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New York cop contemplates AR-15 (courtesy

New York’s SAFE Act infringes upon residents’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. For example, the Act bans the sale or in-state transfer of modern sporting rifles, limits ammunition magazine capacity to seven rounds and forces gun owners to register all ammo sales with the state. Amongst other things. In reaction to the new law, in anticipation of equally unconscionable legislation in Connecticut, New Jersey and elsewhere, a growing list of firearms and ammunition manufacturers have decided to level the playing field or, if you will, close the LEO loophole . . .

They will not sell ammo, guns or gun gear to law enforcement officers (LEOs) within these slave states if those states ban the items from civilians.

Please find below latest list of participants, the companies who’ve yet to take a stand and those who’ve refused to join. The list comes courtesy Jeffrey Bates at, who asks gun owners to email the companies who haven’t committed to a boycott and urge them to do so.

Note that none of the largest players (e.g., Glock and Smith & Wesson) have gotten off the fence yet. That will change. It’s becoming increasingly clear that gun owners are moving towards a boycott of their own: refusing to do business with those companies who don’t stop LEO sales in slave states.

We’ll keep you in the loop.

New York LEO Boycott Participants: source1source2

1. LaRue Tactical 2-8-13 22. Head Down Products 2-20-13
2. Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC (Per EFI, policy is several years old) 23. Bravo Company USA 2-20-13
3. Tier One Arms 1-15-13 24. Exile Machine 2-20-13
4. Olympic Arms 2-12-13 25. Barrett 2-20-13
5. One Source Tactical 2-13-13 26. Crusader Weaponry 2-21-13
6. Templar Custom 2-13-13 27. Top Gun Supply 2-21-13
7. York Arms 2-13-13 28. Kiss Tactical 2-21-13
8. Cheaper Than Dirt 2-15-13 29. Nemo Arms 2-21-13
9. Bullwater Enterprises 2-16-13 30. Clark Fork Tactical 2-22-13
10. West Fork Armory 2-16-13 31. Old Grouch’s Military Surplus 1-16-13
11. OFA Tactical 2-17-13 32. Big Horn Armory 2-22-13
12. Smith Enterprise 2-17-13 33. MidwayUSA 2-22-13
13. Alex Arms 2-17-13 34. CMMG 2-22-13
14. Trident Armory 2-17-13 35. Rocky Top Tactical 2-22-13
15. Spike’s Tactical 2-18-13 36. Ace Ltd. 2-20-13
16. Quality Arms Idaho 2-19-13 37. Norton Firearms 2-22-13
17. Liberty Suppressors 2-19-13 38. Badger Peak 2-22-13
18. Doublestar Corp 2-19-13 39. Controlled Chaos Arms 2-22-13
19. American Spirit Arms 2-19-13 40. SRT ARMS 2-22-13
20. Primary Weapons Systems 2-19-13
21. J&G Sales 2-20-13


Companies to E-mail Will continue to update

Company E-mail Facebook Date Added
Amchar [email protected]
Atlantic Tactical [email protected] link
ATK [email protected] link
Bushmaster [email protected] link
Charter Firearms [email protected] link
CZ-USA [email protected] link
DPMS Firearms [email protected] link
FNH [email protected] link
Freedom Arms [email protected] link
Glock [email protected] link
HK [email protected] link
Kahr [email protected] link
Les Baer [email protected]
LMT Defense [email protected]
Magnum Research [email protected] link
Nighthawk Custom [email protected] link
Remington [email protected] link
Robinson Armament [email protected]
Rock River Arms [email protected]
Sig Sauer [email protected] link
Smith & Weson [email protected] link
SOTA (State of the Art) Arms [email protected]
Springfield Armory [email protected] link
Wilson Combat [email protected] link
Windham Weaponry [email protected] link
Z-M Weapons [email protected]
GT Distributers [email protected] link 2-22-13
Allstar Tactical [email protected] link 2-22-13
Beretta [email protected] link 2-22-13
Jurek Brothers (Current NYSP contract) [email protected] 2-22-13
New York police supply [email protected] 2-22-13
Del Ton [email protected] 2-22-13
CMMG [email protected] link 2-22-13
Aim Surplus [email protected] link 2-22-13
PK Firearms [email protected] link 2-22-13
American tactical imports [email protected] link 2-22-13
Ruger link 2-22-13
Alexander Arms [email protected] 2-22-13
Mossberg [email protected] link 2-23-13
Colt [email protected] link 2-23-13

I regretfully have to add a companies to boycott list – These companies have chosen profit over protecting the constitution.


GT Distributers

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  1. Would government contracts get in the way of a manufacturer boycotting the LE of a ban state? If so, that might explain why the big boys (Colt, Glock, S&W, etc.) have kept quiet.

  2. Nice work. This boycott makes me as excited as a schoolboy. It’s the last step before a national strike, in my opinion.

  3. Ok RF, in a previous housekeeping (TTAG hurting gun rights) post there was a something about a statement of “hating manufacturers that don’t bend to our will.” In previous posts, a lot of vitriol was directed towards Armalite. Granted their response may not have been Emily Post, but the point they made was simple: people demanding that they not sell to specific local and state governments was no better than politicians restricting / outlawing private purchases of weapons to the general public. If the population boycotts a manufacturer, there is the possibility that this may backfire and encourage them to sell to government agencies located in restricted areas. RF, what am I missing here?

    • The difference is that only one side is looking to infringe on a Constitutionally-guaranteed right.

      • It’s not a constitutional right, its a god given right to defend ones self….. the constitution mearly states the government can’t touch it.

    • people demanding that they not sell to specific local and state governments was no better than politicians restricting / outlawing private purchases of weapons to the general public.

      False. The point ArmaLite (headed by an ex-cop and employing mostly ex-cops) made was that the police should have superior rights to the peasants and should not be held to the same standards as us lowly commoners.

      • TotenGlocke, I’m not an apologist for Armalite. However, their CEO Mark Westrom believes that his LEO clients have an immediate and legitimate need for his product. That does not translate into the civilian population being less important. His mistake was that his non-apology letter regarding a potential boycott to restricted states had a slight edge, which bordered on being insulting to his potential costumers.

        • That does not translate into the civilian population being less important.

          Yes, it does. He thinks their lives are more important and that they have a “right” to superior firepower with which to oppress the people of the US. Both of his letters (and shame on him for trying to blame an intern in the second letter) were dripping with condescension towards the commoners.

        • If “LEO clients have an immediate and legitimate need for his product. ” is what CEO Mark Westrom believes.

          Then CEO Mark Westrom is saying that police are a special class of citizenry and have rights that supersede those of normal citizens.

  4. This is a great list. Shows who to throw your money at for being faithful, who to boycott for selling out, and who to pressure to take a side.

    Share this with all of your fellow gun owners. This only works if we all work together.

    • I’m not even sure they legally can.

      But you might want to consider how much larger the civilian market is than the professional one. I believe I saw somewhere on here that civilians account for close to 90% of firearm sales in the US. Nevermind the fact that Glock has close to no military contracts (though they are huge with LEOs.)

      While I think you’re right that they won’t budge, you also underestimate the buying power of the American people.

      • TT they can’t legally ban amy guns either but they sure did. I’m not trying to be rude just pointing it out.

    • TV, they have every right to call their contract null and void. We are winning the battle slowly. We will be on a conference call with Ruger next week to try and get them to sign on. If they do it will be a start, and show that the other big players can do the same.
      In all honesty how can they not! They are saving their own financial growth by doing so. If you want to forget about the second amendment for a moment. Their market share and publicity more than makes up for selling to the million or so LEO’s. There are millions of citizens who will flock to their doorstep to buy their guns.
      So if they really want to save their market share this is a no brainer.

      • +1
        there are FAR more citizens than LEO’s and the sales prove that. yes, it will be a bit of a cut if they ax the LEO sales, but sacrifices are sometimes needed when you stand up for something other than money.

        • Ruger and S&W are publicly-traded companies. I’m not sure how easily they could make the decision to do this, even if the CEOs wanted to. Not sure how the ownership is broken down, what the boards are like, or whether you could make a compelling business case for it.

        • A compelling business case is quite simple. You have a group of elitists which just made your products illigal for everyone but themselves. Lets take New York for example which has a population of about 20 million. With the stroke of a pen, your market in the US has been cut by 6.5%. Now lets throw in New Jersey…. 9 million people – another 3% loss. Colorado and connecticut another 2% each. Then there’s California at nearly 13%. So with five states, depending on the items you manufacture you could see a nearly a 25% reduction in your total potential market with 5 strokes of a pen. By doing nothing you are putting your stamp of approval on this and when all 50 states fall you’ll have nobody left to sell to but the tyrants that killed your markets in the first place. If all these gun companies think there are enough sales in the tyrant business to support them all then they’ve got nothing to worry about. I think thats highly unlikely. You cant be penny wise and pound foolish. You have to protect your markets – failing to do so now will lead to failure later for most of them. You are far better off taking a stand, and sticking together to protect a viable market thats large enough for all to thrive. If I were a shareholder of S&W or Ruger ( which im not) I’d sleep better at night knowing they were taking a stand over selling out for the short term gain

    • It will only take one of them to boycott LE is unfree states. For example, if springfield did it, the real money (us) will abandon the close to identical (in function) m&p and safe-action series’ for xd, or vice versa. I like my glock but these plastic fantastics are all tight in the pack function-wise.

  5. Surprised to not see Brownells on this list either way yet. I called them the other day to “register” my sympathies and that as a customer would like to see them join with others like Midway. I can spend my money anyplace and Brownells at the moment is not on MY buy list. It could change if they speak up. No fence sitters today.

  6. What ammo makers? I didn’t see any in that list, much less a major ammo supplier.

    I will be shocked if any ammo maker bigger than a specialist precision rifle shop gets on board.

    • Dont post bullshit. Keep their deuces inside the toilet bowl.

      Read the whole f^cking thread. PWS is on our side.

      Im NOT going to sit back a let some self-indulgent, childish cocks^ckers flame on one of my favorite gun companies.

  7. “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

    I’m talking to you Glock, SIG, S&W and Ruger. Especially the last two, who are American companies that remain suspect after the way they kissed Bill Clinton’s big fat, uh, ring.

  8. I prefer the phrase “closing the government loophole” since it focuses more on the real culprits the politicians. Why pick on the police or LE community with a boycott only against them? It seems like many of them are on our side.

  9. Where are the ammo companies?

    Without bullets, guns are nothing but fancy clubs.

    I won’t consider this done until every ammo company has embargoed every anti-2A city and state government.We’ll see how committed these antis are when their precious security detail cant get ammo.

  10. Robert can you please add POF (Patriot Ordinance Factory) to the list of companies to email? Here is the link to their Facebook page.

    Thank you.

  11. i would love to see companies like hornady, remington, winchester, and speer ammunition join the boycott. it will also help solve the “peasant” ammo shortage.

  12. that lists brings a huge smile to my face but with out glock and smith & wesson we are still at a huge disadvantage.

  13. you need also to go to stockholders meeting of firearms makers about these issues and show strong public support about the bans!

  14. In the current environment, most companies can afford to shed some business to a boycott from the general population and continue business as usual.

    But long term, how many can afford to have their market potential reduced from a population of more than 300 million to 5-6 million LEOs and military. Only a few will survive, like the few defense contractors.

    • Let the LEO get their stuff from their buds in communist China … like minds Socialist/communist right…..

    • a) glock and S&W can look at it as publicity.
      b) these companies are over a year behind schedule trying to keep up with demand (ruger temporarily stopped taking new orders).
      c) the companies in the gun industries business are booming now! LEO’s are a very small part of these peoples huge profits.

  15. Great list. This is one New Jersey resident who is tired of LEO exempting themselves from all these laws. From guns to cell phones.

  16. All you need to know about the LEO loophole can be found on the side of a modern cop car. Most of the ones I see these days do NOT SAY ” to protect and serve ” but have some other stupid slogan. Modern cops have an us v. them mentality and see themselves as protectors of the state and their pensions rather than servants of the people. I applaud manufacturers who refuse to sell to state agencies in states that prohibit the same type of arms from being sold to John Q. Public.

  17. Do you realize that LEO sales for Glock are NOT “big money makers”?!

    They will sell arms to law enforcement at a LOSS, purely to enhance their reputation for the far larger commercial market. “If the cops use it, it must be the best.”
    This was a strategy clearly described in “Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun” (worth reading if you haven’t).

    Glock stands to lose much much much much more from the loss of commercial sales than law enforcement. A boycott would really hurt Glock.

  18. Midway un-pledged according to your “Source 2”. The Midway rep said that it was an Internet “hoax” and they have no intention of limiting sales.

  19. I have many friends who are LEO’s and who support our fight both officially an unofficially.
    That being said the Police Deoartments need no more or less than we are allowed to own.
    Living in a rural community if a break in occurs I am the one needing the Standard Capacity Magazine in my firearms. Not the LEO’s who are 15 miles away!!!

  20. Recently I have seen a lot support for the Leos being able to buy firearms that the citizens aren’t. I have been kind of torn on whether or not LEOs should be able to purchase firearms or not because after all it was not them who passed these laws. Should they be punished just like the citizens because of a law that they had nothing to do with? Well I believe yes and no, no because they are people too and were not responsible for these laws but yes because they are police officers who took an oath to uphold The Constitution and are currently enforcing unconstitutional laws. Another factor to consider is if all of the LEOs really enforcing it? Who is to know? For the ones that are enforcing it and are not taking a stand to uphold The Constitution I believe they do deserve to be treated the same as the citizens they are forcing these laws on. Yet another factor to consider is if we were in their place would we stand up for The Constitution if we knew it meant possibly being ostracized, having your reputation run through the mud, or even fired? I would like to say yes both the 2A supporters and I would but without being in that situation I don’t have that answer. For those of you who are or were in that situation and did stand up for our rights and others I thank you. Ultimately I believe this is what the LEOs need to do, stand up for our rights and say no to these unconstitutional laws and if they do not then they deserve the treatment they are getting in regards to purchasing firearms. So my decision is made CLOSE THE LEO LOOPHOLE! or as Aharon said in a previous post “Close the Government Loophole”

  21. RE: SAFE ACT

    Dear Mr. Governor,

    I congratulate you for banning magazine fed weapons and bravely upholding the SAFE act in spite of the 2nd and 14th amendments to the Untied States Constitution. Since you have established a new ground breaking legal precedent that effectively voids the Constitution in your State we would like you to consider adding restrictions for the following items to your list:

    1.- The Boeing 747 aircraft

    2.- The Financial Instruments called Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps

    About The Boeing 747

    This aircraft must be added to the Assault Weapons list and regulated by the SAFE act. For your information, the 9.11 hijackers did not use any “magazine fed weapons” or firearms of any kind during their terrorist attack. They used commercial jet liners.

    Given the visionary Feinstein logic you used in the SAFE act identifying magazine fed small arms excluding .22 rifles as a weapons of “mass murder”, we recommend that the Boeing 747, should be added to your list following the same criteria and furthermore be classified as weapon of mass destruction. Please insure that all large passenger Jet air liners with two or more similar characteristics to the 747 also be banned from entering your state, because, as we learned the hard way, you don’t need a firearm to commit mass murder, just a few dedicated extremist gentlemen.

    Since you are effectively overturning the fourteenth amendment with the SAFE act, why not suspend citizenship rights for New York residents affiliated with the hijackers religion and step up racial profiling to the level where ANY extremist looking gentlemen should be forbidden from exercising their constitutional RIGHT to air travel. Given that the constitution no longer applies in your jurisdiction, why not forbid the entire religion from being practiced in your entire state?

    The fourteenth amendment was passed by Abe (the guy from the memorial) to protect the constitutional rights of former slaves, religious minorities and now gun owners from arbitrary acts of local and state level idiocy that contravene the fundamental rights given to people by the constitution.

    Banning Financial Instruments

    Derivatives and credit default swaps are much more dangerous than small arms like the AR15 and should be added to your list. Small arms do not qualify as weapons of mass destruction, given that their potential to make people homeless is much less than that of a los Alamos designed 20 kiloton fission warhead, which is the real bench mark for such things, as this criteria was set in the mid 1940’s by the US Government when these devices were actually used to kill real people, Mrs.’s Feinstein’s idea of “mass murder” is a very relative concept.

    If you do the math, derivatives and credit default swaps made MORE people homeless than any detonation of a 20 kiloton fission weapon could ever have hoped to do. Unfortunately since your friend and mentor Sen. Feinstein was instrumental bailing these assholes out and since derivatives were explained to her by her staff as being “complex and intangible objects”, unlike AR15’s, you are probably just limited to banning the computers of the Goldman Sachs people in your jurisdiction.

    It seems that you New York democrats only find evil in objects. Coming from the political visionaries that identified 20 oz. sodas as the root of all human obesity, there are no surprises there. And if you cannot trust your constituents with a 16 oz. glass of carbonated soda, or god forbid a semiautomatic rifle, can you really trust them with the right to vote?

    Your logic is flawed. I love the way you people think. I hope you lose your election.

    Fuck you very much,


    A former resident of the City of New York.

  22. In the USAF, when one guy in the flight f**ks up, everyone starts pushing.

    Its no different with LE and their governments. If their state or city government passes unconstitutional regulation, its just as binding on LE as it is the citizen. I don’t care that Gang Bangers carry AKs and whatnot. If police collectively valued their safety enough to want patrol rifles and high capacity mags, they should have stood up to their superiors like many Sheriffs have across the nation.

  23. You need to take CMMG off the list.


    The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and all law abiding gun owners in our country are currently under assault. Since the horrible tragedy in Connecticut, politicians and media alike are actively demonizing and criminalizing citizens of these great United States who are exercising their rights under the Second Amendment. The emotional responses and decisions being made right now are extremely dangerous and short sighted.

    As individual states elect to pass more restrictive gun laws, CMMG will adhere to each state’s regulations. However, CMMG has made a policy decision that it will not supply products to law enforcement agencies in states that have enacted legislation preventing individual citizens from owning similar firearms. CMMG will no longer provide these agencies with firearms, magazines or any other products that are restricted or no longer available to civilians. CMMG will not stand by on the sidelines and let America’s rights be stripped away. CMMG will not support states that have police departments and law enforcement agencies arming themselves with firearms and weapons that are not available to law abiding citizens. CMMG does not believe in separate classes of citizens and will not engage in sales to states that enact legislation promoting that belief.

    CMMG will, however, make exceptions to police departments and law enforcement agencies that have taken a public stand refusing to recognize or enforce unconstitutional firearm restrictions. Agencies making this stand are putting their careers on the line to take a constitutional stand for all Americans as fellow citizens. Abraham Lincoln spoke on June 16, 1858, and stated that “a house divided against itself cannot stand;” CMMG supports those who support our freedom.

    CMMG, as industry partners, and gun owners (including law enforcement agencies), need to stand up and stand together to counter this assault on our freedom and our constitutional rights. The Constitution is the supreme legal authority in our land, and we are bound by its words. It states in the Preamble that it was written to “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” The Founding Fathers agreed the best way to establish this was through the Bill of Rights which includes the Second Amendment. Let us take this stand together, unified, to continue allowing this country to be the beacon of freedom to the world.

  24. Some people are saying that “demanding that a company bends to a collective will” is wrong. That isn’t what is happening. What IS happening is that the companies are getting advanced warning of free market activity. People will vote with their wallets if the companies in question continue in certain specified behaviors. Nobody is telling them what they MUST do. People are telling the companies what the people will do. They should be thanking us for the “heads up.” Even if they only take a 4% hit to profits because people bought elsewhere, they take a hit. That makes their market share smaller and limits growth. Eventually the conversation happens in the board room: “Why can’t we get more out of the civilian market?” and the answer ends up “Well, Bob, they think we screwed them in 2013.” It makes it an up hill battle for them. We have to play a long game for keeps. We WILL win this in the end.

  25. Any company that takes a stand in support of EVERYONES 2a rights gets more consideration for my future business than a company that does not, or remains silent. Pressuring a private company to do the “right” thing with free market influence isn’t wrong…

    I don’t hate companies that are in the second group, they are making a business decision…and so am I. Don’t hate the player…hate the game… If anything, I respect the minor players who have come forth and blatently said they will continue to sell to state and local LE…at least they have the ballz to take a stand one way or the other, unlike thier bigger brothers who remain silent on the subject.

    Has anyone thrown away thier Glocks, Sigs, Colts, Rugers, etc because they haven’t banned sales and gone pro 2A? If you are planning on it, let me forward my address to you…I’ll pay for the shipping!

    • No, the only real option would be the destruction of said firearms. Which of course is not bloody likely on my end.

      The damage is done, the manufacturer already received its money. The only hurt can come from boycotting future purchases.

      Incidentally, it’s rather like Cerberus’ pathetic attempt at selling Freedom Group. If they were to really put their money where their corporate mouth is, they would close shop so no firearms could be made by the group. Now THAT would be a statement. By selling, they acknowledge the value of Freedom is greater than the BS “corporate social responsibility” they claim compels them to sell. $$$ talks.

  26. What about all the other silencer manufacturers(besides Liberty)?

    Why haven’t companies like Aac, Gemtech, Swr, Silencerco, Yhm and all the smaller companies said anything?

    Shouldn’t they be involved with this as well?

  27. IF the citizens cant have firearms, than neither can the pigs (those law enforcement who promote gun grabbing).

  28. i mailed red jacket firearms weeks ago a number of times to ask them to use their celebrity to speak up for gun owners rights. not only was i not worth a response they havent said anything about gun rights on their facebook. i wanted a zk-22 stock but i wont buy anything from someone who think le are superior and deserve to be better armed. F8ck RJF that media wh@re family can ride a splintery bedpost into the sunset.

  29. I’m not sure, two days after the posting, if this will ever be seen, but I thought I’d pipe up. This is the text of the email I sent to all the companies on the “neutral” list above; Perhaps if enough of us voice our objections, market capitalism will do the rest.

    To whom it may concern –

    I am a law abiding citizen, living in a state that is not. The state governments of New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Connecticut (among others) have made the unconstitutional, morally wrong decision that ordinary citizens may not own modern and effective personal defense weaponry while simultaneously allowing the “Police Loophole” to continue to exist. These states are effectively saying that there are two classes of citizens: those who serve the state, and those who are ruled by the state. This is a fundamental violation of everything that America stands for in principle and in law.

    The danger to the rule of law in this nation is stronger than ever, and I’m asking for your help in fighting it. The saying goes that we have four boxes with which to fight tyrrany: the Soap Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammo Box – to be used in that order. We are still able to stand on our soap boxes and speak our minds, so I’m asking for you and your company to join the 40+ firearms manufacturers and distributors – as well as the interstate community of law abiding gun owners – in voicing your firmest objection to the abandonment of the constitution in these states.

    In support of firearms rights for all law abiding Americans, I am asking you to boycott sales to all agencies in states that have passed bans preventing ordinary citizens from purchasing your products. Help us close the Police Loophole; if it’s too dangerous for us, it’s too dangerous for them.

    Reverend Brad Mitchell

  30. Lets face it, none of the big time companies are going to follow through with any LEO boycott. This is America and money talks. As a cop myself, how would any company know what my job was when ordering on my own dime. Believe me, Departments arent going to be sending mass orders to any of the small outfits listed above anyway. The Big Boys sure arent going to damage their bottom line by saying “no”. (and no, Spikes is NOT one of the big boys). But, for arguments sake, suppose ALL the major US companies complied with your boycott. What do you imagine happening? Well, I’ll tell ya. The local PDs are all suddenly carrying weapons from Germany, Israel, Belgium, and the Czech Republic.
    Of course, Im just giving you guys a hard time. Personally, I have no problem with a civilian carrying an AR. Its just a shame that you dont have the former military combat training to go along with at least 22 weeks of intense firearms training combined with the legal training combined with the hand-to-hand combat training combined with physical fitness standards combined with the tactical real world elements that jeopardize our world every day. Dont ever fool yourself into thinking that any “modern sporting rifle” on the market today (regardless of magazine capacity) would ever make you “equal” to me or anyone I work with. Its NOT about the gun in your hands, Its about the MAN who holds the gun. Personally, I would never enforce a gun confiscation warrant on a man without a criminal or mental health record, but believe me, if I WANTED to take your guns, you could never stop me. I know, i know…….”crazy f’n pig!” But who else do you have in your society that is willing to, on a weekly basis, bust into a violent, gang bangin’, thug infested, drug den and kill them? You? Dont think so. So, good luck with your boycott. We’ll continue to put our lives on the line for all you ungrateful pricks just the same as we do for the appreciative ones.

  31. Hey guys, dont get too wrapped around the axle about cops being exempt to some of the red tape that these socialist states are implementing. Take CT, for example: Not only are LEOs exempt from High Cap Mags, gun registration, etc., but active military members are also exempt.
    Now, being a Libertarian and hating cops is one thing, BUT to also penalize our fighting heroes who, I think we could ALL agree, deserve EVERY break,……well, that just makes you a Democrat!

  32. Good point, Josh.
    After reading this webpage, I was initially blown away at the ingrateful attitude towards those Americans who fight and risk their lives to protect the very 2nd amendment rights that we are lucky to retain in this country. I live in a similar state with idiotic laws banning high capacity magazines for civilians. Active Military service personnel and Law Enforcement officers are exempt. Good for them! They deserve every perk. Its not as if any of them took the job to get rich. They get paid little to put their lives at risk every day. What do WE do? Sit at home and take their sacrifices for granted. Saying crap like: “They dont DESERVE exemptions. They dont DESERVE preferential treatment”. Are you people out of your freaking minds?!? When was the last time you gave a dime to the Wounded Warrior Project? When was the last time you risked your lives for total strangers in your country or community? Most of you guys sound like a bunch of spoiled brats who have forgotten how many soldiers have fought and died just so you cold even have guns in your homes!
    Yes, Gun registration is bad. Banning High capacity magazines and ARs is bad. Thats why there are political elections. Get off your a$$e$ and volunteer for your Republican’s political campaign. Nobody ever said that maintaining liberty and freedom is easy. Stop complaining and get to work!

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