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off body concealed carry edc everyday carry laptop bag

Today’s pocket dump is more of a pack dump and comes from Nate in Kansas, who says “This is the Frame out of the DeepCover EDC System. This portion slides into a sleeve that then slides into nearly any bag that can carry a laptop. Instantly adding immense functionality with little to no impact on what you carry everyday.”

There’s definitely a certain appeal to carrying in a laptop bag. It would certainly conceal the actual contents effectively, but could you draw from it quickly enough? We’ve covered that before, though, so let’s move on.

The holsters typically pictured with this frame are soft models which always gives me pause. This time there’s even less to the holster. The M-TAC CCW Holster consists of a Velcro strap you wrap around the trigger guard and what appears to be a hook-and-loop strap to hold the gun in place. What do you guys think. Is this adequate protection for the trigger guard and sufficient retention overall?

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  1. I’ve never carried a firearm off my person.
    I see the benefits, but I’m too much of a control freak.
    Neat rig though.

  2. now, if I attach a pull trap rigged to a long piece of string…and go trolling for idiots…No, I’m so accustomed to carrying a pistol behind my hip…that without one I have a tendency to walk around in circles.-30-

  3. Basically the same, in fact I think it is the same, as some Maxpedition stuff. Works fine and is perfectly secure IME.

    The Midrat system seems like it needs better integration options. A bag inside a bag works for some things but it would be better if you didn’t need the secondary bag and could easily secure the rack inside a messanger bag or backpack.

  4. Carrying off body in a bag of any kind is not a good option.
    1. It requires the manipulation and opening of the bag before you can draw a firearm. Cost valuable time when your life may be on the line.
    2. Simply carrying a bag i.e. purse or computer bag can make you a target of a mugging or snatch and run scenario. Thus losing your firearm and the ability to protect yourself.
    3. If someone does grab your bag. Now you are in a fight just to retain the bag in order to draw your firearm. Losing the ability to protect yourself when you need to most.
    While carrying off body may seem like a good idea. In fact it can be just as dangerous as carrying without a round in chamber. When seconds count adding steps to the draw and shoot process may cost you your life of the life of someone you care about.

  5. I KNOW you will think me recklessly casual, but I don’t feel it necessary to have my firearm instantly available at a moment’s notice. Sure, there is a remote chance I will regret that attitude, but so be it. So, my LCP is in my purse, in a separate compartment. The holster is a soft cell phone holster, altered to a perfect fit. Hey, works for me. The only concern is that when I’m dancing or whatever, the purse is not with me, so my firearm is not under my control. So sometimes I have to leave it in the car, especially if children are going to be present. I know there are those who are horrified at such an idea, bur we all confront risk with different philosophies…

    • Life is a game of a averages and risk assessment. Every system has its weaknesses/flaws. The reality is if a bad guy already has the jump on you, it’s most likely too late. I prefer pocket carry myself, but I am not at all oppposed to off body carry in a book bag or camera bag(usually attached to a stroller).

  6. Are y’all sponsored by them, and/or receiving any money from DeepCover? Because there’s been an awful lot of posts recently that either mention or show the product, and though there’s nothing wrong with needing money to keep producing content, you should at least be transparent about it.

    • this is another recycled pocket dump, don’t think too much about it and sponsorship. The real weakness is the lack of time to really find some interesting dumps.

      • Some of the writers do work for holster /gun affiliated companies but they are pretty transparent about it. I think the real truth is there are only so many types of carry, I have carried the same basic setup for 5 years.

        • but to recycle the same EDC over and over again is ridiculous, that horrid gold painted Glock made the round several times and I’m sure it will be posted again soon with some silly question about customization. Recycling posts shows lack of creativity and writing skill. It wouldn’t be that hard to come up with something intelligent, granted this isn’t cutting edge news, but still. If discovering interesting EDC is difficult then perhaps retire the feature and only post 1x a week or 2x a month when something fun pops up.

    • I had the same thought. This does not seem like a common carry method but it’s been pimped here a few times recently in different articles. Suspicious… and disturbing, because off-body carry is not something that should be pushed for.

  7. “Nate from Kansas” did the pocket dump yesterday, as well. Whats with that? He carry yesterday’s M&P Shield on his hip and this contraption in his back pack? GMAB.

  8. KISS. Too much “room” for error. More room means more junk. I have to work at NOT adding too much. Must be a law of nature; humans abhor an empty space. In my pocket or on my hip.
    Advertising is the lifeblood on the net. Just be honest about it.

  9. The quick Velcro release would be a good idea if one were going to use this product. I’m still wondering why Nate in Kansas is concerned about deep concealment in a Constitutional carry state. It definitely would be discreet in a lap top bag or a brief case….. My hips been bothering me and it’s either a shoulder holster or change to something other then 1911 in a IWB. I really don’t like that shoulder holster. I’m going to have to break down and get me a good leather outside holster. Dillon still in business? They made some I liked. I’ve got a good belt slide by Hume but I like the gun covered up a bit.^

  10. 1. This is a sponsorship add for a bag carry option

    2. how do you know he does not also carry on body? and the bag is an option for when he cannot, like at work? Or, how do you know it’s not stored in the vehicle… while still carrying on body?

    This comment section is worse than a FB page. All assumptions and criticism. Get over yourselves.

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