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By Theresa Inacker

We all know that Moms Demand Action and Everytown are against “gun violence.” Have you ever asked yourself why the gun control ‘Karens’ aren’t against ALL violence? Why are they only against “gun violence?”

I ask gun control shills like Shannon R. Watts, why is “gun violence” more condemnable than placing a knee on a man’s neck and depriving him of oxygen until he is dead? And is it any less condemnable for a group of men to beat business owners bloody — nearly to death — with 2×4 pieces of wood? Unequivocally…no. The gun control nags also want you to believe that only the police should have firearms.

It has never been clearer to America why civilian disarmament is a bad idea.

Second Amendment advocates and those of us who believe in the personal responsibility of self defense condemn all forms of violence whether it’s committed by the public, the police or anyone else.

Propagandist gun control advocates have now been exposed. Just like a magician conniving tricks behind the curtain, the truth is being revealed for all to see. Shannon R. Watts, you’ve been made. People are no longer buying what you’re selling.

Whatever vestige of the gun control argument that lingered during the Covid-19 lockdowns has been eviscerated by the violent riots and looting Americans are seeing and the direct threats to residential areas made by ANTIFA.

Everyday people are being threatened with arson, Molotov cocktails, and bricks. These are real threats coming to a neighborhood near you. And the best answer to these threats is what we have been telling you all along: be responsibly armed and trained. Yet purveyors of gun control propaganda would have you think otherwise, leaving you at serious risk.

People want to defend themselves against these threats. Those of us who are well-armed are feeling grateful and secure. Those who have never owned a firearm before are looking to purchase, scrambling through the mountains of red tape they were told by skilled liars either did don’t exist or are far too weak.

Karen buys a gun
Courtesy National Firearms Association

They’re submitting to the background checks they’ve been told are all but nonexistent. It was easier to purchase a toy gun than a real one, right? Let us not forget that according to New Jersey’s Junior Senator and former Democratic candidate for President, Corey Booker, toy guns are subject to more federal regulation than real firearms.

Lies like this result in more limits and restrictions on civilian gun ownership and put everyday people at risk of violence by others. That includes “everyday” criminals and ANTIFA-fueled violent mobs.

Recent FBI NICS data is not available yet, but anecdotally, gun shop owners are seeing a “phase 2” of panic buying, similar to the “phase 1” surge of purchases that occurred during the lockdowns and toilet paper shortages. New purchasers are also asking for magazines that can handle multiple attackers, realizing they are severly disadvantaged without access to such magazines.

Those of us who live in New Jersey are permitted magazines that can hold no more than ten rounds. While litigation challenging that limit is pending, we are vulnerable and put at risk against groups of multiple attackers, an argument we made when opposing the legislation.

Once called paranoid by the prohibitionists, Second Amendment advocates are now having their day in the sun. We welcome all who are new to gun ownership, encourage you get properly trained and find a local or state-level firearms advocacy group to join. These groups will keep you informed about all the gun control measures we must constantly defend against and all the litigation that has been filed to ensure your Second Amendment rights survive.


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, is a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey delegate to The DC Project, and serves as the Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.

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  1. Never underestimate the mendacity of the left. Never. They will lie to your face about there being gravity under your feet if it would aid their agenda.

  2. Of coarse now is not the time to decide that you need a firearm to defend yourself and your family. It is too late for that. Same with getting proper training. Most government is trying to squash people having guns. How dare one go against the powers that be.
    The anti-gun mafia wants you to be vulnerable. You are best when you can not counter their desires. Besides if you are armed than you are scary and might hurt them when they try to turn you into a serf.

  3. I had to read that toy gun line more than once, because I thought it was too absurd to be correct… but then, as usual I go on to find that someone was actually spouting that nonsense as truth. People have a way of surprising me with their fantasy world I guess!

    • Also, it’s easier to get a gun than to buy a hamburger or check out a library book. If these people didn’t have lies, they’d have nothing at all.

      • Depends on your vendor. An official vendor will follow the proper procedures as dictated by law. That black market vendor operating out of the trunk of an old Buick doesn’t follow any official procedures, but may cost more and have other risks.

        • And, laws will only affect official vendors, black market will *never* comply. Also, law abiding citizens will be the only ones affected by laws, will not be a problem without laws. IOW, restrictive firearm laws accomplish absolutely nothing positive.

  4. The three guys in the photo look like they would be fun to go shooting with! Good gear and out for a good purpose.

      • Certainly cuts down on the need for reloads. Never was much into drums until this SHTF. Bought one for my 15 and 10.

        • Ian had a good comment on drum magazines. I think they are useful as the first magazine and then go to regular stick magazines at the reload.

        • I would think the opposite, particularly in the 10. 50 or 100 rounds will be *heavy*. I’d prefer to carry 20 or 30 rounds with which to fight my way to the drum, if necessary, which it has never been.

  5. Well, honestly, I think for the foreseeable future gun control in politics is a dead issue.

    I’m just waiting to see what the economic fallout of all of this is. How much damage was done and how many insurance companies will go tits up over this? How many people will see their business insurance become unaffordable?

    This isnt over by a long shot. The economic impact hasn’t even started to be felt. When it is, it’s gonna hurt.

    • I hope it turns into a dead issue politically, but I’m afraid the Democrats have gone full loony-tunes, to the point where they can’t manage *not* to push it. Our best hope is probably that it’s the proverbial third rail — and that when they do grab it, they get knocked back on their ass for a full generation.

    • Unless the senior managers of the insurance companies are extremely stupid, they have reinsurance to cover losses too big for them to handle in house. I believe Warren Buffet is into reinsurance.

      • If the problems are big enough it won’t matter.

        When Luis hit the Caribbean 16-20 or so large insurance companies went under and the result was that major resorts were, to this day, not rebuilt. ING Fatum barely survived that fiasco. And that was a single hurricane.

    • We’re at what, under 100 million in property damage so far?

      That’s *nothing* compared to the new car loans and mortgage defaults coming. and evictions from rental property.

      The insurance companies will be fine, the personal bankruptcies are gonna hit like a ton-o-lead, and get progressively worse in the run-up to the election.

      And guess who they will try and blame for it, even when hard data shows the death rate from COVID in the USA is among the lowest in the developed world…

      • $100 million is a joke. The 1968 riots did $27 million in damages to D.C. alone, and that’s just buildings and stuff.

        That’s in 1968 dollars. Adjusted to 2020 dollars today that would be $198,922,500. For just DC.

        Now add in all the cars, looted goods etc and start thinking about 50+ cities. Add in the public loses and mix in the lost tax revenue from CoV-2 lockdowns.

        Now add all the personal losses and bankruptcies. Now add all the businesses that are going to go under but haven’t yet and all the furloughed people who think they’re going back to work but won’t.

        This isn’t just nationwide rioting, it’s on top of CoV-2. See my comment about ING Fatum, above.

        Now start thinking about another round of lockdowns or another flare up of riots and where that could put us.

        Significant uncertainty is an unwelcome houseguest for the foreseeable future, along with economic tumult. Gun control is a dead issue for at least a few years. Time to focus, politically on making sure we don’t get a “side dish” of gun control with an entre of Democrats promising to fix financial problems.

    • My homeowner’s insurance policy has clauses for non-coverage. It’s the usual – nuclear bombs, RIOTS, war, insurrection, etc.

      • My Mossy does not have any listed exceptions for riots, civil disturbances, insurrections, or any such. We may see how that works.

  6. Stopped by my local Wal Mart, gun case is empty, asked why, they are worried about lotters.
    Wal Mart, keeping us safe.

  7. Hoplophobes always start with the premise, “if there were no guns in the world, then everyone would be safer”.

    NO. One has to be completely delusional to believe that fallacy.

    • A simple look at history before guns were invented SHOULD be sufficient to dispel that foolish notion.

  8. Even with the rioting in LA, Long Beach, San Francisco and elsewhere, the California Legislature hasn’t gotten the message. All they have done is delay committee hearings a week to let the protests and rioting to calm down. Then they will pass more restrictions and costs on CCW permits, increase the tax on ammo, ban all lead ammo after a certain date, even the jacketed stuff, and even if you are shooting at a range, require “background checks” for the purchase of firearm “precurser parts” (no one knows what that means, exactly, although it is intended to stamp out 80% anything–even though there is a law on the books already that require 80% receivers to be registered before they can be milled), and so forth and so one. Unless and until SCOTUS slaps down the 9th Circus hard, gun control will continue to live in infamy in this state.

    I say this with the authority of the fact that Californians buy more guns that any other state, and a lot of the Karens ran out and bought firearms during the Covid-19 crisis. As you know, the mantra is simply this” guns for me but not for thee.

    • How is the court balance affected if RBG expires, and doesn’t get replaced? Does that make it 4-4, assuming Roberts goes hard Left?

      • Lol, Geoff. You’re cute. You think Roberts hasn’t yet gone hard Left.

        At this point, I’m thinking that Roberts is looking more for his personal legacy and notoriety than anything else, after seeing how much attention was given to Kennedy (will he vote yes? will he vote no? oh, we’re hanging on his every word!!). Roberts has turned out to be a snake in the grass who based his candidacy on conservative values, but has conducted himself quite the opposite.

  9. I remember Cory Booker complaining about gunfire in his urban neighborhood. Since I wasn’t present, I couldn’t point out to him that it wasn’t OFWGs from the sticks shooting up his neighborhood.

    • Who else could it be? It’s always either cops or white supremacists killing the innocent hood residents. Just watch the news!

  10. What’s to know? I watched TV westerns. I know how to shoot, swing the cylinder open and spin it and it makes that cool clicking sound.
    Who needs training?

    • You should watch some modern day movies so you’ll know to shoot your assault rifle from the hip.

      • Ohhhhh like in Terminator with the three dot phaser thingy. Yeah I can shoot from the hip, what’s to know?

        • That was Predator dude, not Terminator! Terminator had the Phase Plasma rifle with 40 watt range, while the Predators had the three dot triangle energy zappy thing. Lets help each other keep our non-existent weapon technologies straight. Ha Ha

        • Tom, I think the grabbers in general are more expert in non-existent technologies and capabilities than any of us could ever be. Why not just shoot the gun out of his hand?

  11. Everyone knows the way to getting respect and just treatment from a monolithic authority with a whole bunch of jails and guns is to disarm yourself and ask nicely to have your humanity recognized.

    These people rant and rave about the government being their enemy. You wouldn’t think them serious when the follow up with gun ban talk.

    Even if I thought the government was my very best friend in the whole world I sure as shit wouldn’t disarm.

  12. The Marxist Lef, in order to see their plan/goal come to fruition have to have complete control all the way down to slingshots, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish.

    • There is nearly no “Marxist Left”. That number is laughably small, has no power and no hope of ever getting any power.

      • OK, let’s assume you are correct. SOMEBODY is sure as hell attempting to remove all weapons down to slingshots, how about you explain who that might be? BTW, that category has always been vanishingly small, and have still managed to kill around 100 million in the past 120 years or so.

  13. Hmm Wonder how this whole thing will affect the judges opinion on making decisions on Calif laws such as Becerra, the ammo checks, ect. Hope they’re watching tv and seriously reexamining their stances and political leanings.

    • Naw, Becerra, De Leon, Newsom, Garcetti, Villanueva, et al, are simply keeping silent for the time being. They’ll never change their stripes.

      • He was takking about the judges, not the pols. Trump has had an effect on the Ninth Circuit, appointing as many conservative judges as he can, but the libs still hold a majority. Still, since panels are assigned randomly, it is actually possible to hae a panel that has two conservative appointees. Unfortunate, when that happens, the Chief Judge orders the case to an en banc panel of 11 judges that is likely to “see things his way” (which is completely anti-gun).

        • No. A CTA9 en banc panel is the CJ + 10 *randomly* selected active status judges. The CJ does not get to pick them, any more than he gets to assign panel constitutions.

          Let’s leave the hyperbole and falsehoods to the Shannon Watts of the the world.

      • Big question is barrel length, mine is 10.5″, some say 12″ is better, others assert 9″ is all that’s needed. I like mine, but haven’t had the opportunity to try others.

  14. Law Abiding ? first mistake.,. ,, Will mercy be revealed to us, or blind us where we stand,will we burn in heaven, like we do down here, ,,everyone is waiting,

    • That statement plays RIGHT into the socio/prog logic, rejection of the “good” because it falls short of “perfection”.
      Hitler, Mussolini, and Pol Pot all approve of the marsupials statement.
      ALL humans are flawed.
      When “bad” people act, the “good” people MUST act. Waiting for the “perfect” people to act, and only when the absolute “worst” people are acting is a formula that will allow our Republic to fall.
      NEVER reject “good” because it falls short of “perfection”. That Demoncrapic logic ALWAYS cause “analysts paralysis” in good people, ultimately leading to defeat/failure. This also keeps the “Jim Crow” dems holding the reigns of power in all the major cities in the US (with their voter base poor and unarmed).

  15. All this politicking about lefists and marxists and etc is foolishness. The problem is people always demand that solutions to problems be simple, fast and fit easily within their daily lives. For the hordes of ignorant Hoplophobes, it is all too simple. If guns did not exist nobody would get shot. They are convinced that guns are the root cause of the shootings.

    Because they are ignorant on this topic, not accustomed to guns and see the thing they do not understand as the enemy.

    As so many people have posted on TTAG in many different words, all this gun buying means a bunch of Hoplophobes have suddenly had realization that the gun is tool to protect themselves with.

    First comes the fear, then the simplistic desire to rapidly chase the fear away, then comes the politics to make the simple mindedness work.

    That’s how we get so many anti-gun people.

  16. All things considered. I don’t feel any more at risk now than before the thuggery started. As a matter of fact in my case the thugs are at greater risk. Being an old man whose seen lots of bad Shit. I stopped putting up with it long ago. I no longer suffer fools and idiots. Several of which had to learn the hard way. I’ve learned What the old saying: Age and Treachery will overcome youth and skill. Especially the treachery part. Means. Hard, fast and ugly. Without mercy. To borrow a line from @jwm: “You know you’ve done your job when the first responders puke at the sight”. Maintain OP SEC and Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Re: @jwm: “You know you’ve done your job when the first responders puke at the sight”.

      I have butchered a few deer and made a few gut-piles, but I’m not going to field dress an ANTIFA. ‘K? It just wouldn’t look right on the police report.

      Edit: checked with my hunting buddy and nephew in Morris, MN – a hundred miles from Minneapolis. Land of .270s and .308s, as well as 10,000 lakes. There is no ANTIFA problem there.

        • I know it’s late but you just won the interwebz JWM!😀This BS has affected our floundering business…how would chains on my tires work?

  17. Personal responsibility goes both ways. The lies put forward above are absurd and fall apart under the barest scrutiny. If someone is at risk because they believed such obvious porkers, that’s on them.

  18. Let’s not forget that big Gun Control Advocates’ lie, “you’ll shoot your eye out”.
    I think I’ve heard this one almost every year, right around Christmas.

    • Or the really big lie “You’ll be too afraid to shoot and the gun will be taken from you. Because of this, you can’t be armed.”

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