NC home owner shoots burglar sex offender
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McDonald County, Missouri is in the extreme southwest part of the state, hard on the borders of Oklahoma and Arkansas. It’s an Ozark county populated by people who declared their independence from the state in 1961. In short, they’re not people you want to mess with.

If only a would-be burglar knew a little more about McDonald County before he let himself into a local home last week.

Two homeowners came home at about 9:30pm to find 62-year-old James Garrett skulking around their Tiff City house. Both were armed when the intruder took a shot at them. They then returned fire and both hit their target.

According to the McDonald County Sheriff, things were well in hand by the time deputies arrived.

Arriving deputies made contact with the homeowners who had come home to find a man inside the home. The homeowners entered the house to find a man barricaded in a room. The burglar fired a shot at the homeowners from a handgun. The homeowners, who were both armed with handguns, returned fire, striking the burglar with a gun shot in each thigh. The homeowners were able to then disarm the burglar and hold him until deputies arrived.

The wounded burglar was identified as James F. Garrett, 62, rural Seneca. Garrett was transported by ambulance to a Joplin Hospital.

Neither homeowner was injured by the shot Garret took at them.

Garrett will be facing charges of burglary, first degree assault, and armed criminal action once he gets out of the hospital. No charges were filed against the homeowners.

Another happy ending and a successful defensive gun use brought to you by the Second Amendment.

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  1. Meth addicts looking for things that will help pay for their drug habit.

    “just leg@lize all drugs and all the crime will just go away”

    Thank you to the drug legaliz@tion crowd. For advancing the American civilization. But you’re still against killing criminals who steal.

      • Some people are afraid of freedom. It’s not a crime to own a full auto weapon, drugs or alcohol. Stealing to own them is a crime.

        • It’s getting to that point where rights and responsibilities and consequences all meet where they should that is the heavily manipulated rub.

      • You’re avoiding the issue. So let me ask you directly.
        Do you support repealing all the laws, that are stopping the law abiding from using deadly force, to stop criminals who steal???

        And do you support passing laws that protect the law abiding from criminal and civil court actions???

        • You weren’t talking to me but since I’m one of the libertarians you constantly denigrate, I’ll answer: yes, 100%. I believe in the full legalization of ALL drugs and the repeal of ALL gun laws, and an overall relaxation of self defense laws. If someone wants to get high that’s their business, but the second they attack someone or break into a building, all bets are off

        • Yes I do. Freedom is messy. People have the right to ingest booze and drugs and orgy to their hearts content. Until they step on your rights, leave them alone.

        • Just because you can do something or want to do something doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right to do it.

      • Put 55 gallon drums full of meth on every street corner with a sign that read “take all you want”! The problem would take care of itself in 6 weeks.

  2. Man, if you’re gonna go out of town to ply your criminal trade, at least pick a safe place to do it, like a big city. Don’t try it in a small town.

  3. I mean, we seem to be seeing more and more of these kind of articles everyday, though rarely in the “major” media. Is there any organization that actually tries to accumulate the number of defensive uses of firearms per year?

  4. And now sue the criminal in civil court for cleanup and repair costs. include the price for replacement ammo.

    • So if you win you get a flea/bedbug infested pos single wide and a Ford escort that doesn’t run. Might be able to get 100rds. of 9mm out of it?

    • suing a person that robs you is a waste of time. Like what, they get out of jail and go back to their 6 figure office job, plan the budget so they can pay off the lawsuit.

  5. They just DESTROYED the NARRATIVE… ABC lists out “Mass Events” and lets the cat out of the bag… (shows how anti-gun falsely inflates the numbers, by use of their own self serving definition)

  6. VP Harris called out for ‘sick’ lie. (Not that she suddenly started lying, its a familiar thing for her, but this administration is built on lies to begin with and she’s continuing that ‘tradition’.)

    • Is she still having the Freudian slip about reducing population instead of pollution as a public health policy?

      • She finally spoke out loud about what we already knew. The eugenics folks have just been underground for the past few decades. They never went away.

        They always said there were too many dark skinned people in the world.

        But the do want to import as many as possible who are literate with no education background at all. A perfect new slave class who can’t read or write.

  7. So… I take it he stood right in front of the door. Christ, you’d think he’d have least seen a movie and learned not to do that.

  8. Hillbilly justice. Applied reasonably and lawfully. More of this in society please. Start using force to stop unlawful force and soon unlawful force will begin to wither away.

    Hillbilly, I spent a lot of summers north of here in Neosho, Carthage and Butler with family. I am a proud educated, shoe hating Hillbilly. I live in enemy territory now educating those folks on life and the true hill people who value family, freedom and food with with family and friends regardless of whether they look like us or not.

  9. We’re going to start this next up with a song about the north Texas southern Oklahoma meth industry.

  10. 62 years old and busting into peoples houses, wtf, he could have applied for Social Security and have money for whatever he needed,(🤣).
    Whew , can you imagine being 62 and locked up in jail. That’s gotta suck.
    Oh well to bad so sad

    • Has to have been in the formal work force for at least 40 quarters to be eligible for SSI.
      Working under the table and paying no taxes does not end up qualifying a person for SSI retirement OR Medicare.
      My guess is this guy has been off the books his whole life, preferring the meth path and petty crime.

  11. The dude should get himself about 10-20 years in the big house. He’ll have plenty of time then to think about how fortunate he is to even be alive.

  12. I suppose FAFO is lucky the homeowners didn’t have hogs, we wouldn’t have heard another word about this.
    That’s how Mac County rolls.

  13. Damn. A couple K9s could have used that opportunity to get in a few minutes of biting practice before the ambulance got there. Maybe next time.

  14. Sounds like these home owners took Jason Aldean’s song to heart. “Not In My Town”.

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