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Bryan from South Carolina shares his “Everyday Tools” with us via Everyday Carry.

By the way, the good people there welcome more folks like us to submit a photo of the stuff they carry everyday.  Don’t be bashful.  If you’re worried about people making fun of you, post under a pseudonym.  It’s okay.  Have fun with it!

Anyway, Bryan writes up this description of his stuff and why he carries it nicely…

Here are a few of my everyday tools that get switched up everyday so I can’t really say this is my.edc because it’s really not I probably only carry 3 things in the photo everyday but that’s besides the point just got the 11 pro max and love it, the copper scales from flytanium make this brouwer 1000x better I love this thing so much now and the smock is amazing I’m really waiting to get copper scales for it as well but if you could help me find some plain green micaela scales furniture I’d really appreciate it. The ti click pro is awesome I’m backing the copper versions and they can’t come quick enough, the earpods gen 2 work good they actually fit your ear the olight seeker 2 is probably one of the best bigger EDC lights the 2 trayvax links and keychains are a must for anyone that needs a bottle opener and to get to your keys quickly and lastly but certainly not least the sig p320 is a beauty and shorts just as good especially with the romeo1 red dot. I’m sure there are a ton of spelling and grammar errors but dont feel like going back and checking everything so I hope you are able to understand everything 🙂 keep up the good work watch your channel helps me see and find new EDC gear that I never knew I needed or wanted. Also please help me find the smock and the brouwer a set of micaela scales.

I didn’t understand a big part of it, but I’m an old man and don’t know copper scales from micaela scales.  Scales?   What the heck are scales?

I give up.

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  1. The scales are the sides (grips?) of the knives. Spyderco Smock and Brouwer. He wants copper ones.

    One day when the wife is out I am going to post my 20 pounds of EDC for you to make fun of 😉

    • I’ve actually thought about, and said, that I’m seriously considering building a few ranging from super light to realistic to stupid and posting them as discussion pieces.

      Just to get rid of the repeats for a while.

    • Scales = side pieces.
      Just like grips on a hand gun.
      Some folders don’t have scales, Kershaw knives like the Leek series are all steel with a “liner lock”. The liner and the handle are one and the same.
      Case folders have a metal liner with attached (glue and pins) scales.
      Also, either it is or it ain’t EDC

  2. I’ll translate: This is not really my actual EDC, its my Show and Tell for stuff I bought but cant justify unless I gloate over it in this submission. P.S. Send me some free stuff like new grip plates for the pictured knife or something else. I’m so full of myself, I require you to fix spelling and grammar problems while I do more important things like eat Tide Pods and wait for a response on my Burger King job application.

    Nothing really shows any sign of wear except the phone, typical submission on that scale.

  3. Let’s of people carry two knives, but I don’t get it. I prefer a knife and a multitool. Essentially, two knives and a whole lot more.
    Just me…not saying what anyone else should do.

  4. It’s so good of Sig to keep that reciprocating slide three inches away from the hand for safety reasons. 😉

  5. I carry two knives. Ones for losing and the other one is for throwing behind my back in hopes it lands where I lost the first one. I tried that with gunms for awhile, but shot myself in the ass.

  6. I also regulary carry two knives, right now I have a southern grind damasteel spider monkey and a Microtech ultratech D\E

  7. I reckon (rectum) carry two knives as well. A CRKT M16 and the wee guppy sticker in my Gerber Mini Suspension. I’m too old to worry if I color coordinate (Garanimal it). If my attire is inappropriate for the venue, say somthing and I’ll gladly go home.

  8. Highly unlikely he edc that pistol in SC since they, like Florida, require concealment to appease the tourists.

  9. “I’m sure there are a ton of spelling and grammar errors but dont feel like going back and checking everything so I hope you are able to understand everything.” Then maybe you should go back to grade school and retake everything so you can submit a coherent paragraph. Good lord, I know it’s such a chore to go back and proof read it…probably take you all of 20 seconds. This is an example of the intersection of lazy and stupid.

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