Announcing the TTAG Reader Gun Review Contest


The Truth About Guns prides itself on telling the truth about guns. If a gun is good, we say so. If it’s a dog, we let loose the dogs of war. We understand that these are tools you may use to defend your life some day, God forbid. For many of our readers they represent a significant slice of their hard-earned income. That’s why we work with writers who are honest, informed, passionate and fearless. Just like our readers. In fact, all but one of our writers – the jefe himself – started as TTAG commentators. So when Nick told us that new gun reviews were the best way to get off our current stat plateau, and RF said he wanted new blood, we decided to reach out to our Armed Intelligentsia. While our door’s always been open to reader-contributed reviews, we’re looking for more brilliant writers. To do that, we’re offering a little incentive . . .

Namely, a pig-slaying machine. That’s right, pen the best gun review and you’ll win an Underground Tactical Bacon Maker Six 5 Ultralight rifle in 6.5 Grendel (actual rifle pictured above).


Here are the specs on this marvelous pork poker:

  • 6 lb. 5 oz. weight
  • Forged upper and lower receiver mil-spec with indexing marks and M4 feed ramps
  • 416R stainless steel 18″ light contour stress-relieved barrel
  • Mid-length direct impingement gas system
  • FDE Cerakote finish
  • Underground Phantom Twist flash hider
  • Free-float Keymod hand guard system
  • Magpul CTR carbine stock, grip, trigger guard and MBUS sights
  • Underground Tactical adjustable flat adjustable (2.5-4 lbs.) precision trigger
  • Underground Tactical charging handle with tactical latch
  • Underground Tactical 25-round 6.5 Grendel magazine

To take that bad boy home, write an honest, thorough and entertaining gun review that follows our general review format. We have a style guide and a set of guidelines. Looking through our back catalog should give you an even better idea of what we’d like to see come over the electronic transom (see here, here, here and here for examples).

Choose any firearm you’d like, but a writer who critiques a gun or guns we haven’t reviewed stands a better chance of bringing home the bacon. Cover the gun’s basic functionality, takedown and maintenance, ergonomics, accuracy and reliability. Include a selection of (focused) photos (video is fine, too) that show the gun’s bits and pieces (don’t forget to include shots of both sides of the gun).

Again, follow the template. Include a specification section (including MSRP) and full star ratings (5-star scale) for style, ergonomics (shooting AND carrying, if appropriate) customization, reliability and an overall rating. Each rating must have a sentence or two explaining the stars you awarded. Again, see the examples linked above.

bacon maker

Photos can be included in their intended spots within the review in the Word doc, but are best when sent as separate attachments to your email. Multiple emails are fine if you have a lot of photos. If you don’t include your pics in the body of your review, please note where you intend them to appear (though we reserve the right to place them where they make the most sense).

Email your review or reviews in the body of an email or (even better) as a Word document to [email protected] Put the words GUN REVIEW – (GUN MAKE AND MODEL) in the subject field (e.g., GUN REVIEW – FNH FNX-9). Your email submission must be date-stamped by midnight Friday, December 19. I’ll choose the best review by December 31.

Think you have the right stuff to write for TTAG? No c.v. required. Just the best damn gun review on the internet.


  1. avatar Brian says:

    I looked at the style guide and I’m confused. Where do I link to the Israeli models?

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Anywhere you damn well please.

  2. avatar v v ind says:

    remington 870, ruger 10/22, winchester mod 70, s&w j frame. 10/10s, ‘murica

  3. avatar RT says:

    Can the review be anything considered a firearm?

    1. If it uses gunpowder and goes bang, have at it.

      1. avatar Patrick says:

        Is mayonnaise a firearm?

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          It can make a short term firearm lubricant…

      2. avatar C says:

        These requirements are unduly restrictive!

  4. avatar jwm says:

    Does me no good. I live in CA and couldn’t accept the prize.

    1. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

      I’ll take it and send you a Plinkster 702. Same difference.

    2. avatar Timmy! says:

      Go ahead and try. I’ll hang on to it for you if you win. I’m big hearted that way.

      [edit] Dang youse Barstow Cowboy! You beat me to the click!

    3. avatar BB says:

      There are plenty of FFLs that will modify a gun to compliance. Even if you don’t live near one that offers such service, there are out of state middle man FFLs that will do it for you. Of course, this will cost more money compared to just paying transfer fees, but certain worth it if you do happen to win.

      Or just ask them to send the lower to an FFL, and everything else directly too you?

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        With a Bullet Button (about $15) and a 10 round mag it would be good to go.

        1. avatar rlc2 says:

          +1. Go for it, jwm. I like your style and will drive up to pay you half price, after taking care of Mark N’s mods to CA legal. However, I suspect you will be hunting and/or lending this to your son in short order, for bacon harvesting…;).

    4. Lowers can be modded to CA legal (barf!), you could accept just the upper, or I could transfer you one of my CA – legal lowers for this one. You should be able to work it out if you have a good FFL that does out of state transfers.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        BARF! Exactly. I’m not a big fan of the AR to start with. And modding one to CA legal status turns me off even more.

        I think I’ll just keep my review of the 40 watt phased plasma rifle to myself, thank you.

  5. avatar Spectre_USA says:

    That Bacon(X)Maker is MINE boys, might as well not even try.

    It’s a done deal. 😀

  6. avatar Joe R. says:

    What about threats and vitriol?

    I think there’s far too little naming names and calling-out gun-grabbers as the mf cack-sackers that they are.

  7. avatar Usriflecaliber.30m1 says:

    Can we review firearms that have already been reviewed?

    1. avatar Usriflecaliber.30m1 says:

      And can we do multiple reviews?

    2. avatar Ralph says:

      From the post: “Choose any firearm you’d like, but a writer who critiques a gun or guns we haven’t reviewed stands a better chance of bringing home the bacon.”

      BTW, your avatar and your handle seem contradictory, no?

      1. avatar usriflecaliber.30m1 says:

        ‘BTW, your avatar and your handle seem contradictory, no?’
        Been wanting to change it for a while. Finally got around to it. Thanks for reminding me.

  8. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    I don’t think there is such a thing as “4168 stainless steel.” It is probably a keypunch error for “416 stainless steel.”

    1. I was wondering that myself, and really enjoyed my 416 stainless upper this deer season.

    2. My bad. I misread their spec sheet. That’s 416R.

  9. avatar rlc2 says:

    ps: I volunteer to review this gun, and the CA “how to make it legal thru ffl” process.

    And the boating accident later…

    1. avatar jwm says:

      If you need any eye witness statements about that boating accident just tell me what you want me to swear too.

      1. avatar rlc2 says:

        That 40S&W is the perfect HD round, and Glock23 = TheOneGunToRuleThemAll.

  10. avatar Cynical Bastard says:

    Current production only, or surplus military OK, too?

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      All firearms are fair game, no matter the production date.

  11. avatar C says:

    Guess i’ll be heading to the liquor store.

  12. avatar Sean N says:

    Just some words of encouragement here, folks…

    Your work WILL be edited into something prettier than you wrote. This is normal and GOOD. It means your writing was worth publishing. Usually it’s just any grammatical issues, or word choice to improve flow. (They’re pretty good at it too.)

    I got a story about a 686, and a story about a purple LC380. Both of which are better than you can do. So don’t bother trying too hard. It’s in the bag.

  13. avatar Daniel says:

    So, I would love to win the rifle BUT I am concerned about the job description that comes with the prize. For future gun reviews, how would we obtain new firearms? Would TTAG issue us loaners? Would we be required to pay for them out of pocket? Personally, I would love a job that “required” me to buy the latest and greatest in firearms BUT I could see that creating some marital discord when I my wife sees our bank statements…

  14. avatar NoID says:

    No Ithaca love in the reviews yet? No problem! I’ve got a lovely Model 87 DSPS to review!

  15. avatar Bigred2989 says:

    Can I do a review of firearm accessories? I wanted to review a 10/22 takedown stock to compare to the AGP stock that was reviewed some time ago. I had that stock for a year but recently switched to the Adaptive Tactical Stock due to various issues with my build (read: couldn’t fit the damn thing in the case with a scope on there, too). I have a firearm I can write a review for.

  16. avatar One If By Land 1776 says:

    What about those of us who live behind a “gun rights iron curtain” or the East Berlin of the U.S. in states like NY? If I won, I am banned by my state government under the pain of imprisonment from taking possession of my prize.

  17. avatar 2hotel9 says:

    Damn, I’ll have to overcome my current computer woes and get something together. I did buy a CAI M70 AK back in September. Got to get camera working with computer again, first!

  18. avatar Adam K says:

    Anyone want a review of a Bren Ten?

  19. avatar JAMES E CASTEEL says:

    yes i would like to buy youer 600 remington 6mm mohawk please email me if you steel have it please

  20. avatar Paul Hnatiuk says:

    Say Heah Boys and Girls, My Winning Ticket is the one with the Gum on it. Heh Heh Heh

  21. avatar Anthony Capobianco says:

    Phoenix Arms, I would like to purchase a Phoenix hp25 for my wife . Please send to me information pertaining t this firearm. Anthony Cspobianco

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