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The “Bone Collector”? Really Smith? I know there’s an Outdoor Channel program by that name, wherein pro hunter Michael Waddell and some of his BFFs shoot animals with handguns. Your presser says you worked with Mike to create this $1597 X-Frame variant “capable of harvesting about any big-game animal on Earth” (Note: crops are “harvested,” animals are killed.) In fact, there’s The Bone Collector logo above the grip, human skull between the horns and all. And that’s where I get totally creeped out . . .

You do know that Michael Deaver started this whole Bone Collector business with a 1997 novel wherein a serial killer (by that very same name) extracted fragments of bone from his victims. The case is solved by a paralyzed, suicidal cop. Is that bad juju or what?

Still, it must be said, the Smith & Wesson “Bone Collector” is a fearsome weapon:

Delivering more than a ton and a quarter of muzzle energy, the Model S&W500 earned the distinction as the most powerful production revolver when introduced. Built on the company’s X-Frame, the Model S&W500 provides today’s hunters with a well-balanced and manageable firearm when stalking large or dangerous game. Chambered for five rounds of .500 S&W Magnum, the new Bone Collector revolver is manufactured with a stainless steel frame, cylinder and 10.5-inch barrel design.

The S&W500 Bone Collector is standard with a two-tone finish, synthetic rubber grips along with the company’s renowned smooth double-action and crisp single-action trigger pull. To help aide in recoil management, the Model S&W500 is also standard with a full 360-degree muzzle compensator.

Additional Performance Center features include a heavy-duty ball detent lock-up between the cylinder crane and frame along with a chrome-flashed hammer and trigger. The trigger on the Model S&W500 Bone Collector also features an over-travel stop and the revolver is standard with a Performance Center action job. All these features contribute to a revolver capable of answering the needs of any serious handgun hunter.

“We are excited to offer hunters a great option for taking their hunting adventure to the next level,” said Tom Kelly, Vice President of Marketing for Smith & Wesson.

Hold up. What does that mean?

Seriously; I’m not a handgun hunter (nor do I play one on TV). What’s the 411 on levels of handgun hunting? Do you start with a mouse gun taking out small rodents then build your way up to a Smith & Wesson “Bone Collector” to take out elephants? [Click here for a terrific account of that sport.] Only I wouldn’t collect those bones if I were you. The U.N. has all kinds of rules in that regard. African governments too. Not to mention any poachers following you around.

Anyway, I know that hunting animals with a handgun is more difficult than doing so with a long gun (something about accuracy and distance). But if you really wanted to make it hard, why not hunt hopping on one leg or wear Old Spice? Kidding. Good luck with the feral pigs, BTW.

Handgun hunting is becoming more popular than ever with many states now offering a handgun hunting season or allowing handguns to be used during rifle season. Whether used for harvesting wild boar or whitetail deer, its popularity has exploded. The new Bone Collector is the latest in the extensive line of hunting handguns from Smith & Wesson. Providing today’s hunter with sufficient power and long range accuracy, handguns like this new S&W500 enable users to move easily through areas with thick vegetation that often prove difficult to navigate with a long gun.

Wait, it’s about convenience? Damn this thick vegetation! If only I was hunting with an 18″ handgun! Good thing Smith includes a swivel mount bolt sling. Otherwise I’d have to make a phallic joke of some sort.

The Model S&W500 Bone Collector weighs in at 79.3 ounces and has been fitted with a red ramp front sight and an adjustable black blade rear sight to help aid in target alignment. When traditional sights are not being used, hunters will appreciate the integral weaver base located on top of the barrel, which allows for optics to be easily mounted. Adding to its allure, the new Model S&W500 is engraved with the Bone Collector logo on the frame and will have a limited run of 1,000 units.

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  1. They are probably trying to link this pistol to the popular current hunting show, also named "The Bone Collector."

    Not sayin' it ain't creepy. I think it's way creepy.

    But they probably went for the current TV show connection, not the 1999 movie connection.

    I wonder if the guys at the current TV show know about the 1999 movie?

  2. While I waited for my comment to load, I looked at the TV show site in detail.

    The skull logo on the side of the pistol is the official logo of the Mike Waddell TV show.

  3. I sense a person who is jealous because he cannot afford this handgun – it is sold more as a collector's item, and not a "hunting" firearm. I have one, and it is absolutely beautiful – another one for my collection!

  4. Article written by a jealous person. I recently purchased the "Bone Collector" .500 S&W version, #437. An awesome firearm – among many I own. I shot the firearm a few times – VERY impressive!. Now, it's in my collection. No real use for that kind of firepower, unless you are a mile away from anything you don't want to hit!

  5. The 500 Bone Collector is a very nice weapon. Have number 310 and Love it ! Is more accurate than I thought it would be.

  6. i just found one of these at my gun store, #73? i forget, but its in mint shape only shot 20 times it says. they want 1000 cash for it out the door. do i need this, not unless im shotting alien space ships out of another galaxy, but its amazing and im buying this baby. its the most amazing looking weapon iv seen from a production line when u count in that its the rare to see 500 mag. iv seen plenty of 357. 44 mags but u aint finding a 500 mag in every ones collection, especally a bone collector series. if u dont like it ur a tree hugin loser that can afford it. haha.

  7. Just picked up my #341. Awesome, going to use mine as backup , when boar hunting,, with my sporterized SKS. Since my friend will be using my 44 model 29-2 as his backup! Tree huggers and anti-gunners; people kill people, guns don’t ! Ky.

  8. I love my 500 S&W Bone collector. Keep in mind it’s a Collectors item only a few would know. I have # 201 of 1000 it’s a great revovler to shoot,along with being a nice looking revovler.

  9. Just thought I’d try to help ol’ Bobby with his vocabulary. Merriam Webster defines “harvest” pretty well, imo.
    As well, I believe clarification from a personal standpoint wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. I believe harvesting is best clarified as “for use”. I don’t know if your personal belief is that hunters are in it for the thrill of the kill, or what the case may be. Personally, I hunt and fish to supplement what’s bought at the grocer. Also, I love the taste of venison, squirrel, rabbit, goose, crappie, bluegill / sunfish, catfish, and many other meats that are procured through “sporting”. I also garden for fruits and vegetables for the table.
    I’d have to say that the only exception to my opinion regarding wildlife harvests, would be pest control, and public safety. There are those times when death must occur for the protection and safety of the public. Sad, but true.
    As for those that DO hunt strictly for the thrill of the kill, with no intention of “harvesting”, I believe that there is a sadistic streak in their personality that needs counseling at the least, control and prevention at the extreme.

  10. A lot of sad people in the comments who believe anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a “Tree Hugging Democrat”. The author probably likes other guns, just not this particular gun so stop waving your dicks around like a bunch of teenagers and grow up. I prefer hunting with a handgun rather than a rifle and use either my Ruger Super Redhawk or Colt Anaconda.

  11. I own number 125 and it’s always a big hit at the range. One of the easiest guns to shoot even with 700 grain ammo.


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