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[HTML1] takes America to task for allowing its citizens to buy—SHOCK HORROR—a .50 caliber Barrett rifle. “Sometimes the price of the world’s deadliest weapon, capable of shooting down aircraft and advanced armor penetration can be a bargain: $4,000 in some cases. ‘Offer. Take your Barrett,’ reads the ad on the Internet, one of many that offer .50 caliber rifles to the general public in America. The announcement, issued by a gun shop in Virginia, takes the offer further. ‘No shipping charge,’ he promises. ‘Call Now.’ In that country the sale of the Barrett is provided to civilians, despite its purely military applications and high capacity for destruction, without having been able to apply federal law to restrict any marketing, Mexican incidents involving weapons such as this [alleged attack on a military helicopter] have lit red lights and the cases are stacked on the desks of several officials.” Yes, well . . .

First of all, the attack in question was something of a mystery. As in we don’t know where the flight originated (rumor has it Texas), who was in it (U.S. “contractors”?), whom they were they trying to monitor and who shot at them.

The ATF proclaimed the incident as a watershed of some sort; change the outcome of a battle, yada yada yada. The House Oversight Committee’s investigators inspected the damaged craft and included “the Mexican helicopter incident” in their report. Guess what?

The attack was linked to . . . wait for it . . . Operation Fast and Furious. Yup, the authorities cleaning up after the attack discovered that the rifle in question was an ATF-enabled Barrett .50 cal. Of which there were 34.  [Click here for the Congressional Report, go to page 57.]

Secondly, “seepage” is the number one source of armament for the Mexican cartels. That’s the term for the tendency for U.S. sanctioned arms sales to the Mexican military and police to end up in the hands of the drug thugs. According to our sources, the Mexican government bought 55 Barrett .50’s, 50 Barrett 6.8’s and 10 Barrett .338’s. That’s in 2010 alone.

In truth, Mexican drug cartels are using weapons—fully automatic machine guns with grenade launchers and grenades to launch—that made their way through “official” channels. Ditto for the ammo. Any other intel is nothing more than disinformation designed to serve political ends. That is all.

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  1. To hell with Mexico! I hope we declare war on those bastards in the next few years, we gotta cut that cancer out of this hemisphere…ASAP

  2. Nothing new. The Mexicans blame our 2nd Amendment Freedoms for their ” River of Iron”, when many times it is the sales to Mexican Governmental Agencies which results in the arming of the Cartels. I think HK had a policy not to sell weapons to some Mexican Agencies for that reason. Of course if it is convenient, then HK will sell to Mexican Agencies.
    Of course Fast and Furious Ops do not count as all of the weapons sales would have occurred with out the BATF being involved. So really Fast and Furious proves that a total ban on Private Guns in the USA would solve all problems along the border. Ask Hillary and her UN Gun Ban to all private individuals world wide.

  3. The number of crimes linked to the Barrett 50 BMG: 0

    Number of people killed per year by baseball bats: 50-100

    ergo ban baseball bats

    • Okay, but only in Mexico. Those guys are “good field, no hit” anyway.

      And who’s that “ergo” guy? Is he a Federale?

      • No, no. It’s ‘Ergoban’. All one word. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t involved- he’s just a musician who endorses cheap guitars on TV.

  4. A 50 cal is the “world’s deadliest weapon”? I hope no one tells them about Destructive Devices. If only I could afford a suppressed Anzio Ironworks 20mm mag fed rifle.

  5. Mexican crime has to be the worst sales pitch for gun control ever. How does it go? “We need more gun control in America because crime is out of control in Mexico.”

    And yet we keep hearing it. Why not. It only has to work once (see ObamaCare).

  6. Like it or not weapons will get into their hands. If not official AR/Barretts from the US, it will be G3/FAL/Ak/DShK/RPG/ZPUs from around the world. The US and Mex govt can still limit it as much as possible. Secure the border, legalize drug sales and their funding and power will disappear. Just like the bootleg gangs after the prohibition.

    • Sounds reasonable. But, then you would put many Governmental Agencies out of a job and the Politicians would not have a fulcrum in which to leverage more power.

    • I always wondered how many of the 1 million M16’s the U.S. left in Vietnam after the fall of Saigon are still in circulation.

  7. One reason I bought my first handgun was the realization that certain people were doing their level best to keep me from owning one. After reading this, I feel a strong urge to add a Barrett 50 to my safe.

  8. I own an evil .50BMG rifle. I must not be using it right–it hasn’t killed a single person yet, or taken down an airplane, or been used in any military application whatsoever. Hm… maybe different ammo?

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