Hornady BLACK is the New Black: NRA Convention

Hornady tells TTAG that their new-for-2017 BLACK ammo is flying off the shelves. “The price and bullet selection has really hit the sweet spot in the market,” Hornady marketing maven Emily Mierau revealed at the NRA convention. With four different bullet types, there’s BLACK ammo for rifles answering to the name of direct impingement, gas piston, suppressed, […]

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Original Meaning, A Temporary Ban, and the Agony of Regret

Clinton’s Missed Opportunity on Guns – “Compared with the rest of the third presidential debate Wednesday night, the opening conversation about the Constitution was practically Lincoln-Douglas-like as the candidates answered questions and didn’t interrupt each other. But the discussion of the seminal gun control case D.C. v. Heller was borderline incomprehensible unless you’ve recently taken constitutional law. And in […]