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“We assume that because a lot of people share our belief in gun control, any money we give to gun control groups will be a drop in the bucket, so we don’t give any money or time at all. When everyone acts that way, gun control groups end up under-resourced, even though they have popular support for their policies.” – Charlotte Hill in Can the anti-gun-violence movement outraise–and outspend–the NRA? [via]

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  1. Bloomberg singlehandedly can and does give/donate/fund more gun control organizations than anyone in America. That’s what fascistic oligarchs do.

  2. On a tangentially related note, my impression is that more of the anti-gun articles I’m seeing, don’t have a comments section. (True also, to a lesser degree, for news articles in general.) That might be partly due to my use of Privacy Badger and related ‘ware when visiting the links. But I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this also.

    • Ive found this to be the case in a supermajority of sites when it comes to firearms content. They aren’t interested in reader feedback, just promoting their own point of view. The easiest way to do that is just delete the comment section altogether. And every website that’s owned by filthy progressives I’ve already been banned from, like Huff post, as an example. So not only can’t i post, but I’m prohibited from accessing/reading those comment sections. LOL.

        • I’m 52 and virtually technologically illiterate, lol. I’ve heard of a VPN before and know it’s a way to disguise your digital footprint. But putting any of these things into practice is a bit overwhelming.

        • I use and recommend a VPN called Private Internet Access which seems to be the best choice. It will run on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone and is easy to install and will support up to 5 devices on a single account. They have multiple ways to pay and create your account, I used a Windows gift card that I paid for with cash to create mine.

          They can be found at and you can search YouTube for installation help or reviews.

      • I must admit I forgot the exact conference in question, but in one meeting that was an explicit recommendation: Take advantage of the fact that most media lean their way and write articles and letters, but don’t spend time arguing with people in the comments. If there are no comments at all, so much the better. Kind of typical of people who seek to advance an agenda rather than seeking truth.

      • TrueBornSonofLiberty- I noticed the same absence of comment sections on these sites. I got booted off facebook ( butt book ) for commenting about an individual that was going to be sent to prison for 10 yrs on a terrorist conviction. I stated that if you do not put him in solitary confinement the entire time , he will be recruiting others while he is in prison. I sent buttbook an e-mail stating that if they would research this they would find out that I am telling the truth and they have violated my civil rights by sensoring my first amendment rights. Wonder if Joseph Goebbles is back ?

    • The people are on their side, but they have to delete the comments section so they don’t get swamped by pro-gun comments. Must be those Russian bots.

      They’re the voice of the common man, but they rely on the largesse of billionaires and celebrities because… well, it must be because all those common people think it’s already in the bag. The NRA getting $50M from industry sources proves it’s a corporate front, but $30 annual dues from millions of members doesn’t make it a grassroots organization.

      Over 90% of the voting public and over 80% of gun owners support their legislative agenda, but they have trouble scraping together 50% support on ballot initiatives where they greatly outspend the NRA. Also, they need to hide that agenda from the people who agree with them so that those same people don’t clobber them in elections.

      It’s best if you don’t think about it too much. Think of the children instead. Or the Russians. Or racism. Literally anything else.

    • Many-discussions and or news outlets on The Internet seem lack this feature, something that I consider rather interesting. Is one to assume that “discussions” have become one way streets?

  3. *Believe* they have popular support. FIFY. No greater fool than the one who believes their own lies to be true. I guess I’m just fortunate not to have met any of these type of people. Control of people really has become a psychosis in the U.S.

    • They want their supporters to believe that, but they also want us to believe it.

      Alinsky rule number 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

    • Chances are you’ve met pleanty of these people. In most cases their frontal cortex prevents them from opening their mouths. Their thinking brain knows its an emotionally driven argument thus a losing argument. When ever these arguments present themself, it quickly turns in to YOU making a logical argument and THEM degenerating in to an embarassing screaming maniac. Most anti-people learn their lesson after the first argument and never do it again. It’s also why (as pointed out above) all of these gun control websites disable comments.

    • They need an answer to the question “Why did the world turn its back on our obvious greatness?” and will grasp at anything to avoid looking in a mirror.

      (With apologies to Futurama … for some reason, this article brought that episode to mind.)

  4. Maybe it’s mostly hashtag activism, some semi-literate Jersey Shore watching soccer mom scrolling through her Facebook feed sees some meme and clicks like then scrolls to the next “atrocity” is not the same as the handful of true believing Koolaid bathers who have nothing better to do than march against the patriarchy and their killing machines, or the Malthusian billionaires who bankroll the destruction of individual liberties and those who are thought to be beneath them.

  5. “We’re so popular folks think we’ve already won”…duh. I bet this gal is college edumacated too😄😋😏

  6. “…School shootings are common–Hill notes before Columbine, the phrase “school shooting” didn’t exist, as it wasn’t a common enough category of violence….”

    Look in the mirror lady.

    You and your ilk are the cause.

  7. You can “assume” any damn thing you want, jackass, so long as you understand that no money is needed from you, it’s over, you’ve won. Good thinking.

  8. Everyone agrees with them? Have they talked to anyone that visits( regulars on) TTAG, because I don’t think they/we agree on anything.


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