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“Few guns shoot as well as the Hudson H9,” our Jeremy S. asserts in his four-star review. “Everybody who tried it instantly loved it, as it shoots as flat and as soft as a pancake and it’s faster than a greased Usain Bolt. The H9 points naturally, moves quickly, has great sights for self-defense and timed competition, and rewards with a truly 1911-like trigger.” Truth? Come to the TTAG get-together at The Range at Austin next Monday at 7pm, shoot the gun and find out. Free ammo! And that’s not all . . .

We’re giving away a ton of swag to winners of our trivia contest. And you can compete to win a Rock Island Armory Pro Match Ultra 6″ HC 2011 chambered in 10mm. Or just be lucky enough to win a Rock Island Armory Pro Match Ultra 6″ HC 2011 chambered in 10mm or a Springfield Armory  XD-E 9mm.

Not to mention the thrill of schmoozing/shooting with TTAGers Dan, RF, Jeremy, Chris, Jon and Ron.

Please RSVP via email to [email protected] with “I’M IN” in the subject bar, letting us how many of y’all are coming. If you can’t make it, like and keep an eye on our Facebook page for a live giveaway to a live person. Meanwhile, thanks again for reading.

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  1. Let it be known that I actually wrote “faster than a greased Paris Hilton” but I was informed that she has lawyers and it was wisely edited before it went live.

  2. Any update on the accuracy issues noted in the review? Has it gone back for that inspection for the trigger bow?

    I really want one, but any gun over a grand better be able to outshoot me (it’s not like that’s a particularly high standard, even).

    I’d really like to see one shot from a rest by another reputable outlet; or, failing that, maybe TTAG could get their hands on another one to do a similar accuracy test? I’m curious if TTAG’s gun was a fluke or if it’s a design issue, and I haven’t seen any other reviews other than ones by Youtube randos…

    • My H9 is currently at Hudson for inspection and any necessary work. I’ll call them tomorrow to check on progress and maybe it’ll even be ready in time for the 18th meetup.

      I’ve chatted with a few other reviewers and hitting low seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Hudson may be making the rear sight a bit too short. Haven’t had solid feedback on accuracy from other reviewers though…none of them did rested accuracy testing. TTAG will definitely re-test when my gun gets back and we’ll try to get our hands on another, random production model(s) to test it, too, for a larger sample size.

      • Karl at InRange noticed a PoI difference when he switched bullet weights. The lighter weight load was shooting low, the heavier was hitting where he expected.

        • I actually spoke with him about the H9 for a while last Friday and he said it made a small difference but his was still hitting well low. He said he switched his sight hold to holding the front dot above the top of the rear sight lollipop style to make proper hits in a couple of competition stages he shot the H9 in. I personally shot everything from 92 grain ammo to 165 grain ammo and all hit low.

      • Thanks, that’s what I’ve been hoping to hear (regarding testing after inspection/other units).

        The POI being a little off isn’t the end of the world as long as it’s consistent; that could be down to ammo variations and any ‘smith can fix it in a few minutes.

        If the POI is moving around, though, that’s a problem…

  3. Hmm. Well, this may be my only chance to shoot one anywhere, seeing as how I’ve been waiting without luck to buy one since they first came out. If there’s been one delivered for sale to the state of Iowa, I sure haven’t heard of it.

    I’m trying to be patient, and I know Hudson is a small private company. I wish them every bit of success, but they have to understand that when they hype a new product for months prior to launch, and then fail to produce product to meet the demand, it has a cooling effect on customer’s desire for the product.


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