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From Hornady . . .

Given today’s ammo prices and product shortages, securing valuable personal assets makes sense. Assembled in the USA, these cabinets are a specialty security container for organizing and safeguarding ammo and much more—lock it up and protect these hard-earned investments with Hornady Security.

The all-metal Ammo Cabinet uses a barrel-key lock for enhanced security. These tamper-resistant containers restrict access to valuables like reloading tools and components, hunting and shooting gear, and anything else that requires secure storage.

The Ammo Cabinet designers optimized the layout to accommodate plastic ammo cans (3 included) or similar aftermarket products. Cabinets feature three adjustable shelves, with a 100-pound load capacity rating, totaling three 12” x 18” surfaces in the 40-inch-tall container. Also included are shelf/floor mats to protect the contents in storage.

The Ammo Cabinet’s dimensions work well as either a stand-alone cabinet or as the base of a sturdy workbench. For extra storage space, Ammo Cabinets conveniently stack and bolt together. Additionally, switching the cabinet’s door to the left or right opening accommodates individual preferences and the available space.

Square-Lok walls featured in this Hornady Security container allow critical airflow for temperature and humidity control for proper ammo storage. Other Square-Lok accessories fit the modular system for further customization.

The Ammo Cabinet includes a battery-operated motion light that conveniently illuminates cabinet contents when the door opens. And no storage system is complete without proper labeling, so the Ammo Cabinet includes ten magnetic rewritable shelf labels to organize items and find ammo.

The Ammo Cabinet is a specialty container by Hornady Security that protects valuables from theft and misuse, and its customizable modular design fits any workspace. Lock it up with Hornady Security.

Ammo Cabinet features:

Safely store and organize ammo cans, cartons, and boxes
Square-Lok™ walls are a customizable modular design that increases airflow
Adjustable shelves support up to 100 pounds.
Multiple cabinets bolt together, increasing storage capacity
Door configurable for left or right opening
Tough metal construction
Assembled in the USA

Ammo Cabinet specifications:

Dimensions: 18″ x 12″ x 40″
Barrel Keys (2)
Adjustable Shelves (3)
Shelf/Floor Mats (3)
Magnetic Rewritable Shelf Labels (10)
Plastic Ammo Cans (3)
Magnetic Motion Light
Motion Light requires 6 – AAA batteries (not included)
MSRP: $629.00

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      • I’m with both of you guys. Good idea, but I’m trying to figure out how many I need.

        • I would need at least 4, nope, 5, maybe 6. And that is only if I stop buying ammo. That’s an expensive storage solution.

          I have an old house. Plaster and lath walls. I am planning to put a security door on a closet with two heavy duty locks and hinges with non- removable pins. Also an alarm. That will be my firearms and ammo safe.

          I am also adding a large hidden compartment in a basement wall. All these things take time since my main project is removal of several dangerous mold species. The removal project requires de-construction and re-construction, allowing me to incorporate firearms security into the project.

        • Just looking at the Hornady Match Grade Ammo and guesstimating I would need 6 of these! $630.00 ea. Nope.

        • @LifeSavor

          “I am also adding a large hidden compartment in a basement wall. ”

          If its something really hidden, I would recommend contacting these guys and they might be able to give you some help >

          They are the ones that helped me out with the hidden gun compartments I have through my house in the walls. You could be looking right at them and not know they are there and not see them even if I told you they were there, a touch on the hidden release and they open right up.

          We have several hidden compartments I had built into the walls of our home, located at points up and down stairs through the house. A touch of the hidden button opens the compartment. On each compartment are two AR’s, two shot guns, two pistols (glocks, except for one compartment that has Sig’s), with extra ammo/mags. one each for the wife and me.

          Cost me a bundle to get those put in. But, always easy to get to and never far from one no matter where we are in the house. We did a special custom design with the help of Covert Concepts (link above).

          Inside the compartments the guns and ammo are secured in a rack with a fingerprint sensor release lock and in case that fails there is a key pad for a code entry. The locking system is powered by a rechargeable battery backup in case the power is out (the guys at Covert Concepts didn’t do this part, they just helped with the compartments).

        • It is really small. The shelves being rated for only 100lbs each seem pretty wimpy too. $629 for a small locking cabinet? I could buy a much larger somewhat decent gun safe for less than that. A used file cabinet with a padlock would be about as secure. Not worth over $200

        • I bought a tool cabinet from Bunnings, our local Home Depot equivalent, for about $250. Taller and wider than the cabinet in the article.

        • 40 cal will be saving that link for later, no sense upgrading a house that I will eventually sell to someone statistically unlikely to make proper use of the storage.

    • I would need 3.

      $1800 for that or maybe $200 in Harbor Freight .50 cal ammo cans, like I have now.

      Oh, and if a hurricane tears the roof off, my ammo stash in .50 cal cans stays drier…

      • I’m with you Geoff. All my ammo is sorta quickly moveable. Gotta a few Harbor Freight thingies & a bunch of higher quality ammo cans. And if I feel the need for these obvious locked cabinets I can get quite similar for a helluva lot less🙄

    • I came to say the same thing.

      I will not say how much ammunition I have. I will say that one of those cabinets is WAY too small.

  1. “The all-metal Ammo Cabinet uses a barrel-key lock for enhanced security.”

    Nope. The barrel-key lock (AKA tublar lock or design) is among the most easily pick-able/defeat-able locks in the world. A flaw that has been known for over 40 years.

    Hornady already tried using this type of lock on their ‘Rapid Safe Keypad Lockbox’ – for example, took only a couple of seconds to open.

    • If you don’t have the skills needed to pick the lock, it isn’t as if it would be hard to get into this cabinet. I would not say it qualifies as particularly secure, and it won’t held at all in case of fire (although it probably will keep the bullets from exploding rounds inside).

      • Ammo kept in .50 cal ammo cans kept at floor level is about as safe as it gets for ammo…

    • The crooks arent going to bother picking the lock when they just can pry the whole cabinet open with one of those cheap claw hammers your wife keeps around to hang small picture frames with.

      These types of cabinets are great at keeping kids/guests out of stuff, that’s about it.

    • .40 cal Booger,

      We experienced a 6-day electricity outage not too long ago. My friend had a new 10,000 watt generator that he had not yet fired up (was running on his 8 year-old 4,000 watt generator) because he did not have the barrel key for the ignition barrel lock. It took me about 3 minutes to find the right size/shape screwdriver to “defeat” that barrel lock and enable him to start is big new generator.

  2. Dear Hornady, it ain’t the motion of the ocean. Size actually matters.


    The most average American gun owner ever.

    PS: Double the capacity for the same price and I’ll buy 10 for myself and additional units for people I hold near & dear.

  3. Are there any places that mandate ammo be locked up separately from guns? If so, this sounds like a decent start to a solution.

    Me, I’ll stick with a closet with a strong doorframe and lock.

    • Don’t want to pick a fight but who gives a crap about what some politician “requires”? Fuck any politician that tells me how many rounds my magazines can hold and how I can store my ammunition. Unless and until these pricks can be on guard for my family 24-7 then they can KMA. And even then No!

  4. Tried one. They are flimsy, too small, and way overpriced. Just get on line and find some used school lockers that are for sale. The big ones fit a fat 50 ammo can sideways perfectly 2 deep.

    • Bingo. Salvage lockers from schools and factories and other such places have worked quite well for me in the past. And you can customize numbers and locations throughout your property.

      My old man took a single tall locker and bolted it to the wall of the tack room in the barn. Inside was a 12 ga. and supply of ammo. Another shotgun behind the seat of his Ford pickup and one behind the kitchen door and one in his bedroom closet.

      Ask my old man what he was afraid of and he’d tell you. “Nothing on God’s Green earth.”

  5. For that price one can get a regular gun safe, of the cheaper variety, and it would be larger as well.

  6. Steel storage locker from Costco is 4-5x larger and less than half the cost. Assembly required.


  8. Screw them. They were going to make their employees take the shot or lose their jobs.
    They wilted and complied in the face of government overreach. At least they were going to until the mandate disappeared.
    Their rationale was “there’s nothing we can do to avoid this”, and “we are on track to have an even better year than last”

    I’m sure a reasonably clever boy could find some other place to buy a lockbox for his ammo, lol…

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