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  1. I love the argument that when the Constitution was written that muskets were the weapons of the day so better forms of weapons should not be protected under the 2nd A.

    I think useless dribble like this is only protected by the 1st A when written by quill pen and printed on single-sheet, hand-fed presses.

  2. Well, when he started talking about the weapons of the day I thought in my head for a single second “wait is he going to say that machine guns are protected too?”. It makes sense that they should be protected since they are the weapons of today…unless he knows better than the founding fathers who naturally would have realized that weapons technology marches on. Personally I believe that any law abiding citizen should be able to own whatever they want (short of maybe explosive ordinance, that should still be regulated). What we need are harsher penalties on the theft and other forms of illegal procurement of arms. Also maybe better psychological screening in high schools to help troubled kids get treatment.

  3. So according to him, every American has easy access to fully automatic weapons. Apparently he didn’t think to look into the whole background check, tax stamp, prohibitive cost issues that make it kind of hard for most Americans to just go out and get an automatic weapon. Last time I checked, Walmart doesn’t have SAWs in their sporting goods department.

    It would very ignorant of anyone to assume that the Founding Fathers did not think that America would not innovate and adapt as it marched on through time. That’s why you can amend the Constitution if needed. You can change the supreme laws of America to coincide with the era, if needed. The rights found in the first ten amendments will never change because they are just as applicable to our current era as they were in 1776, no matter what the technology is.

  4. HA HA HA He said common sence and poloticians in the same breath. Actually, I dont think he was breathing. Thank heavens his rant was short. I personally dont see the point to having a fully automatic weapon, but, to each his own. What I do have a problem with is or are the belief(s) that the same poloticians (whom we dont trust to tie shoe laces) are the ones he wants US to believe they’ll use common sence.


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