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TTAG’s posting police: no flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators. This policy is designed to prevent the comments section from diverging from the topic at hand. And to keep our comments section a safe place for respectful dialogue. If you have any comments or criticisms about our editorial stance or style, please address them to [email protected], where they will be answered directly and promptly. That said, the comments policy is off for this post. If you have any complaints that you wish to share with the group, have at it. No holds barred, save really stupid(1) stuff, like racial epithets.

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  1. Like I said before. You take shit WAY too personally for a blogger. That last trump article, you deleted anything even slightly critical of you. Most of it contained very little foul language or name calling. And that’s asking allot comming from me.

    • Why would anyone get pissy when someone repeatedly comments about shooting elected officials in the face? That’s just weird.

      • I don’t recall you ever advocating shooting politicians. Some guy with the user Stoopid1 did a couple of times, but he was banned.

      • Other than “stoopid” there were no threats of violence. It was mainly calling out the website and Robert himself, and it wasn’t unwarranted. Many of those comments made very solid points. He just got butthurt, because they were right.

  2. Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, motherfucker, cocksucker and tits.

    Tits doesn’t even belong on the list!

    Anybody else remember these 7 deadly words?

    Hey, I was invited. Just doin’ my part, carry on…

      • When I was 30 Carlin was funny as hell. When I was 50 he was just angry and bitter. I don’t know why he was angry and bitter. America made him a wealthy man.

        • It was his shtick. Some of his sets on language and how we use words are just plain genius.

        • Carlin did mountains of coke which made him the way he was. Class Clown was recorded when he was totally stoned.

        • Humor is a strange beastie.

          Some of the very best, the most funny, (In my opinion) comes from deep anger and grief.

          Richard Pryor had it *down*, especially in the timeframe after he set himself on fire…

        • Carlin noted this:

          “George Carlin – Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners…”

        • Very true. I find the darkest humor the best. ( I shoulda been Russian I guess). Grew up on Lenny Bruce, sort of expected…

          IMHO, Jeselnik is the current master, very un-pc, dark-ish, but very illustrative of the human condition – if one can admit it, or is that self-aware anyway. His Thoughts and Prayers special is the Dennis Miller Off White Album for the ‘Teens. Except shorter, with less material.

  3. I feel that your running of the website is very well done. The ads could use some work but I understand that will be fixed with the upcoming revamp of the website. You post very knowledgeable content that backs itself up and provides sources. In fact, I’ve used your website multiple times in the defense of the Second Amendment. It was instrumental in countering the lies by providing concrete facts. For example, you mentioned in an article that I can’t remember the studies on gun control and its effects on crime. No one seemed to be able to argue when all but one definitively stated that taking away guns didn’t reduce crime.

    So, in summary, keep up the good work and thank you for protecting our freedoms.

    • “The ads could use some work but I understand that will be fixed with the upcoming revamp of the website.”

      I like your optimism, kid… Those who have been around here for a while can tell you, the very sincere promises to fix the shit-show that is TTAG’s advertising mess come about thrice yearly. Still ain’t fixed.

        • either someone who loves you put Adblocker on your computer/phone or your sarcastic… 🙂

          when the new site rolls out, I will put a exception for the side in my adblocker, cause I like the content and adds pay the bills. we shall see.

        • Yeah, we get it, you block the ads. So do I, and a lot of others. But the ads remain a problem for me, because they’re the #1 reason I never send links to TTAG articles to other people. I send them a link, and their browser gets hijacked by some malware ad that tries to install a porn app or some shit on their phone, and I end up looking like a putz.

          Hell, in the best possible scenario, no damage is done, but they still get a bunch of click-bait ads for “11 Wrinkliest Celebrity Nutsacks” and toe fungus cream. “Hey, man, that article you sent me the other day, is that site like the Weekly World News of guns or something?”

  4. Oh yer doin’ a good job. I’m not suggesting banning anyone but more dead soldiers is a good candidate. I get what I pay for. You are unique on the interwebs as far as I can tell…

    • He’s been banned under a couple of other names. But since he doesn’t respect private property rights he comes back under different names.

      Kinda makes this sites security comparable to TSA’s.

  5. 9/11 was an inside job, Alex Jones is right about everything, and the prequels were better than the original trilogy… to me these are very offensive statements haha

  6. now, i wuz raised maybe a bit differnt than most, but i jes doan see no point in all us attackin’ each other over whatever. do we need to have another (this blog) place to scream and shout? ain’t there enough other blogs that let us act like chillin? seems to me we are our own worst publicity. not sayin’ no one should have strong opinions, but trash jes makes it harder to find good information. so i reckon i am one a those who thinks TTAG should be a cut above the other playpens. fer thosen who jes gotta trash, don’t let the door know hitcha on the way out.

  7. whatever about comments. Ads need work. Tired of looking at ’21 former youth Hollywood Stars who turned Fat’.

  8. What has Kanye West said about Donald Trump?
    I haven’t heard a peep? I’m on the edge of my keyboard……..
    TTAG…..full of great folks, kind considerate and very respectable banter. A very amazing resource for rookies and oldtimers in the gun culture.
    A regular gentleman’s club with absolutely no shred of evidence of good ol boy bigotry or psyco trolls.
    Thank God and TTAG for that!
    Flame on johnny flash!
    Just couldn’t resist the poke.
    Y’all are seriously a very important resource that i find informative and entertaining. Smoke em if ya got em.

  9. I have never run a blog for profit, which is why I don’t understand why you can’t just run ads for gun, ammo and accessories manufacturers and retailers like all the other gun blogs on the internet.

    • I’ll take that.

      Because firearms mfg are in the business of manufacturing actual things and which they intend to sell at a PROFIT. And all the BS popup ads/clicks in the world don’t make any incremental profit. Just a blackhole for sucker bucks.

      Why google etc are as of the Tulip Mania. Just a big scam to separate the “smart money” from their cash.

      • If I were a betting man, I’d wager is more about credibility. We all rag on guns and ammo because it’s hard to buy that a mag running a full page gun ad could write an objective review on same. Even if it’s not true, it introduces doubt.

  10. Failing to proofread copy is my recurring complaint with a great many online publishers and TTAG is no exception. Automatic spellchecking does not replace a proofreader or an editor. If you have more than one person on staff, have someone else read your copy for errors before publishing.

  11. Then I’ll take this time to say that Stoopid1 and Willy Lunchmeat makes some pretty dumbass comments.

  12. Wait, was that a dropped gauntlet: “Who can go more meta?” Challenge accepted, as say the cool kids these days. Or maybe a little while back. I don’t so much keep up any more.

    Showing my age here…

    Doing things InterWebz, I harken back to the halcyon days of UseNet(*) where outside the “alt” hierarchy, people generally had the notion they were posting to a select community of respected peers. The posts were called “articles.” Even when I’m snarking off a line or two — probably more of the longer stuff than there should be — I think in terms of offering something of value to an audience or community. I try to write stuff of article quality, if only sufficient for the local daily rag, Pravda-on-the-Genesee. Admittedly a low bar.

    This is why you’ll never find me on FaceSpace; I have yet to Twit; and I have, indeed, left at least three formerly self-selected online fora, when they got invaded by the trolls.

    Back in the UseNet, you might be playing to the cheap seats, but you were playing to the cheap seats in a small, self-selected group of like-minded. The fact that it was easy to form up didn’t matter. Usenet as an early form of tech-mediated open space. Discuss.

    “A man has an idea. This idea attracts others, like-minded. The idea becomes an institution. Time to move on.” Oh, wait, that wasn’t me. Same idea, though. People who didn’t like it could go elsewhere. Or make another place. Contrast with the current InterWebz where folks are mostly posturing to the whole gaggle, performers performing down to a lesser audience.

    These days “locations” become destinations vs. conversations because they strive to. Economically this is encouraged by the blind commercialization off undifferentiated clicks and eyeballs. Ironically, the tech that would allow the endless specific clubs and selections has been hijacked into ever more mass, mass non-communication. Me, I’m a fan of high-quality curation. And I’m puzzled at the undifferentiated eyeballs thing, given that marketers have been struggling mightily to “target” for literally generations. Even now, the invasive trackers, sniffers, loggers, and spiders exist to *individualize* you so they can *target* content. Specialist, single-focus magazines proliferate, with no lack of eager advertisers. (No, not just that kind. Pervs.) Yet, “sites” race to the generic, mass-market bottom.

    Back in the day, even the old-school cesspits were specific, effectively chartered cesspits. Lest anyone question the seriousness these communities could achieve, recall “alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die.” That group alone restored my faith in humanity. Memory of it girds me even now.

    The specific communities can work. For example, most of the technologies under girding this here InterWebz are defined by “RFCs” – Requests For Comment – circulated, distributed and managed by a publicly developed, collaborative process, which begins with a proposed spec, modified until it is accepted. This process and these standards are as complete and useful as any developed by other means – arguably more so. Any nerd-standards body can, indeed, be a cesspit as the spectrum-resident rain-men try to interact like humans. But look what is wrought. Even Linux mailing lists act like publication for the record. Torvalds’ notorious take-downs are very much for the record. Indeed, he’s even funny sometimes.

    So, as cool kid spaces cycle through the race to self-pollution described in Clay Shirky’s “A Group is it’s Own Worst Enemy” (Find it. Read it. Be it.) we can only hope that this little enclave remains unredeemably uncool. Somehow, the hyper-this-or-that protocols underlying the Webz-n-Pages vs. the net lends itself more to massifying than the other earlier stuff.

    Also, since it’s allowed this one time, the pesky human race sux. There, I went full racist, and I don’t care. It’s not my planet, understand monkey-boy?

    (*) If you never want to be surprised by the specifics and variety of human — er — interests, take a look a the group headings down the whole “alt” tree. There is represented the human condition in all it’s — er — diverse splendor. If you choose to delve into any one of the content-streams, well, you knew what you were getting into, didn’t you?

    The UseNet “alt” header tree has made me permanently cautious about declaring universal solutions for the whole of humanity, like, say, banning guns. Whatever it is, somebody wants it, somebody hates it, and in either case, their interest is way, way stronger than yours.

    • “Doing things InterWebz, I harken back to the halcyon days of UseNet(*) where outside the “alt” hierarchy, people generally had the notion they were posting to a select community of respected peers. The posts were called “articles.””

      Uhm. Yeah.

      Just where do you think the fine art of brutal on-line flaming was forged? Usenet. Yes, news.(your isp).com, (if you had one of those .edu accounts you were suspect until long after September was in the rear-view mirror).

      And yeah, they bitched and moaned, pissed and complained all the while while they were doing it.

      This is the way things are, *now*.

      Adapt or perish, your call.

      (I do miss alt.tasteless…)

    • UseNet? You n00b.

      Brah, do you dial-up BBS? I can assure you the “whatever” of the Interwebz started there for the average person. For those who had access to ARPANET, it was even earlier (though more measured).

      • I BBS’ed in the early eighties with a C-64. There weren’t any boards worth a damn in my county, so it was kinda expensive having to long-distance it with a 300 baud modem.

        I never bothered with the ‘net proper until $20 a month unlimited became the norm in the mid 90s, five bucks an hour before then wasn’t affordable on my income at the time…

    • “…so they can target content.”

      Funny thing – I hit TTAG at least twice every day. I use Yahoo as my home page. Yahoo obviously tracks my clicks but invariably when (frequently) they post gun-related news it is anti-gun with only very rare pro or neutral reporting. Seems like they tracked my visits to TTAG and are trying to change my mind be spamming me with anti-gun news. Good luck with that. On the other hand, maybe they put the same trash news up for everybody? Don’t know.

      As for YouTube, they throw all kinds of gun-related stuff up whenever I visit that site.

  13. I honestly expected 23 paragraphs from a few of you that would slowly drift off topic and end up in a tirade on gramactical erroars and run on sentences that seem to go on and on and just peter out into oblivian………….squirrel!!!!

    There you go…….

  14. Who watches the watchers? “Here at TTAG we support the Second Amendment fully. But, if you engage in First Amendment activities that could affect our bottom line, we will delete your speech.” In other words, TTAG is a speech-free zone. Not cool.

    Fuck, shit, cock, whore etc is ok…unless you say that towards the writers, owners, contributers, or sponsers of this site.

    Moms Demand Action delete comments disparaging them…are the people of this site the same?

    • Your understanding of free speech is on par with the high school freshman who thinks the First Amendment gives him the right to swear at his teachers. You are clueless.

      And it seems that those who don’t get it, never will.

    • You missed the point. Comments attacking people will get deleted. Comments against ideas are good to go.

  15. So our impression of an article, good, bad, bias, incomplete or unorigional can’t be Posted with the Article and only may be sent to the TTAGs circular file of No Reply? Do you only want Posts that Yell BRAVO and toss roses into the Ring? The Policy reeks of censorship and Administrative self protectionism. You champion the 2nd Ammendment while sufficating the 1st! Are you now in full embrace with the PC Police. Will you, Staff and writters comply with these rules and stop calling the gun grabbers idiots and other name calling?

    No problem with staying on topic or curtailing foul language but to eliminate the passion and emotion from debate emasculates the discussion. Very clearly you want the us to self censor and not put the tiniest burr under anyone’s saddle. You should just eliminate the interactive BLOG aspect of this Site, make it an on line magazine and publish your most favorable comments from the Contact Us bin once a month. I’m sure rose colored glasses went out of style a few decades ago but its how you want to view and foster the content here.

    The Truth About Guns but you don’t want he Truth from our perspective or experience, just your views and no decenting opinions. That is a tactic of liberals and democrats to shout out discussion and free speech, you have written about it several time in politics, gun control and on campuses: you even want the whole thing to be a Safe Place” .

    In another article you said the Site was going to change, you didn’t mention you were going to castrate and gag the audience. You may choose the path but everyone else has the choice to follow or not.

    No cursing, no flaming or name calling, but these comment would not be allowed by your new Policy.

    • “no flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators.”

      It says no FLAMING

      An online argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another”

      Will Drider: “our impression of an article, good, bad, bias, incomplete or unorigional”

      What you are talking about is not FLAMING but is simply discussion, or criticism. It is the difference between saying perhaps

      “This article is wrong because blah blah blah, and the correct analysis is yadda yadda yadda”,

      as opposed to saying

      “This article is a piece of shit and the author is a fucking jerk off homosexual shitbird who should go shove a barbed wire wrapped pineapple up his asshole, sideways”.

      Do you see the difference?

      • Sometimes I wonder if the editors here see the difference. I’ve seen plenty of comments that I would consider more like your first example get deleted, simply because they were a little too critical of the site. Often they’re accompanied by an explanation that such comments “derail the conversation”, which is pure BS.

        In general, a “no flaming” policy is a good idea, I think, but when RF’s having one of his sensitive days and feeling a little too thin-skinned, it seems to get used as a tool to silence criticism. The lack of consistency of how the policy is enforced isn’t doing TTAG’s credibility any favors.

      • I appreciate your comments and examples. Mine (above) is an example of how I post, not flaming by UD definition. While other discussion and opinion Posts get deleted.

  16. P.S. R. Fargo,
    If you delete a comment then use Administration Tools and Post a reply using MY Name and ask me to email you with a address: don’t ignore the three messages I sent to make that contact. It reflects poorly on character and honesty. I see its the same email address you reference in this Policy article, is this the same response all communications should expect?

    • Do you have any idea how much time it takes to manage a website like this one and monitor comments for personal attacks, spam and trolling? Do you know how much time it takes to delete a comment (1 click) vs delete a comment and then compose a message regarding the comment to the person who wrote it explaining what happened and why? This is a 1 to 100 or even a 1 to 1000 ratio.

      This blog doesn’t have a large number of comments compared to some of the real big ones, but it’s a huge amount of work to police this activity – it’s probably almost impossible to do already and if responses start to get larger they will have to go to some kind of automated system, which will really put a lid on how people interact.

      You cannot expect a personal response for everything you write that is deemed outside of policy, that’s absurd. Here’s a clue, stay within policy and your comments won’t get deleted. If you really need to know what is deleted then go and fucking check for yourself.

      If you don’t have time to check on your own damn comments, or maybe post too many of them to keep track of, then you can see why it may take a lot of time for people who have to check all the damn comments across all the articles.

      Police yourself and you won’t have to worry about others deleting your comments.

      • Here is a Clue back at ya. Read and comprehend the P.S. comment. They (TTAG) deleted my Post. Then THEY (TTAG) wrote a Post using MY user name (using TTAG Administrative Tools) REQUESTING I CONTACT THEM by phone or a TTAG via email. I replyed three times over three days: NO RESPONSE FROM TTAG.

        You may be in too much of a rush to defend TTAG without digesting the material Posted. You are barking up the wrong tree. You end your ill concieved tirad with the usual damming, fucking and damning which the origional article addresses. Fine reflection of civility and maturity. Up to that point I was sure you were on TTAG payroll, now their is a little bit of doubt.

      • Below is the Post I’m referencing in the P. S. The Clue to who wrote it is provided by his initials.

        Will Drider says:

        May 9, 2016 at 00:22

        Please contact me at [email protected] or via the phone number listed on the home page to discuss this comment. Well, not this one. The one I replaced.



        Will Drider says:

        May 9, 2016 at 08:55

        Email sent per your request.


        Will Drider says:

        May 10, 2016 at 09:28

        No response to my first attempt to contact you at email address as you provided it. Does address need name or initials added to it? I resent my reply again. Please advise.


      • In other words, Mr. 308…it’s one thing to expect the site to respond to all correspondence, no matter what. You’d be right about that–but too bad that has nothing to do with what Will is talking about.

        But when they ASK you to correspond with them, then ignore your attempt to comply with their request, it’s a dick move.

  17. “Geez, RF, that picture makes you look like an armed Mouseketeer.”

    Thanks Ralph,
    Still lmfao!

  18. I don’t have anything mean to say to anyone in particular, I’d just like to see more posts about gun stuff and less posts about all this other random shit that keeps filling the feed.

    What’s worse, the random shit pushes the real content off the front page way too fast.

  19. I think we need some muscle in here!

    You could get professor Glick to monitor the posts.

    Just a thought.

  20. RF, again, multiple times I’ve said this:

    Your site, do what you want. The people that don’t like it will leave, and those who do, will stay. Simple.

    • I agree with the first part, not the second.

      This is the internet. People will talk about leaving, but mostly they’ll just stick around to bitch.

    • Which is not the best attitude given the fact they are serious enough to run Ads to recoup the cost and maybe get some extra

      Yknow, the difference between “could” and “should”

  21. “This policy is designed to prevent the comments section from diverging from the topic at hand. ”

    That’s either a cover for just not wanting criticism of TTAG (likely) or an unnecessary measure. Flaming is one thing, but criticism of editorialism is another… one which seems to be equated too often The comments section here, unlike many forums, is branched in such a way that one can very easily skip any ‘divergent’ comments if one wants with a few judicious pagedown strikes. This isn’t a novel where dalliances wreak the plot, it’s a discussion area where you’re shutting down discussion for little reason other than you don’t like it questioning you. Criticizing an editorial take on a topic IS part of the topic itself… pretending that you guys are an island of perfect, unbiased journalism is silly.

  22. No major fucking complaints here. Has to be some modicum of decency or else it could quickly digress into a… Blog 😉

  23. I keep getting these weird advertisements that will take over the page completely. It happens as soon as I click on an article from the main page. Some times I can hit the back arrow and then try to reload the next page again. Sometimes I cannot get it to work and I have to close the window and start again. One of these was for the new avengers movie. I don’t even look at any kind of crap like that.

  24. I don’t like it when the same article is re-skinned repeatedly. Especially as it relates to guns and women. There have been stints there where there’s been an article every day or every other day that’s basically the same “I’m a woman, I own, shoot and carry a gun, deal with it!” and I don’t think that makes for amusing content for folks who read the site regularly. More useful approach to women and guns would gun and gear reviews from a woman’s perspective.

    It’s the same thing with those EDC lifestyle articles “i’m so responsible and vigilant and very serious.” Some folks might really get a lot out of the validation those provide.

    There’s been a big hole since Nick stopped writing about 3 gun, somebody writing about gun gaming would be awesome, it’d be cool for a 3 gunner and an action pistol guy since they’re going to come at it from a couple angles. Training diary, match diary, interview with top name shooters.

    You guys are basically “caught up” on gun reviews. Stay on top of it though. Content on that piece is likely to venture into comparissons at this point.

  25. avatar Brian just turned 37 today. And I have not yet murdered and raped any children. So, "Fellow Travelers", what is your excuse?

    As a paranoid schizo terrorist (Gun owner for those who live in America), I have found TTAG a good site. They were interested when I tried to tell them about bad “legislation” that was happening in my state.

    And now, not to bother the guys who run this site, I shi*post in the comments as nicely as I can.

    There are some places in America where you are considered a criminal for legally owning a gun and defending your life and the life of your loved ones. I am in one of those places.

    • It may be difficult but Move! Sacrafice what you must, the cost of freedom is worth the price. IMHO.

  26. Aw yeah, free for all! You’re all stupid and I hate your guts!

    Seriously, though. Thanks for your hard work. Stay human out there.

  27. Biliary,
    I agree completely
    I read ttag every day and it is extremely annoying that you get hijacked to some clickbait site as soon as you click ” read more”
    I have found that if you click on ” comments” that does not happen
    You then Have to scroll up to read the article
    I love ttag and especially the comments
    They are the best part about this site!

  28. 9mm is for pussies

    .45 kills the soul

    .40 is THE BEST of both worlds

    Glocks are better than sliced bread…

    Be offended!

    • If you bought a 1911 you were suckered by hype.

      If you haven’t just thrown the piece of crap downrange, you’re not only a sucker but a moron.

      Glocks, on the other hand, are cheapass ugly pieces of fungal cheez whiz.

      …well that ought to offend everyone who believes in false dichotomies.

      • True dichotomy:

        “There are two kinds of people in the world – those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don’t.”

        Don’t remember who said that, but WOW!

        • Updated for the digital age:

          There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don’t!

  29. -Drop the butterface Sara that just rambles about stuffing guns into yoga pants. We get it, but there are hotter and wittier gun gals. Hire one of them.

    -Kvetching about Trump is lame. Lamer than FDR’s legs. Yes I stole that joke. Don’t become an even gayer version of National Review, please.

    -More guns, less half baked libertarian outrage. Everything is not statist. The Founding Fathers were not authors of Divine Scripture. This quasi-religious textual worship should be left to Glenn Beck.

    -More guns. More guns big and small, fat and thin, tall and short, foreign and domestic, commercial and milsurp, exotic and mundane.

  30. My only real issue is the political articles. They literally draw out the worst behavior. Keep in mind that it isn’t just gun owners that read this blog, and almost inevitably there is somebody in the comments section that drags the average IQ down under 70 in every one of those articles.

    • I don’t mind the political articles when it has something to do with firearms, but when Farago throws in the religion or abortion angle just to drive up the comment count, I don’t get why that shit is on a gun site.

  31. Since I have the opportunity to bring this up without it being deleted, I’ll go ahead and mention that just deleting articles that turn out embarrassing for you (like the recent 4000-word “hillbillies shooting each other” mess, or the one a while back about Chris Kyle’s tombstone) is a real credibility killer. Same for editing posts after they go up, with no mention of the edit.

    Once you publish something, if you change it substantially or delete it, you should include a notice to that effect, and why it was done. Otherwise, it looks like you’re pulling some shady shit to try to cover your own ass by memory-holing your mistakes. Something gets misspelled, or a sentence construction is unclear? Just fix it. But deleting a paragraph from an article or even making the whole thing disappear with no explanation because your readership didn’t respond to it the way you hoped? Chickenshit.

    TTAG publishes a whole lot of really great content. Every once in a while, some garbage is going to slip through. That’s fine. Everybody makes mistakes. But when you fuck up, you should man-up and own it, not try to bury it like a cat turd in a sandbox.

    • Just when I forget about it you have to go and bring up that abysmal excuse for a story again…

      Seriously guys, what was that story all about? Was it punishment?

  32. And I think it’s a mistake to let Sara Tipton have any kind of soap box to write terrible articles. Really terrible articles, with lies, and concocted stories and scenarios and ridiculous, inane, pedantic and childish/immature bs. It is the truth. It’s terrible and cringeworthy and does the rest of what you present a huge disservice. Honestly. I’m not the only one. Sorry about all the F*%$! in my earlier post. Just needed to get it out…

    • So glad I can flame on this comment. So who the F*ck are you to judge whether Ms. Tipton should have the opportunity to write articles for TTAG? I agree that her articles don’t really apply to me either, but this site does well to try to appeal to different demographics. Not every gun enthusiast is an OFWG. I will say that I have pointed some ladies I know to her reviews of corset holsters or whatever lady things because I sure as hell don’t know whether a corset holster would work or not. I’m sick and tired of all the Tipton bashing on every one of her articles. Cut her some slack ‘cuz her articles aren’t meant for you. And Sara, please keep writing. Some of us appreciate what you are trying to do.

      I didn’t appreciate Robert and Nick’s “Obama isn’t coming for your guns” articles and I don’t appreciate their “Trump won’t come for your guns” articles either. You know what, I can just skip them and look for the gun reviews. And yes, I did write a gun review as my contribution to the community. So shut the hell up unless you have something useful to contribute.

      • Hear, hear!

        I am so tired of the people who just bash Sara relentlessly. What’s the matter, did you drool so much she wouldn’t go to the prom with you?

        • @Fuckers, I look forward to reading your article about your choice of women’s gun issues, black’s gun issues, black women’s gun issues, beautiful women’s gun issues, or whatever. Gun review, gear review, political insight, gun commentary, I’m very interested in enjoying your intelligent literary skills in a published article. You’re style isn’t really coming across too well in the comments section. Maybe Sara will have strong competition. Can’t wait!

    • I’m with you, Sara’s articles are generally very light on content and heavy on pictures.

      If we want to taran tactical the site up, we can get some ladies of 3 gun.

    • There is so much crap on here that I don’t bother to read. I’ve said in the surveys that the best thing about TTAG is the constant addition of content. I’ve also said that is the worst thing about it, because an interesting story quickly get buried on page four in a couple days. I can skip a Tipton article as fast as a pocket dump if I wanted to.

      • Yeah I’m with you Michael. I just skip Sara. I am mainly here for politics and ranting. Gun reviews are everywhere too. “It’s a dandy pocket pistol”…

        • Well what would the white knights do with their time if they didn’t have a token to protect?

  33. So yea, I already drilled that extra hole in my receiver… piece of cake by the way. What’s next?


  34. @TTAG, “TTAG’s posting police (or is that supposed to read policy): no flaming the website, its authors…”

    So, if I understand correctly, this policy (or is it police) proscribes calling attention to FAILURES of the editorial staff or site ownership, i.e. THE MANAGEMENT, whichever you prefer, in fixing one of the long term, ongoing, vexing problems with site viewing, i.e. the behavior of site ads that hijack and redirect the viewer’s browser. We would also be proscribed from calling attention to MANAGEMENT’S attempts to BLAME OTHERS for the ongoing problem instead of TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for it and FIXING IT and even offering some ideas on how to accomplish it.

    Then, I suppose, that MANAGEMENT is chagrined because viewers like me use Ad Block and Ghostery to prevent the UNACCEPTABLE behavior of ads posted to your website, thus preventing the ads from accomplishing one of their INTENDED tasks and PREVENTING MANAGEMENT from gaining revenue for its site’s UNACCEPTABLE behavior.

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with MANAGEMENT proscribing UNWARRANTED attacks on it or on other posters. However, when MANAGEMENT has been repeatedly, over YEARS and numerous articles, been told to fix ads that fuck up a users experience and does nothing about it, then I believe they are fair game. Moreover, when MANAGEMENT tries to pin the blame for the ad’s behavior on anyone but themselves, they really open themselves up to the time honored flaming it justifiably receives. Finally, if MANAGEMENT is so THIN SKINNED that it can’t take justifiable criticism WHEN it fails to rectify a problem that has been pointed out to it over the course of YEARS, maybe MANAGEMENT needs to find another line of work.

    • I think she got famous and started her own site. Probably wants to be paid to show up here now. Seriously, anyone know the real reason? RF?

    • There was always something just a little bit sketchy about the way RF fawned all over her. She probably picked up on that vibe and skedaddled. Unless you’re a stone-cold narcissist, it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing to be over-complimented all the time. Especially, I would imagine, if you’re a very attractive young woman and the complimenter is a 50-year-old dude.

  35. Why don’t you go post another article about gays, religion, abortion, or whatever else to get the yokels stirred up instead of whining that people are calling you out for it?

  36. RF, I gotta ask — what was the point in opening this up? I thought we all learned that giving people “space for those who wish to destroy” was a bad idea. Seems like we’re re-learning that lesson here.

  37. So let me just get all my Fuck You’s out now and tell all the fucking people who may whine or break my balls in the next year to go fuck yourself with a ball bat.

    Ahhhh, that was therapeutic. I feel much better. Back to my composed self now 🙂 Thanks, RF!

  38. Sweet leaping Jesus, you actually wrote that we need to preserve a “safe space” here?!?

    This policy will be ignored. Still, again, and some more. Then some more after that.

  39. WTF IS THIS?! Stop wasting time with this type of useless crap and get the new site working. Or how about working on the ad situation? Your customers are telling you what you need to do to really make this site thrive, but you’re not listening.


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