9mm and a Multi-Tool: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Nate in Kansas says his daily carry is this “M&P Shield 9mm and Leatherman Signal in FDE. Typically carried on body, but when that’s not possible I slip them into my MIDRAT DeepCover EDC System.”

Regarding multi-tools…how many of you carry a multi-tool rather than a pocket knife? Or do you carry both? I have a Bear Sons Bold Action auto-folder I carry on a regular basis (it’s legal here…when I travel I check the laws before packing it). What’s your personal preference?


  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Nice blade Kat.

  2. avatar Michael says:

    Stand back, I’m a walkin’, talkin’ hardware store. -30-

  3. avatar Geoff "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!" PR says:

    I usually carry a pocket knife and a cheap China-made multi-tool I modified with a Dremel to grind some ‘notches’ in the pliers jaws to function as a chain-removal tool for when I’m on my bike.

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  4. avatar Grumpy says:

    Swiss Army in rear pocket and Kershaw Scallion folder in front waistband. I found most multis too large for my carry preference.

  5. avatar Newshawk says:

    I carry a Kershaw 1986WM pocket knife and a Gerber MP450 Multitool as my EDC. I love them both. The Gerber is the right size for me as I can get in and out of my car without the belt case hanging up, due to its pancake holster-like shape.I wear it on my belt on my left side, over my rear pocket. I bought it for the pliers and the screwdrivers as my Kershaw is a better knife that’s easier to deploy.

    You may not have heard of the 1986WM because it was a Walmart-exclusive knife sold during the 2015 Christmas season. It came with a cheap flashlight but the knife alone is worth the original purchase price. It’s a slightly scaled up version of RJ Martin’s RJ Tactical 3.0 knife. The original Tactical 3.0 (model 1987) has a 3″ blade and a 4″ handle while the 1986WM has a 3.65″ blade and a 5″ handle. It’s of Chinese manufacture and made of 8CR13Mov steel. All I know is it fits my hand like Mr. Martin made it for me. It came with a cheapie flashlight that no longer works, but I bought the set for the knife.

    The best part? The knife gift set was originally $19.88 during Christmas 2015 but when I bought it in January of 2016 it was on clearance at $9. Also, I picked up my MP450, originally $40, on clearance for $11.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      I also carry the Gerber. It fits my needs quite nicely.
      But for a good blade, I carry a William Henry psychedelic. It’s my favorite folder.

  6. avatar Mike Oregon says:

    Most days I carry both Leatherman MUG and a Benchmade 808 Loco along with the M&P

    1. avatar Mike Oregon says:


  7. avatar jakee308 says:

    Deep Cover Mid Rat system? That would be your lunch box?

  8. avatar MIO says:

    I carry both a multi tool and pocket knife. In a world where most don’t even wear belts to hold up the bling jean off the crocs I appreciate living where men are capable and carry tools of accomplishment.

  9. avatar Larry says:

    I carry my shield 9mm Ali g with my leatherman. Have had it over 10 years. Nice combo and has come in handy over the years.

  10. avatar possum says:

    I went to work as a farm hand years ago, boss said “Yah got one if these,?” and pulled out a Gerber multi tool. “You should get one, you’ll need it.” I got a Leather man instead and he was right, it did come in mighty handy.

  11. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Kershaw Leek and a 600 series Gerber MT. Like Possum I worked in ag. and used the MT everyday. Retired now. Downsized to Gerber Crucial. So, an LC9 or LCP , Leek and Crucial. I stash a NAA mi
    ni mag in the “GFZs”, like the hospital. Ever see hospital security? OFWG w/a flashlight. Call 911. 2 years ago a druggie tried to hit the pharmacy, took 5-o 25 mins to respond.

  12. avatar Craig in IA says:

    Small Spyderco in my pocket but a RealAvid AR Tool and Gerber multitool in the car, along with a 6″ Damascu knife for real cutting and my Steyr Scout and ammo. No MREs, though, I’ll try to harvest my own. 🙂

  13. avatar former water walker says:

    Generic knife in my pocket and multi-tool in my car console. It’s too fat to carry…

  14. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

    I find the Skeletool by leatherman to be by a great EDC. I sometimes pair it with a Kershaw skyline. At work I usually carry a older Leatherman, and a fixed buck knife.

    1. avatar MyName says:

      +1 on the Skeletool – that plus a benchmade 530 for me.

  15. avatar SouthernShooter says:

    Two multi-tools–one in center console of Jeep, the other in backpack. Usually carry a Kershaw, but picked up a CRKT Williwaw yesterday on clearance. Smooth action, so it might become my new EDC along with my Rugers.

  16. avatar Dude says:

    It always helps that they match, because fashion statement.

  17. avatar Hannibal says:

    Multitool in vehicle or backpack (if applicable). I’ve never found myself in a situation that required the use of a multitool that was so urgent that it couldn’t wait for me to walk out to the car.

  18. avatar RadaII says:

    I carry both a Leatherman & a pocket knife–usually a Rebar or Surge and Opinel #8

  19. avatar DrewN says:

    I’m a handyman, and it’s easier and faster to carry proper tools than spend an hour jacking around with whatever crap multitool you happen to have. I tried for years to find anything halfway decent and have a drawer full of barely used ones for my efforts.

  20. avatar jonnlakeland says:

    I have a leatherman rebar that I keep in my Jeep, and a dozen of the cheap walmart ones I grabbed on clearance for under $4 each stashed all over the place – junk drawer, computer desk, get home bag, company car, tool box. I work inside at a desk, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense as an EDC item.

  21. avatar Your mom says:

    Sad when the comments go more until detail than the OP.

  22. avatar Joatmon says:

    Nate’s a busy guy with his pocket dumps.
    He’s got the newest one too with a different set up.

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