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One thing that can no longer be denied: the malevolent forces of Mexico’s Corrupt government fear Dr. Manuel Mireles as no other. The charismatic former Autodefensa leader would not back down, would not compromise, and would not cut a deal with the devil. So he sits in a Hermosillo Sonora Federal Prison, over a thousand miles from his family, friends, and supporters . . .

He has tried to gain a transfer, but the powers that be are unrelenting. The governor of Michoacán came out publicly as not opposing the transfer — until evidence surfaced last week that he was talking both sides his mouth, and behind the scenes he was saying he did not want Mireles back in Michoacán.Former Michoacan acting governor Reyna Garcia (courtesy Shot 2016-05-15 at 2.15.08 PM

Yet the former interim PRI governor, Jesus Reyna Garcia (above) arrived in Michoacan after his transfer was approved. He was imprisoned in Altiplano, now he is imprisoned in the David Franco Rodriguez prison (“Mil Cumbres”).

The former acting governor, Reyna Garcia is charged with organized crimes offenses. This was after a video surfaced featuring two meetings between Reyna Garcia and Servando Gomez aka La Tuta, former leader of Caballeros Templarios.

Whereas the videos are often referred to in the Reyna Garcia case, other evidence are usually overlooked.

On March 31, 201, Enrique Plancarte Solís, another leader of CT, made a last ditch effort to save himself and escape from imminent capture.  Federal agents had him surrounded in the city of Colon, Queretaro.

He took his cell phone and made a SOS call to Jesus Reyna Garcia, then the sitting secretary of the government of Michoacán.  He made the call hoping to gain assistance in the escape.

This telephone call, intercepted by intelligence agents, was one of the key elements that gave evidence to the authorities that the number two state government has ties to organized crime.

In addition, there are photographs taken of Reyna  having contact with the leaders of the criminal organization Caballeros Templarios.

According to federal sources, Reyna received on his cell phone a call from Plancarte.

Also suspected is that while he was acting governor of Michoacán Reyna attended the funeral of the father of another CT leader, Nazario Moreno, aka El Chayo, in Morelia.

On April 2014 Reyna was arrested. He was charged with aiding and complicity with organized crime.  Among the supporting elements against the former acting governor, are statements, financial records and the video showing a meeting with Tuta. Although not specific, the PGR Criminal Investigation Agency, stated they had also conducted various forensic tests.

“Jesus Reyna held several meetings with members of organized crime; reports from various authorities, video evidence and forensic tests confirmed the above, “said Barrientos Archundia of the PGR agency.

Governor Vallejo claimed to be stunned by the arrest and reports of solid evidence, “If he is guilty, he must pay for his crimes as anyone else in the same situation”.

Dr. Manuel Mireles, leader of Michoacán’s autodefensas made a statement at the time, “he did not work alone, he is but one, there are many more”. (in the state government)

As for Plancarte’s last ditch call to Reyna Garcia, it did nothing to help his escape, he was part of a fierce shootout with the Mexican Navy that ended in his death.

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  1. Viva la Revolucion! At some point, you have to act. I hope this (and situations like it) motivates the citizens of Mexico to act.

    I hope they get a better government out of this.

    They are certainly paying the price in blood and treasure.

    • People have been drinking Cuba Libres for a long time and it hasn’t freed Cuba.

      In a country where the military is in close parity weapons wise with the criminal, the populace disarmed and the government corrupt, la revolucion isn’t going to be coming any time soon.

      • US, 1775. France 1789.

        Corruption, parity of weapons, etc.

        It can happen, it’s just not pleasant to live through.

        For “critical mass” to occur life has to be bad enough to risk it all to make it better. Mexico is there.

        The US is a long way from there, whatever the keyboard commandos say. When you’re deciding between “Is the dog more valuable as a a sentry animal, or do I kill it for meat?” You’re at the point where armed insurrection happens. Mexico is there.

        • Venezuela is there right now. Another month that and it all breaks loose down there.

        • I respectfully disagree.

          Mexico isn’t going to have a revolution any time soon unless it’s the cartels overthrowing the government.

        • Sorry, Wilson, I have to disagree. The cartels have already overthrown the government. what limited actions there are (usually by the military and not the police) are for show. to keep the people believing that “something is being done.”

        • The actions by the police and military are not being done for public consumption in Mexico, they’re being done for public consumption here in the US and to keep the DEA/DOJ from getting too uppity in Mexican affairs. Just look at Mexico. Every time there is enough info to gut a cartel or some portion of it, whether it’s given to the DEA, Policia Federal , or the Mexican military it’s always from the same sources and always the same outcome. The info came from a rival group/cartel and they simply take over as soon as “the good guys” mop up the “bad guys”.

          Mexico is on the verge of being a completely failed state and has been for decades. “La gente” are not going to rise up and fix it, if they were going to they would have done it years ago when they had a shot at it. Now they have no shot at it. This is like hoping for a “populist revolution” with a good outcome in… Somalia.

          The idea that people get “desperate enough” to do this is a joke. They only do it when desperate and the opportunity to win is there. If people just “got desperate” enough to do the right think Zimbabwe and North Korea wouldn’t be the problems that they are.

          Our policies and lust for drugs in the West have enriched the drug cartels to the point that there is no turning back short of invasion. I lived and worked in Central America for quite a while and I lived in New Mexico for quite awhile too. A “revolution” in Mexico, not backed by the cartels will be a short and bloody affair in which the people lose and lose badly while Mexico becomes a true “narco state”. This isn’t Costa Rica where people own guns, this is Mexico we’re talking about here.

          These cartels have even taken over some small countries in West Africa so they can import cocaine and other drugs into Europe more easily and they’ve totally infested Mexico. If countries in Africa can’t keep the wolf out from across an ocean, how is Mexico going to kick the wolf out when the wolf already has Mexico’s throat in it’s mouth? The short answer is this: Mexico can’t and Mexico won’t even try. Even shorter version: “Mexico’s f^%ked”.

          And who f&^ked Mexico? WE DID. We turned that country, and a lot of South/Central America into complete war zones with a combination of our zeal for altered states of consciousness combined with our inability to learn from Prohibition in the ’20’s and early ’30’s.

          Sorry, Mexico ain’t turning back from the brink without outside intervention, and that’s not going to happen. There’s too much money for the DEA, Customs, Border Patrol, local and state police when it comes to the “War on Drugs”. Not to mention the dumbass politicians who constantly rant about “being tough on crime” while intentionally created more crime to be “tough on”.

        • ” . . . You’re at the point where armed insurrection happens. Mexico is there.”

          Sadly, the armed insurrection is more likely to come in the form of a cartel-backed coup than from a popular uprising. As long as the Mexican government can maintain the fiction that it’s actually doing something to combat the cartels, the cartels can go about their business with relative impunity. Right now about the only reliable force in the whole country that can effectively fight the cartels is the Mexcian marines who are US trained and equipped. (A friend in Mexico once told me that the marines are so effective because so many of them don’t seem to speak much Spanish and, instead, tend speak English with American accents.) Right now the cartels hold all the cards. When the cartels are initiating well-planned squad and platoon sized gun-battles with the Mexican cops, that tells me that they aren’t all that far from simply taking over the whole country.

        • The populist revolution in Somalia had a great outcome compared to where they started. Somalis, while still hardly wealthy nor particularly “safe” in a traditional sense, are at least spared the scourge of a government. Not a gun law, nor any other idiotic law, in sight. And, even better, noone with a shot at enforcing such atrocituies even if they should be ‘enacted.” And the Somalis have remained effectively government free for over two decades now, despite constant attempts at saddling them with one by “the international community” (newspeak for the latest incarnation of the Socialist International.)

          As opposed to Mexico in the past several decades (according to insiders, starting with Vatican 2), various Somali groups had several other allegiances binding them together, rather than just petty nationalism and reverence for some, as always and everywhere corrupt, government. Increasingly muscular Islam was one, along with traditional clans and tribes. So they had more natural foci to rally around, as they got rid of the Barre government, after it went from being just another run-of-the-mill horrible government, to something more unusually annoying and troublesome, even as governments go.

          So it’s hard to see a clear nexus for Mexicans to rally around. My guess, by extrapolation from current trends, is that unless the Church shapes up and again starts playing a meaningful role, Islamic preachers will increasingly find willing converts in Latin America, over time even Mexico, like they have/continue to in Africa and Asia (And increasingly even Europe.)

  2. avatar Brian is inconsequential. Who is going to read his impotent rants on an obscure website? Google or internet search through Kay Griggs, Katherine Pollard Griggs.

    Bad Ass Mofo. I have had my dealings with roaches in my area, in the US, Honolulu, HI. He has done a service to humanity. The police are tools of the criminals, the same as the cartels. No matter the pain they inflict upon him, his treasure in heaven is established and no one can take it or taint it.

    Watch me on the toilet and say what you will. You cannot lie to God.

    Even if you murder my elderly parents! How stupid am I to post my real email address!

  3. The entire war on drugs has been a complete failure
    It has ruined other countries like Mexico and sent an entire generation of mostly minority American men into the prison system
    This will have repercussions into the next generation
    I feel bad for the ordinary people of Mexico
    Forming an armed militia is the only way they have any hope
    We see from the article that the cartels have infiltrated the government and will not allow the autodefensas to defend the people

  4. There is a viable solution to several problems which plague both Mexico and the US. Use Putin’s playbook and flood the country with NGOs promoting a referendum for Mexico to become part of the United States. I can’t imagine that actually being too difficult a sell to the people. This would reduce our southern border by 2/3 to Belize and Guatemala. We could firebomb the cartels out of existence and put a virtual end to the southern pipeline of drugs. The Mexican people would get rid of their 100% corrupt government and police forces for a mostly not corrupt state government(s). Most of the 14 million illegals in this country, those from Mexico, would then become US citizens. And the US would gain some really nice warm water ports. A win-win?

  5. The people of Mexico have the cartels to fight, the Mexican Government to fight and who is the US Government going to back up when said fight occurs ? The ones with the most $$$$$$ aka you got it THE DRUG CARTELS. The DEA and the FBI supposedly (what I heard anyway) fight a war on drugs while our CIA fights also. The biggest problem with that is our CIA is on the wrong side and backs the Drug Cartels. Disgusting, but a harsh reality.

  6. People of Mexico, YOU MUST FIGHT BACK. Fight your corrupt government, police, and cartels. Learn from the American revolution. Drop bodies until all men in powerful positions understand the people have the power “Article 39 of the Mexican constitution.”

    Be organized
    Stand by a code of ethics and uphold them
    Never surrender your arms. Never!


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