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Hey, we’re all entitled to our opinions. But when it comes to gun rights (and wrongs) some opinions are more important than others. The one expressed above was issued by Marysville, Michigan Mayor Pro-Tem Joseph Johns [center of photo above]. Mayor Johns made the statement after the town’s City Council voted unanimously to remove the word “firearms” from the Marysville Municipal Code, Chapter 31. Parks, Section 3.16. That the city ordinance banning citizens from carrying firearms in public parks without “special permission.”(Bowmen need to get on this.) According to, a brace of open carry advocates forced the issue . . .

City Manager Jack Schumacher said the city attorney reviewed the municipality’s ordinances after it was found that the two men — Rob Harris and Scott Webb — had the right to carry holstered firearms in the city park. A recording of the confrontation between the two men and the police officer, Assistant Chief Ron Buckmaster, shows police threatened to arrest them if they didn’t leave.

They recorded it? That really got Johns’ goat . . .

“I think they did it for the publicity they got,” he said. “Who would walk around with a tape recorder in their pocket and walk up to the assistant police chief and make comments about it?”

Harris, 37, of Eastpointe said the incident wasn’t a publicity stunt but he was glad to learn the incident had resulted in the city changing its ordinance.

“I’m glad our interaction in Marysville did bring about change that was necessary,” he said.

Harris said their goal has been to educate and desensitize the public.

As in the Supreme Court’s McDonald decision overturning Chicago’s handgun ban, local governments are learning that they have to follow gun laws that supersede their own. How great is that? Mayor?

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