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Very few who may have lied trying to buy guns are investigated or charged, study finds

But clearly we need more gun control laws . . .

In the 29 states where federal officials handle the background checks, there were only 12 prosecutions in fiscal 2017 of people who were found to have provided false information, such as failing to disclose a felony conviction, according to the Government Accountability Office.

It is a federal crime for people trying to obtain guns to make a false statement or furnish false or misrepresented identification that is intended to deceive people on the legality of the sale of the firearm. Violators face up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000.

Of a total of 8.6 million transactions processed by federal officials that year, 112,710 were rejected but only about 12,700 were referred for further investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

In a review of 13 states that handle the background check forms themselves, 10 do not investigate or prosecute firearms denials, with some saying they have other law enforcement priorities.

Fresno California Gang Glock 23 full auto sear
Courtesy Fresno Police and facebook.com

Man Arrested for Brandishing a Firearm at Another Motorist

Notice the full-auto sear in the GLOCK 23 above. In the possession of a 20-year-old. It’s almost as if criminals don’t really comply with gun control laws, even in California . . .

On Friday September 7, 2018 shortly after 10:00pm, The Fresno Police Department received a 911 call regarding the driver of a Maroon colored four door sedan had pointed a firearm towards the caller while near the intersection of Tulare Street and First Street. Southwest Patrol Officers Eduardo Avalos, Drake Martens and Daniel Saldana responded to the call where they located a vehicle parked in the parking lot on the northwest corner of the intersection that matched the description of the car. Officers contacted and detained the driver, 20yr old Fresno resident John Avila, where he and his vehicle were positively identified by the victim as the person who brandished a firearm at them.

During a search of Avila’s vehicle, officers located a loaded .40 caliber Glock model 23 semi-automatic handgun, hidden within the passenger compartment of the car. Avila was later interviewed where he admitted to possessing the firearm however denied pointing the gun at anybody. Avila, who also admitted to being an Asian Boys Criminal Street Gang Associate, was arrested for several weapons related charges to include Brandishing and Possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

UK Prison Gun Drone Drug Delivery
courtesy military.com

Prison officers stand and watch as DRONES fly-in drugs and weapons to UK jails

But gun control totally works. Totally . . .

Prison officers are standing by and doing nothing as high-tech drones routinely drop drugs and weapons into British jails, a senior prison officer said today.

The drones simply hover in mid-air outside cell windows and prisoners grab the illegal drugs as prison staff watch on CCTV.

The shocking revelation comes from a senior prison officer and is further evidence Britain has lost control of its jails – now branded “the most violent places in Europe.”

Prison officers are fully aware drugs and weapons are being shipped in by drones but say they simply do not have the manpower, firepower or support to step in and do anything about it.

New York Times California Bullet Control
courtesy nytimes.com

California Tries New Tack on Gun Violence: Bullet Control

Is there any wonder why people are leaving the Golden State as quickly as they are? . . .

Across the country, bullets remain subject to far fewer federal restrictions than the weapons that fire them. Purchasing ammunition typically requires no form of identification, is handed over with no questions asked and, in most of the country, can be ordered online and delivered to doorsteps. In contrast, gun dealers have to keep detailed sales records of firearms and generally have to be licensed. If someone buys more than one handgun, the purchase is reported to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Gun buyers usually have to pass background checks.

Outside a handful of states, virtually none of these regulations apply to ammunition.

But here in California’s state capital and in Los Angeles, elected officials long ago passed local laws requiring ammunition dealers to keep detailed logs of sales.

Andrew Cuomo Gun Control Everytown Endorsement
courtesy AP/Mike Groll

Gov. Cuomo gets endorsement of nation’s largest gun control group

It’s cute that anyone thinks an Everytown endorsement actually means anything to the average voter.

Gov. Cuomo’s reelection bid got a boost Saturday from the nation’s largest gun control group.

Everytown for Gun Safety endorsed Cuomo during a campaign event on Long Island.

He was also endorsed by the father of a Parkland student killed in February.

Fred Guttenberg, who attempted to shake the hand of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, this week said reducing gun violence should be on everyone’s minds when they go to vote in coming weeks.

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  1. I guess the Brits have never heard of this these things called nets? New invention, I know, but handy at keeping flying things out of places.

    • I guess the Brits have never heard of this these things called nets? New invention, I know, but handy at keeping flying things out of places.

      …or windows. If they had solid windows that a prisoner couldn’t put a hand through, it would stop the prisoner from getting the item.
      They could also just put up wifi jammers around their prison walls. Drones generally land slowly if they lose wifi connectivity. Then a guard could walk over and pick up the drone.

  2. If you didn’t brandish your weapon how would the folks reporting you know you had a weapon in your vehicle? It’s one thing to be in line at the check out together and you show your gat without knowing it. But in seperate cars?

    • I went to the Fresno Facebook page. Crime Stoppers is paying $2G to anyone who connects a known gang member to a firearm. Plenty of incentive to come up with a justifiable story to have a rival gang members car searched.

      This was the seventh time this week Fresno PD was able to connect a firearm to a gang member.

  3. California Tries New Tack on Gun Violence: Bullet Control

    Well this is just one more reason why someone needs to invent cost effective machine for the home shop to produce all components for your ammo.

    • Smokeless powder and especially primer are the the tough nuts to crack there. That’s pretty advanced chemistry in both cases, with substances that can ignite or explode easily, and toxic ingredients.

    • Fortunately primers are small and have a long shelf life. Powder goes a long way and a 8lb container loads a lot. Just keep in a cool dry place and it lasts.

      Ammo smuggling including components is going to become a thing in CA real soon.

      • Arizona (right next-door to California) sells ammo without any fuss, to anyone who wants it, even Californians.
        And, as far as I know, there’s no vehicle searches of all vehicles entering CA, looking for contraband.

  4. As Gov. Cuomo’s is a Commiecrat,is it any wonder that he would receive support from the nation’s largest gun control group.

  5. Cuomo is dangerous because he isn’t sure what he is, and that makes him too stupid to be in office. His comment that America hasn’t been great should follow him to an early retirement. People must be reminded of it because they forget Hillary’s asinine comment of “What difference does it makes”. That makes anybody who voted for her really dense and unthinking. Cuomo, his brother, and father were all cut from the unwashed mold.

  6. More for those who live in Washington State and want to fight Initiative 1639

    I have dates for more meeting set up to fight this.
    The one in Vancouver wasn’t exactly close for most of us.

    I hope that this works better for everyone.

    Per Ben Carpenter. NRA.

    They are being held in at least a dozen communities so far.
    They are as follows-

    Monday, Sept 10 6-7:30

    Oak Harbor
    Tuesday, Sept 11 6-7:30

    University Place
    Wednesday, Sept 12 6-7:30

    Thursday, Sept 13 6-7:30

    Monday, Sept 24 6-7:30

    Tuesday, Sept 25 6-7:30

    Wednesday, Sept 26 6-7:30

    Thursday, Sept 27 6-7:30

    Port Angeles
    Monday, Oct 1 6-7:30

    Tuesday, Oct 2 6-7:30

    Wednesday, Oct 3 6-7:30

    Thursday, Oct 4 6-7:30

    What say you?

  7. Whut’s all this then?!? The droogie guards are so lacking in IQ they can’t shoot down a drone? Or they are totally unarmed except for cricket bats? Let’s not rescue them from the Moose-lim hoards…

  8. Here’s a fact we should be able to get:
    How many of those NICS denials were appealed, and how many of those appeals resulted in approvals?

    Here’s another that will be harder:
    How many denials would have been overturned and approved if they had been appealed?

    • That is not the issue. There are huge number, literally thousands of outright material felony perjury statements on these applications that are never prosecuted. In many cases these violent both federal and state law.

    • One of my purchases was delayed for 20 minutes and then approved. How does that factor In? Technically it could be counted as a denial.

      • Sorry, GS650G, but a 20 minute delay is not counted as a denial. I had a denial that I wasn’t notified about until after the 30 day expiration of the background check had passed. Unfortunately for me, I had already purchased the pistol so I had to dispose of it. Since I voluntarily complied with the disposal, there was no reason to push for a prosecution, which was good for all concerned as it took over two and a half years to discover that the reason for my denial was sloppy record keeping at a local police department where my ex-wife’s parents lived. They had taken her there for an “emergency” restraining order that was not only unnecessary but possibly illegal according to the law on issuing restraining orders in effect at the time in New Jersey. Our divorce decree included a dissolution of the restraining order but the local police department didn’t update their records and gave incorrect info to the NICS center when they researched the 4473. I was granted an appeal of the denial almost three years after the fact and now work as a sporting goods associate at a Walmart selling firearms and ammunition. The up side is that I can counsel people who get delayed often or who might get a denial on their recourse if it has been given in error.

    • I had a denial at a gun show, because my DL had expired and I hadn’t noticed it.
      That counts as a denial, even though it wasn’t for any criminal reason.
      I have to wonder how many of those thousands and thousands of denial were for such trivial reasons?

  9. California regulates sex in public spaces. With government permission you can seek out other peoples children and legally have sex in front of them.

    But you can’t carry a gun. Unless you sexually pleasure the permit issuing government bureaucrat first. (smile)

    ps. Stick a fork in the UK. They are done.

  10. Fred Guttenberg attempted to shake Kavanaugh’s hand. Yeah, Kavanaugh totally dissed him on purpose /sarc. He was supposed to know, either magically or through osmosis, that this person lost his son in the Parkland shooting. Fred looked like a total nut just walking up to Kavanaugh and attempting to shake his hand. It’s disgusting that he’s using his child as a prop to further disarm people who had nothing to do with the shooting. I understand not wanting whack-jobs having the ability to attain weapons. It takes logic and intelligence to see that the laws they push for only harm the people who wouldn’t hurt anyone to begin with. The sheriff and FBI knew about this little fucker for quite a while and DID NOTHING. So how is a few more laws going to suddenly solve the situation. Criminals don’t follow the law in the first place. What the hell do you expect them to do when you pass a few more laws. Magically follow it? It’s beyond juvenile and naive to expect that outcome.

    • Fred is no different than someone working with a well funded lobby that is working to vastly reduce Forth and Fifth Amendment rights.

      Imagine if a father of a knifing victim of someone who had not been searched due to lack of reasonable suspicion were arguing all Americans need to lose warrant protection rights, and blaming Kavanough for support the Forth and Fifth Amendments. At a certain point, regardless of our sympathy for Fred, one has to say he is being profoundly selfish.

      Imagine if during the Ginsburg hearings the father of Nicole Brown Simpson had been publicly berating her for supporting double jeopardy prohibition.

      In fact Ginsburg was chief council for the ACLU when they were systematically reducing local and state police abilty to detain those suspected of being dangerously mentally ill. Right now it is harder in the US for authorities to arrest, detain, evaluate or remand someone as dangerously mentally ill for mandatory treatment than ALL other developed democracies.

  11. The Glock looks like it was somebody’s baby before it was stolen. Threaded barrel, custom stipling (even on mag baseplate), reshaped trigger guard or 3rd party frame, etc. The previous owner might have put the FA on it, and the banger never even realized it. Then again, some ABZ are Filipino, and I’ve seen legal FA Glock plates there.

  12. The UK says we have a gun violence problem and we should follow their example. Riiiight. What I don’t understand is why the guards can’t either blast the drone with birdshot, or go to the prisoner’s cell and demand he turn over the package or weapon. Surely the prison guards have guns, right?

    Meanwhile, back home in the US, I can understand that many background check denials aren’t investigated. There can be plenty of false alarms. However what I don’t understand is how a denial turns into an approval. If the system, flawed as it is, says “No Gun For You!” then how is the transaction approved and a go ahead given?

    • Typically, only the prison guards in the locked towers and outside the fences/wall have firearms – this is a dangerous job and they depend on less-than-lethal tools, like tear gas, rubber bullets from the towers and shocking weapons.
      They should be able to gas the section where the goods came in – but, like it or not, drugs actually keep the population somewhat subdued.

  13. But here in California’s state capital and in Los Angeles, elected officials long ago passed local laws requiring ammunition dealers to keep detailed logs of sales.
    used to have to do this in Indiana a long time ago. Pain in the butt and did not solve any Gun Violence.

    • Its not about crime. California is several billion in the hole. This is just another way of getting an other pound of flesh so they can pay for just one more state funded program.

  14. If you read British news, the prisons have been lost to the prisoners….the same P.C. crap that is infecting their police forces and bureaucrats have taken over their prisons, and the guards are now too afraid of the inmates to stop these crimes. They refuse to allow the guards the measures they need to actually control the prisoners…and the prisons are actually run by the gangs now…openly……


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