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Today’s pocket dump features a GLOCK 42 which is, as most of you know, chambered in .380 ACP. It’s being carried in what looks like a rather soft leather holster. I love a good leather holster, one that’s stiff and has a reinforced mouth so it absolutely does not collapse. Softer leather collapses and can also fold down into the trigger guard. That means a potential ND.

What do you guys think? Leather holsters, yay or nay?

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  1. Really doesn’t look all that soft to me. If it’s a pocket holster, I’ve seen other ones from major holster makers that looked softer. More information, please, to make an informed decision. -30-

  2. Leather for the win!

    …but, not some baggy, saggy leather pouch of a holster like the one pictured. Rather, one that is well constructed and molded to a particular firearm that “wears” in to your body and style of carrying.

    Disclaimer: I do own and (occasionally) use a couple of plastic holsters (one by Safariland and one by Talon Retention Systems)…but, only occasionally.

    • “baggy, saggy leather pouch of a holster like the one pictured.”
      Are you looking at the same picture that I am? It looks to me like the fit is quite snug!

      • I think OGIM is referring to the fact that the holster isn’t a custom fit for the G42 that’s in it but rather is a generic holster.

        Generic holsters do have some drawbacks. I avoid them when possible and get something made specifically for the gun.

        • OMIG get off your butt and make your own, as it looks like this guy did. My LCP sits in a totally form fitted holster. It looks like an open bottom slide holster but wit a reinforced thumb break. I built the thing myself.
          Needed tools and supplies; Some leather, cow hide, oak tanned and about 2x more than you think. From Tandys online or craft shop. A speedy sticher from hardware store. An awl to poke holes to help with stiching . Some stiff paper (brown paper bag is good) to make a pattern. A sharp knife or craft knife. Some rubber cement to hold things together for stiching. TIP work the leather while wet! Then comes the boning (old word for fitting). You need an antler tine or a piece of bone. Wood works but not like a rounded tine or bone. Last but not least, some time. Have fun and create something to be proud of!

  3. Belt holster? Kydex or reinforced mouth. No question. Especially IWB. Not as important in a pocket carry as you should take the holster out of pocket to reholster. Still, reinforced doesn’t hurt. Quality is the key! Mitch Rosen, Milt Sparks, Kramer, Blade Tech, etc. I never recommend anything I don’t carry myself.

  4. Leather is fine.
    Given that it covers the trigger guard on a relatively straight edge and the holster is intended for the gun.
    This one looks fine.
    Take away one of the blades and this would be a typical summer carry for me.

  5. if it’s not a recluse, then it’s very similar. stiff, even more so in horsehide. in the front or a cargo pocket there is zero gun imprint. they used to have a molded in plastic feature that captured the trigger until the hinged halves are coaxed apart, but this was absent on triggers with no space behind (1911, mustang etc.).

  6. The stiffness of the leather looks fine, its a pocket holster, it fits. Re-holster is ALWAYS done outside the pocket relaxing the need for being extra stiff. The only real concern I have is its smooth enough it might pull out with the pistol. I tend to like the sticky type of soft plastic for this reason even though I love leather. Like any holster, you need to practice and prove to yourself it works for you, your gun and your clothing with some dry fire.

  7. I carry same firearm in a Desantis Nemesis which can only be described as “soft” in this context. for front pocket carry, honestly soft works great for me since it is more able to conform/hide to my thigh whether wearing jeans or slacks…the insides are slick and the outsides have rubberized elements that grip the inside of the pocket so when you pull it out only the gat comes out. covers trigger and fits comfortably in the pocket so beyond that, its all personal preference. Talon rubberized grip stickers did wonders for this particular firearm as well. The skateboard grit style does not work for me but the rubbery style they make was the bees knees. YMMV. I really wish they made the G43 the size of the current G42…it is literally the difference between being front-pocket do-able or not do-able based on the pants I wear.

  8. I am a big fan of leather pocket holsters except in the hottest summer months. I like kydex OWB holsters for the belt.

    This one looks home made and molded to the firearm. a much better option than many available for sale.

  9. That is definitely kydex… It even has holes stippled through it, really half assed. If you browse the forums you get these carry’s from, why not just ask the person who shares them before writing an incorrect article about it? smfh @ this site.


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