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ruger lcp II LCPII backup gun bug .380 pistol

This pocket dump includes a Ruger LCP II, a .380 ACP pocket pistol that’s a vast improvement over its predecessor. From the grip to the trigger to the overall accuracy it’s a much better pistol. I’ve used mine as a BUG – back-up gun – from time to time.

How many of you guys carry a BUG?

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  1. 90% of the time my primary is a micro pistol and my backup (in the truck) is a 9mm. The other 10% of the time I carry both on body. (Friday night at the movies for example.) then my primary is the BUG.

  2. LCP II. I love my two LCPs and really wanted to like my LCP II. Constant malfunctions that persisted after a trip back to Ruger. They finally agreed to take it back in trade.

    Seems like they either run flawlessly or they’re a disaster.

    • Mine was a magazine issue. Came with a mag that was made in the US and the spring wasnt up to snuff. Had them send a new mag, this one made in italy. The issues disappeared with the italian mag

    • That is surprising. I have heard nothing but good things about them. A new gun being that problematic would have p*ssed me off pretty bad.

      • Their customer service representatives were outstanding but I got the feeling that it was happening quite a bit. I’ve mentioned it before. AR had to go back to them twice for issues, LCP II never worked … QC seems to have taken a hit when they expanded their manufacturing.

        My Gen2 LCPs (not LCP II) are completely reliable, I love my GP100 .357, but the later generation Rugers seem to be a bit of a mixed bag for function out of the box.

  3. I usually carry two guns. Usually my Glock 21 on my left, outside carry, is my main carry. Right side, tucked back on the outside, my Ruger LCR .357. Sometimes I carry my Glock 23 on the right. I work at home, go out and about a few times a day, always have a sport jacket on, so things are concealed (though WA is, oddly enough given the latest gun rights infringements, an open-carry state).

    I’ve carried pocket guns as backups. A Kel-Tec .32, an LCP. But I figure if my main gun is for some reason not functioning or I can’t get to it, then I may as well make my 2nd gun as powerful and reliable as I can. But I have the luxury of not having to go to an office, or work around other people very much. I can comfortably carry two full-sized Glocks, so I often do. In different circumstances, I might not.

    Earlier this year, I had a few emails with a fellow who said he was carjacked twice. First time, he carried one gun. I think it was the LCR .357. I don’t remember if he was able to shoot the perp. After that, he decided to carry on both sides, with the LCR. He got carjacked again (I don’t know where he lives), one hand got pinned or he couldn’t get to the gun, he drew the other one, and killed the guy. He swore by carrying two guns. I remember him saying that he pocket carried both of them.

    After those back and forth with him, I thought, why not carry on both sides. So that’s what I do more days than not.

  4. I used to carry an NAA mini-revolver as a BUG, stashed in various places as mode of dress changed…

    This Evening’s micro ‘Daily Digest’, Gun Confiscation Edition :

    “California State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) has an idea to help keep the good citizens of the Golden State safe: Disarm the drunks. If her recently submitted bill becomes law, those convicted of “serious alcohol-related” crimes would lose their right to keep and bear arms for ten years. While it’s true that firearms and intoxicants don’t mix well, this proposal – much like other “common sense” reforms in the state that we’ve covered – ignore the basic principle behind the Second Amendment. It’s a simple point, really. So why is it that so many politicians – and voters – seem to miss it?”

    Meanwhile, in New Jersey (Where else?) :

    “The New Jersey State Police corresponded with Breitbart News on December 11 and refused to rule out house-to-house enforcement of the state’s “high capacity” magazine ban.”

    And, as a *bonus*, the Leftists look like they are dead-set on ‘eating their own’ by demanding political purity from the ‘Democratic Socialists’ :

    “Hillary Clinton has a message for Bernie Bros, Democratic Socialists and other constituencies of the “Dirtbag Left”.

    If you have a problem with the Democrats’ agenda (which, as Tucker Carlson explained in an interview last week, has shifted away from empowering “working class” Americans to favoring globalism, militarism and big business) then go vote for somebody else.”

    Warms me to the cockles of my cold, black, heart! Yes it does, my Precious!

    *snicker* 😉

  5. I don’t consider any firearm I carry to be a “BUG”. Primary will always be determined by where the threat is coming from. Then it’s boarding house rules, people, and nobody gets a 2nd helping until everyone at the table gets served. First is first, second is my new york reload, much faster than trying to swap magazines or mess with speed loaders or speed strips. Yeah, I think of any additional firepower I have along as my NYR, and I think of it kindly. -30-

    • The problem is that bugs (our insect overlords), mutate almost as fast as Leftists do when pushing gun ‘safety’, er, gun control…

  6. The problem with the little fabric holster that comes with the little LCP II is it is worn out after a few months of carry. I eventually went with ankle carry anyway for that little gat.

  7. I have an NAA .32 with Silvertips I’ll carry on very rare occasions. Copy of the old Seacamp. Not a fan and it weighs almost as much as my EDC Glock 43. A lot of peeps would consider the 43 a BUG…

      • Frank, thanks for mentioning this. I have an LCP, don’t particularly like it myself, and am going to give it to my daughter to have around her home. She’s fortunately a stay-at-home mom, is alone with her baby a lot during the day. Safe area, but you never know. I’ll add this to the pistol before I give it to her.

        Going to check the Talon grip tape, too. Never heard of that. Love the information shared on this site.

        • I put the black rubber version of the Talon grips on my SR9c and love it. It covers most of the grip areas that Ruger left smooth/slick with a much grippier surface. Best $18 I’ve spent on a gun accessory. Had them on my old LC9s too. They offer a ‘granulate’ version also, which feels more like sand paper and was a bit too aggressive for me.

  8. Yeah Matt. I love my lcp. Low cost ball for fun/practice. Try a few Defense rounds once a year. BUG? No. My Sherpa carries my AR. Mossberg 6.5 CM and a PCC in .9mm./s

  9. I carry a Kahr CM9 as my primary, with an extra magazine. I also carry a Kahr CW380 as my BUG in my pocket. That gives me 13 rounds of 9mm and six rounds of .380 on board, in as lightweight a package as possible.

    I’ve also been known to add my NAA Pug in to the carry.

  10. I’ve heard rumors that prosecutors don’t look kindly on you if you have more than one gun on hand.

    I’ve heard its also illegal in some states to carry more than one gun at any time.

    Can anyone verify these rumors?


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