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 Benelli M2 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“I’m really wondering about the purpose of this blog lately,” a commentator opined underneath an Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day post on our old pal FPS Russia. “Granted, I just came on board a few months ago…but it’s apparent to me there is a lot of hate here…and not just for the gun grabbers . . . We hate Fudds, we hate cops, we hate the younger folks like FPS who are helping introduce the fun of firearms to his generation, we hate gun companies that don’t bend to our will . . . this sounds more like the Obama/Biden divide and conquer to me.” As per our policy, I deleted this off-topic meta comment (and subsequent discussion about the site) and brought it here for discussion. As TTAG’s publisher, I’d like to say this about that . . .

First, I understand as well as anyone that Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is under threat as never before. I know that gun owners must pull together to turn back the tide of civilian disarmament. That we are in the fight of our lives, standing for freedom against oppression.

Second, the purpose of this website is right there in our url: tell the truth about guns. There are irresponsible gun owners in our midst. There are hunters who support banning modern sporting rifles (a.k.a., “assault rifles”). There are law enforcement officers who abuse their authority, shooting the wrong people and/or lobbying to disarm American citizens. That’s the way it is.

The vast majority of TTAG’s thousands of posts defend and celebrate firearms and the gun culture. But let me be clear: it is not our job to define gun culture. To use our editorial discretion to decide who’s in and who’s out. I refuse to sacrifice the brand’s core value–presenting no-holds-barred gun-related information—to present a unified front to the enemies of firearms freedom.

To intentionally suppress inconvenient truths about guns and/or gun owners would be a form of “political correctness.” The same kind of self-censorship practiced by the mainstream media and, let’s face it, some members of the firearms information industry. Although we sometimes get it wrong, we aspire to a higher standard.

In short, I didn’t start this website to create propaganda. As long as I’m in charge, that’s not the way we roll.

As for the accusation that we hate “younger folks” like FPS Russia, get off of my lawn! No seriously; we’re the ones who pointed out that the NRA jumped the shark when Wayne LaPierre went after violent videogames. We’re the ones who want gun owners to invite newbies to the range. We’re the guys arguing for expanded firearms ownership into the LGBT, left-leaning and minority communities.

Look at our I Am A Gun Owner album over at Facebook. Read our posts. Know this: The Truth About Guns is an inclusive community. As long as participants respect our no-flaming policy, everyone is welcome. And I’m always ready to respond to complaints or criticisms via email ([email protected]) or my cell phone number at the top of the home page.

As for our impact on the struggle to defend and extend Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, I make no claims. All I can say is that we do what we can. I hope that we do no harm. But I know full well that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I remain vigilant, and I will more carefully consider our editorial mix going forwards.

Meanwhile, I thank our Armed Intelligentia for keeping us honest. And invite you to tell it like is, no holds barred, below.

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  1. First off, its not hate, hate, hate. The use of the word hate here is about as hyperbolic as the phrase ‘common sense gun laws’. I have little use for either form of extremism.
    I try to do my best to hate only hate. Ray

  2. I think I’m young (31) and I don’t feel anything like hate on this site for my generation. Pointing out safety violations from others is a good thing. I think it’s a good idea to point out FPS Russia’s mistakes since he’s a firearm celebrity. We don’t want other gun owners performing safety violations because they saw it on you tube.

    • They are pointing out his follies, but also giving him more exposure and page hits (therefore financial contributions via YouTube payments). So it’s not hate or ill will, it’s just pointing out that while he does extravagant and dangerous things for the sake of Hollywood glamour, real gun owners should exercise caution and care. And enjoy watching him do stupid things

  3. “Granted, I just came on board a few months ago…but it’s apparent to me there is a lot of hate here”

    Gee… why would gun enthusiasts be furious over the last few months?

    • Exactly! I’m new here myself and some of the sarcasm does get a bit biting at times but the only real hate I see is for those you would mercilessly hound some of the most law-abiding and responsible people on the face of the earth – the gun owners of America – lately under the most intense pressure for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Hell, now I’m gettin’ mad.

      As for you William, don’t waver, you’ll find that whenever you run anything someone will want you to do “A” if you’re doing “B” and the other way round. You’re doing a fine job – hang in there and thanks.

      • Yup. The dude who wrote the critique needs to lighten up.
        Maybe he is a plant for the other side because our passion is turning the tide.

  4. As far as I see it, all legal gun owners, regardless of race, gender, religion or political affiliation are the People of the Gun and should be respected as such.

    Even when some of us act like total asshats. Hell, especially when we act like asshats, because the best way to deal with a jerkish commentator is to be unyieldingly polite and rational in the face of their uncouth behavior.

    • This.

      It is, after all, where the Second and the First merge…and from with the other eight emerge.

      As HL Mencken once said, the problem with fighting for human freedom is that one spends so much time protecting scoundrels.

  5. I have recently read articles here that are reminiscent of fingernails and chalkboards. I read these articles because I need to know what the enemy is saying. Listening to only those that agree with me does me no good. Hearing an argument for the first time, durring a discussion with a liberal, leaves me less than fully prepared in the debate.

  6. I have been reading religiously for the past few months…even commenting a time or two. Sometimes I get the feeling, especially when first visiting, that this site was very anti law enforcement officer…Having said that, I am a Law enforcement officer, but there is a significant difference between myself, fellow officers i work with, and the dislike and distrust for the corruption of law enforcement read about here. I in no way consider myself part of the problem. I am smart enough to know right from wrong, abuse from duty, and to know when I am being talked about and in what context. This is a great site, both for learning about firearms, and what is really going on in our country, without the sugar coating. Keep up the good work.

    • We don’t hate cops here. We hate what they’ve too often come to represent. Your comment was wonderful. Please comment more often. Consider my request; it’s like calling a radio station and requesting a song. Remember when that was a reality? God, I must be really old!

    • Thank you chris. I’ve had LEO friends in the past, but most all are retired now. I am always open to hearing current views from professionals in all fields.

    • I don’t hate cops. I don’t like it when I see abuse of authority. What I dislike even more is when LEO’s cover up for abuse of authority. I will always speak up when I see abuse of authority. Most cops most of the time do the right thing. A few thugs with Badges made the rest look bad especially when the police don’t police their own.

      My city police will have no part of it. Chief Jim May, Northglenn, CO has fired 3 officer over the last year and a half. He says “we don’t do that here”, no more old school. The Colorado State Patrol will fire a Trooper in a heartbeat for lying and abuse of authority.

      Frankly I hold LEO”s to a very high standard.

    • There has been a good bit of harshing on cops on this site. It’s usually commenters and when it is the poster it’s always a fair point. We have all had less than stellar encounters with LEOs. Should we really let that shape us and dictate how he treat all the members of a certain profession?

      As for being curmudgeonly. That’s a big load of BS. Nick leghorn is proof of that. Though I don’t quite understand how that segues to lgbt or minorities as mentioned in the post.

      Anyways this site is freakin awesome. Thanks for all you guys do.

    • LEO’s have an obligation, as such, to do their duty in respect to civil liberties as it pertains to statute & conduct.

      That being said I very much love my CLEO & have great respect for him. This is a result of actions, when compared to the above obligation, have resulted in the giving there-of.

      When a LEO offers a piece of there

  7. I for one don’t give a crap about the video games. As for the getting butt hurt over FPS Russia getting called out, deal with it. I am in my 30’s, and I enjoy watching his videos. I consider them absurd comedy. Like the Airplane! movies. If he gets hurt,too bad. But he clearly knows what his risk are. Not everyone will like what you like. But if you have a common interest, get together and join the community. Speak the truth. Nobody likes everything the same.
    We do not need affirmative action for what you like or dislike. Don’t like it, don’t read or use it. The 2nd Amendment is a right, and it is under attack. Call your representatives and get on it if you want to complain about it. Or about the attacks on your rights. If you do not like the site, then don’t visit it. There are many other sites and forums where everyone can find their kind of content. I for one, like TTAG. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks about them. I get my information from multiple sources, and comment when I feel like it. No one forces anyone to read TTAG

    • “I enjoy watching his videos. I consider them absurd comedy. ”

      I feel the same way. Call it stupid exuberance, whatever. Watching it is like, “I wonder what could possibly go wrong?” I may be wrong, but I see that as part of his message. “We’re screwing up bad so you don’t have to.”

      • FPS Russia often brings out a smile or a laugh!
        Kind of like “Top Gear” for the car guys!
        Or the “myth busters” watch this! Just don’t try it at home?
        I don’t hate any group. I do dislike many. I get angry at lairs, and stupid. You can’t fix stupid so I uaually don’t say anything.
        But stupid lairs who are supposely educated, piss me off.
        LEO are in the spot light because they are all armed. They make mistakes, and have bad employees like any big Company. TTAG points some of these out. They tell the truth and I like that.

        I don’t feel “hate” out on the gun forums, or at gun shows, or shops. What I feel is anger, fear, and some since of doom!

        I do miss some of the gun/gear reviews on TTAG.
        But I understand why their resouces have switched to the “fight” we all are in now.


      • “We’re screwing up bad so you don’t have to.”

        Lovely turn of phrase! I just watched this guy for the first time and was overcome with uncontrollable laughter.

  8. Someone who hunts and doesn’t own a modern sporting rifle but at the same time supports gun rights is not a Fudd.

    Someone who hunts and supports banning AR-15s is a Fudd.

    Fudds are not our friends in this struggle.

    • I don’t think most Fudds are actually real. I think that “I grew up hunting but…” is just a weak qualifier gun grabbers use to both seem reasonable and to keep from looking like the Prius-driving, overpriced coffee-quaffing, pseudointellectual pantywaists they really are.

      If you asked one if they’d ever tried the .600 Nitro Express, they’d probably think that was a new flavor shot a Starbucks.

      • I’m not so sure…while there certainly are some such as you describe, I’ve spoken to plenty of gentlemen who, while at first interested in the topic of firearms when it comes up in converseration, find distasteful any weapons remotely tactical or related to self-defense. They honestly think that hunting and target shooting are the only legitimate reasons for a civilian to own a gun.

      • The NRA was run by the “Bad Fudds” for some time. They stood by and saw rights wither away for years under the guise of “not hurting hunters-who cares?” The are finally on the right track (but for how long, who knows).

      • I’ve had Lucas’s experience a lot in my hippie-degree-mill town. “My poppa took me hunting as a kid back in Minnenoisconsin, but I just don’t agree with Militarizing American Society and Automating The Power Of Death!”

        Lucas, you forgot “mendacious poseurs,” “useless-degreed Occupiers of taxpayer-fleecing tenured professorships,” and “people who raise feral brats and expect you to call them Indigo Children.” IMO they’re scared of guns because they’ve taught their offspring that they are so SPESHUL, they are little beasts whom they wouldn’t trust with a firearm the way their dad ostensibly trusted them.

  9. I can see how a newbie might look at a few posts and get that impression from some of the comments. That said, this site is awesome for a (fairly) newbie like myself. And Robert seems to do a great job keeping things civil and informative. Thanks

  10. You’re confusing “hate” with anger. Justified anger.

    The word “hate” has become as obnoxiously abused as “racist.”

    • The word “hate” has been intentionally equated with “criticism”; this is not by accident. It’s part of the team strategy: DIVIDE=CONQUER.

      Anger is GOOD; because often it’s the only sane response to the madness of crowds. RESTORE THE ANGER!

    • +1

      gun owners and gun rights activists still can’t hold a candle to the manufactured rage espoused by gun haters.

      Listen: we’re the informed ones. We’re the ones who know what “semi automatic” actually means. We’re the ones who know “universal background check” = registration —> potential for confiscation. We are the ones who are refusing to use emotional arguments to win over followers. We are pointing out that laws passed in a hurry are both irresponsible and likely to have deleterious unintended consequences. And we’re constantly mocked by a public who has not had the desire to educate themselves on the issues.

      We damn well have a right to be angry. The biting criticism that TTAG is real as it is convincing. And the people on this site, writers and readers, do it better than anyone. You certainly aren’t going to get it from a politician. You won’t even get it from (some) gun manufacturers. Our rights are under attack, and we have a job to do.

  11. I’m 18 and don’t feel any hate against young people on this blog. I see hate for people being unsafe, setting bad examples, and not supporting the second amendment fully. I don’t like those things either.

    Additionally I don’t feel this site is anti law enforcement just anti special privileges for law enforcement. When you can shoot up a random car without consequences, that’s not okay.

    Watching FPSRussia is not how I want new shooters to see this community. Invited by their friends and taught proper safety protocol and given good instruction is.

    • Exactly. Guys like FPS Russia and whichever lunatic said the Zombie fad will protect our 2nd Amendment-protected rights are seriously hurting our cause because to them, guns are simply “toys” that they like for the coolness factor. They don’t take safety seriously because they think that it makes guns less “fun” and therefore it isn’t necessary. And when they screw up, it falls back on the rest of us, who get painted as irresponsible nutjobs along with them.

      Maybe “hate” is too strong a word, but the point stands that we don’t need their help and if we ever wind up depending on it, the cause is already lost. Go ahead and doubt me, but Japan thinks guns are super-cool. Nobody there can own one anyway.

      • FPSRussia and zombies lead people to watching nutnfancy and hickok45. You have to get people to notice guns before you can teach people about them.

        • But you’re still trusting a group famous for creating the Rickroll and Chuck Norris facts to carry our water for us. Geeks are a fickle lot to task with championing our rights; a single cute picture of a cat wanting a cheeseburger can derail our entire effort.

          Because to them, guns are a “fad,” and when a fad becomes passe, geeks will drop… well actually, they’ll beat it into the ground for another few months, and then they’ll drop it.

          I should know, I tried to take one of my geekier friends shooting. He bitched about not being able to use two pistols at once or rapid fire (both non-negotiable range policy) and nearly got me kicked out for shooting down another guy’s lane. When they find out guns don’t work like they do in Tarantino movies and Modern Warfare, they lose interest very quickly.

        • Clearly that’s not always the case as evidenced by me right here.

          Hipsters are hipsters are hipsters. Most people aren’t a hipsters.

      • It depends, I think the zombies are a cute fad that’s harmless to gun rights, if anything it normalizes the gun culture to many people.

        It’s a harmless pop culture meme, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

        • No no, hipsters would soil their little skinny pants before they’d so much as look at an honest-to-God weapon. Geeks are a different sort altogether. They can be annoying in large groups and they don’t know when to let a joke die, but they’re not so bad. I just don’t like it when they complain about taking gun safety too seriously, as if that’s even a thing.

          Oh, and if you’re the guy I insulted earlier, accept my apology. That wasn’t cool of me. And if you thought for a moment there I was accusing you of being a hipster, then I owe you a pound of flesh; nobody deserves to be called a hipster.

  12. Easily offended, thin skinned cry babies should be on the list of people not allowed to own guns…there someone said it….

  13. He’s more like Tim the Toolman. Yes, his safety practices aren’t so grand, but we need more than just the four rules, we also need good marketing.

  14. Because gun owners, gun enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment people of the gun are under constant barrage of disinformation and lies it makes us extremely sarcastic with a low tolerance for stupidity.

    If the reader can’t take our dark humor with a tablespoon of salt, then FOAD. There are PLENTY of other websites that will pander to those that like their firearm news nice and vanilla.

    Me – I like the truth.

  15. I agree with your post Robert. I believe it is important to keep track of what the antis are trying to do so we can join the fight. Some friends and I watched the hearings on CCW in Illinois last night and it is amazing how ignorant and arrogant the anti – gun side is. From wanting more time to improve the FOID system (they’ve had 45 years) to wanting a GPS tracking device in every firearm. That’s why it is vital we keep a close eye on them:

    I believe it is important to keep an eye on police misconduct, the only way to prevent it is to expose it. I certainly don’t hate police, I know several. By and large they are good guys who feel the same way I do. I don’t like the attitude of some of them thinking they should be exempted from the same laws on gun ownership that we are forced to follow. They have to realize we are all in this fight together.

    I certainly don’t hate young people, they are our future and we need every one of them we can get on our side. Really, the fight is for them. I am already teaching my grandson the safe handling of firearms, he knows the 4 rules, and I take him shooting every chance I get.

    I don’t hate the gun companies that refuse to side with us. All we can do there is tell them how we feel and make the personal decision whether or not we will do business with them in the future.

    As for the Fudds, they had better wake up and smell the tuna fish. They are next, if the antis are successful in getting our personal defense weapons banned, the next item on the agenda is handguns and “High powered” sniper rifles.

    I think someone is just too sensitive to some of our discussions and should relax. Keep up the great work and don’t change a thing.

  16. well, i’m going to go OT again, but this post seems to be a good reason. i want to thank you for this site. i enjoy reading here for about half a year and must say: to me, you’re mostly reaching the higher standard you’re aspiring to. you all present a wide range of information and facts about guns and related topics and this facts seem to be less one-sided than the ones presented in the ‘normal’ media. I enjoy watching FPSRussia and I do think he’s making a good job to introduce young people to guns, but responsibility and safety are issues which should not be taken lightly, so it’s only fair to point out if someone is publically failing on this essential gun-issue. This applies even more because many people see FPSRussia as a show which presents how the average gun owner uses and abuses his guns, not as what it is: a show which is based on a very special attitude towards guns.

  17. well imo whoever posed that statement to RF is full of it, and has clearly just discoved this excellent 2a website, seems like they are trying to pull a jessie jackson on ttag. young ppl hate? gtfoh, fps russia is supposed to represnet anything othet than himself? hahaha what nonsense. putting him in the irresponsibel gun owner of the day posts is a GOOD thing. If i ever saw anyone behaving like he does at a public or private range i would confront them myself or get management. what he does is DANGEROUS and does nothing for 2a.

  18. This site engages in a lot of criticism, but I wouldn’t call it “hate”. Thinking critically about the issues of guns and gun rights is what will make our community stronger, as well secure a foundation for the future of those rights.

    I think TTAG does a great job pushing the community of gun owners to be self-critical, and contrary to the thinking of pseudo-pop psychology of the 20th century, self-criticism is what helps us become better people, not lying to ourselves about the uncomfortable aspects of this debate.

  19. The areas that first drew me to TTAG were the IGOTD and DGUTD
    sections. I have found very few places that willingly addresses both.
    The reason I keep coming back is the ability to disagree with the
    editors. One does not have to fall in line to keep their posting
    privilege (see arguments regarding FPS Russia). The moment this
    stops, the site will become no better than the MSM lapdogs.

    As a whole, I find that the articles and comments offer a far higher
    degree of thought and intelligence than the average blog. I feel that
    recently many are getting so frustrated with the antis that they
    start venting and nitpicking in areas that would be otherwise left
    alone. This isn’t to say that certain areas should escape notice; just
    that tempers are getting a bit frayed. The one area we all need to be
    aware of is that the antis will not stop. We can pick apart FPS,
    Teg Nugent or Alex Jones and rightfully so. But we will be deluding
    ourselves to believe that if these “characters” were out of the picture
    the antis will ease up.

    • ChuckN +1
      Your hitting the nail on the head! We must stay focused on what really matters. Those who would steal our rights. Do not turn on each other people as Obama has gotten people to do in every othervarea of America.

      Unite with our unique differences to stop anti America haters who must take our 2nd amendment rights if they are to succeed in turning this into a socialist country lead by king O!

      I personally love the site to see the varied thinking about guns. The coolest thing for me has been the “I’m a gun owner” posts. It shows we can be amazingly different but yet can unite under a common cause. I had lost hope of that.
      No haters here! Just those who believe in the Constitution and the people of the greatest nation in the world.

  20. Stay after it, Mr. Farago. TTAG is telling it like it is and has become a vital tool for informing people about the intentions and actions of the gun grabbers.

  21. About FPS Russia and other celebrity IGOTDs: we’ve always made a point of calling out those pro-gun people who egregiously misuse guns. With great power comes great responsibility. This holds true whether you wield the power of a gun in your hands, or the power of having millions of followers on YouTube. In FPS’ case he wields a great deal of both, without any apparent regard for the consequences.

    About cops: we’re not anti-cop, we’re just pro-liberty. The same Constitution that guarantees our right to bear arms also guarantees our freedom from unwarranted government intrusions and our equality before the law. Some police act with very little respect for any of these Constitutional protections. They want to deprive us of modern firearms while they lobby for LEO exemptions that let them personally buy and shoot anything they want. When police do this, we call them out for it. Some police have taken courageous stands to protect our liberties, and we’ve praised them to the heavens.

    About younger shooters: they’re the future of the sport and of our rights, and we dig them. We reject the factually-challenged social engineers who think that toy guns and ‘violent video games’ are destroying our youth.

    We might be OWGs now, but we used to be those younger shooters, video gamers and kids playing cops & robbers in the backyard. Some of us still are! We’ve run several video-game reviews, as long as the games have lots of guns in them.

    We’re pretty strident here, and we seldom take a fence-straddling position when it comes to our rights OR our responsibilities. But we certainly don’t hate young shooters or cops. All FPS needs to do is demonstrate good range safety, and we’ll be off his back and on his good side.

    Except about the accent. We’ll always rag him for that 🙂

  22. Its not hate, dag nab it all. Its healthy anger & TTAG has been a place to vent & I hope that won’t change. Randy

  23. Slave states? Inevitable bloodshed between police and the ‘people of the gun’?

    Yeah, I’d agree. This site damages the effort at supporting gun rights.

      • Following the GOP handbook – using wild-eyed radicalism to recruit among those who are already True Believers. The gun rights movement doesn’t need to recruit you, Bill.

        • First off, I find you extremely useful as a powder solvent, Hoppes #9, but I think you’re incorrect in your belief that TTAG is supposed to be a direct recruitment tool. Preaching to the choir is meant to help the choir learn how to preach to others. We come here to keep abreast of what’s going on with gun rights in this country and to learn ways we can counter the people who want to see us disarmed.

          So no, nobody seriously expects Joe Venti-Latte and Jane Clueless-Soccermom to come here and be converted by the articles and postings on TTAG; they are here for us to get the information we need to educate those two.

  24. There may be some hate, probably better identified as frustration with anit gun fools and liars. Small beer compared to the grabbers ideas of killing gun owners, pro gun advocates etc.

    What I see on TAGG (Trolls excluded) are people concerned by the danger we face as a nation. An recognition that rights which are essential to freedom are being threatened by a concentrated, deceptive smear campaign by most of our federal, state, and local governments. Resistance to the assault on our national constitution in an effort to bring the US under a collectivist/socialist/globalist form of government. A presentation of facts that illustrate the ineffectiveness of past gun control on the criminal element of society, which leaves law abiding citizens vulnerable to violence. A reluctance to trust in the actors behind gun confiscation, which, regardless of what any grabber says, is their ultimate goal. And the unwillingness of gun owners to give up their personal or national sovereignty to those people in favor of statism who would create a national version of Chicago, for the children.

    Outside of that, I believe as a whole we are a fairly jovial bunch with a fair to middlin’ sense of humor (talkin’ to you, Ralph, among others).

    No TAGG dose not hurt the gun rights cause. That is being more that covered by the present liberal officials and their msm hacks. Thank God they have to fabricate a position out of whole cloth. But I fear the outcome of a national debate that takes place in a country which turns a blind eye to people who admit on television that they voted 6 times in the last presidential election.

  25. “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!” ~ Barry Goldwater (a *real* conservative)

  26. Without two groups, 2A is a dead duck. The two groups are young shooters and women. We don’t hate either. Far from it. We need them. We praise them. The only bone I have to pick with the yoots is that I can’t get a lane reservation on the weekend because there’s too many young guys shooting. And all I can say about that is: fantastic! Keep it up! And dudes– bring your girlfriends. She’ll feel empowered, she’ll become a shooter and a friend of 2A, and it just may save her life.

    As for the cops, what frosts my cake is abuse of power, by anyone. Having a government job is not a license to be a pr!ck, whether you’re a cop or work at the motor vehicle bureau. That kind of situational power seems to be very attractive to a hard-core minority of people who should never have a badge or a gun. Sure, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch, but it sure makes it hard to trust any of them.

    • My wife just joined the NRA with in the last 6 months. She has had a CCW for almost 10 years and always carries her Glock 27. They went to far when the decided to come after her Bushmaster AR. That’s when she decided to join the NRA and she is 58. Don’t let the gray hair fool ya. She was hit by a women who ran a red light Dec. The Denver PD officer had to pick her jaw up off the street when my wife handed over her CCW permit.

    • “And dudes– bring your girlfriends. She’ll feel empowered, she’ll become a shooter and a friend of 2A, and it just may save her life.”

      My girlfriend is a Gunners Mate…if she gets anymore empowered, I’m going to come home and find a 57mm cannon in the backyard. And hell, she shoots better than I do; just like I told her she would when we started dating. One proud boyfriend over here, let me tell you!

  27. As a blog with contributing members, you have every right to post how you feel about fellow travelers in the gun community who you think are providing unsafe examples or bad information. Some may not agree, but this is a forum, I believe, dedicated to the free flow of ideas. We are not under any overall orders to not criticize people we agree with most of the time. I find it refreshing that your writers speak with truth and do not worry about ruffling other’s feathers in the firearm community.

    I recently found myself on the other side of the constitutional carry law proposed in Utah. I agree with it, but may said they do not because they only wanted people with proper training to carry. I scoffed at the idea of 3 hours of book training and was a little put back by their agreement to allow the state government the right to “permit” us to carry a firearm we legally owned. However, in the long run, we agree on 90% of the other issues and the fact we can have a debate on this without destroying our commitment to the 2nd amendment is a sign of strength.

    All I have to say is beware of positions or causes that don’t allow open debate.

  28. I’ve been an occasional reader for quite a while, and a regular reader since Sandy Hook. TTAG provides intelligent, reasonable analysis and commentary of events, and I think both the site reps and the posters have been fairly restrained in their comments about the idiotic antics of the disarmers. None of us are well served by glossing over the seriousness of the situation, or by over the top “blood in the streets” sentiments, although I don’t think Stanley McCrystal got half the kicking around he deserved for his “.223 is too dangerous for civilians” lie.

    There is one instance where I think it got out of hand, and that is the recent FPS Russia thing. The tone was a bit sneering, but keep in mind that I’ve got a son who looks and acts a great deal like him right down to the fake Russian accent. So that might be my father reflex kicking in.


  29. Though some of the comments can be vitriolic, I don’t see the published articles as espousing hate.

    Also, people like FPS Russia SHOULD be condemned for being irresponsible, especially since they ARE introducing new shooters to firearms. People like Hickok45 are much more responsible and informative.

  30. Hip hip hurrah!

    Seriously, I could use a little less liberal-bashing, being one m’self. I don’t screech about the Red Menace, after all, and extremists come in all colours.

    But that’s individual posters. TTAG is about the only truly impartial forum of which I know, on ANY subject.

    That is appreciated.

    Russ, Kansan

    • Screw the kum-buy-ah Russ, you are part of the problem, not the solution. If you can’t see the error of voting Democrat by now, I dont give a fvck whether you own a gun, you are dead to me.

      • Like this guy.

        I vote issues, not the aisle. If that offends you, good.

        You are not my neighbour, and I do not give a whiz what you assert. I’ll not apply the word think to you.

        Stay off my land, though, else you’ll be dead to all – and the Republican sherif (for whom I voted) will buy me a beer.

        I call myself a Democrat because that’s my leaning, rather than “what little government there is should be about legislating peoples’ private lives.”

        Why do I bother? If the fact that I moved from California to Colorado, then to Kansas by choice doesn’t say something, then to hell with it.

        • Your claim to be a liberal and a Democrat that ‘votes the issues, not the aisles’ really does not clarify who you are, nor does it clarify whether or not you voted for Obama and his minions because they supported some Liberal cause that you also supported, in spite of their stance on the 2nd Amendment.
          In other words, in your zeal to be liberal, did you sell the rights of your fellow citizens to be protected by the 2nd Amendment? It is impossible, you know, to idolize Stalin because you liked his modernization of the steel industry, nor is it acceptable to support a certain German diplomat simply because you like to drive fast and he builds some WONDERful roads.
          There may be many things of a liberal nature that I support; I cannot bring myself to vote for Democrats, however, to obtain some small measure of good in exchange for a huge helping of bad along with it, from Obamacare to the Welfare State to Chicago Machine Government to cowardice in the face of our enemies.
          Perhaps if you would tell us, bluntly, whether or not you are an Obamaite, you could avoid any question on where you stand.

        • Not many knew their stance on 2A before they got it. Some, but not many.

          I’m not here for politics, but let’s say that I’d be best described as a Libertarian who nonetheless believes that certain aspects of a country are best handled by a central government because of quantity discounts and strength in numbers.

          I also believe in an environmental agency with teeth, because I don’t want my grand kids to have three arms thanks to “self regulating” companies policing their own polluting.

          I believe that the government should not be in the marriage business.

          I believe in 1-10A, and appreciate how 2 will help me protect the others – its really the lynchpin.

          And I believe that anything at all is better than a VP, and thus possibly a President, who couldn’t name the three countries in North America (us, us on decaf and the burrito place) and insists that Africa is a country.

          Anyone with so little inherent desire to learn would be at best trainable, and unable to deal with any situation not already pre-digested by others and translated into pictures and one syllable words for her playbook, so I voted big O in ’08.

          I want to pay my taxes so Leavenworth will plough the dirt road on which I live and put out fires, Kansas can maintain the highways and teach the kids and the Feds can make certain that we are safe from enemies from within and without.

          Those enemies include toxic dumpers, those who insist on quelling any who don’t view the Flintstones as a documentary series, people who want to pay $5 an hour for 12 hour days, those who’d disarm us et cetera.

          So yeah, I’m a Democrat, but not a fanatic.

          Carter established the DOE. Reagan tried to kill it. Bush Sr. Thought it was a good idea and helped it along. Ideas, not party affiliation.

          Since I don’t believe we’ll all be Raptured out before the oil runs out, and don’t believe that Exxon really needs federal subsidies, I like seeing my dollars go to renewables like the Kansas wind project, so I’m a stinkin’ lib.

          With guns.


        • No, Russ, your answer is quite comprehensible. Your first sentence answers my final question: You voted for The One, and you apparently confess that you voted in ignorance–either you failed to do your homework, or you didn’t WANT to know the truth about your candidate and voted for an historical figure because of his skin colour rather than on the issues he represented.
          Possibly worse, you may have voted for The One because you WANT what he offers–someone to run your life from cradle to grave, someone offering you the dependency of the slave, the protection of the collective.
          In other words, you HAVE sold the rest of us out, because the 2nd Amendment was FAR less important to YOU than Saving the Planet for Wind-Powered Inner-City LGBT Whales.

  31. I found TTAG late last year while doing online research for an IWB holster for my PPK/S and was totally blown away at what I’d been missing. I started following all the posts and now it’s the only blog that really gets my full attention. That was before everything went nuts in December. Since then, it seems to have changed somewhat and I am glad for that. Like it or not, we’re in challenging times and we’re seeing one state after another restricting or flagrantly eliminating our rights, with the federal government waiting in the wings. If we lose (or worse yet, give up) our 2A rights what good are reviews for weapons we’ll never be allowed?

    I think you’ve got a good thing going here and I, for one, want to see you stay the course. I’ve gained some great knowledge, been able to keep up far better with 2A and arms/equipment information, and gained some great thinking points along the way. I’ve even challenged a few of my own beliefs and had my mind changed by things I’ve read here.

    Hate? Not seeing it. Seeing people that aren’t willing to stick their heads in the sand and take whatever someone wants to bulldoze over them. I personally think the blog posts and comments are very well tempered, especially given recent circumstances. Some I don’t agree with, but it’s a big world with lots of opinions. Of course some of the opinions make me want to drive a large nail through my frontal cortex, but trolls do that to the best of us.

    And since we’re not paying to be here, and since no one is forcing us, we’re all welcome to spend our time elsewhere. I’m sticking here.

  32. Kudos to you Robert Fargo, I salute you! If you’re ever down south, look me up for a beer…and please accept my apology if my rant came out sounding a little to hostile. I honestly thought my comments had been deleted, but to be moved to a whole editorial of its own…WOW. This really IS the Truth About Guns…:)

    Yes, I am the gunman on the grassy knoll…so to speak. I’m not afraid to stand behind what I say. I am the opining commentator of the aforementioned thread. Late night, one too many beers, and my mouth may have gotten away from me a little bit. The opinion was still vaild though, if somewhat misspoken.

    This is an awesome site. I visit several times daily now. I did just start reading around November unfortunately…so after Sandy Hook things have taken a darker turn here I’d guess. I’m thinking people, like myself, are also pissed off with the way things are going here lately too. It’s not pleasant to be a 2A supporter these days, and reading all the negative crap does nothing to lighten the mood. I read the articles, but I also read the comments here too, and that may be where I’m getting my vibe from.

    The truth about guns is not pretty sometimes, but I stand behind my original statement: we’re all in this together. The cops, the fudds, the FPS Russias, the housewives, the preppers, the operators, the boy scouts just learning to shoot BB guns. The 2A binds us all, and following the threads I think some of us are a little too hard on some of the people of the gun. It’s like the creepy uncle, or the annoying cousin: you may not like them but they are still family. We are all family here, because of our love of firearms and shooting. We are a diverse crowd, and in every crowd some will be louder than others. But then again, that’s what the 1A is about isn’t it…and we couldn’t have the 1A without the 2A. Thats my opinion…yours may vary!

    I think and hope that TTAG is and becomes a major player in the defense of the 2A and that our collective voices are heard…and make a difference in the fight. I’ll be here…

  33. “Granted, I just came on board a few months ago…but it’s apparent to me there is a lot of hate here…and not just for the gun grabbers . . . We hate Fudds, we hate cops, we hate the younger folks like FPS who are helping introduce the fun of firearms to his generation, we hate gun companies that don’t bend to our will . . . this sounds more like the Obama/Biden divide and conquer to me.”

    My Gawd…. someone needs to grow a little thicker skin. Robert Farago please keep up the good work.

  34. I thought you were too hard on FPS Russia. That post had a somewhat sneering tone that I haven’t seen before on this site and didn’t really appreciate. Other than that I got no problem’o.


  35. I don’t know, I think I might sometimes agree with the OP that some of the stuff posted here doesn’t help gun owners in the long run. Obviously the site owner can (and apparently will) post whatever he wants, and because his revenue is ad driven he is actually financially rewarded for posting more contentious issues, and posting issues based on their ability to draw views more then the long term effects it might have politically. I’m not saying that’s happening, I’m just pointing out that its financially rewarded.

    I appreciate honesty, even “harsh” honesty that is hard to hear. But sometimes putting something under a microscope doesn’t help anyone involved. It’s like posting a story in the local paper about your crazy uncle bob and how he isn’t right in the head and thinks theirs aliens living in his barn. Sure it might make a funny story and its certainly the truth, but who did it help in the end? Probably not the subjects of the story, truth or not.

    All it takes is a quick damage assessment. “Who am I helping and who am I hurting by posting this”. If the first list is really really short and the last list is really really long then maybe its best left unsaid, truth or not.

  36. I’m 56 years old, the typical OFWG that most folks think of when imagining a gun ower in America. I used to hunt back in the day and shot bullseye competitively. My rifles are all older wood stocked bolt or lever action firearms, that are the typical Fudd gun. But I have jearned and can see MANY uses of a modern style rifle for feral pig hunting, self defence against rioters or looters and for fun like 3 gun competition. I wish like hell that I had been smart enough to buy an AR type rifle on Nlack Friday last Nov. when they were on sale at places like Walmart CHEAP. When I first happened on this site, it was much more focused on reviews and shooting. Now it seems the focus is mpre on the politics of tha day. I miss the reviews, but I read the political stuff because I can’t get this kind of info as quickly anywhere else. In my opinion you guys that run the site are doing a GREAT job. I sometimes see some hate or intolerance here from the occassional poster that has their own predjudices, but by and large, it’s been a self policing site where other poster remind the few that they are not being reasonable. I have learned a HUGE amount of stuff from this site. I am a moderator on a tractor site and fully realize that running a site like this with the large amount of traffic here is not an easy task. Keeping the discussions civil and on point can be a challenge, but seems to work ok here. Folks here that want to refer to me as an OFWG or a Fudd, are free to do so, I take no offence, because the first is true and the second used to be true, but this old dog has learned new “tricks”. My handguns are not all revolvers, I own semi-auto pistols and my Glock has a couple of 30 round mags should I ever need one. Not typical Fudd equipment. So I will continue to read the site and comment when I think my thoughts will contribute something or provide a little humor. And I hope that the site continues to grow and prosper, even after we all end up on some gubmint list.

  37. Citizen’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
    Constitutionally declared and enumerated Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
    Citizen’s Rights vs. powers of government.
    Modern Sporting Firearms. Sport / Utility Firearms.
    Gun crimes? Gun Rights? Assault Weapons? Illegal Guns? Constitutional Rights?
    Guns commit crimes do they? Guns have Rights do they? Weapons assault people do they? Guns arrested for being illegal are they? Constitutions grant, award and afford ‘Rights’ do they?
    Just asking.

    Essence of actual Truth? Principles of Operation of Energy.
    Opinions as follows:
    Gun? In general, a word often used as an identifier for a device that expels a projectile or projectiles through force of explosion.
    Fire-Arm? In general, a hand-held or shoulder-braced device capable of expelling a projectile or projectiles through force of explosion.
    In essence, a firearm is a ’thing’, having commonalities with most all other things.
    In general, a firearm is a thing / object / device revelatory in part of a recognized need, application of human intelligence and representative of human technological achievement. An inanimate thing / object / device that when used for some purpose or another may be regarded as a tool.
    In general, the purpose served for use of a firearm as a tool is dependent upon the circumstance and the user.
    As with any tool, the responsibility for its use is solely that of the user.
    Under some circumstances a firearm serves as a deterrent to a ‘Rights‘-violating act or ‘crime’.
    The basis of an actual ‘crime’ or ‘criminal act’ involves the intentional violation of a person’s ‘Rights’.

  38. I think the occasional post about gun misuse is nothing more than a transparent and token attempt to maintain the spirit of the blog title. If the truth were really told, there’d be a lot more negative gun stories. But that’s fair enough. Even I, on my little blog, post the odd DGU that seems legit.

    To answer the question, does this spattering of irresponsible gun posts harm gun rights, absolutely not. The overwhelming preponderance of information around here is gun positive. On the contrary, the harm done is to society at large due to the promulgation of nonsense like gun ownership and home carry should even precede proper training. Remember when Robert was pushing that one? Plus, the obligatory resistance to any and all gun control laws. The vast readership tends to follow Robert’s lead on everything so I can only imagine how much damage is being done right here by reinforcing wrong ideas about guns.

  39. Yes, TTAG is biased. You never hear about LGS jacking up prices. $25 for Russian 9mm box of 50. You never hear about owners hoarding ammo during this shortage who already have a ton of ammo and do need it. You do not hear about Fox News second largest stock holder being a muslim, a Saudi prince , friend of Bush, according to Glen Beck a 9/11 financier, but all one hears about is biased/racist remarks against Obama and the liberal media.

  40. Fpsrussia is starting to grow on me. Also I think he is using those soft moulded silicone earplugs that sit in deep like musicians sometimes use so as not to mess up their “head shots”. I have some and you’d be hard pressed to see them if I was moving around.

  41. I started coming here because the writing struck me as more even-handed and fact-based. Uncompromisingly pro-gun, but at the same time willing to tell it like it is even when “our side” gets it wrong. I can’t think of any other pro-gun blog that wasn’t hyperventilating over the UN Small Arms Treaty, and was willing to set matters straight.

    I’ve noticed that’s changed. No doubt gun-rights are under more threat than they were before, and tempers are understandably flared. Yet it seems like TTAG has descended into the same kind of tired right-wing insults and talking points that I could literally get anywhre else on the internet.

    I sometimes wonder if my fellow gun-owners fail to appreciate how some of the rhetoric turns off independent and even liberal-leaning pro-gun folks.

    • This. Absolutely this.

      I thought the gun owners’ gallery was the best thing I’d seen on TTAG since inception. I could send it to people of all walks of life for many different reasons/uses/points of departure for discussion.

      I sent it to at least 30 left/liberal/Democrat/blue/whatever friends/colleagues–about half of them gun owners or gun curious–with a lot of positive replies. Then some of them read into the site and replied that they thought from the gallery that TTAG would be a balanced site…but instead they were put off by the “polarized meanness” and “kneejerk right wing politics.” Some of these Democrats are more conservative, btw, than my local Republican friends. And at the end of the day, most of us in my congressional district are a nice shade of purple, not blue, not red.

      There’s a good example above in the comments. A man calling himself a liberal gets bashed over and over by people who just want to attack him, making the silliest points that amount to “You’re a Democrat, YOU destroyed the Second Amendment.” Well, thank you for contributing, now do you have anything to say with your brain engaged and your amygdala taking a nap?

      If it hadn’t been for the hard-right takeover of NRA in Cincinnati in the late ’70s, NRA could have stayed on its moderate course of protecting rights and extending training, and not gotten involved in so much partisan politics which ultimately eroded RKBA.

      This is why *I* refused to be an NRA member, despite being pro-RKBA all my life. IMO, there are a lot of Republicans who would gladly see 2A destroyed so that they could blame Democrats for it forever. That isn’t supporting 2A, that’s holding it hostage for a particular politicized and polarized world view. 2A is for all, and that’s what we have to convince more people of. Why that is, and why that’s important.

      Anybody else remember this discussion?

  42. I personally don’t hate for to me that causes finality.
    I would like to mention that in the last few decades, though Very noble, those who have taken the high road have paid a very heavy toll for it and still failed at their task.
    I personally miss the days when I could wear my pistol and carry my rifle and shotgun in the back window of my truck and no one would think anything of it.
    As the population of this planet continue’s to increase we are distend to most likely have a world government and that government to a pier to be by majority vote but will in truth be a dictatorship. I just hope that is long after I have passed naturally of age however I fear that we will loss our rights for firearms. It has happened in most of the world and even in several US states, all unabated. Americans will bit**, and complain but in the end; they will be gone and it will spread as the anti’s gain ground from the lack of real action. America will lose the 2nd amendment just from apathy of the people, the majority.
    I don’t want to through in the towel for I will make them work very hard to take my rights. Keeping in mind that any day the fed’s could show up, take my guns and me away and I nor my guns would be seen from again. That it could happen throughout the country and no one would really care if they even noticed. We are individuals trying to fight a larger and more organized enemy, for we are not just competing for the majority vote with the anti’s, we also are resisting the whole of the government. Just wanted to point that out and let that sink in as we pass through time.

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