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If you watched any of the Democratic National Convention — I can’t say I blame you if you avoided it like the plague, pun intended — you probably caught the overarching focus on the evil of guns. Joe Biden is running on a solid anti-gun stance and it was made quite clear to all during the DNC.

Don’t believe it? Haven’t heard yet? May as well go to Vox:

Biden does have a record, and a plan, in favor of gun control. In the 1990s, he was a top Democrat in getting both federal background checks and a 10-year assault weapon ban enacted. Biden has often boasted that he has “taken on the National Rifle Association (NRA) on the national stage and won — twice.”

As part of his presidential campaign, Biden introduced a sweeping gun control plan that includes universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, more resources toward the enforcement of existing gun laws, a public push for the development of “smart guns,” and incentives for states to adopt “red flag” laws, which let courts confiscate guns from people deemed a risk to themselves or others and develop gun-licensing systems.

But wait, there’s more:

Biden’s plan would also close several loopholes in existing law, repeal a law that made it harder to sue gun manufacturers and sellers when they make or sell guns they should have known would be diverted to criminal uses, limit the number of guns an individual can purchase to one per month, require safe storage, finance strategies to combat urban violence, and fund more research into preventing gun violence. (For more specifics, read Biden’s full plan.)

And remember how ARs owned prior to Clinton’s decade-long ban were grandfathered in? This would be different:

Biden’s plan also doesn’t include, as Booker and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke previously called for, a mandatory buyback program — essentially, a confiscation scheme — for assault weapons. Instead, his plan has a voluntary buyback program through which gun owners can sell assault weapons. But if gun owners don’t sell their assault weapons, they’ll have to go through a background check and register the weapons, like they’re already forced to do with machine guns today.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock — or getting all of your news from CNN — you already know Biden is anti-gun. You also know he’s clearly not playing with a full deck, but I digress. But if you think there’s not a chance of him winning, you’re being purposefully naïve. Odds are actually quite high that Biden will win. It would be great if he didn’t, but as gun owners, the smartest thing we can do right now is to proceed as though he’s going to win.

How? I have a few ideas.

First of all, back your candidate with more than social media posts. Support the heck out of them. Be realistic about your third-party picks, people, because the odds of them winning are slim to none. Put some time in volunteering for local and national campaigns this year. Just because you can’t afford to financially back a candidate doesn’t mean you can’t help in others ways.

Second, for the love of all that is holy, learn what smart buying is and how — and when — to do it. If you waited until now to buy an AR-15 you’re probably SOL, but keep trying.

Similarly, if you waited until now to build an AR, good luck finding all the parts you need. Never wait until the SHTF to get yourself in gear. Plan. Understand the realities of how much ammo you really need, what parts are most likely to break on the guns you do own, and which guns are truly the most useful.

If you haven’t stocked up on ammo or parts yet, get to it. Demand isn’t going to decline any time soon.

Don’t rely solely on the internet. Search gun shows, visit local gun shops, visit not-so-local stores, and stay on top of it. When items do come in stock they tend not to last long. Instead of randomly buying, make a list of what you really need. Prioritize. Understand that if and when we end up with far-reaching bans and limits, you’re going to be hurting for more than ammo.

Oh, and when you do find your parts, ammo, or gun, try not to be so incensed at the price you end up paying. Yes, price gouging is wrong — we all know to whom I refer regarding ammunition prices — but there’s also this thing called a free market. You can’t repeal the laws of supply and demand. Charging with the market will bear is normal. When the supplies are this low with sky-high demand, prices will go up.

Take this situation seriously. Maybe we aren’t looking at bans, but whichever way the election goes, the shortages are going to last for a lot longer than many people realize. Get what you can when you can get it. Hopefully you’re already fairly well prepared. Even if you think you are, don’t get cocky. Remember, there is no such thing as too much ammo or too many guns.

How are you preparing for the potential gunpocalypse?

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  1. Hey! enuf!

    ” Be realistic about your third-party picks, people, because the odds of them winning are slim to none.”

    • The *point* of third-party pics is to spoil the chances of a major-party candidate winning.

      Example – H.Ross Perot played third-party spoiler, and it put Bill Clinton in the White House.

      Clinton enacted his (so called) ‘Assault Weapon Ban’ that banned future manufacture aqnd sale of semi-auto rifles.

      Only by the skin of our teeth did we escape that being permanent at the end of 10 years.

      500 lousy votes in Florida tipped the 2000 election to George Bush, who allowed that monstrosity to expire. That’s it, that’s how narrow the election was.

      That’s the *point* of a third party candidate. The votes they steal can tip the election to the enemy. Ross Perot was the cause of the Clinton AWB. Don’t let some so-called ‘Libertarian’ fuckwit cost us the Supreme Court by allowing ‘Joe and the Ho’ to replace RBG with a civil rights nightmare of Kagen 2 or Sotomayor 2 on the High Court…

      • It isn’t just SCOTUS, Trump with the assistance of the Federalist Society is fixing the leftward tilt of the entire judicial branch. Vote Trump for that if for no other reason!

        • Or vote Trump because he doesn’t hate and actively seek to destroy the nation. Moreover, though highly annoying, Trump isn’t senile, a mindless meat puppet, or a likely molester.

      • enuf is a self server who enjoys boasting about his gun and ammo purchases all off the backs of those who actually worked to defeat hilliary rotten clintoon and to elect Donald John Trump POTUS. Most law abiding gun owners would have a second thought if you told them their 3rd party vote actually goes to obiden/oharris. Some people are stuck on stupid and have no hope and enuf is one of them. Perhaps prayer and a swift kick in the pant would help.

    • Ralph Nader is an even more striking example of a third party spoiler, although he was ultimately helpful to us. In Florida he only got 97,488 votes which was 1.635% of the total cast in that state. If just 538 of these people voted for Gore instead we would have been stuck with Gun Grabber Gore! It’s likely that far more than that far more than 538 Green Party voters would have preferred Gore than those who would have preferred Bush.

  2. A bit late to begin stocking up on ammo. Suggest stocking up on repair parts for your firearms.

    • +1
      Get gas rings for the BCG on an AR, springs, and other items that can break like plastic stocks.

      And a few magazines because they are going away first.

      • I’d also add optics, gunleather, web gear, and maybe an NVD if you can swing it. Not all 2A prepping has to be guns and ammo.

          • “A therm would kick ass. Prices have come down from insanity to mere “seriously?” ”

            Why is no one talking about batteries?

            Or a manual means of charging batteries?

        • “Why is no one talking about batteries?

          Or a manual means of charging batteries?”

          Plenty of alkaline batteries are still available where I am, hurricane country.

          As for charging, your best bet are re-purposing solar lawn lights. I have a solar spotlight for flag illumination, and it uses a 18650 LiPo cell. That takes care of my personal flashlight needs.

          The little stick-in-the-ground path lights often use a AA-sized NiCad or NiMH 1.2 volt cell to power them. That can take care of most of your AA battery re-chargeable needs right there.

          A 12v panel can be had for fairly cheap from Harbor Freight, that can be pressed into service to recharge a dead vehicle battery.

          If you want to get serious about solar, the Tesla car company sells a large battery-inverter combination for about 5 thousand that can run your house. A solar array to recharge it can cost 20 thousand or so. The beauty of the Tesla ‘Power Wall’ in Texas is, late at night, the wind turbines are generating electricity no one needs, so the electric rates can drop drastically. Charge your Power Wall at night with cheap electricity, and use it to run your home’s A/C during the day…

          • Thinking about batteries for electronic accessories for firearms and other field uses. Once away from the stores, batteries can quickly become the most important items of need. My emergency camp radio has a crank to power the unit, or charge its batteries, but worthless to charge batteries for Red Dots, laser sights, rail mounted lights, and just walking around lights.

        • Sam, I long ago standardized with rechargeable AA and AAA batteries for everything, specifically so I could use my Goal Zero solar charger. All my lights and even my 2M Icom HT take em!

          • “Sam, I long ago standardized with rechargeable AA and AAA batteries for everything, specifically so I could use my Goal Zero solar charger. All my lights and even my 2M Icom HT take em!”

            There ya’ go.

  3. Not sure why, but one sweeping change on Biden’s agenda (and policy statement) is to end sales of firearms via the internet. “Sales” is not limited to the mythical, “It’s easier to buy a gun than borrow a book from the library”, but all activities related to any purchase, of any kind, that can be traced to an internet transaction.

    What happens to a product that cannot be advertised on the internet? What happens to a product when perhaps the mere mention of acquisition (via any means) on the internet is banned? The average gun grabber is ignorant, and merely a follower. The people behind Biden are not idiots; they are not stupid. And an attack all along the line will overwhelm the miniscule number of 2A supporters among the political class we often call “conservatives”.

    • “What happens to a product when perhaps the mere mention of acquisition (via any means) on the internet is banned?”

      They mean to stop us little people from buying guns on-line, but it can be worded to stop gun stores from buying online, as well.

      I doubt banning gun stores from engaging in internet commerce would pass constitutional muster, but all bets are *off* if the High Court is packed with Leftists. They will ban it anyways, and the process will be the punishment. They will call it a mere inconvenience, and therefore constitutional…

      • If Biden gets elected, expect Ginsberg to announce her retirement on Inauguration day… so they can maintain the leftist slant in the court with yet another person who can’t read the 2nd amendment.

        Do not vote 3rd party.

        Hold your nose, and vote for Trump.

        Make sure you try to convince everyone you know to do the same.

      • “I doubt banning gun stores from engaging in internet commerce would pass constitutional muster,…”

        The SC already ruled that individuals can be forced to sell product, and buy product. And it was the “Commerce Clause” that was used to enforce the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Heart of Atlanta v. US), wherein the use of toothpicks in a public accommodation invoked the Commerce Clause, allowing the federal government to enforce the Act.

        I doubt even a full on conservative court would rule that the Commerce Clause cannot be used to regulate interstate commerce via the internet. That the federal government does not have the power to control commerce in the name of public safety and crime prevention (the SC already uled that “Civil Asset Forfeiture” is constitutional).

  4. Join the Gun Owners of America

    Join the Second Amendment Foundation

    Join your state gun rights association, there may be several so pick the biggest one.

    Continue to push for the removal of Wayne La Pierre and his greedy cronies.

    Be watchful for a new NRA rising out of the ruins of the Wreck That Wayne Built. You will want to get in on that.

    Above all else, never again be fooled by a con artist like Donald Trump. You people who supported him for the 2016 Republican nomination were made fools of, and we are all paying the price now. Trump destroyed his “Party of Convenience”, and created the political realities that now make his removal from office a vital need of this much damaged and Trump-stained Republic. Which has left the door wide-open for a major Hoplophobic ticket to take the White House and advance in the Senate.

    This is your fault, you were warned but you went all in on Cheeto Face anyhow!

    • Looking at the 2016 Republican field, none of them looked any good. It was a bunch of party lackey’s and RINOS. Trump was the only one who stood out as something different. Whatever the issues are with his presidency, and there are some, and there are plenty with the Republican party in general, he has been far better than Hillary would have been. None of the other Republican candidates could have beaten her. I likely would have continued not voting for a major party candidate if any other republican on offer had gotten the candidacy. There are a lot of people like me.

      Now he is the horse we are. Don’t try to change mid stream. You get a chance to run another Republican and the Libertarians get another shot to be a real party in 2024. The dems also get a chance to get therapy and treatment for their mental illnesses. But right now vote for Trump.

      As far as my plans in case of a Biden/Harris win, I took an oath after Sandy Hook that I wouldn’t obey any new gun laws or regulations from that point on. So far PA has not passed any and the few changes on the federal level have not been something I had to make a choice about.

      My plan is to not comply. And to use my guns to defend my rights. And if I hear cops banging on my neighbors door, well, I’ve read Solzhenitsyn.

      • For a guy who claims to be a Libertarian I am surprised you are voting for Trump. In 2016 he campaigned on the 1980 Democrat Platform and had the Democrats not thrown a hussy fit he probably would have governed that way too. Pelosi and Shumer forced him into a corner where he had to govern as a Reaganite.

        • “For a guy who claims to be a Libertarian I am surprised you are voting for Trump.”

          I’m not gonna look that gift horse in the mouth, TD.

          I thank him for the vote…

    • “…and created the political realities that now make his removal from office a vital need of this much damaged and Trump-stained Republic….”:

      President Trump will be reelected. But to be fair, why is there such a dire a need to not reelect?

      Because Orange Man bad?

      Is that totality of your argument?

    • POTUS Trump is the only reason we still have ar-15s /ar-10s. had hillary won they’d already be confiscated.If Joe and the Hoe wins ya best be ready for American Civil War #2

      BTW, you should change your screen name to something more fitting…like Trumphater.

      • “POTUS Trump is the only reason we still have ar-15s /ar-10s.”

        *WRONG* George Bush 2 allowed the Clinton AWB to sunset.

        *THAT* is the only reason we have AR-platform weapons for sale now (if you can find them).

        Obama could have had an air-tight semi-auto ban, but he decided he wanted “Health Care” instead for his legacy. Had Sandy Hook happened right after he was elected, he had the political capital and he could have enacted draconian gun control…

        • Obama was a good politician. He wanted a second term. He would have passed the ban during his second term if it were possible.

        • “He would have passed the ban during his second term if it were possible.”

          It wasn’t possible because he had to pull every dirty trick in the book to get ObamaCare passed.

          His political capital was *gone*…

        • The election of Donald John Trump stopped hilliary clintoon. It was clinton/obiden’s bill that Bush II let sunset.. You can bet the farm hilliary clintoon would have gone after semi-auto firearms and sign anything that came across her desk. That did not happen because Donald John Trump was elected POTUS and Ding Dong The Witch Was Gone. The mission today is to see to it that Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden is defeated. Anything else is off the table.

    • Yeah, because She was so fucking pro gun, right?

      Try not to smoke dope when you post.

      We got 4 years of cheap ammo and guns and I loaded up on both. She would have fucked us all real hard.

    • Unfortunately the forum’s very sensitive gun owners ignore democRat Filth and prepare by bashing the NRA or POTUS Tweets, etc. Gun Grabbing democRats enjoy seeing pathetic useful idiots on their knees crying about everything but what really matters.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  5. I ordered thousands of rounds just as COVID hit; I anticipated what was coming. Also stocked up on magazines. I’m quite happy with what I’ve done.

    I agree that the shortages of firearms and ammo will not end soon.

    Remember. Always carry. Always.

  6. I think the lack of guns and ammo answers the question well.

    All the social unrest we are seeing is the prototype for a Biden presidency.

    Hands off approach for the terrorist while increasing oppression on law-abiding citizens.

    You are your own first responder – and we may soon be the only responders.

  7. In the highly unlikely event that the Dems win the Whitehouse (coattails would mean they maintain the House and capture the Senate), I will join the PA Militia.

    Reasoning: it will not only be gun rights under assault; it will be the First Amendment, health freedom, property rights, and religious freedom.

    • Why wait? Join your local 3% group or militia now before SHTF. Look up III% Republic PA and ask to join.

  8. Prepare by voting and making sure you get everyone you know to vote- locally. State and even county elections have more impact on your daily life than the president.

  9. Only one way any gun owner should deal with a tyrant… just sayin. You should be prepared to leave everything you love and know behind in exchange for an “off gird” living experience the Discovery channel would never cover. War is hell, but I miss it and welcome the opportunity to actually fight for freedom. If you have not started organizing with like minded individuals and doing at the very least, monthly drills, you might not survive the next democratic ran America. Comms, food, water purification, survival shelter and ammo are all you need.

    Good luck everyone.

  10. Are you out of your mind? A biden presidency? No way, no how. The only reason biden is running is that the dems know they can’t beat Trump and they can’t leave that race unopposed.

    He’s their sacrificial goat.

    • …I dunno jwm, I really don’t know. I’m very nervous this time around that the Repubs will (once again) snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And, *should* Biden win, I don’t believe he’ll be in office more than a year. “Something” will happen, and he’ll be removed/replaced. THEN we have Ms. Harris.

      I hope my fears are unfounded.

      (former Californian, 95118)

      • The Democrats are proven masters of voter fraud, intimidation, and disenfranchisement.

        What how winning votes suddenly appear in ballot boxes in the trunk of a car. Watch as community organizers convince undesirable voters not to vote. Watch as the community organizers assist people in voting the correct way. And lots more to see.

      • “I’m very nervous this time around that the Repubs will (once again) snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

        Yeah, the “real republicans” are pissed that people want illegal immigration under control, the American worker prioritized above international corporate interests, and no more interventionist regime change wars and endless nation building. So they’re siding with democrats while claiming to be the real republicans. Hopefully sane voters see through the lies of those bitter losers.

        Democrats have done an excellent job of convincing Americans that they aren’t allowed to have their own culture that they can be proud of.

      • IF biden were to be elected, my prediction is that the dem party will hit him with the 25th Amendment and put him out to pasture permanently. Round heels then takes over and promptly turns the country hard left. Not sure who she would name as her preferred VP, subject of course to confirmation by both houses of CONgress, but whoever it is would be antithetical to the US as we know it.

  11. magazine prices are still pretty decent…hard to find some ammo these days…guns are hit and miss…
    if this guy gets elected…there will be a HUGE rush from November until inauguration day on ammo…magazines…any guns that might be banned…wait and see
    If Trump gets elected we have another 4 years…but don’t say you were not warned…

    • I got that M47 with the 30 clip magazine from a drug store last night, right next to the flamethrowers.

  12. I think it is prudent to stock up on revolvers, single stack pistols and bolt action rifles chambered in 5.56 and 7.62 x 51.

  13. I got in just under the wire on cheap-ish ammo, I have a small stash.

    I have stripped AR lowers to build up as time goes on…

  14. This talk got me thinking: In Soviet times, the best thing to visit the USSR and trade with (you could, and many – mainly student groups – certainly did) were:
    1 – Levis were GOLD
    2 – Rock and roll cassette tapes (Def Leperd was preferred)
    3 – American Coca Cola
    4 – KJV Bibles (even in English – smaller was preferred)
    5 – Literally ANYTHING with an American flag 🇺🇸 on it – you could trade your used underwear)
    6 – Camel, Marlboro, Winston and Salem’s in a pinch
    7 – KY Bourbon
    8 – Nike / Converse / Reebok shoes
    9 – Cowboy hat – a Stetson was coveted
    10 – Japanese cameras (Nikon, Canon, etc)
    Happy Sunday. Learned that from a Russian named Igor Landyshev with whom I served in the military (USCG) with back in the 1990’s.
    “Oh, say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the Brave?” It’s the most important earthly question of our day. Francis Scott Key suggested you ask yourself that from time to time. And if the answer ever isn’t “yes”, then take stock. Sounds like that’s what folks are doing.

    • {Things to bring if visiting the old USSR}

      “KJV Bibles (even in English – smaller was preferred)”

      Provided you could get it through Soviet customs upon arrival, I imagine…

  15. “If you watched any of the Democratic National Convention…you probably caught the overarching focus on the evil of guns.”

    I caught the overarching focus on the evil of this country. According to them, this country is hopelessly dark and racist. Apparently the only way to save this doomed country from racism is to elect the guy that feared for his kids growing up in desegregated schools, or as Creepy Joe put it, “a racial jungle.” Their savior, Slow Joe is also the guy that was shocked that a black guy running for president could be just like him: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” This is the guy the democrats put forth to save us from racism?

  16. Even with a Biden loss, that only gives use 4 more years until the inevitable.

    Spend your bongo-bucks accordingly.

    • “Even with a Biden loss, that only gives use 4 more years until the inevitable.”

      That’s not a given.

      Ambassador Nicky “I don’t get confused” Haley has made noises she may be interested in running. She would make a difficult candidate for the Leftist to smear effectively.

      Female, daughter of immigrants from India, and conservative (leaning), that’s powerful MoJo to run against…

      • “She would make a difficult candidate for the Leftist to smear effectively.”

        They have absolutely no problem smearing women and minorities that aren’t democrats.

        • They can’t do it effectively, as we can throw “Racist!” right in their faces…

          • “They can’t do it effectively, as we can throw “Racist!” right in their faces…”

            Who, exactly will do that? For how long? And who will put that charge in the public consciousness? MSM won’t do it, and not only is Fox News drifting left at an accelerated rate, the totalitarians are not influenced to mitigate their slander because of something on Fox News.

        • Democrats aren’t really offended by racism. To them, racism isn’t some evil that needs to be eradicated, it’s nothing but a political weapon, which is why those hypocrites will ignore their own racism.

      • “She would make a difficult candidate for the Leftist to smear effectively.”

        The totalitarians had no problem destroying Palin. Or any other women, of whichever ingredients, who do not fall into line with the leftists.

          • Palin was easy to smear, she is white.
            Haley, not so much…

            “Or any other women, of whichever ingredients, who do not fall into line with the leftists.”

  17. Well, first, I don’t think Biden is going to win. Second, if he does pull it out somehow, we’ll probably still have a Republican firewall in the Senate to block the craziest stuff.

    But I’m not counting on that, either. All I can do is what I already have been doing — add to the ammo stash bit by bit when quantities and prices align, add to the emergency supplies (food, medicine, and first aid) the same way, and ride it out as best I can.

    • Ing,

      As of about middle April, I think Biden was virtually guaranteed to win. Thanks to Democrat Mayors and Governors going full retard (shutting down far too many businesses for far too long and ordering police to allow far too much rioting and looting for far too long), I think a Trump election victory is possible.

      At this point, I think it all boils down to two factors on November 3rd:
      1) Will people still remember the excessive shutdowns and rioting?
      2) Will all Trump supporters actually go to the polls?
      If the answer to both of those questions is, “yes,” then I think Trump has a good shot at a second term.

      • The riots may well turn out to be what will get Trump re-elected.

        And, the irony will be so very *sweet*. Rampant mobs burning and looting scaring the elderly to demand a law-and-order president… 🙂

    • The Senate firewall goes away if the Dems get the majority and decide not to have the filibuster rules. They’re already calling it “racist” and “Jim Crow.” Obama called for it’s repeal at John Lewis’ funeral.

      • “The Senate firewall goes away if the Dems get the majority and decide not to have the filibuster rules.”

        If I remember the reports, the Senate has reduced the filabuster to a note of intent to filabuster. The more important development will be the removal of the 60 vote rule for non-budget items. The Dims nuked themselves by moving federal judiciary appointments to simple majority. May their intent to make all legislation 50+1 once again bite them in the appropriate body part.

      • Yeah, that’s what scares me. If Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, they could remove the last few bolts still holding this decrepit republic together. I don’t think it’s likely that they’ll get that kind of win, but nothing can be counted out.

  18. I’m fairly well prepared for the 1st time ever…a helluva lot better than when Barry Soetoro n Michael were in! If the Nobel Prize winner had been brighter Trump wouldn’t be President. Not worried. Being old I’m trying to not fret. I live in ILLinois. I’m used to it.
    I will not comply. Neither should you all!

  19. Nobody but me is familiar with my entire collection and ammo stash. I’m moving to a really rural location in a gun friendly county where the list of gun owners pretty much is covered by the telephone directory minus some, but probably not all, former felons as almost everybody of both sexes are deer hunters. And I”ll be within walking distance of a state border.

  20. Speaking of medical, I’ve been wanting to explore learning how to suture. Since gun stuff is in short supply I’ve been working on back burner projects. Currently opening up a shotty loading port for quad loading…my first time doing this! (nervous)
    Amazon turns up these kits for learning, but I need to dive into and research which is best for what I want to learn. training kit&crid=3GXXMBP4W7YHR&sprefix=suture training,aps,175&ref=nb_sb_ss_ac-o-p_1_15

    Any advice from you medical types is welcome, throw the suggestions my way.

    • Manse Jolly,

      I am not a medical professional. I have seen medical personnel apply stitches. It looks fairly simple to me.

      1) Clean and sterilize the wound as well as humanly possible.
      2) Sterilize your needle and thread if at all possible.
      3) Insert your needle slightly less than 1/8th inch from the edge of the wound and push the needle through to the intact skin on the other side slightly less than 1/8th inch beyond the edge of the wound.
      4) Space your stitches a little less than 1/8th inch apart.
      5) Snug your loops just enough to pull the skin together. (Do not over tighten or you will rip the skin.)
      6) Sterilize the wound again when you are finished stitching up.

      In terms of cleaning and sterilizing, I recommend starting with good old fashioned soap and clean water, then dowsing with hydrogen peroxide, and finally applying alcohol. Note that even this regimen may fall short. I used this exact procedure on my child who stepped on a sharp object and sustained a nasty, deep gash on the foot. In spite of that lengthy cleaning and sterilization procedure, a stubborn infection set in which did not respond to standard antibiotics. Fortunately, a second series of potent antibiotics resolved the infection. Had the second, more potent course of antibiotics been unavailable, that infection would have killed my child.

    • Instead of learning how to suture you may want to check into a product called a zipstitch. It’s a way to close wounds without using sutures. Just make sure to flush out the wound before closing.

      • Super Glue was used by corpsmen (Navy field medics with Marines) in Vietnam to close wounds. It works !

        Cheap, easy to find.

        • That’s very true. Surgical superglue is commonly used to close incisions now. There’s also liquid bandages that you should be able to find at any pharmacy.

  21. An amusing story for you all :

    “Portland BLM ‘Revolutionaries’ Bring Guillotine Into Suburbs Where They Burn American Flags, Fling Poo And Demand Shelter”

    It looks like somebody never learned from the history of the ‘French Revolution’, and who eventually met the blade and got to hear it falling on their necks (for a second or two, anyways)… 🙂

    • God, these people are disgusting. There’s a good reason why the “mainstream” media isn’t showing people what’s really happening out there.

      Normal people don’t put up with that kind of crap — which is actually why these barbarians haven’t been shot in batch lots yet even though they’re invading residential neighborhoods. They’re still in the middle of Portland, which seems to have virtually no normal people left.

    • Shire-man,

      Lifting, running, training …

      That is rapidly bubbling up to the top of my list: getting into excellent physical condition.

    • Not wasting the time,effort or money on training and getting fit. To Damn Old and Cantankerous, Spending on perimeter defenses, cutting back the Ol’KZ and stockpiling supplies. Going over all the wonderful welcome protocols used by Charlie and Uncle Sam. It may not be a long fight but, it damn sure will be one remembered by those who have to clean up the mess. You’ll know it was a good fight, when the 1st Responders puke at the sight of it.

      • I’m going the opposite direction. I was skinny but now I’m purposely gaining weight to get as fat as I can before the war hits. That way I can live off my blubber like a seal and also have more warmth.

      • Darkman,

        I want to get to excellent physical fitness for two reasons:

        1) If someone attacks and wounds me, I will live longer and be able to fight back longer. Even if that only buys me another 60 seconds, that will be enough time to hopefully take out at least another two or three attackers.

        2) I want maximum options for maneuvering as well as bringing the fight to my attackers, which almost certainly requires excellent physical fitness.

        That second point (especially the part about bringing the fight to my attackers) is an implementation of Sun Tzu’s Art of War tactic to fight your enemy on your terms, not his.

        Of course part of fighting your enemy on your terms involves recognizing your own limitations and adjusting your tactics accordingly. Sadly, advanced age creates significant limitations: at that point all you can do is the best that you can do.

        • The last part is what i was talking about. Old age and poor health limit many options. That’s why I concentrate on what static advantages I have. leaving the one place that has nearly all of the supplies and defensive obstacles. Is fool hardy when there will be no where to go. Unless you can “Dust Off ” to another LZ with equal supplies and defensive protections. You’re only fooling yourself. If things really go Hot. Being in the country you know surrounded by the supplies you need will be your best plan. Having other like mined people with various appropriate skills inside your perimeter. Will be your best option until such time as you have no other choice. As violent as many people think they are. The sight of numerous dead bodies left to bloat and rot in the sun. Turned into carrion for the vultures and other animals will be a visible deterrent. Death and carnage will rule the day. That is something very few people have contemplated much less had to live with. Can be said better: Keep Your Powder Dry.
          The Outlaw Josey Wales – “Ya gotta get MEAN” – YouTube

  22. Studying satellite and topo maps of my area. Looking for natural lines of travel and where the choke points are. Great for areas I don’t usually travel thru. Setting a plan to secure the few routes to my neighborhood which sits on a large hill and has terrain that soyboys won’t travel but people with serious intentions will.

    I getting older, my children are grown. I have one Grandchild who does not deserve to grow up in the way these maoists, Alinskys, socialists and communists want to impose. I have an Oath that I swore my life I enlisted, at no point was I ever told that Oath was null or void and coming up during the Cold War I still take my Oath seriously.

    A man once said, and I agree:

    I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.

    Thomas Paine

    • I agree with every word you wrote here. Alas – I suddenly face health issues. Those topo maps, and secret routes that the soyboys won’t take? I’m not sure I can take those routes anymore. But, the bastards won’t come through my door to confiscate weapons without a fight. And, my boys will be taking those less obvious routes.

      Yeah they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
      And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go
      They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em
      On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

  23. People are blind about the issues and only voting for him to get trump out, they don’t care about whatever platform Biden is on, no matter how bad it is. Several people who I asked about why their voting for him is to get trump out, that’s it. nothing about support for other things Biden proposes, they don’t know about it or even care. The Media is Supporting Biden, thus the election is rigged. Trump is not Helping himself. He has 4 months left and is fucking around. The Republicans should have dump him and promoted someoene else at least they would have had a chance to keep the WH. but So far it’s Biden who Won.

    • I noticed that after bad mouthing President Trump, supporting Antifa and calling the idiot with the AK in Austin a hero The Yankee Marshall has discovered the Democrats are going to take his guns away and is suddenly alarmed. Go figure.

    • “The Republicans should have dump him and promoted someoene else at least they would have had a chance to keep the WH.”

      A better chance than the incumbent? The guy that was filling arenas before the China virus? Yeah right.

  24. No one says anything about secreting weapons away from your main domicile? OK, I realize a lot of people probably can’t. But, when the Gestapo kicks your door down, you don’t want the to get ALL of your weapons. Use your head – burying weapons invites rust. The cabin in the woods may be subject to vandals and thieves. A little used or unused vehicle might serve as storage, but it’s pretty easy to find. A storm shelter might work, if the humidity is alright, and you use some preservation techniques. Just don’t put all your eggs into that stupid egg safe that everyone in the county knows about.

    • I’ve been caching firearms and ammo since the early 80’s. They can both be safely buried for long periods of time. If the correct preparations and conditions are followed. It’s not rocket science but, does take some research and in my case before the Interweb experimentation. Along with those. Food,med supplies and survival gear should be cached. Most importantly have long term supplies at the ready. If things go Hot it may be hard or even impossible to reach your caches immediately. Even caching around and under your house can be good options. Remember travel may not be a good option and unless you have a secondary place you can defend. It may be best to harden what you have. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  25. If you are serious about 2A & guns, than Mr. Trump is the only vote.
    You do not vote for Mr.Trump, than you are voting for Mr.Biden.
    It is that simple, so stop cry, put your adult pants on & think of the greater good for 2A, not your wants & wishes!

    • This guy is 100% right. Trump has pissed me off in many ways, but in the end, we have to vote for policies not personalities. Stop watching CNN or MSNBC and you won’t be subject to the propaganda war to win over the Millenials, Gen Z, etc. A vote for Biden is a vote to enter socialism and a strong central government that will tell you what rights you no longer have. Regardless of Trump’s tweets and off hand statements that CNN has used to turn everyone against him, we cannot elect this socialist. Biden might be a “moderate” by the far left’s standard, but he is still a progressive/liberal and even if not, the Democratic party is controlled by them, and the party will get its way.

  26. Preparing for Bidenism. Possum piss taste just like tea and is three times as deadly as saron gas. Tea time Joe? Kamal Haryass, well brakes fail, God forbid. Seriously these people are bringing about the destruction of Our Great country and if we don’t Putin up and eliminate these commie pinko fagms dressed as Democrats we ask for it. If anyone trys to change the Constitution of The United States to suit their wants, I personally will go to war, and I’m a puss and hate violence . ,,,Every third man step forward,,. ,,, ,figured that, ,. and a one man army don’t last long

    • I took the oath to protect and defend the consitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I hold to that oath. If they try to change the constitution, I’ll be at war with the rest of you.

      • “If they try to change the constitution, I’ll be at war with the rest of you.”

        Not following that logic.

        The pledge to “defend the constitution” means defending the constitution, whether you like the provisions, or not. If the constitution is amended, the constitution remains “the constitution” you pledged to defend. This is a binary situation: you defend it, or you don’t. There is no picking and chosing what is to be defended.

        Perhaps you meant to say that if the Dims win, and attempt through simple legislation to subvert the constitution; that is entirely different.

  27. It’s only Gen Z who have to worry about being caught without something they want in case of a new AWB, at the moment. That’s not nothing, but let’s not pretend the gun culture is not an “I’ve got mine, eff-you.” kind of group. And the zoomers for their part don’t seem too concerned.

    The rest of you basket dwellers are only good for one thing, come rain or shine; you’ll vote R and hope for the best. That’s always the answer. You talk your little heads off, like you have a playbook, but lol. You’re not playing chess, you’re not playing checkers, you’re pressing a button and hoping for a food pellet.

  28. November 3, 2020 presents the most immediate threat of socialist radicals seizing our Republic. Even with a Trump win, the threat hardly dissipates on November 4th. Regardless of who celebrates political victory this fall, the cultural war intensifies and becomes bloodier. Eventually, the party of Harris, Sanders, AOC, and Beto will assume power. Inevitable.

  29. Going to be looking into networking , programming, publishing, & logistics. Perhaps a bit of relaxation.

    A lot of you need to calm down and stop with the leader worship bullish.

    Get creative, for example look into start .pdf based mailorder catalogs with websites to request them.

  30. Most politicians never get around to some of their agenda so given recent gun sales pushing the total to well over 300,000,000 in the US it is unclear what a Biden Presidency will really do in terms of gun confiscation. I understand that ATF still gets fully automatic and fully functional war trophies turned in that were found in WW II vets attics while settling estates.

  31. I’ll be planning a trip to the WH basement so I can see the great man in his natural habitat.

    I’ll also be sinking big bucks into the stock of Kimberly-Clark, makers of Depend brand urinary incontinence disposable underwear. They’re about to get a Presidential endorsement.

    Disposable underwear for a disposable President.

  32. If Biden/Harris wins, owning a AR15 might be a liability.
    The SJW masses will be searching social media sites to turn in anyone whom has posted a pic of them with their AR15 (and were Trump supporters).
    If you are able to avoid arrest by the SJW/Gestapo, you would have to be wary about going to a public range to shoot your AR15.
    Private clubs, beware of possible undercover infiltrators, looking to provide an anonymous tip to the authorities and subsequent raids.
    You might own a AR15, but it may not see the light of day again. At that point, a Red Ryder BB gun might be of more use.

  33. I used to fear times like these. I too worried that at some point in time some liberal progressive socialist presidency would coincide with a liberal progressive socialist congress and I would wake up and find the gun confiscators were coming.
    That was then and this is now.
    Today I am worry free.
    I am worry free because of a life changing experience that happened to me in 2018.
    I got a call from an old friend, who has since died. He invited me to go deep sea fishing with him and I told him I couldn’t go because the date coincided with my scheduled gun cleaning day and I absolutely wasn’t going to alter my annual gun cleaning day. A day that I set aside every year to take apart and fully clean and lube my entire gun collection. I sorrowfully declined his invitation, however the next day I got a call from him and he told me to pack up my entire collection and bring it with me , that he would love yo help me with such a wonderful chore and he had a place where we could do some long range shooting etc. and he would love to see my collection.
    As tedious as it was for me to do , I managed to pack up my entire collection of over 132 long guns and 72 hand guns into three 4′ x 2′ crates and carted them down to South Carolina and onto old blankity blanks very large fishing vessel and off we went on a week long excursion out in the great Atlantic ocean.
    On day 3, I had all my guns in their crates sitting on deck and ready to be hauled down into the galley where we could use the large kitchen table and room to do our work, when suddenly the vessel was overcome by a rare rogue wave and all three crates were washed overboard and sank to the bottom of the ocean.
    I have been so distraught over the entire situation that I can’t bring myself to purchase another firearm of any kind and I’m left with my carry piece and a deep void and utter longing.
    So if someone comes calling for my guns, unfortunately, all I’ll have is a terribly sad story to tell.

  34. You know what is hilarious here on the point of being total insanity? All of you “from my cold hands…”, and chest-beating firearm owners will bow and cower on the day Harris and Biden come for your guns. And you
    can come at me any way you wish, but it will be a fact…because when you all roll-over and play dead and
    disparage this man in the White House, you will truly get what you deserve. So call me nuts and any other
    adjective you wish, but unless Trump takes the Presidency for a second term, you are all DOOMED. You will
    have NOTHING to fall back on…every stinking socialist country has taken the guns from their populace! Let
    that sink into your brain…no one will be able to bring back your toys.

  35. “How Are Gun Owners Preparing For and Dealing With a Potential Biden Presidency?”

    I’ve taken up boat building. I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly, but I 100% guarantee that it WILL NOT sink!

    I’m so sure of that, that I will…

  36. I voted 3rd party for Ross Perot and swore to never do it again unless the candidate was within striking distance of winning and was pro-gun rights. We are all in deep trouble. Biden is more than likely going to win and win big thanks to the China virus, police incidents, and other unfortunate problems that Trump has inherited all in 2020. IF you have not bought ammo now, you are too late. Ammo is selling for $1 per round of anything but rim fire which is selling for 25 cents a round. But gun parts haven’t skyrocketed yet.

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