Hornady A-Tip Match Bullets Named Official Bullet of the Precision Rifle Series

We first had a chance to shoot Hornady’s unique A-Tip Match aluminum-tipped bullets at an event at Leupold’s range in Oregon earlier this year. The results at distances of well over a mile were impressive.

Dan Z for TTAG

Since then we’ve gotten our hands on a supply of the precisely made and packaged projectiles and JWT is in the process of comparing them to Hornady’s also-excellent ELD Match bullets. Look for that write-up this month.

In the mean time, Hornady has announced that the Precision Rifle Series has named A-Tip Match bullets as their official bullets this year. Here’s their press release . . .

Hornady® is pleased to announce A-Tip™ Match bullets have been named the official bullet of the Precision Rifle Series in 2020.

The Precision Rifle Series structures a yearly points race for both the PRS Pro Bolt Gun Series and the PRS Regional Series. The Precision Rifle Series is recognized as the leading organizing body for local, regional and national matches, tracking of scores and the growth of the practical, long range rifle discipline.

Years of research and testing by the Hornady Ballistic Development Group, combined with advanced manufacturing processes and quality control measures have led to the creation of the ultimate low drag, high performance match bullet – A-Tip™ Match.

The most striking visual feature of the A-Tip™ Match bullet is its long, uniform, precision-machined aluminum tip. The longer aluminum tips are machined to be caliber specific and when coupled with highly refined AMP® bullet jackets, aggressive profiles and optimized boattails the result is enhanced drag efficiency across the board.

Hornady® A-Tip™ Match Bullets 2020 from Hornady Manufacturing on Vimeo.

The materials, design and manufacturing techniques combine for the most consistent and accurate match bullets available. In addition to development projectiles that will shoot well in a variety of chambers, the Ballistic Development Group also designed the A-Tip™ bullets with the right balance between the center of gravity of the projectile versus the center of pressure to minimize in-flight drag variability.


  1. avatar Prndll says:

    Maybe at some point I’ll try it out.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      When they start making enough to cut the price by at least half and preferably two-thirds.

      1. avatar Burner says:

        Exactly, these were on “sale” last week for .75 a piece lolol

      2. avatar jwtaylor says:

        Right now they are about 35% to 40% more expensive, comparing bullet to bullet, than their competitors. That’s a big jump, but I don’t expect it to go down much anytime soon. As it is, they are sold out and backordered everywhere I can find, at least in 6mm.

  2. avatar Rick James says:

    How much did that cost them?

    1. avatar Anymouse says:

      Exactly. They weren’t chosen because they’re the best (which maybe they are), but because they paid a license fee. Just like Chevy being the official car of the Olympics or Wheaties the cereal. The Olympic sponsors at least provide product. It would be nice if Hornady gave out free or discount bullets to PRS participants.

      1. avatar jwtaylor says:

        They do if you place well. It pays to be a winner.

  3. avatar Burner says:

    No way, .75-1.00 a pop is stupid.

    1. avatar SteveO says:

      Please qualify what cost structure/ Cal cost you’re basing comment.

    2. avatar Craig in IA says:

      “No way, .75-1.00 a pop is stupid.” I guess you’re primarily shooting Wolf 7.62X39… In the real world, you generally get what you pay for.

      1. avatar Burner says:

        Thats for the bullet alone, not the whole cartridge. Bergers are by far the best there are and they are half the price, and who doesn’t shoot a ton of cheap commie trash can guns and ammo? i can load 1/2 moa ammo all day long, for .30-50 cents a piece, hornadys are great for cheap fun but dont cut it against sierra or berger, not even close

        1. avatar SteveO says:

          This answers my question from above…I appreciate the explanation; actual projectiles vs assembled cartridge. Agreed, pricey. But everyone has their favorites.

  4. avatar Noah says:

    Tubb and Berger bullets dominate the PRS courses. All the top shooters in PRS shoot those two bullet brands, hands down, in large domination. Hornady basically paid for their spot as an “official” bullet.

    1. avatar Craig in IA says:

      Have you actually shot any of these yet to make your own decision?

      1. avatar Noah says:

        Yes, and if you follow The Precision Rifle Blog (it’s a very heavy DATA driven blog) which tallies these objective data regarding brass, bullets, and other components used by PRS shooters, you will see that Hornady is at the bottom of the list.

      2. avatar Noah says:

        Damn edit… I should add that I shoot PRS very frequently across the US. you quickly learn what the top shooters use (and don’t use) in their rifles.

  5. avatar Officer Possum Malloy says:

    Don’t know about these but I like Hornady

  6. avatar Lana says:

    I think they practice with the gun!

  7. avatar lisa says:

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