where “good” people are most likely to congregate.

    Presenting rational propositions to irrational people (even other than gun-grabbers) is a losing game. We either give up trying, or find a way to negate appeals to emotion. (No, I don’t know how to do that)

    • In this country? I don’t know off the top of my head. I know a dude in france killed twice as many people with a truck in a fraction of the time than our worst mass shooting. I know a few dudes with box cutters killed thousands on 9/11. Tim McNutjob killed a lot of people in a fraction of a second with fertilizer and diesel fuel…. where there’s a will, there’s a way.

      • “I know a few dudes with box cutters killed thousands on 9/11….. where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

        Indeed, but those are quite rare events in past or recent history. Sad fact is that guns have been used in the vast majority of mass killings in this country. There are ~350,000,000 guns in circulation. That is what scares the gun-grabbers; no getting around it. So, the fear of all those guns in the hands of people walking around in “nice” places, posing an ever-present threat of mass shootings is what we must deal with. We cannot keep fighting the war we want to fight, but the one the enemy is fighting.

      • Yes, I agree and it has to be a constant drumbeat.

        POTG must strike where those people live, in their hearts, their emotions.

        Visual methods work, and it must be stressed that it is womens rights as well.

        Right now the gun-grabbers own this battle space but that can be changed if it’s worked at.

      • “Could we not also use arguments of emotion? At the very least be able to counter them.”

        Agree that we should, but it is more satisfying to reply with logic and data. Makes us seem so superior. The problem seems to be that we cannot actually find emotional counters that can persuade. That may be because the driving force behind the emotions of the gun-grabbers are not the grabbers themselves, but the manipulators pulling the strings (purse strings?). Those persons know their goal, and never stop pushing. Law abiding people want to be left alone to go about their business, without constant fighting over constitutionally protected rights.

        • To be really effective, one needs to use a blend of all three persuasion techniques; Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.
          Something like: “Look at France’s trucks running over crowds problem, and the UK’s acid attacks.” Then launch into an emotional appeal to ban trucks and car batteries. Then logically point out the stupidity of that, since horses and buggies also used to kill many people, and any high school chemistry student can make powerful acids if they paid attention in class.
          And start it all out with a list of all your accomplishments. Ethos. The appeal to authority. For some reason that works really well. If you just say how great you are, the sheep tend to believe anything you say. No matter how ridiculous it might be. I guess that’s why I call them sheep.
          Present company excepted, OFC. Not many sheep here on TTAG. That’s why I’m still here, even after it has fallen so far compared to what it used to be. Still the best comment section on the web.

        • “That’s why I’m still here, even after it has fallen so far compared to what it used to be.”

          Been here since the days of Israeli models. Not seeing a substantial difference in the presentations.

          As to using three persuasion techniques….a general approach to the virtue of gun ownership is too broad and thin. We know the irrational thinking, the irrational fear. The fear is not only that of being randomly shot in “normal” circumstances, but that fear is an embedded element of personal validation. To admit error is to reject self, difficult for the most logical person. And that sense of self is further bound up in social acceptance. Just look at the suicides by people being “bullied”.

          The desire to be accepted by others reinforces the resistance to rejecting self regarding long-held beliefs. People want so much to be accepted by the “cool kids”, that they kill themselves when the “cool kids” turn on them. With no hope of being accepted (they are not really encouraged to learn to stand alone from the crowd), their logic system tells them such condition will never end, there is no hope, and there is no help. BOOM.

          To test the environment we must penetrate, ask what is you most deeply held belief (about anything), then ask what would it take to have you abandon that deeply held belief. What psychological adjustment would be required to forever change your most precious belief, and how, and how long, would that adjustment be made? If you conclude that superior logic would suffice, you understand then that people motivated only by emotion cannot change; they reject logic in every form.

        • Sam, if you truly haven’t noticed the increase in sponsored content, the decline in intelligent and substantial items in favor of sales items, the increased focus on the most basic of elements (to appeal to the rank newbie) at the expense of the more advanced concepts, the thinning of original content in favor of reposts from elsewhere, and old reruns, including from just a few days ago, I don’t know what to tell you.
          Perhaps you need to read more carefully. Or else pay more attention. Or maybe you’re just trolling for a nibble again?

        • Newbies need attention here, as well as more experienced owners. Not everyone arrives here with years of knowledge behind them. Schools teach the same lessons to the same age groups year-after-year.

          Sponsored topics are necessary (as are ads) to keep this blog “free” to the readers. Otherwise, we would be required to apply for paid membership in the blog. Nothing is free, someone is paying. If we expect some of the article creators to be paid for their work, there has to be money from somewhere.

          Re-posts are just fine because we can’t all read every blog, every day. We also get pushed out of our comfort zone by reading different styles. Not sure we can legitimately expect nothing but original content all through the day.

          But I guess the issue comes down to understanding that the blog is “free” to use, or not, as the case may be.

    • “..Presenting rational propositions to irrational people ”

      Those people didn’t use logic and reason to come to their decisions so no amount of logic and reason is going to change their mind.

    • your ownership of a gun is a threat to me…basically where they’re coming from…don’t see much middle ground here…

      • “your ownership of a gun is a threat to me…basically where they’re coming from…don’t see much middle ground here…”

        If you look and listen carefully, you will find a new meme, “Anything that causes me inconvenience is an assault on my freedom; only the government can secure our peace of mind by eliminating struggle, resistance, speech I don’t want to hear, competition (because that means someone “loses”, and I don’t want to be called a loser).

        Government must remove anything that causes me to not have what I want, when I want it).

  8. Although one can make a “sword like object” with a piece of steel and a grinder, it takes a great deal of smithing skill to forge a true sword and temper it properly. The effort takes days. Different sword shapes have different characteristics; some are cutters, others are most effective in the thrust. And some changed between the two over the course of time. The Hungarian saber was a cutting/slashing weapon, but by the time of the Civil War, and until the last US military swords were designed (The Patton 1913), the sword was useful offensively only in the thrust. Why are their no massacres with swords? Because it is easier with guns, particularly multishot firearms. Guns obsoleted the sword and even the long (16 to 20″) bayonet because once soldiers were not limited to a single shot, they did not need blades to remain combat effective.

    • I have read prolifically on this subject as well and it seems that one can make a sword that is every bit as good with the stock removal method as can be made by forging. I have heard this from the likes of Peter Johnsson, Craig Johnson, Angus Trim, etc. Note that Albion uses the stock removal and Arms and Armor uses both. Trim, admittedly a god awful businessman, uses stock removal as well.

      • With today’s steels anybody can make a blade that puts middle age period swords to shame(except for perhaps real Damascus, as separate from today’s pattern welding called Damascus), with nothing but a belt sander and some epoxy glue.
        That is why the real bladesmiths tend to focus on pattern welded Damascus blades today. That cannot be done by anyone with a file and some grinding system or another. It takes skill.
        Or just money. Bladesmiths often sell billets of their ‘Damascus’, for others to just grind a blade profile into.
        etcetera… Just search “buy damascus billets”. There are dozens.

      • When have you seen a lug on a currently produced weapon? You won’t see them on US military arms. It took a while for them to go away since most generals are always fighting the last war.

      • “so why do we continue to see bayonet lugs?”

        How else would you connect the chain saw to your 590A1?
        But seriously, folks…
        Bayonets do still present a threatening picture to an opposing force.

        Notify me of follow-up comments by email” however, does nothing for me.

  9. Britain made most of their guns disappear and now have a knife crisis on their hands. Young Brits are butchering each other at an alarming rate. Humans are vicious violent critters and will use whatever means is at their disposal to inflict carnage.

    In 1914, Frank Lloyd Wright’s butler killed seven people and badly injured two more using just a can of gasoline and a hatchet. Violence is NEVER going away, guns or no guns.

  10. I think John Keegan figured (or quoted someone who had) in ‘The History of Warfare’ that more people had been killed by spears than all other weapons combined.

    • And every year the FBI says more people are killed with bare hands than rifles, shotguns, and assault weapons combined.

  11. From the article. “…..gunshot deaths would continue at very high levels; only the people doing the shooting would change.”

    I completely disagree. Almost exclusively, those doing the shooting today would remain the shooters after a ban. The overwhelming majority of shootings today are perpetrated by criminals and those in law enforcement acting in response to those criminals. In fact, post ban, those numbers would increase as there won’t be citizens able to defend themselves against either. And those law abiding citizens today, who refuse to comply and are forced to defend ourselves and/or family post ban willbe viewed as criminals for post ban possession. The key to preventing any of this from happening? A collective and coordinated use of the guns as proscribed by our Founders and immortalized in our Constitution may be the only remedy fail if all 3 branches eventually fail.

      • Yes of course. I realized after I posted. Thx for the correction. Restoration of the edit button would be helpful.

        • For some of us, checking the “Save my name, email,…”, “Notify me of follow-up…”, and “Notify me of new posts…” checkboxes when posting a comment has restored the edit function. For me, I only need to check the first box. For others, they need only check the first two. I believe there was someone who had to check all three.

          Have you tried this yet? I know that the information has been left in comments by people over and over again. If you haven’t tried this and still lament the lack of edit functions then I don’t know what to tell you. If you have tried combinations and you still don’t have an edit function then let everyone know as there is a problem.

  12. Thugs, fanatics and the deranged don’t even need knives or swords. On YouTube, watch the surveillance video of 300 pound Michael Brown intimidating the diminutive store clerk before his fatal encounter with a police officer. In 1992, a mentally ill Nebraska football player, off his medication, beat nearly to death a woman he encountered on the street. (He tried the same thing again a few months later. This time, his targets were a pair of female police officers. They shot him.)

    There is a University of Kansas professor who devoted half of the syllabus for one of his classes to complaining about armed students who “arrogate to themselves the power of life and death.” I’m not a KU student let alone enrolled in his class. Otherwise, I would have asked him if he felt the same about someone who held identical power due to superior size and strength acquired by virtue of favorable genetics.

    In a disarmed world, the biggest, toughest thug fears no one. The second toughest thug fears only the first. And so on down to the small and the weak which means the very old, the very young and the handicapped. They must fear everyone. The gun grabbers know this and are fine with it. The mayor of London stated that residents of the city needed to accept being the targets of terrorist attacks.

  13. The article misses the biggest slaughter of them all: at Cannae, in 216 B.C., Hannibal’s Carthaginians plus mercenaries killed over 50,000 Romans while losing less than a tenth as many.

    • “Hannibal’s Carthaginians plus mercenaries killed over 50,000 Romans while losing less than a tenth as many.”

      The final reward for that victory is that Carthage became, and remains, a small suburb of Tunis, Tunisia. A mere shadow of its former self. And Hannibal remembered only for his elephants, and eating people.

      • And today, the Great Roman Empire is a small second rate nationette that is deep in debt and being overrun by Africans, some of who may well be Hannibal’s decendents’

  14. One of the guests at the signing was the victim of an assailant who said he wanted to kill Mexicans. Would it now be a hate crime for the victim to say unkind things about his assailant?

  15. I never go anywhere without my Cold Steel blackthorn. I have other things up my sleeves (and elsewhere). In public, in front of security cameras or witness, I have no doubt that they will either break and run or die long before my arm ever gets tired. I may be old, but I’m neither slow nor easy. F-K-A.

    • Lynn Thompson lost me when he put on a little skit to “show” that his “Espada” knife was more than a match for a smallsword. I think his sparring partner with the smallsword also played for the Washington Generals.

      • Don’t judge the implement by the vendor. An unbreakable stick in the hands of someone with heart, training and volition is a formidable weapon and cannot be legislated against.

  16. Long before the advent of firearms humanity suffered no dearth of killing weapons. Think 2001 ASO and know that the proclivity for weapons use is what had allowed humanity’s rise. Weapons are not a fault, but a feature.

  17. A note: The Tueller research has not been discredited, but the police willingness and readiness to shoot down a “non-compliant” “suspect” at 20 feet has been. Tueller himself has said in interviews that law enforcement has mis-used his information to justify becoming more militaristic. Chad McBroom has an article dated May 2016 that can help people better understand what Tueller was saying, and how it has been mis-applied to real life situations.

    Note 2: I am neither a police hater, nor a strong police supporter. I think police forces in this country need to be overhauled, and much of the militarism removed from the forces.

    • The problem with any kind of major police overhaul is it would result in nationalizing the police force. That would ultimately have the exact opposite of the desired effect and make everything 10x worse in terms of police/people relations.

  18. All this talk of primitive people and their ability with edged weapons is fun. When the mayor of London contemplated banning knives I asked what he intended to do about sharp sticks. Australia once discussed banning swords and do ban many kinds of knives because street gangs started using them. A nice sturdy stick with a 3 inch long sharpened point and fire hardened can be a formidable weapon. Gadsden brings up a national police force and if that ever happens we need to gather in groups and plan on refuges and havens to war combat from. A national police force would be camel back-breaking straw.

  19. A world devoid of firearms would be horrific.. Roaming gangs of young thugs could simply walk around and beat people to death and there would be no defense against attacks. Firearms are wonderful tools and I’ll never be without mine.

  20. This reminded me of the Bible story, where King Hezekiah was threatened with annihilation by Sennacherib. 2 Kings 19:35 picks it up:

    “And that night the angel of the LORD went out and struck down 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians. And when people arose early in the morning, behold, these were all dead bodies”

    These angels may have to be called into service again.

  21. If only we could make all the world’s evil, violence prone shitheads vanish live would be just peachy, now wouldn’t it?

    Until somebody works out how to do that, I’m packing what iron I can.

    • “Just think back to the halcyon days before firearms existed, when there was no such thing as murder.”

      “Those were thuh daaaaaaaayyyyssss.”

  22. You can walk into a Harbor Freight and buy a machete, no permit required .

    When the shooting at the San Bernadino office party by the guy and his wife happened, Obuma decried the guns they had used; but at the same time, when television showed the interior of their home, it displayed 3 pipe bombs with the fuses inserted and ready to go, but Obutthead said nothing about restricting pipes at Home Depot, Menards, your local hardware store, etc.

    Browning, Stoner…. are names which we immediately recognize and know the contributions that their knowledge and inventiveness have played in our currently available assortment of firearms which we can purchase. And now we have 3-D printed guns. And then there are the organizations who believe in the 2nd amendment , and put forth their support in their own way, such as ‘ THE HOME GUNSMITH ” online. There is always going to be someone whose intelligence brings advances in firearms.

    Let’s do away with all the firearms, and stop the killings !!! What did Timothy McVey use??? So we need to eliminate fertilizer in order to prevent that happening again. Do ya think the nations farmers would allow that to happen ?

    Some people have used motor vehicles recently, to run over pedestrians and to involve other drivers in crashes designed to commit death and carnage. So perhaps we should eliminate all motor vehicles ?

    I can see it now……….. “HIRE AN AMISH…..We will run over someone you want eliminated with our high-speed buggies.”

  23. I don’t know what the BFD is- As far as everyone else is concerned, I make my Glock 43 “disappear” every day I put it on. You all should do the same with your EDCF.

  24. My dad was in Afghanistan in the ’70s traveling and had a picture of himself taken holding a hand made “sten” gun from one of these shops. It was basically a small man made cave carved into a rock and the walls were lined with handmade rifles on racks. Pops said there was a crew of about ten guys with hand files working on various parts. Pretty fantastic picture.

    • And each gun made a hand fitted individual work. Parts not interchangeable. The way guns were always made, prior to the time of John Browning. Made by craftsmen instead of corporations.

  25. The Mongol siege of Merv…no guns were used to murder close to 1 million people….
    The Mongols ordered that, apart from four hundred artisans. .., the whole population, including the women and children, should be killed, and no one, whether woman or man, be spared. To each [Mongol soldier] was allotted the execution of three or four hundred Persians. So many had been killed by nightfall that the mountains became hillocks, and the plain was soaked with the blood of the mighty.”
    Some historians[who?] believe that over one million people died in the aftermath of the city’s capture, including hundreds of thousands of refugees from elsewhere, making it one of the most bloody captures of a city in world history.

  26. Craig in Iowa………..and everyone else out there that is commenting on this blog…………The Friends of NRA banquet in Davenport, Iowa is May 4th. I would welcome the opportunity to buy anyone a drink who might be attending; just let me know in advance so I can look for you.


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