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“All of this stuff that you see right now is just that, ‘Oh, we’re wealthy, we can just go buy [guns],’” [Maj] Toure added. “But yet and still, the areas that have the most crime have the most restrictive gun laws.”

Geneva Solomon, the co-owner of Black-owned Redstone Firearms in Los Angeles County’s Burbank, agreed with Toure’s comments. She said, “the gun control laws here are set up and intended to disproportionately affect those within the minority communities.”

She pointed to California’s complicated process of getting a concealed carry permit, saying single, Black parents in the state, for example, may have difficulty proving they have “good cause” for gun ownership. 

“If the single parent is walking home and can’t prove that they’re ‘important’ by having money or high-value items taken from them, it may be really hard,” Solomon told Fox News Digital. “Which goes back to the ‘just cause’ requirement of the insurance of the CCW. Having ‘just cause’ is too big of a gray area. That means it’s up for interpretation of the person interviewing you and can lead to underlying bias.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the ACLU did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the argument that gun control laws are racist. The ACLU does note on its website that it “firmly believes that legislatures can, consistent with the Constitution, impose reasonable limits on firearms sale, ownership, and use, without raising civil liberties concerns.”

Solomon added that although proving just cause for gun ownership is needed, “there are also people who feel they are important,” “and should have the same access to be able to protect themselves.”

“California has gun control by ZIP code,” according to Solomon, which leaves individual cities and counties responsible for processing conceal carry permits. In Los Angeles County, Sheriff Alex Villanueva vowed over the summer to expand concealed carry permits amid the county reporting spikes in murders, rapes, aggravated assaults and car thefts. 

— Emma Colton in Black LA residents lack access to guns as wealthy rush to buy firearms amid crime wave: Activists

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    • When hearing or seeing Gun Control one should always see the racism and genocide inherent with Gun Control. When someone who talks a lot and fears addressing the rot that history confirms is embedded in Gun Control they kowtow to Gun Control.

      • Nazis rolled back gun control imposed under Weimar. But Debbie doesn’t understand history and is divorced.

        Nazis became this boogieman because they opposed the same people who control our media. (This blog is no exception, lol.)

        Debbie- only once you stop lying will I stop c y b e r b u l l y i n g you.

        I support the 2A. Carry every day!

        • Ant7, get this through your thick skull: the only answer you’re ever going to get to “pick your flavor of totalitarianism” is no.

        • “Ant7, get this through your thick skull: the only answer you’re ever going to get to ‘pick your flavor of totalitarianism’ is no.”

          I didn’t write that. but it’s so sad to see you so misled – debbie’s picking it for you, and you’re helping her.

        • Ant. I see nothing that dw has said that backs any sort of tyranny. Your argument with her is that she calls out the racist nature of your side. You being a true believer in all that fascist crap.

          Communism is evil. Period. Full stop. But even communism is not at its base, racist. They might murder you and your village. But not because of your skin color.

          Your side will murder for all the reasons the commies will. And they will murder simply based on race.

          Both are evil. And you trying to point out that ‘they’ are more wrong is just pathetic.

        • “And they will murder simply based on race”

          do you have any idea how spot on you are? yes, they murder simply based on race. the ideology, the indoctrination, the propaganda campaigns, the class rhetoric – they’re all meant to distract from that, conceal that, hide that. yes, they murder based simply on race.

          when you actually finally get that, when you actually finally realize that, when one day it dawns on you what they’re doing, what they’ve been doing all along, what they’ve been doing right in front of you all along … you’ll know what to do.

        • “one totalitarian is the same as another”

          for you it is. but not for the owners, and thus not for debbie. which is why she harps on one and studiously avoids mentioning another.

          certain people LOVED the soviet union and it’s 40 million murderous regime. the rosenbergs stole american nuclear secrets for them, and so did pollard. bernie sanders vacationed there with his new bride, because it was the best place he could think of to do so. ever wonder why? debbie knows why.

  1. And, once again, the ACLU shows that they…aren’t. And haven’t been for a long time, just another part of the collectivist cabal designed to funnel money from the public till back to the Democrat party while acting as enforcers of the party line. When government becomes one of your society’s largest “industries” you get the current miasma we live in today…

    • The ACLU has never supported civil rights. What they supported was the Klu Klux Klan marching through black neighborhoods while they were carrying guns. The white lawyers of the ACLU have never supported the right of black people to have and carry guns. It has always interested me how so many white people who support the ACLU, and at the same time are against Second Amendment???

      The first amendment in this country died decades ago. When the “freedom of speech freaks” said it was okay to block a military recruiting center, in a protest. And they would later say that it was not okay to block the entrance to an abortion clinic, in a protest.

    • “And, once again, the ACLU shows that they…aren’t”

      yes they are. it’s just that their vision of “american” doesn’t include you, any more than it includes any animal.

  2. We are ALL Equal in America! The Second Amendment completely prevents any government interference with any individual’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms – even in California!

    All law abiding US Citizens are entitled to be armed at all times and in all places for self protection, sport, hunting, safety, defense of others. No Exceptions based on race, economics, location!

    Time to shut down ALL government restrictions on the personal possession and ownership of any weapons of choice by law abiding US Citizens! If you want to buy your gun and get your ammo the government just has to step aside and allow it, unfettered!

  3. Funny all these coastal socialists wanting you prove you’re “important” by demonstrating such capitalist values as having valuables and cash on your person.

    Why not use their dreams, artistic creation or sexual proclivities as evidence of importance?

  4. Infringe: “act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.” So says Oxford. But hey, I terpret as you will. And they will.

  5. If the carry case goes as expected, there will be loud voices demanding the guns they carry in one state be carried in all states.

    That’s when real progress towards getting the FOIPA the respect it deserves…

    • “…California’s complicated process of getting a concealed carry permit…”

      Indeed. It’s now been six months since I submitted my application. LASD openly states its policy is to respond to all applicants within 90 days, regardless of outcome. They took my application fee and cashed it literally the next day (per my bank records), but have left me sitting in the dark. And the Department’s CCW Division webpage provides no contact info to check on the status. Gee, just imagine the consequences if the tables were reversed and I had taken their money but failed to deliver…

      And now Sheriff Villanueva is revving up his re-election campaign. He ran his 2018 election campaign on a full alliance with Newsom, and stated he didn’t believe in issuing CCWs. I told everyone last year that it was highly likely his public announcement (one year ago) that he’d begin issuing permits was a lie.

      • “…California’s complicated process of getting a concealed carry permit…”

        it’s not a matter of state, it’s a matter of county sheriff. some counties in california are effectively shall-issue.

        • “it’s not a matter of state, it’s a matter of county sheriff. some counties in california are effectively shall-issue.”

          Yes they are effectively shall-issue. Where nearly the entire county is white. Also at least one of the co-authors of the Mulford Act was from a rural all white county.

        • “Where nearly the entire county is white”

          and thus where violent crime is near zero. “gun control is racist”, well so is law enforcement and law and civilization and, well, pretty much everything.

  6. Saying gun control is racist is a losing argument. The left is using “racism” to oppress white people by redefining everything to be racist today.

    My right to own a gun comes from my Creator, not because I convinced some liberal to agree with me. What if I, a white man, am the real racist? Do racist white men have a right to own a gun?

    • No- the 2A is for everyone except racist white men. You only get to own a Glock 19 if you have a black grandchild.

      Racism is not protected by the first amendment! If you say something that FaceBook deems racist, you do not deserve to have a gun.

      Our founding fathers were racists and need to be erased from history. The only good idea they had was the 2nd Amendment. We need to rename schools named after slave-owner Washington to be named after real heroes, like MLK, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rachel Levine, and Hilary Clinton.

      • This made me laugh. Just yesterday some boomer here said MLK would support 2A rights.

        Are you kidding me bro? If he were alive today he’d be doing Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton shakedowns and bailing out the YOUTH who burned down your business in 2020 (during the pandemic).

        The MLK worship is a humiliation ritual for white people.

        • MLK was a Republican, a gun owner, and was refused several times on his application for a CCW despite the threats on his life. People who visited his home would have to move guns in order to sit down. He was very much a supporter of 2A rights.

      • “Our founding fathers were racists and need to be erased from history. The only good idea they had was the 2nd Amendment. We need to rename schools named after slave-owner Washington to be named after real heroes, like MLK, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton,…”

        Jackson and Sharpton?

        Jackson literally smeared MLK’s blood on his shirt. That’s where the saying about ‘waving a bloody shirt’ came from.

        And Sharpton? The same guy who represented Tawana Brawly?

        ‘Stormfront’ is where you need to be… 🙁

        • Geoff PR,

          I do believe that the commenter “I am racist” delivered his comment with an extremely heavy dose of sarcasm.

        • “I do believe that the commenter ‘I am racist’ delivered his comment with an extremely heavy dose of sarcasm”

          can’t tell anymore, the left does indeed think that (has for decades) and sometimes even says so outright.

    • “Saying gun control is racist is a losing argument.”

      And, here come the ‘stormfront’ fuckwits… 🙁

      • Isn’t stormfront mostly undercovers trying to bait anyone into doing something to justify budgets at this point?

        • according to the web site its “Talk – Meet other White Nationalists for romance or friendship.”

          Its how dacian and Miner49 met and fell in love while trolling the forums there for public restroom hookups.

    • I’m very comfortable calling white h0m0s3xuals and white Jews both in positions of power, in making gun control laws, as racist people.

      And I know there are other gun owners who are cowards and just can’t bring themselves to call out a “protected class” of racist white socialist progressive law makers.
      The most racist modern-day gun control law, The Mulford Act, was co-written by a white jewish polish immigrant lawyer, a member of the ACLU board of directors. His name was Alan Sieroty. He was a california state senator.

      It was the white h0m0s3xual California State Senate President Tom Ammiano, who publicly embraced the Mulford Act, and said he would not have it repealed. He publicly rejected the Cal Guns request to repeal the Mulford Act. This was covered on TTAG years ago when it happened.

      State Senator Tom Ammiano also wrote the law making rape victims, stalking victims, and everyone else, wait up to an extra 10 days to get a gun.

      What makes a white homosexual man think he knows better than a woman who has been raped on how she can protect herself???

    • “The left is using ‘racism; to oppress white people”

      more exactly the ones behind the left are using racism to oppress white people. because they are racist themselves.

    • This reply is for Chris T. Your comment about Sheriffs in ca Counties is wrong. Kern Co. is shall
      issue and trust me it is not all white.

  7. A good metric of freedom should be a means by which an individual can defend themselves from threats without restriction.

    • “Didn’t take long for stormfront to show up…”

      If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny… 🙁

  8. From permits issued by the sheriff, to “Saturday Night Special” bans and NYC’s infamous Sullivan law, most gun control is racist in it’s intent and function.

    • “Saturday Night Special” This is a racist gun control term. It goes back over 100 years.

      The 2A is not just for rich people. But many think only the rich should have guns.
      And they will try and run the low cost gun makers out of business. For “safety reasons”. Hi Point has never had a recall for their guns. But Remington guns kill their owners. And Sig, Glock, and other socalled better gun makers have had products recalled.

      For “safety reasons” gun must be made as expensive as possible. Because as everyone knows, the most expensive guns, are also the most “safest guns”.

      “Because the price of a firearm can determine who is able to buy it, the elimination of inexpensive firearms could have a direct effect upon those of lesser means. Roy Innis, president of the activist group Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and a member of the National Rifle Association’s governing board., said “To make inexpensive guns impossible to get is to say that you’re putting a money test on getting a gun. It’s racism in its worst form.”

      “Why are some cheap guns called “saturday night specials”? Where did the term originate from?”

      I practice clearing a malfunction on all my hand guns and rifles. If anyone believes they don’t have to practice clearing a malfunction on a Glock or a Sig, they are simply foolish gun owners, who will eventually get killed. And then their guns will be taken from them by their killers. And probably will be used against the rest of their surviving family members.

  9. We cant have people of low income carrying gunms, they’re just not important as me and George Soros or me and Bloomberg. People of low income are just, just, well we just cant let them have gunms.
    And if they’re whining about the neighborhoods they live in that’s they’re fault. They should have been lying cheating manipulative scam artist like me and George and Bloomberg. People of low income cant be trusted with gunms, they are untrustworthy and you never know what they might do.
    In other words no gunms for the trash of America.

  10. If actor/producer/director Edward James Olmos could not get a CCW after consultants of his were murdered by the Mexican Mafia following the release of American Me, then the average Joe/Jane stands a snow ball’s chance in L.A.

  11. The CCW law in California has direct racist roots, and there are articles published about it. It was designed to keep Mexicans and Chinese from possessing firearms and a bunch of other dangerous weapons. The Mudford Act (no open loaded in urban areas) was a direct result of the Black Panthers visiting the Legislature while openly armed–which was legal at the time, so it too has racist roots, but was later changed to no open carry simply because young, predominantly white adults were protesting with unloaded pistols on their hips. The rest of the gun regulations, which are voluminous, are not racist as much as a massive antipathy to guns.

    As an aside, the Ninth Circuit held in the Peruta case (cert. denied) that there is no right to a CCW. It subsequently held, in Young v. Hawaii (cert pending) that there is no right to bear arms outside the home.

  12. The ACLU does note on its website that it “firmly believes that legislatures can, consistent with the Constitution, impose reasonable limits on firearms sale, ownership, and use, without raising civil liberties concerns.”

    How, pray tell, can gun control of any sort be “consistent with the Constitution”? The Constitution’s 2A clearly says, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Period. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms can be infringed by ‘reasonable limits on firearms sale, ownership, and use.'”

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