Service rifles of The Great War
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TTAG’s Get-Together commences next Monday at 7pm at The Patriot Club at The Range at Austin. We’ll be giving away a ton of gun swag (via a trivia contest) and three firearms . . .

Rock Island Armory Pro Match Ultra 6″ HC 2011 chambered in 10mm, a Rock Island Armory Pro Match Ultra 6″ HC 2011 chambered in 10mm and a Springfield Armory XD-E 9mm.

Other manufacturers have stepped-up to reward participants, including Hudson (come and shoot it!) a holster maker (come and stash it!) and a certain poster seller. Ahead of the event, whoever posts the names all the rifles above in the comment section below wins the complete poster.

When we have a winner I’ll post the complete run-down and a link to the actual poster. No Google cheating!

To those of you who can’t make it to Austin: keep an eye on our Facebook page. We’ll start coverage of the Get-Together at 8pm EST and have a live trivia contest for readers at 9pm EST. Meanwhile, thanks for reading!

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      • No, they are all weapons of war that have no place on our streets (except in the hands of law enforcement).
        No, wait, I was wrong. They all have wood stocks which means they are your grandfather’s hunting rifle and are a-ok, they just need to be registered by the .gov, you know, just in case.

  1. Top to bottom, left then right

    Lebel, mannlicher 1890, Mauser 1890, carcano 91, mosin 91, Dutch mannlicher 95, mannlicher 1895, Mauser g98, smle, 1903 Springfield, Mauser 93, Japanese type 30, Mauser 93, Mauser 1903

    (I hope all those nights of watching c&rsenal vidoes pay off)

  2. left to right, top to bottom
    1. Lebel mle1886/93
    2. Gewehr 98
    3. Mannlicher 1888
    4. Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfiled no.1 MkIII
    5. Mauser 1889
    6. M1903 Springfield
    7. 1891 Carcano
    8. Ottoman 98 Mauser
    9. M91 Mosin-Nagant
    10. Japanese Type 38 Rifle
    11. Romanian 1893
    12. Serbian Mauser
    13. Mannlicher 1895 rifle
    14. Greek Mannlicher-Schoenauer

  3. I can see this on my wall, I’m motivated. The national crests in the background of each rifle kind of help (Ok, that’s the only way I could name them all, and now I really hope I don’t miss one).
    Top to bottom left to right.
    French 1886/93 Lebel
    Bulgarian 1888/90 Mannlicher
    Belgian 1889 Mauser
    Italian 1891 Mannlicher-Carcano
    Russian 1891 Mosin Nagant
    Romanian 1893 Mannlicher
    Austro-Hungarian 1895 Mannlicher
    German 1898 Mauser
    English SMLE MK III lee enfield
    US 1903 Springfield
    Turkish 1903 Mauser
    Japanese type 38 Arisaka
    Serbian 1910 Mauser
    Greek 1903 Mannlicher-Schoenauer

    • Most of these were pretty easy because the profiles are all distinct. Without the crests there is no way I would have guessed the Romanian or Serbian rifles.


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