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From Springfield Armory . . .

Springfield Armory is proud to announce the release of the Model 2020 Rimfire family. Offered in both wood-stocked and synthetic-stocked versions, the blued Model 2020 Rimfire in .22 LR offers shooters a refined bolt-action rifle with all the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Springfield Armory.

The Model 2020 Rimfire bolt-action rifle is offered in two primary versions — the wood-stocked Classic Model and the synthetic-stocked Target Model. The Classic is offered in four grades of Turkish walnut with a satin finish, while the Target features a reinforced polymer stock modeled after the popular Model 2020 Waypoint.

Featuring premium Turkish Walnut, the Classic Model is offered in four grades of wood: Select Satin, Grade A, Grade AA, and Grade AAA. Each grade of wood offers classic style and craftsmanship, allowing you to choose the degree of figure and grain to suit your style. The Target Model’s synthetic stock is offered in either black or sage with black webbing finishes and has a target-style configuration.

Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rimfire bolt action rifle

Dual standard sling swivels on the Model 2020 Rimfire give shooters twin interface points for the sling of their choice. The rifle’s rubber recoil pad, artfully shaped and contoured with the lines of the rifle, shoulders intuitively and comfortably. In addition, a length of pull of 13.45” ensures the maximum in handling and performance.

Outperforming other rifles in its class, the bolt-action Model 2020 Rimfire action features dual cocking cams and a hard chrome bolt for smooth cycling and flawless operation. The 60-degree bolt throw enhances speed and ease of use while the interrupted picatinny rail delivers a solid foundation for the optic of your choice. A threaded bolt handle also allows for customization by the shooter.

Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rimfire bolt action rifle

Each Model 2020 Rimfire ships with our .22-caliber rotary magazine. Crafted from durable polymer, the magazine holds 10 rounds and delivers them smoothly into the chamber. The rifle and magazine are cross compatible with Ruger 10/22-pattern magazines of the same capacity, offering versatility without compromise.

The premium barrel of the Model 2020 Rimfire in .22 LR is 20” long and free-floated for its full length. As a result, the rifle will not suffer point of impact shift due to input against the stock. The Target Model is threaded to accept suppressors and muzzle devices, while the Classic Model features a sporter contour for a day afield.

Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rimfire bolt action rifle

Optimized for the .22-caliber action, the Model 2020 Rimfire features a Model 700-pattern adjustable trigger that is factory set at 4.5 lbs. The trigger can be tuned to your preference and delivers a crisp, clean break. Furthermore, the action is designed to accept many aftermarket 700-pattern triggers for enhanced customization.

Springfield Armory stands behind all Model 2020 Rimfire rifles and promises rock-solid performance and accuracy. Every configuration is guaranteed to shoot 1” or less three-shot groups at 50 yards with quality match-grade factory ammunition, in the hands of a skilled shooter.

“The appeal of a well-made rimfire rifle speaks to practically every shooting enthusiast,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “The new bolt-action Model 2020 Rimfire line chambered in .22 LR provides just that, with a wide selection of models offering something for every shooter — from suppressor-ready Target Models to Classic Models with beautiful walnut stocks.”

The Model 2020 Rimfire, featuring the heirloom quality of a firearm one would proudly keep in their family for generations.

Model 2020 Rimfire Target, Black |BART92022B | MSRP: $434 | 706397956646

Model 2020 Rimfire Target, Sage | BART92022TBW | MSRP: $499 | 706397962463

Model 2020 Rimfire Classic, Select | BARC92022GS | MSRP: $529 | 706397969264

Model 2020 Rimfire Classic, Grade A | BARC92022GA | MSRP: $690| 706397969271

Model 2020 Rimfire Classic, Grade AA | BARC92022GAA | MSRP: $839 | 706397969288

Model 2020 Rimfire Classic, Grade AAA | BARC92022GAAA | MSRP: $1,099 | 706397969295

For more information on the Model 2020 Rimfire family, visit

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    • LKB, I appreciate your legal analysis and Texas insight very much, you’re a highly valuable member of this community.

      But, I gotta say, your Cancel Culture embrace of this issue is just getting tedious. Not quite Debbie W. tedious, but come on, man. Are you still boycotting Volkswagen, or Ford because Henry Ford was an early Hitler supporter, or Ruger, or S&W, or Stag Arms? How about Trump, are you Never Forgetting and Never Forgiving him for his “take the guns first” statement or his bump stock ban?

      Look, I get it. Springfield hired a lobbyist, the lobbyist did evil, it was a bad thing. But then Springfield fired the lobbyist and campaigned against the law that they hired the lobbyist for in the first place (and defeated it, I might add, even if it did end up eventually passing in a subsequent legislature). Springfield spent, what was it, $50,000 on that lobbyist? Or was it $25,000 since they co-funded it with Rock River Arms? I don’t know. But since acknowledging their mistake, apologizing, and campaigning against that law, they’ve also been making substantial donations to the NRA and probably other 2A groups. Their mistake was six years ago. They’ve probably donated 10x as much money towards 2A support, than they ever did against it.

      I don’t believe in “never forget, never forgive”, that’s an Antifa attitude, that’s Cancel Culture, that’s leftist bullshit. It is most definitely not an American or Christian attitude. The America I grew up in, if you screw up, you man up, you apologize, you make it right, and people accept you and forgive you and you move on. That’s what Springfield’s done, at least to my satisfaction.

      • If you believe Springfield has sufficiently atoned for its sins, that’s your business. I do not, and I choose not to do business with quislings and liars.

        Not only did Springfield sell out Illinois gun dealers, **they then lied about it** until the mounting evidence and associated consumer blowback made that course of action unworkable. (Recall they were even threatening to sue the people who blew the whistle on them for libel.) Show me where Reese has ever apologized for lying to the firearms community. (His excuse to the effect of “my prior statements were based on inaccurate information” was another, compounding lie.)

        I quit buying Ruger stuff after Bill Ruger unapologetically sold us out. After he was gone from the company, I have bought several new Rugers. But Reese is still at the helm at Springfield, and as long as he is . . . Springfield delenda est!

      • Henry Ford, Bill Ruger, and the Gernan Labour Front are all dead. S&W and Stag Arms changed hands years ago. They’re different companies run by different people. Springfield and Rock River (not to be confused with Rock Island) are still under the same owners and management. Since neither company really does anything original, either copying public domain designs or importing, I don’t feel like I’m missing out.
        You left out that Trump told Piers Morgan that he didn’t like silencers and would.look into banning them. He’s no friend of 2A, but he’s better than an enemy.

    • That’s right LKB and it has Turkish Walnut too…Get a rope, plenty of gun talking blowbags will follow you to the hanging tree.

      If I were you I’d have balls envy…

        • And its Hi Hi Hee for the Kotex factory
          Sound off your sizes loud and clear, Small, Medium, Large, Bail of Hay, Matteress
          And you can tell by the smell
          Shes not feeling very well
          When that time of month comes around.
          [ sorry, but I just couldn’t help it]

        • Thanks, possum- I just fell out of my wheelchair laughing. Gotta love starting out the day with a HA! OUCH!… (but it was well worth it, brother).

  1. Love me a good 22 bolt action. The 10/22 mags are a nice feature amazing how many rifles are orphaned due to mag selection. I will also say that my Stevens would be a lot nicer with an easy mag release like the 10/22 uses.

    I will say it’d be nice if they made an irons optimized version. Something which optimized both sight radius and type. A lot of old style rifles used buckhorn sights which are not as precise as peeps.

  2. I didn’t see country of manufacture, but with all that talk about Turkish walnut I have my suspicions. Please, avoid SA at all costs. Especially the used stuff. It drives prices down. Bill Ruger wouldn’t sell the Mini-14 to the public. LE/government only. When he did, it was sold with 5 rd mags only. No factory folding stocks and certainly no GB models. Where’s your hate for Ruger? Anyway, everyone should own a quality rifle and handgun in .22 LR. I mean quality and more than one.

    • Bill Ruger isn’t at Ruger anymore. And I didn’t buy their stuff while he was.

      Dennis Reese is still at Springfield.

      Until he and the other quislings in that organization are gone, Springfield delenda est!

      • LKB, you just keep, keeping on. SA has made all the money they’re going to make on the used SA firearms. If I come across another 4 digit M1-A first year production, I’ll scoop that one up too. In the meantime, my Holy Grail is a SA M-1 Tanker w/the Beretta folding stock in .308/7.62. This rifle was produced in the mid-80’s. SA made an M1-A variant, but I want the Garand.

        • If buying Springfield (new or used) floats your boat, that’s your business. I prefer not to.

          As far as 7.62 NATO battle rifles, I prefer my L1A1 (Lithgow Armory (Aussie) parts kit, rebuilt on an Imbel receiver with enough US made parts to make it 922r compliant). Peter Schechter built and tuned it, and it’s a smooth running beast.

        • Gadsden…Excuse me but aren’t you dancing around? You should be gung ho all in and giving away anything and everything SA related and not wanting to acquire any SA stuff. BTW…A M1A with a 16″ barrel and folding stock is a bastardized M1A.

  3. Not interested in anything not left handed, I have paid over twice as much for something left handed that fits me, granted it is an Anschutz 1807 and will do one hole at 50 yards. And I have a left handed 10/22 at my ffl to be picked up. I have had it with the right handed bias! In the days of CNC machining there is no excuse for slighting us lefties!

  4. On another topic where are the Turkish walnut forests or are they gone now? Palmetto State Armory had $300 aluminum receiver Turkish shotguns with beautiful almost black Turkish walnut stocks so they either have extensive forests or did have. I grew up with a black walnut accidentally planted by my father as a boy in the back yard and there were offers of $800. When the house was torn down for student housing for the university across the street I imagine it sold for 1k to $1500! Way too much for cheap shotgun stocks!

  5. LKB, I like a FAL also, Owned a couple. Would buy another. Prefer an 18″ para, but would entertain others. Again, prefer Belgian. However, I did have very good luck with a SA “Bush Rifle” years ago. Sorry, but it’s the truth.


    • I’ve got one on a .22 target rifle I set up. It helps to keep the butt from slipping on my shoulder.

  7. A question if I may.

    Does the bolt cock the firing pin on opening (Mauser style) or on closing (SMLE style)?

    • The old Springfield Savage I’ve got doesn’t cock by the bolt, you have to pull a knob back. So maybe you open the bolt, close the bolt, pull back the knob, and pull the trigger.
      For $1000 it should have a better design, somthing like Iver Johnsons Saftey Hammer.

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