Showing up in our mail box not too long ago were a couple of items from 1791 Apparel, a recent addition to the burgeoning tactical t-shirt biz. Their firearm focused designs range from the honorific (John Moses Browning’s likeness) to the clever (M1 Garand sound) to the, um, incendiary (flaming bomb). While some may not be comfortable strolling though the mall with a ghost ring sight affixed to their chest, we won’t quibble. Whatever displaces your personal watercraft. The shirts are well-made, reasonably priced, wash out nicely and come packed with a pair of earplugs that are always handy at the range. And no, this operation has nothing to do with a similarly named enterprise that Glenn Beck runs. Could make a nice stocking stuffer for those gunnies on your list this year.


  1. What’s cool is that if you’re out and about, or on vacation, if you see someone wearing one of these shirts, it’s a near certainty that they’re into guns and probably have an offbeat sense of humor, too. Great conversation starter.

  2. I am so glad that people are starting to wear famous Mormons on their chest. This is long overdue. Where do I order?


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