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“Among households where someone owns a gun, just 17% Strongly Approve of the way President Obama is performing his job,” reports. At the risk of seeming like a right wing gun clinger, who in their right mind would Strongly Approve of President Obama’s job performance? Other than ramming through a health care bill that displeased over 70 percent of Americans (without them even knowing what was in the legislation) and the CIC’s decision to green light Osama Bin Laden’s assassination, what has this President done? Strongly Approving Obama’s record is like a straight teenage boy Strongly Disapproving of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. If gun control advocates are so fired-up about mentally unstable people owning guns why don’t they start by disarming this delusional subset? JK, but honestly: WTF?

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  1. All I think of is that Obama has not tried to push any gun control (yet), but I imagine even non gun owners should disprove of his performance.

  2. They may support him for any number of reasons, the monthly check from public assistance for example, but since he’s laid low on gun issues so far they support his inaction on the issue.
    Should EO fly off his desk in direct conflict with the 2A then we will see.

  3. Thanks alot for that info, just have to figure out who the 17 % are in my household
    Beatings will continue until the morale improves

  4. Bin Laden’s dead
    health care bill signed
    left Iraq
    Lily Ledbetter act
    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ended

    I campaigned for him. I’d give him a C at this point.

    • Don’t forget, Gaddafi is dead at a severely reduced level of risk then we normally take when ousting a brutal dictator.

      That said, Obama, at best, has been a so-so leader.

    • This time around you can campaign for him on his SCOTUS appointees who rule against our 2ndA rights. People like you are extremely dangerous to our liberties because you pimp people like B.H.O. & his ilk to run the country.

  5. I stopped believing polls when the media stopped doing its job (for me, it really hit home with Fast and Furious).

    I believe it’s more important than ever going into the 2012 elections to ignore polls and who the media/establishment “thinks” we should elect – this leads people to vote for the media-supported candidate or to just stay home (after all, that candidate will win no matter what, right?).

    I hope 2012 has the biggest voter turnout ever.

  6. Atta way to expand the ranks of 2nd Amendment supporters, Robert. Call them delusional. That’ll bring them in, sure.

  7. There used to be a poll that said 12% of Americans believe Elvis is still alive. 17% is not too far above the usual number of barking mad crazy on just about any issue.

    I’m an instructor and a lawyer and I talk about applicable laws in my classes. I’m always surprised that a majority of students, gun owners all, have never heard of the Heller case, either by name or subject matter.

  8. 17% approval is just above what a real life zombie would get if he where president. In polling terms it’s the absolute pits, just above background noise level. Besides, if the poll is from a household that has a gun in it, then maybe the husband owns the gun but it was the leftist wife who answered the phone, or vice versa.

    Say, weren’t you the one who tried to tell us those “Occupy” cretins where actually pro 2nd Amendment constitutionalists? There’s you’re answer. Most of them have gone home by now and answered this poll.

  9. I would say that 17% margin is mostly made up of gun store owners. The sales of firearms have skyrocketed since he has been in charge. His presidency has seen the largest sales of firearms since Clinton. Honestly I would put him somewhere between Bush Jr. and Bill Clinton. He hasn’t done much, he also hasn’t not done anything at all. I don’t approve with some of the things he has done, but I strongly approve of some of the things he has done. He has done a much better job of expanding personal freedom, while at the same time taking up that space with government intrusion. 2a has grown stronger, gun sales have done better, but we have Obama care so that pretty much cancels all the work done on that front.

    The Repubs had better find a better crop of candidates before the 2012 election, they sure did pick a stage full of losers to parade as their front runners. If they don’t tone down the crazy and the religious bull shit they are going to hand Big O the next election.

    • ” He has done a much better job of expanding personal freedom”

      I’m going to have to be the Wikipedian protestor here – [citation needed].

      • He’s done a good job of expanding the freedoms of presidential power by allowing himself to execute US citizens at his discretion.

        My personal freedom is of no consequence to that man.

    • How the hell has the 2ndA gotten stronger with the anti-gun SCOTUS appointments from Obama, not to mention all the other gun hating judicial appointees. Pay attention to what the guy is doing for Christ sake!!!

  10. It probably has to do with the fact that the opposition party has gone down a rabbit hole of extremist stupid. Once you strip the hyperbole and right wing group-think, Obama actually comes off as a moderate.

    Of course, the facts don’t fool some people, who honestly believe he is a Kenyan born communist seeking to destroy America with everything he does.

    • As a rural gun owner, I agree completely with the idea that the Republicans have gone down a rabbit hole. When I look at the stupidity of the public statements of those running for the presidency in opposition to Obama, I just shake my head in amazement. I can only assume that the 83% who do not support Obama have been inhaling enough lead at the local shooting range to take their IQs down into the double digits.

      • Disliking the Republican field is not the same thing as supporting Obama, let alone “strongly supporting” him.

    • President Obama a moderate? Eat your broccoli, as Ms. Kagan says. Yes, his Supreme Court selections have been superb, as Jimmy Carter would say.

  11. What is the expected percentage of Americans who will give cockeyed answers to pollsters, just because they feel like it, or because they’re in a contrary mood, or they’re annoyed at the questions?

    There’s a lovely Yiddish word, davka, which (loose translation) means “because I’m not supposed to” or “because you don’t want me to”. (e.g. “Son, are you doing your homework?” “No.” “Why not?” “Davka.”) The British call it “bloody-mindedness”. And in that spirit, I can imagine someone telling a pollster: “Sure, I approve of what he’s done. He’s exposed the liberal agenda for all to see. He’s shown us all that we should never trust the newspapers again. And he’s been wonderful for gun stores, except for the ones he hammered with Fast & Furious. Yep, I Strongly Approve, mm-hmm.”

    As you can probably tell, I’m not a big believer in polls. The only one I care about is the one that matters — the poll that takes place on Election Day.

    Daniel in Brookline

  12. Obama is not so strong, the Republicans are so weak.
    Last election McCain and Palin wanted to stay in Iraq for the next 100 years which really resonated with the voters and both were pretty much clueless on debating the issues.
    I like Ron Paul, but he is not main stream enough for our media which shapes the American mind set like putty.
    Probably Mitt Romney will be going against Obama in the Fall elections. You can easily tell where Mitt is on Gun Control and other issues by his past records.

  13. Because they took him at his word when he said “I’m not gonna take your guns away.” (Not a lie if he intends to have someone else do the actual taking.)

    Because they think all the tough talk about gun control applies only to “those evil black rifles and hi-cap magazines.”

    Because they have excluded themselves from the Republican party for personal reasons rather than ideological ones. I know several people like this and when they start talking about some social issue or their work I keep thinking “this guy sounds like a Republican!” They just can’t bring themselves to join the party because Republicans are “mean” or “too Christian” or they would be embarrassed at cocktail parties, etc. Inflammatory as this may be to say, I think this accounts for quite a lot of Democrats.

  14. FPS Russia is a god. You need to atone for your blasphemy!

    On guns, Obama is better than the last 6 Presidents. PERIOD. END O’ STORY.

    Obama repealed a gun ban (National Park Carry). A ban put in place by Ronald Reagan. The other presidents have chipped away at our rights.

    Reagan – No new machine guns
    Bush 1 – Import ban
    Clinton – AWB
    Bush 2 – Arguing in the SCOTUS that the government has the right to regulate firearms and was willing to sign the renewal of the AWB

    Half of the SCOTUS dissenters on the Heller case were nominated by REPUBLICANS. Stevens – Ford, Souter – Bush 1.

    BTW – Don’t forget that Mitt Romney HAPPILY signed the bill that made Massachusetts’ Assault Weapons Ban PERMANENT.

    • “Half of the SCOTUS dissenters on the Heller case were nominated by REPUBLICANS. Stevens – Ford, Souter – Bush 1.”
      That’s because the Dems controlled the Senate in both cases and the senate has to confirm whoever the POTUS appoints. If you think the Dems would appoint and confirm a pro-gun SCOTUS justice you’re taking too many hits off the bong. Again, look @ Obamas two gun hating appointments that were confirmed by the Dem controlled Senate.
      A Dem attached the machine gun ban onto another bill. BushII knew the AWB sunset was a done deal so he said that to make “middle of the road tools” feel good.
      You need to wake the hell up and smell the coffee before you go off about how great BHO is/was for the 2ndA.

  15. My guess is that 17% of poll respondents do Strongly Approve of Obama, but they lied about being gun owners.

  16. I have friends who are lefties and own guns. Though they are finally starting to realize Obama isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.

  17. Why Do 17% of U.S. Gun Owners Strongly Approve of President Obama?

    Because there are some people who can actually, truly and properly be called gun loons.

  18. Gun ownership does not imply gun enthusiasm. One could be a rabid Obaminatrix and have a shotgun in the closet. In the 2008 election didn’t some 94% of Africans support him? They constitue around 12-13% of the U.S. population. So a mixture of racial loyalty, accident, skewed methods (a household with a gun? Not voter with a gun) and feuding families explains this.

  19. “Among households where someone owns a gun, just 17% Strongly Approve of the way President Obama is performing his job,”

    So what they’re saying is that in a sample set where all persons live in a household with one gun owner, only 17% strongly approve.

    You have extrapolated that in ALL of these households that the person strongly approving of the sitting president are actually gun owners. Furthermore, you have extrapolated the results of this poll to the entirety of the population of the country. I know it can be difficult, but PLEASE exercise your critical thinking skills for at least half a damned minute before you go drawing illegitimate conclusions and blasting them out on the Internet.

    Firstly, a poll of members of households with at least one gun owner does not mean that the party polled is, in fact, a gun owner himself. Second, extrapolating such poll data to the general population without mention of the sample size or demographics is not valid.

    Someone living with a gun owner can, of course, be a rabid leftist; as this is almost certainly the case with regard to the poll in question, your headline is alarmist and incorrect, and thus wholly inappropriate. Furthermore, taking the poll at face value and assuming that the same holds true for all households with gun owners is a similarly bad conclusion.

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