Ruger's New Magnum Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle BX-15 magazine
courtesy mfr
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Ruger's New Magnum Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle BX-15 magazine
courtesy mfr

Ruger’s taking the next logical step after their very successful introduction of the 22LR Ruger Precision Rimfire a year ago. They’re now adding a little more oomph to the line with the addition of two new magnum models featuring adjustable triggers and chambered in .22 WMR and .17 HMR.

And because you’ll have to keep your new rimfire bolt rifle adequately fed, they’re shipping the guns with the new BX-15 Magnum magazine (assuming you live in a state that allows that fearsome level of firepower). If you live in a capacity-limited locale, you’ll get a 9-round rotary mag.

Here’s Ruger’s press release:

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) proudly introduces magnum models of the Ruger Precision® Rimfire rifle and a new BX-15® Magnum magazine. Faster, flatter and with high-performing bullets, .17 HMR and .22 WMR cartridges expand the capabilities of the Ruger Precision Rimfire platform. Like its .22 LR predecessor, these new magnum offerings maintain the same ergonomics, trigger and manual of arms as the larger centerfire Ruger Precision Rifle.

The Ruger Precision Rimfire’s molded, one-piece chassis and adjustable buttstock assembly are manufactured from strong glass-filled nylon, offering a solid foundation for accuracy. The innovative Quick-Fit Precision Rimfire stock allows the rifle’s length of pull and comb height to be quickly and easily adjusted for proper fit over a wide range of shooter sizes, outerwear and shooting positions.

Ruger's New Magnum Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle BX-15 magazine
courtesy mfr

The 18″ cold hammer-forged target barrel features ultra-precise rifling for excellent accuracy and a 1/2″-28 muzzle thread pattern for easy pairing with muzzle devices, including the Ruger® Silent-SR®. The 15″ free-float handguard with Magpul® M-LOK® slots provides generous scope clearance and easy mounting of M-LOK-compatible rails and accessories. Additionally, Big-Gun bolt throw adjustment technology allows shooters to experience the long bolt throw of a centerfire cartridge, like 6.5 Creedmoor, improving the Ruger Precision Rimfire’s capabilities as a training rifle.

Ruger's New Magnum Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle BX-15 magazine
courtesy mfr

The popular Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger can be externally adjusted from 2.25 to 5 pounds with the adjusting wrench that is conveniently stored in a buttstock compartment on the rifle. Ruger’s own AR-pattern pistol grip and safety selector allow for maximum control and access to the 45 degree, reversible safety selector. The rifle is topped with a 0 MOA Picatinny scope base and ships with one, 15-round BX-15 Magnum magazine or one, 9-round JMX-1 rotary magazine.

Ruger's New Magnum Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle BX-15 magazine
courtesy mfr

The new, 15-round BX-15 Magnum magazine incorporates technologies that have made the .22 LR BX-15 and BX-25® magazines famous and also features the same feed lip geometry that has proven reliable in the 9-round, JMX-1 rotary magazine. The BX-15 Magnum is a natural pairing for the new Ruger Precision Rimfire in magnum calibers. It is also compatible with Ruger 77/17®, Ruger 77/22® and Ruger American® Rimfire rifles chambered in .17 HMR and .22 WMR. The stainless steel feed lips and “constant force” spring combine with a high-lubricity, polyacetal, anti-tilt follower and durable, glass-filled nylon magazine body to make the BX-15 magazine rugged, reliable and easy to clean.

For more information on the Ruger Precision Rimfire or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit or To find accessories for the Ruger Precision Rimfire, like the BX-15 Magnum, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

About Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. As a full-line manufacturer of American-made firearms, Ruger offers consumers over 400 variations of more than 30 product lines. For more than 60 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Our motto, “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®,” echoes the importance of these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and innovative firearms.

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  1. The .17 HMR Ruger American is a great caliber merged with a very good gun and more fun than most small bore rifles can dream of. Add the .17HMR to a RPR and you have a great varmint and target rifle. Damm Ruger, there goes my beer money for 2019.

  2. And because of these 15rd mags, I’m hoping for a boner-response for a TD 10/22 in 22mag or 17HMR. (17 would be my ideal happy place, but I’ll settle for 22mag)

    • Ruger already had bad experience with semi auto .17 calibers. The Savage A17 is the only current semi auto .17HMR in factory production due to potential out of battery detonations.

      I agree though a magnum/HMR takedown would be better for some applications than .22LR

      • Jeff, it’s not just out of battery detonation, but also the slightly higher pressure and I suspect the use of Lil’ Gun for the 17HMR.
        The A17 is next up for my review. I was surprised to find that Savage has addressed those issues by making the rimfire a delayed blowback gun.
        Spoiler alert, works like a charm.
        I hate ugly guns, and the a17 is ugly, but still, it’s hard to turn this one back in.

    • I’m wondering the same. You don’t make a 10/22 Magnum magazine without likelyplanning on making a semi-auto .22 Mag 10/22. People have been asking for a 10/22 Mag from Ruger for a while and it’s been over a decade since they last made any. If these 15 rd .22 mag magazines work, then they should also work in a semi-auto and that is a big selling point as being able to say it holds 15 rounds vs 25 rounds of .22 LR in the BX-25 mags… hey 15 rds is better than 9 rds in comparison to 25 rounds.

    • Ruger tried and failed before to build a reliable 10/22 in WRM. Magnum Research (now Kahr) is the place to get one that works, or, if pinpoint accuracy is your thing, Volquartsen is the choice.

      • We’re talking 25-30 years ago. Engineering has come a long way, and so has Ruger. It could be done, and done well. I still have hope.

  3. Not really related, but does anyone else find it irksome that most bolt action 22s these days come with cheap plastic stocks that have way too many grooves and weird angles?

    I settled on a CZ 22 magnum because it was the only one I could find with a nice stock and a bolt handle that didn’t feel like it belonged on a toy.

    • The CZ’s are good looking rifles and great shooters, however, don’t forget the outstanding (and gorgeous) Browning T-Bolt rimfires available in .17 HMR, .22 LR and .22 WRM. Their wood is beautiful…and the metal-to-wood fit is verry, verry good. I picked up one of their .22 WMR’s last summer and it is a tack-driver…love their double-helix magazines.

  4. I’m going to pass on this heap. It looks tacticool, lol, pass.

    It’s not long range. It’s not fast cycling. Why design it in this manner?


    • This gun is for the person that bought the RPR in a more expensive caliber(Lapua ammo is not cheap), then the .22lr, and now he needs it in .17hmr or .22wmr

      Why did Ruger make this? To make money! Ruger has been killing it since Bills Bogus Journey ended.

  5. I might want one if they used a stock compatible with a M4 buffer tube. The Ruger adjustable stock might work fine, but it looks like a POS. I’d rather have the option to replace it.

  6. I want a .22 mag but this is not it. Call me a traditionalist, I like the look and feel of the traditional style stock, wood or synth. Ruger did not consult me, but this looks like a junior version of extreme T-cool. JUNK! And I own stock in Ruger!!

    • This is not the weapon for everyone you have your reasons why you do and do not want it. They Are your reasons and I can respect that as for myself I have many Ruger’s end I’m extremely happy with them and I can’t wait to get my hands on the 22 Magnum I wish you the best of luck and happy holiday my friend.

  7. Wish the stock folded, and wished ruger would get off their A## and make this and the RAR in 17 WSM. I’d buy one if either of those things were an option

  8. I am trying to purchase a 22 Magnum I’ve been trying since Wednesday when Ruger put them out. I cannot find anyone who has the weapon I am trying my best I’m a true believer in the 22 Magnum . Can anyone help me I want to purchase the 22 Magnum Percision rifle the first week of the new year.

    • I ordered the 8404 (ruger precision rimfire in 22 mag) last friday from Zanders should be in next Wednesday, already have the 22 lr and the 223/5.56 and happy with both.

  9. I have always loved the 22 WMR . A very versatile little bullet indeed .
    I own twelve rifles in this caliber and six handguns , but the Ruger Precision is not interesting me all that much .
    I do have several semi-auto versions and have different reasons for enjoying them all .
    I have 2 Volquartsens , 2 magnum research , 3 Savage , a Henry carbine , a Marlin 783 and 2 Kel Tec CMR 30’s and a Browning Sporter and unually have around 20,000 rounds of ammo on hand , so I consider myself a little bit of an expert on the 22 magnum and the only thing that is worth my praise here is the magazine and I also love Ruger , happy owner of 30 plus Ruger firearms .

    • Hey Mark S.
      Re: Ruger 17HMR and 22WMR.
      I’ve been into target pistol shooting for a few years now and very much interested in purchasing one of these RP Rimfire rifle’s. Since I’m not into “Hunting”, I would very much like to try one of these caliber rifles for target shooting.
      My questions would be: How does the 17HMR and the 22WMR differ in maximum range and which caliber do you think would be best for target shooting?

      • The 17 HMR is faster / flatter shooting and has a greater range because of these two factors .
        I would recommend it for longer range target shooting .
        The 22 magnum has a broader range of bullet choices and is a very good caliber for target shooting and will offer greater challenges as a result , but it is a far more capable hunting round in it’s ability to ethically kill a larger group of game .
        The 22 WMR is available from 25 grains to 50 grains and can ethically and conservatively kill everything from a chipmunk to a stag deer with proper gun , bullet , range and placement .

  10. I shoot left-handed so I’ll just have to put off my purchase of a Ruger PRR until I grow a third arm or they release a left-handed version. Whichever comes first.

  11. I’m with Jeff shoot left handed. Seems that the RPR all shoot very well and most like them but I want a left handed option.

  12. When I want a pretty gun, I pull out my Golden Boy, 22 mag, or maybe my Mark V 300 Weatherby, walnut and blue steel. I already have the 2 ugly Savages, 17 HMR and 17 WSM, both shoot one hole groups, better than any centerfire I own.
    Now, Winchester makes a 45 grain subsonic in 22 mag for those few times when I want Hollywood quiet. Otherwise I expect my suppressor to still be fairly quiet, even with 2,000 fps ammo. I am aware of a fellow hunting down south but was only allowed to use rimfires. He stumbled upon a cougar that did not run when yelled at. He said the 22 mag Winchester 9422M, did the cat in easily with one round.

    I am 70 and we do generally get impressed with all the ninja tacti cool hype. However, cannot wait to see fi I can get 1 moa with one of these little guys.

  13. Be careful when switching the safety from one side to the other, screwed up the spring a little and RUGER will not send or sell me a new spring!! They said send the gun back!! WHAT? That’s the thanks I get for buying three RPR, a 6.5, a 22 lr and 22 WMR, so much for my investment in Ruger!

    • @John. You might want to send it back, they will fix it, install any needed upgrades and may even send you a extra magazine or 2. They just want to make sure it’s all done right. I had a reliability issue with a 10/22 I bought, explained issue to gun store who shipped it to Ruger, they send me a new gun in about 5 days. Doesn’t get better than that. Replacement has been absolutely reliable.

      • You are 100% correct, that course makes the logical sense, happened to read the article and reply right after the aforementioned spring issue. In fact after a little tweak of the spring and reassembly with the safety lever back in its original position, everything worked as it should, thanks for the words of reason. Gun ownership here in NY just took another hit so some of us are overly sensitive. Thanks

        • @John, we is free states feel for you. You might want to consider relocating, I moved to Texas 3 years ago, couldn’t take R.I. another day. ZERO regrets. Now R.I. General Assembly planing a complete “assault weapons ban” , in their logic almost anything that has a removable magazine….


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