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Me? I think I’d prefer freedom. Yes, I definitely prefer freedom. And I think that if they want to take away my freedom, they should be ready to fight to the death. I’m not super butch warrior guy, but still I’d rather bleed out on a pile of hot brass than live as the slave of a Chardonnay-swilling socialist ruling nomenklatura based in Brooklyn.

Oh, I’m not kidding. I walked around in the ruins of socialism overseas. My wife’s family escaped it. When you talk about a socialist revolution, you better be ready to bring one because I and a couple hundred million other patriots are not having it.

Are. Not. Having. It.

– Kurt Schlichter in I Really Don’t Feel Like Submitting to Socialist Tyranny. Do You?


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  1. ‘I’d rather bleed out on a pile of hot brass…’ – Ooo, I’m definitely using that in a sentence sometime today.

    • There is a meme going around that reads:
      “When you pry my rifle from my cold dead hands, be careful not to touch the barrel. It will still be white hot”

        • Thanks! Don’t miss the corporate world at all. Doing handyman jobs with my own company.
          Have “firearms instructor” also on my business card. Haven’t recieved a client yet for that. Lots of drywall repair and door installs though.

      • And don’t forget how socialists deal with perceived and actual class enemies.

        Rendition, enhanced interrogation for confessions, and either execution or gaining penance through labor. The latter sound suspiciously like “Arbeit Macht Frei”.

        • occasionally the Tree of Liberty NEEDS to be refreshed. That’s when the Old guard Politicos are ousted, their power structure is dismantled, Lobbyists are banned FOREVER. ad America returns to it’s SOLID foundations.

  2. Its been mice to see Schlichter start to embrace the hard right. Although too little too late.

    Immigration is invasion. The 3rd world squatters have raised their anchor babies and are now in a position to influence American politics to the benefit of their own countrymen and identity groups.

    White and Christian? Your future is to be de-platformed, displaced, dispossessed of everything you have worked for. The constitution will not protect you.

      • Lol. You’re not alone. There are literally millions of us; ready, willing, able and anxious for a “winner take all, once and for all” engagement.

        • Unless you are ready to de-platform, displace and disposes anyone who is not “Ourselves and Our Posterity” the republic has already been lost. Civic Nationalism has been its downfall.

          The borders are still open. The government still taxes its native population to support the invasion. The invaders are producing more children than the natives. American history and culture is being erased in every institution.

          This only ends one way…Genocide. The only question left is who comes out on top?

        • “Unless you are ready to de-platform, displace and disposes anyone who is not “Ourselves and Our Posterity” ”

          I’m willing to kill anyone that tries.

        • Of course you will JWT and I don’t begrudge you your opinion.

          When you surround yourself with people who are not of the west, you have no intellectual avenue of retreat. Your only option is to fight to the death.

        • Mack Bolan and JWTaylor,

          Mack Bolan is right. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news Mr. Taylor: the war to
          de-platform, displace and disposes Ourselves and Our Posterity began in earnest a few decades ago and is apparent all around us right now. In fact that war is at a fevered pitch at this point.

          Unfortunately, I do not have a solution. I am deeply remiss that I cannot think of any solution.

        • uncommon_sense
          This is only what fever pitched war looks like to those that have never experienced fever pitched war.

        • So far the war has only been waged through propaganda and the halls of bureaucracy. In that context, it surely has reached a fever pitch.

          It’s moving toward the final phase, which is large-scale disenfranchisement of dissenters and undesirables. I hope it’s still possible to turn the tide and preserve our constitutional republic, but it’s probably going to get very ugly before it gets better. If it gets better.

          Finally, a note to Mack Bolan: Civic nationalism is not to blame for this situation. Actually, it’s the only hope we have for moving forward without regressing to authoritarian tribalism.

          What you see as the failure of civic nationalism is actually the progressive left destroying it and wearing its dead skin (just like they’ve done with media & education) to convince America that its founding principles are invalid. Don’t fall for it.

  3. I’m not bleeding out on a pile of hot brass. I’m making the other guy bleed out in his designer hoodie and red scarf.

  4. Hmmm, given that the hard Left has taken over virtually every gov’t institution and mainstream media outlet and there have not been any firefights as of yet, I have the feeling that they are content with the “frog in a slowly boiling pot” strategy. I get the “I’m going out in pile of smoking brass” thoughts, have them myself at times, but it seems that there won’t ever be that “last straw” that finally does it for most of us…

    • Doc Samson,

      I concur.

      And you forgot to mention that the hard left have also taken over academia, television/movies, and the executive level of banking and many/most mega corporations.

      We are in an extremely precarious position.

      • The problem is that the .gov and all on left AND right have done a great job at conditioning everyone thru public education and propaganda how and why the Republic should work. “Terrorists” are now anyone who is against the “Republic” and so in order to fight back you must necessarily fight in an insurgency style and therefore be a “terrorist” in the eyes of said government.

        The Found Fathers and their ilk had success because they became something different. They were no longer British or subjects of the Crown. So they were willing to be “terrorists” against the Monarchy because they did not want, need or identify with the Monarch.

        So our problem is that until we can form a new identity – something other than “American” – and continue to pretend that our “Republic” can be saved, then nothing will probably change. It will be more akin to Rome where, once the Barbarians came through the gates, they just found an already dead empire…didn’t need to do too much actual “conquering”.

        In reality, everyone in this country, including the “patriots” and 2a loving folks, would rather sleep fat and happy in their mortgaged homes, driving their bank-owned cars, watching their propaganda magic TVs and being mesmerized by their warrantless wiretapping cell phones than actually worry about, much less physically fight the loss of their freedoms and nation. Armed agents of the State, from local PD all the way up to Federal Military will be willing to put down any insurrections because they are the Red Coats of today. They are doing what they think is their DUTY…to defend the Republic against domestic enemies. So nobody will pick up arms because everyone is afraid of being labeled as such. There’s still too much that we fear to lose, not realizing that we’ve already lost it and we just don’t know it yet. Our children and our children’s children will regard us as pathetic weaklings once they realize the horrorshow of a future we’ve given them.

    • Kind of my thoughts as well. If you bleed out on a pile of hot brass, you will most likely do it alone.

      In the 1930s there was a group of Germans prepared to use force to overthrow Hitler should it appear that he was going to come to power. They were just waiting for the orders to go. Orders never came, and the rest is history.

      I hope it doesn’t go that way, but if I were a betting man…

  5. If these “cold dead hands” guys were half as serious as they say. Why are we not seeing armed attacks on gun buybacks? Why no antifa vermin swinging from lampposts?

    The “red flag” (how appropriate is that name) confiscations are very much happening already. But I have yet to hear of anyone surrendering their guns one bullet at a time.

    I certainly support the sentiment, but talk is cheap.

    • It will take a leader — a “great man.” And pain. It will have to be someone with resources. A President. A governor. Someone who puts his foot down and says “no more.”

      Many people are willing to fight, but nobody wants to be that guy who steps out in front of the crowd and discovers he’s all alone.

      That’s why they come at us piecemeal with “red flag” confiscations and individual prosecutions for administrative violations. Nobody wants to start a war because old Willy got accused of beating his wife. Nobody wants to start a war because Phil got caught with an unregistered silencer.

    • We’re not there yet. What it’s going to take is a huge move on the part of the leftists – something like outlawing all semi-autos and making possession a criminal offense, with no grandfathering. Then trying to enforce the law with overwhelming might.

      This sounds ridiculous, of course, but never forget, if the Democrats retake the Presidency and have both houses of Congress, it’s all but inevitable. They will have long lost patience by then and will have their revenge. A President Kamala Harris or someone similar isn’t going to have the patience to deal passively with people she hates (everyone not a socialist Democrat). I don’t think they’ll bother waiting for the SCOTUS to decide; pass and enforce the law first, and by any means necessary. Courts take too long.

      If they are dumb enough to go this route, and I truly believe they are, then the future is going to be awfully dark. I tend to believe a scenario like this has a drastically different outcome than the occasional red-flag confiscation.

      • “…something like outlawing all semi-autos and making possession a criminal offense, with no grandfathering. Then trying to enforce the law with overwhelming might.”

        Depends what you mean by “overwhelming force.” I don’t expect widespread kicking in of doors. There’s some of that now, and will be more. But I expect that it will be done with threatening letters, accumulating fines, denial of government service, and denial of other services (by private concerns driven by ideology or pressure from government). You can’t shoot a red bordered letter. I mean, you can, but…

        • What makes anyone think we will wait for our door to get kicked? You go there every elected official and every agent who violates their Oath is a target. Those who seek to kick doors realize there is no turning back.

      • Hoping for a big, motivating event is a terrible strategy. What if it never comes? They’re more likely to just keep nickel-and-diming your rights away. And people will do what they do in Californina: bitch and moan, then ooh-and-ah about the latest goofy-looking “CA-compliant” AR abomination they obediently purchase.

        • I’m not hoping for anything of the sort. I don’t want that to happen at all. I want to be left alone. I am saying that short of something like that, expect no insurrection of angry gun owners.

          I will repeat – I am expecting them to drastically overreach the next time they come to power. Remember when Hillary said the “Australian Model” was worth looking at? When Andrew Cuomo said “confiscation is always an option”?

          Then we see what happens.

        • “I’m not hoping for anything of the sort. I don’t want that to happen at all. I want to be left alone.”

          Well, wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which hand fills up first.

      • “We’re not there yet. What it’s going to take is a huge move on the part of the leftists – something like outlawing all semi-autos and making possession a criminal offense, with no grandfathering. Then trying to enforce the law with overwhelming might.”

        They already basically banned full autos. Many places basically banned “assault weapons”. If that wasn’t enough, what makes you think banning semi-autos will be that magical line in the sand? Some places have pretty much eliminated the fundamental “bear arms” part of the constitution, was that not enough reason?

        “What makes anyone think we will wait for our door to get kicked? You go there every elected official and every agent who violates their Oath is a target. Those who seek to kick doors realize there is no turning back.”

        What makes me think that? The fact that it’s already happened. And nobody did squat about it.

    • I think because the “buybacks” are all voluntary, so far. If an actual, mandatory “turn-in” is instituted, I suspect you’ll see some pushback. Can’t conduct a confiscation scheme if nobody is willing to pursue it because of the danger involved.

  6. America is already in a “Cold” Civil War. We are divided into two diametrically opposed camps. Each Camp is convinced its, and ONLY its, vision of America is totally correct and the “other” side is totally wrong. The only perceived option by at least one side is the total elimination of the other’s power and influence within the polity and society (make that outright oppression and suppression, if you want). Anyone who does not “get” this at this point in time is seriously deluded.

    The Marxist-Socialist controlled Democrats are just waiting to gain enough power to put the match to the “Cold” Civil War and claim “legitimate” ownership of the Federal and State Governments, their power to Legislate and their Military and other formal Armed Resources. [How that would turn-out is another discussion, but the Left recognizes that a claim to be the “legitimate” Government is critical and necessary.]

    The upcoming Mid-Term Election in November 2018 will be a tipping point. It’s not only important to Vote, but critical to vote against people like Ocasio Cortez (pictured above). It’s also important to vote for Candidates who have an actual, real-world chance of winning the particular contest and this applies to Federal, State and Local contests across the Ballot.

    • “It’s also important to vote for Candidates who have an actual, real-world chance of winning the particular contest and this applies to Federal, State and Local contests across the Ballot.”

      • And THAT, regardless of which stance you take, is a HUGE part of the problem. When your only choices are: A) Establishment Republican cuck, B) Anti-Freedom Establishment Dem, or C) Libertarian or crazy-town offshoot, it will never change. Me? I’ll vote crazy-town just because it pisses off the Establishment of both sides. I wonder if everyone who considered voting for a third party went ahead and actually did it, wouldn’t that turn the tide? I don’t feel like it’s wasting my vote but rather sending a message that I won’t be corralled into the “Establishment” chute…

        • Doc Samson: Actually, that’s not a good idea. There are a number of Registered Democrat and Republican voters in each District who vote the “party Line” no matter what. Then there are Registered (D) and (R) who switch-hit, Independents who switch-hit and “crazy-towners” who usually vote “crazy-town” despite knowing full well their Candidate has no chance to win. If you do not see any chance of getting what you WANT, you should consider voting to make sure you do not enable a win for a Candidate you KNOW for certain you do not want by voting for a Candidate who has no chance to win in the first place. It is the switch-hitters and Independents who determine the outcome of Elections these days.
          You have to recognize that EACH Election has consequences in BOTH the Short and Long Term. You may not get your “beau ideal” Candidate this time, but you can avoid getting your nightmare elected official by voting for the lesser of two evils in order to prevent the greater evil from winning the Election. YES, I said, “vote for the lesser of two evils”! That is the only pragmatic choice for the upcoming November 2018 Election. Either a Democrat or a Republican will win the key elections this November. The only viable Third Party wins in the past few decades went to the “Tea Party”, and they have faded away, or gone underground as “Republicans”. Even Senator Rand Paul, who is an avowed Libertarian, wins his Elections as a Republican.
          Do what you choose, but your one Vote placed strategically HAS consequences and value. Never doubt or forget that…

    • If this is civil war then it has been going on for a long, long time. Literally since the founding of our nation and its most basic policies. Since “Life, Liberty, and Property” was changed to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. It happened at the turn of the 19th century, and then during the Red Scare, then again in the 60s.
      This debate is cyclical, and absolutely nothing new.
      The left always loses in this country because it ultimately has no moral authority, and its message of “the greater good” is fundamentally opposed to the individualism and opportunity this country is built on.

        • Our enemies also approve.

          When you have a military deployed for over 20 years, your tactics and capabilities are also on display for your enemies to study.

      • The left always loses? C’mon man.

        Child labor laws and other worker protections (and unions themselves), Medicare and other social safety nets like Social Security and Medicaid, civil rights and Title IX protections. Roe v. Wade. The AWB. Hell, the New Deal and WPA projects. Those are all victories for the Left I think of right off the top of my head.

        Whether you think they are good or bad, right or wrong, they are clearly victories for the Left in this country.

        • And as those “victories” pile up, so does the deficit. As regulations increase, cost of doing business increases. A couple more of these “victories” and we’re Venezuela bound.

        • Oh, so what Trump’s current policies are doing to balloon the current deficit currently is the Democrat’s fault. Ok.

          I notice the Republicans get real quiet about the deficit when a Republican is the one fucking it up.

        • If you think civil rights are born of socialism and communism, you’re delusional.
          The expansion and protection of civil rights are not victories for the left, but defeats.

        • I never said civil rights were “born of communism or socialism.” I said they were victories for the Left in this country.

          If you think it was the Conservatives leading the charge to give equal rights to racial minorities and women, it’s you who is delusional.

        • Swarf,
          You are switching up your terms. Words have meaning. And yes, conservatives are precisely the political group that continues to encourage civil rights in the US. Leftist and “progressives” continue to work to diminish those rights.
          Fascism, Socialism, Liberalism and Progressivism are all the same side of the same coin. They all seek to impose upon the individual the “good” of the group. They are all willing to curtain the rights of the individual for that end.
          Conservatism stands as the opposition, protecting the individual and individual rights over all.

        • I didn’t switch up anything, Taylor. Go back and read it again, and don’t condescendingly lecture me on words and their meanings.

        • Ok. Well, fuck you too.

          Have fun grubbing around in the dirt with the rest of the Alex Jones fan club. I guess it was inevitable that this website turn in to yet another far right echo chamber but it’s still a little sad.

      • jwtaylor,

        I have actually pondered that very question in some depth recently. I have concluded that our nation took its first turn for the worst in the late 1800s when we first started seeing serious Big Money begin to unduly influence politics. Another wave hit us between about 1920 and 1940. Then another wave in the mid 1960s to the early 1970s. And finally the most recent wave hit us between 2008 and 2016.

        How far we have fallen became clear to me around 2009 when I learned that my family income was low enough that my children qualified for government subsidized school lunches — and yet my total tax burden was around 45% of my total meager income.

        And that last sentence right there tells the story. Many — perhaps most — families’ total tax liability is around 45% when you add up federal, state, and local income taxes, social security taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, fuel taxes, and sales taxes. The day that our total tax liability falls to less than 10% is the day that our nation has returned to its founding status.

        • Interesting metric, but one that will leave you very disappointed, as there are very few places in this country that have ever, in the history of the nation, achieved so low a combined rate, and never any state with a significant percentage of the population.

          Property taxes alone were as high as 38% up to and until 1900, depending on the state. By 1800, most of the states had some form of tax on capital, almost all taxed livestock, all taxed property, all had a poll tax
          (a tax on all adult males to include some slaves), most had taxes on certain trades, and of course there was also there were also federal tariffs as well as federal taxes on the manufacture of some specific goods, like firearms.

          If you’re metric is that Americans pay less than 10% total, that’s a metric we haven’t hit before, and won’t in the future.

        • Mr. Taylor,

          I would have to see sources/data to believe that total tax rates for the average person were anywhere near 20% or greater between 1790 and 1920.

          And here is the fun part of this discussion. If there are 200 million people at work in the U.S. and their average income is a modest $30,000 per year, their combined annual income is $6 Trillion and a 10% tax rate would provide $600 Billion in annual tax revenue. Now I want to see Economics majors tell us how to divide that up and how that would work out!

        • Uncommon_Sense
          Look up “Historical Statistics of State and Local Finance, U.S. Census of Governments” and “Taxation in the United States, 1789-1816”, originally published in 1884, to start.

          As for your question, remember, half of the American public does not pay any income tax.
          Yes, I’m an economist.

        • Uncommon_Sense,

          Also, our current federal tax revenue is $3.4 trillion, annually.

          We spend about $600billion a year just on defense. As an economist, I can divvy up your $600 billion number pretty fast. It goes nowhere.

        • “If you’re metric is that Americans pay less than 10% total, that’s a metric we haven’t hit before, and won’t in the future.”

          And with modern infrastructure, there’s no way in hell we will ever have a 10 percent tax rate and have electricity, emergency rooms, etc.

        • Uncommon_Sense,

          Well that was a fun exercise. I just went through the US Census and Burea of Labor and Statistics websites, along with an inflation calculator, and calculated what I would have paid, in total, for taxes in 1800. It is only 2% lower than what I pay right now.

          If you are not a property owner, and your property does not produce income, it would be FAR less. But I am, and it does.

        • Mr. Taylor,

          Thank you for the historical perspective.

          As we all go forward, please keep in mind, just because we spend $600 billion annually on our defense budget, does not mean we should be spending $600 billion annually. Perhaps we could spend $50 billion annually and be just fine if we spent that money wisely. Of course what we should be spending versus what we are spending is a topic for another discussion.

        • Geoff,

          Electricity and healthcare costs are something that WE should pay as we desire to use them. Thus we should NOT pay their costs through taxes.

        • Uncommon_Sense

          “Perhaps we could spend $50 billion annually and be just fine if we spent that money wisely. ”

          You didn’t hear me say “a Friggen Men!”, but I did.

      • @jwtaylor: Your opinion falls short of understanding what is different now as opposed to the earlier debates among Americans you reference. Americans used to be divided into small extremes on the “Left” and “Right”, with a much, much larger “Middle ground” of public opinion. Today, the “middle ground” has shrunk dramatically and the Country is divided roughly 40% to 40% between “Left” and “Right”, who are deeply opposed to one another in their views of where America is and should be headed. There is no “middle ground” for compromise and co-operation, as there once was. Every “debate”, be it gun control, abortion, immigration, National Debt, or whatever is no longer a discussion because both sides have entrenched themselves in a Party Line set of beliefs and ideas. Neither will yield one inch to the other. You, of all people, should see this clearly based on your experiences with the “gun control” crowd, and I find your failure to see the extension of this obstinacy a bit incredible.
        We are in a “Cold Civil War” whether it suits you to accept it or not. It is a “Cold Civil War” of vile words, spurious rhetoric, savage personal attacks, revisionist history, methodical destruction of religious, social and political morality and rejection of the original ideals of the American Constitutional Republic. It has been enabled over the past 70+ years by people who refused to believe it was possible and, thereby, tacitly facilitated it.

    • Darryl, I’d say you’re spot on with the cold civil war concept, and right that anyone not aware of this situation is rather seriously uninformed or delusional.

      As to what it takes to make it a hot war, I can imagine a host of possibilities. The fact is that some things that have come and gone could have been the trigger, and others will cone and go, but anyone of them might light the fuse, and once that happens, each faction has it’s own agenda, area of operations, tactics and capabilities. The truth is, I believe, that the situation as it is is highly unstable. While there are still options for deescalation, they seem to be fewer and less potent as the divide widens, and furthermore, few people who have much voice seem interested in pulling back from the brink, but rather are charging harder towards it.

      All that said, the ball is firmly in the hands of the left, for it is they who want fundamental and radical change. When a riot turns to shooting rioters, which triggers a backlash, which involves private citizens on both sides…that seems the most likely vector for a hot civil war…but it seems to me that the street level combatants simply aren’t there on the left. That is, if they attempt to take over by force of arms, I predict they’ll be dealt with by law enforcement, possibly with small NG or even federal military support…but I don’t believe they have anything like the numbers, skills, organization or will to effect much more than a very nasty, but short lived engagement in which the official powers prevail overwhelmingly, rapidly, and in such a way that arrest, trial and imprisonment are far more likely outcomes than death on the battlefield, and certainly anything like victory will be obviously impossible long before we, the POTG get further than manning the barricades at home, so to speak.

      The left believes much of its own propaganda, which would be the only way something like this gets to the street. We grouse constantly about our own camps willingness to commit to violence, and ‘we’ are most of the cops, soldiers and veterans, and virtually all of the gun owning, trained citizens. How many on the left are willing to engage in open, violent insurrection? How many are capable of effective action under such circumstances, and how much support would they enjoy from the larger citizenry? The numbers, capabilities and commitment just don’t work out for them.

      As for the right rising in insurrection, this seems unlikely if for no other reason than it’s unnecessary. The Congress cannot abide large scale confiscation, the SC does not abide by it, and large numbers of LE would not abide it. While the left may produce some lunatic politicians, and may espouse inflammatory rhetoric, the cabal in power within the left know very well the problems they face amongst the enforcers, the military and the citizenry. It is why they haven’t already tried for the decisive blow, and what keeps them from attempting it in the near term.

      When the left and right in the US are back and forth with each other a la the IRA and the Ulstermen, I’ll believe a violent civil war is at hand. Until then, simple inertia mitigates against a rising on either side, while the revolutionary left is further held in check by the fact of their almost certain handy defeat and removal from the national stage for the foreseeable future.

      We tend to think of the left as a monolithic block of idealistic extremists. The reality is more like a disorganized mob, acting on e.otion, with little conviction or organization, few guiding principles, and nothing like cohesion. They eat their own far too often to trust one another in organized sedition.

      • @ARDENT: Thanks for your well thought-out comment. I agree with you because your line of reasoning parallels mine pretty exactly. I have tried to envision what circumstances would trigger a second Civil War and see major issues with whatever I come-up with. My ruminations yield the results of No Civil War, or some measure of street violence that is quickly quelled by Law Enforcement with some possible NG or Military assistance. There are no strong parallels between today’s general situation and those leading up to the Secession of 1860, except the deep, intractable ideological division of the country between Left and Right. The difference in that division is that the Left wants to fundamentally alter America to a Globalist, Socialist Model (somewhat a la Europe, though I think most of them don’t really know what might entail), and the Right wants to retain and restore the Constitutional Republic, the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of the Country, the free market economy and emphasis on protection of individual liberty and natural rights…to name a few things.

        One comment suggested the Left has “no moral authority”, which is correct if you are looking at the matter from the perspective of the Right, but if you are looking at the matter from the perspective of the Left, then the Right has “no moral authority”. The key point few people “get” is that part about each side believes its, and only its, perspective is correct and has “moral authority” and the other side is completely wrong and has “no moral authority” whatsoever. The hard reality is that “moral authority” has the meaning a political/social agenda gives it and only that meaning. Even NAZI Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan and Stalinist Russia believed they had the only absolutely correct “moral authority” and everyone else was wrong.

        For many years I heard so many people say, “Oh, THAT cannot happen in America…” when confronted with information about the Left’s Marxist infiltration and subversion of America. It DID happen and it’s time for Americans to wake-up to the fact that dedicated Marxist/Socialists are guiding the Left and the “Democratic” Party. These people are playing for keeps and have succeeded thus far precisely because so many people refused to believe what was going on and said, “Oh THAT cannot happen in America…”.

        The situation is very serious. The sense I am getting is that this awareness is spreading and gaining momentum. I can only hope enough people “get it” by the November 2018 Election. If the Democrats make significant gains in Congress, they will tie the Nation in knots trying to Impeach Trump, re-establish Obama Care, and rollback the Trump Tax cuts, among other things.

        Those of us who do “get it” just have to keep repeating the message and hope it is enough.

  7. critical to vote against people like Ocasio Cortez (pictured above)

    Her district is minority White (extremely minority White) and the Whites that are there are mostly virtue-signaling leftists. The Republican candidate doesn’t stand a chance. They’d vote for the corpse of Che Guevera over a Republican.

    • From an intellectual standpoint, it appears that the corpse of Che Guevara is exactly who they will be voting for. From what she has said in the press, it appears that Ocasio Cortez and the corpse of Che have about the same amount of synaptic activity going on.

    • She’s going to be fetching coffee for Pelosi and doing what’s she’s told.
      She ain’t gonna be important.

  8. Y’all ought to get your terms straight, then.

    Very few people are advocating for genuine (state controls the means of production). Bernie Sanders, who should know better, keeps saying Socialism, but holding up the examples of Norway and Sweden, who are capitalist powerhouses with strong social safety nets.

    I support certain aspects of those ideas. But the only people who support genuine Socialism are 20 year olds who can’t be bothered to bathe, much less get their shit together for a revolution. Stop buying in to Fox News’ ratings grabs. They are going to get people killed for the sake of their bottom line. They love hysterical money-spenders like TrueBornSon up there.

    And don’t take that as me saying I’m a Democrat. Fuck those guys and their screeching, emotional gun-grappling horeshit.

    Actuall, Froma Harrop had an OpEd about this very subject. I’ll try and post a link.

    • I always like to point out those things to budding young socialists too. However I add even the system they do have, isn’t realistic for the United States to implement. Countries like Norway and Sweden enjoy the military protection of the United States, for free, and therefore can devote much of what they’d have to spend on a military, on social programs instead. This applies to most of Europe. They then always counter with, “Well we can pull back and cut military spending!!!” And I reply with “oh, retreat into isolationism? How very conservative of you!”

    • Actually, what they mostly support is more correctly described as Fascism: A left-wing socialist state where the means of production remain ostensibly in private hands, but government exerts extreme control over private companies and the economy.

      “All within the state. Nothing outside the state. Nothing against the state.” — Benito Mussolini

  9. If he was going to use the words: “Me? I think I’d prefer freedom”, the very least he should’ve done was use the Samuel Adams’ quote that it calls to mind.
    “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
    Oops, I forgot. As a ‘journalist’ he’s likely never heard of any of the great things said by the founder’s of this country.

    • Was there some particular reason you felt like ragging on Schlichter other than that he didn’t use the exact quote that you wanted him to? Any reason to accuse him of ignorance?

    • Because as a journalist he should have made that connection. He should have known the quote and mentioned it. He did not. Therefore a fail. D- at best.

      • You’re the kind of guy who gets a free meal from someone, then complains that it’s not the way you would have cooked it, aren’t you?

        • Having never received a free meal, I wouldn’t know. But two of my favorite adages are: “never look a gift horse in the mouth”, and “If it’s free, it’s for me!”.
          But its really not relevant to this subject, as no anti has ever offered anything for free, or even at low cost. Only that if you lay down and co-operate they will kill you slower.
          Nice attempt at distraction, though. But still a big fail.

    • Besides, The proper argument against socialism is NOT: “Who, exactly, do they expect to do all the seizing that will facilitate “handing the keys of production over to workers?”. The Soviet Union showed clearly who will do that. An army composed of conscripts with officers at their rear ordering them to do so or be shot, the same as the SS in Germany.
      The correct argument is what happens to those factories and farms( methods of production) AFTER they are seized by the all powerful State. Just as in the pre-1989 Soviet Union or Venezuela today, the means of production is destroyed and/or laid fallow, leading to first shortages, and then mass starvation and death.

        • And so did Aldous Huxley. And George Orwell, esp. in “Animal Farm”, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, and many others. Unfortunately, the sheeple didn’t listen then, and not that many more are listening now. But, IMO, it is more now, and that’s at least movement in the proper direction. But sooooo slowly…..
          I’m afraid I won’t get to witness the final upheaval. Oh, well. One mind at a time. Like at the ending of Fahrenheit 451. One never knows where the ripples we make will end up.

  10. We POTG claim that the Second Amendment exists to protect us against government overreach and tyranny. But 2A is not self-operating. It requires strong people who not only possess the tools but also have the will to resist.

    We have the tools, but I’m thinking that we do not have the will. If we did, the streets would belong to us, Antifa and BLM (the shock troops of the Hard Left) would be hiding behind locked doors, shivering in the dark, and Democrats would not be wearing their anti-American hate on their sleeves.

  11. Hot pile of brass, cold dead hands, civil rebellion, talks cheap. In the real world the Takers will take the givers will bitch and continue struggling to keep a job, make house payments, and wondering what’s for supper. War has sacrifices the modern American doesn’t want to except.

  12. Pretty sure I heard Kurt saying he was alright with mag capacity laws about maybe a year and a half ago. I don’t disagree with the above quote, but I think he’s just talking to get attention. Too bad because many of the people of the gun do actually feel strongly about not turning our nation into a socialist hell hole.

  13. Liberty that gives you Freedom is dangerous when people openly support open carry. Its very dangerous to support the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, it seems in the gun community.

    Liberty that gives you Freedom is dangerous when Christians can refuse to have the “heroes of homosexuality” taught to their children in public schools. As in California. There is no Liberty in California. But you can have sex in pubic on days the government gives you permission. Public marijuana intoxication is ok as well.

    Liberty that gives you Freedom is dangerous when a government worker refuses to sign a homosexual marriage certificate. You need to go to a different county or a different state. Like my mother did. She went to a different state to get married than the one she resided in.

    Liberty that gives you Freedom is dangerous when you can shoot your neighbors home invaders/ thief’s, like Joe Horn did in Texas. I wish that law was in all 50 states.

    Liberty that gives you Freedom is dangerous when people refuse to support homosexuals or blacks or a female, or any non white candidate for public office who are anti gun civil rights.

    Liberty that gives you Freedom is dangerous when the poor can have access to rapid fire weapons, like a bump stock. Instead of spending $8,000 and up for a real machine gun. (there have been Swedish MGs for sale at my local GS) Putting rapid fire weapons in the hands of perhaps millions of Americans, like Switzerland, can be a very dangerous act of freedom.

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