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Nate in Kansas says his daily carry is this “M&P Shield 9mm and Leatherman Signal in FDE. Typically carried on body, but when that’s not possible I slip them into my MIDRAT DeepCover EDC System.”

Regarding multi-tools…how many of you carry a multi-tool rather than a pocket knife? Or do you carry both? I have a Bear Sons Bold Action auto-folder I carry on a regular basis (it’s legal here…when I travel I check the laws before packing it). What’s your personal preference?

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  1. I usually carry a pocket knife and a cheap China-made multi-tool I modified with a Dremel to grind some ‘notches’ in the pliers jaws to function as a chain-removal tool for when I’m on my bike.

    Micro ‘Daily Digest’, hideous Christmas song Edition –

    First up, we may get lucky with needing a Supreme Court seat filled –

    “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Undergoes Procedure To Remove Malignant Cancerous Growths From Her Lung”

    This evening’s ‘Hideous Christmas Song’ is ’12 Redneck Days Of Christmas’, by Jeff Foxworthy :

  2. Swiss Army in rear pocket and Kershaw Scallion folder in front waistband. I found most multis too large for my carry preference.

  3. I carry a Kershaw 1986WM pocket knife and a Gerber MP450 Multitool as my EDC. I love them both. The Gerber is the right size for me as I can get in and out of my car without the belt case hanging up, due to its pancake holster-like shape.I wear it on my belt on my left side, over my rear pocket. I bought it for the pliers and the screwdrivers as my Kershaw is a better knife that’s easier to deploy.

    You may not have heard of the 1986WM because it was a Walmart-exclusive knife sold during the 2015 Christmas season. It came with a cheap flashlight but the knife alone is worth the original purchase price. It’s a slightly scaled up version of RJ Martin’s RJ Tactical 3.0 knife. The original Tactical 3.0 (model 1987) has a 3″ blade and a 4″ handle while the 1986WM has a 3.65″ blade and a 5″ handle. It’s of Chinese manufacture and made of 8CR13Mov steel. All I know is it fits my hand like Mr. Martin made it for me. It came with a cheapie flashlight that no longer works, but I bought the set for the knife.

    The best part? The knife gift set was originally $19.88 during Christmas 2015 but when I bought it in January of 2016 it was on clearance at $9. Also, I picked up my MP450, originally $40, on clearance for $11.

    • I also carry the Gerber. It fits my needs quite nicely.
      But for a good blade, I carry a William Henry psychedelic. It’s my favorite folder.

  4. I carry both a multi tool and pocket knife. In a world where most don’t even wear belts to hold up the bling jean off the crocs I appreciate living where men are capable and carry tools of accomplishment.

  5. I carry my shield 9mm Ali g with my leatherman. Have had it over 10 years. Nice combo and has come in handy over the years.

  6. I went to work as a farm hand years ago, boss said “Yah got one if these,?” and pulled out a Gerber multi tool. “You should get one, you’ll need it.” I got a Leather man instead and he was right, it did come in mighty handy.

  7. Kershaw Leek and a 600 series Gerber MT. Like Possum I worked in ag. and used the MT everyday. Retired now. Downsized to Gerber Crucial. So, an LC9 or LCP , Leek and Crucial. I stash a NAA mi
    ni mag in the “GFZs”, like the hospital. Ever see hospital security? OFWG w/a flashlight. Call 911. 2 years ago a druggie tried to hit the pharmacy, took 5-o 25 mins to respond.

  8. Small Spyderco in my pocket but a RealAvid AR Tool and Gerber multitool in the car, along with a 6″ Damascu knife for real cutting and my Steyr Scout and ammo. No MREs, though, I’ll try to harvest my own. 🙂

  9. I find the Skeletool by leatherman to be by a great EDC. I sometimes pair it with a Kershaw skyline. At work I usually carry a older Leatherman, and a fixed buck knife.

  10. Two multi-tools–one in center console of Jeep, the other in backpack. Usually carry a Kershaw, but picked up a CRKT Williwaw yesterday on clearance. Smooth action, so it might become my new EDC along with my Rugers.

  11. Multitool in vehicle or backpack (if applicable). I’ve never found myself in a situation that required the use of a multitool that was so urgent that it couldn’t wait for me to walk out to the car.

  12. I’m a handyman, and it’s easier and faster to carry proper tools than spend an hour jacking around with whatever crap multitool you happen to have. I tried for years to find anything halfway decent and have a drawer full of barely used ones for my efforts.

  13. I have a leatherman rebar that I keep in my Jeep, and a dozen of the cheap walmart ones I grabbed on clearance for under $4 each stashed all over the place – junk drawer, computer desk, get home bag, company car, tool box. I work inside at a desk, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense as an EDC item.

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