GEMTECH Lunar 9 modular suppressor
Jeremy S for TTAG

Jeremy has already gotten his hands on GEMTECH’s new Lunar 9 modular suppressor. You can run it in a 4.7-inch or 7-inch configuration with either 9mm or 300 BLK subsonic firearms.

Gemtech Lunar 9 modular suppressor
Courtesy GEMTECH

Look for a full review soon. In the mean time, here’s their press release . . .

GEMTECH Suppressors announced today that it has introduced a new, modular 9mm suppressor – the GEMTECH Lunar 9.  In addition to exceptional sound suppression, the GEMTECH Lunar 9 provides flexibility, with an innovative tube design that allows it to be quickly converted from a 7” suppressor to a shorter 4.7” suppressor, by simply unscrewing the tube extension.  The new GEMTECH Lunar 9 suppressor is compatible with a variety of threaded barrel pistols, carbines, and rifles chambered for 9mm and subsonic 300 BLK that are currently on the market.

GEMTECH Lunar 9 modular suppressor
Courtesy GEMTECH

Lane Tobiassen, President, said, “There are a growing number of manufacturers introducing firearms with threaded barrels designed to support the attachment of a suppressor. Threaded barrel pistols and pistol caliber carbines have become popular options for use with suppressors, and we have designed a high quality, innovative, reliable, versatile suppressor that offers great sound reduction.”

The GEMTECH Lunar 9 suppressor offers significant sound reduction in both size configurations when using subsonic 9mm and subsonic 300BLK ammunition.  The suppressor is constructed from 7075 aluminum with a 17-4 stainless steel blast baffle for increased durability. The GEMTECH Lunar 9 is compatible with all GEMTECH GM®-9/ Multimount™ mounting accessories, making it ready for use on a wide range of host firearms. The GEMTECH Lunar 9 disassembles quickly and easily, and its aluminum baffles feature a hard-coat anodized finish for increased durability and easy cleaning. The Lunar 9 suppressor comes complete with one ½x28 piston and has a MSRP of $616.

GEMTECH Lunar 9 modular suppressor
Jeremy S for TTAG

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        • Nor his pistols chambered in microcalibers. Hmm, what did you say, 0.9mm? I bet that if my little brother had not destroyed my original late 1960’s GI Joe collection even my 12 in tall GI Joes would have complained about 0.9mm as a way underpowered cartridge.

  1. NFA news that shocks the world:
    Gemtech releases 9mm modular suppressor… Should say: Gemtech emerges from wormhole and releases product five plus years after the competition.
    I’ve seen their press release regarding guns with threaded barrels almost verbatim before.

  2. That Nagant revolver in the picture has an aftermarket .32 ACP cylinder in it. (Rare as hens’ teeth these days)

    I wonder how well a Nagant suppresses when you don’t use the original gas seal ammunition

  3. Great. Still waiting on the Hearing Protection Act. Until that passes, these articles (and any further votes I might have for President Trump) are fascinating but largely moot.

  4. Advice please: shopping for my 1st 9mm can. I’d like to use it on various PCCs (sub2k, cx4) & pistols (92FS, TP9 SF). Any inputs appreciated!

    • Gemtech suppressors are great. I have one and it gives me the ability to change pistons and use it on anything that shoots 9mm and anything that uses 45ACP.

    • For the value, it’s tough to beat Rebel Silencers. They make the Dfndr9 (handles anything up to 338 Lapua), and the 9Air, a lighter and thinner option. I’m a dealer for them, so I’m likely biased, but let me know if I can help you score a deal.
      I love the machine work and the beauty of the Obsidian and the solidness of the Wolfman, but for my money – I can get two Rebels and nearly the same decibel reduction for the price of one fancy can.
      Also, Yankee Hill and Gemtech pistol cans are good values for the money. If you can find a local range (or local silencer enthusiasts) who’ll let you try one out, jump on the opportunity.


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