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Larry Jordan works from home in Kentucky.  In his mind, he says he doesn’t “everyday carry” because he doesn’t pack his Roscoe at home.  In fact, he calls this is “Outdoors EDC.”

A lot of folks I know do carry at home.  Not so much because they think, “Hey, someone may come in the back door.”  Instead, it’s because once the holster goes on with the pants, it stays on all day long.  At least until the pants come off.

I know for me, the holster wears very comfortably, and I’ll even nap with the gun on my hip.

Larry clarified his situation by writing this:

I work from home so I don’t technically EDC daily. I do keep my M&P on my desk. When I go out and about, I carry all of these items with the exception of the two extra magazines, depending on where I am going.

Three spare magazines?  Wow.  Impressive.

The Versacarry holster?  Heck, I thought that was someone’s homemade leather project.  I followed the link and saw the Versacarry holsters.  I like mine to have a little more retention (as in won’t fall out of the holster when I’m in the porta-potty) than these seem to offer.

To each their own, I suppose.

He does carry a lot of stuff (and ammo) to not carry a flashlight though.



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  1. Where do 100% of home invasions happen? Damn right, home carry. It has happened in my neighborhood. It can happen in yours.

  2. I dont always carry at home.

    When I go out, I’m not carrying at home.

    When I come home, I do carry at home. 😉

  3. “He does carry a lot of stuff (and ammo) to not carry a flashlight though.”

    Looks like an unlisted flashlight beneath the keychain.

  4. Outdoors carry? This guy has ammo for an entire squad of weasel zombies. The weight and space (even for a day-hike) are better spent on utility tools, though I do keep some ammo in the pack when hiking/camping.

  5. Posting to the world the tools in your arsenal, and that you carry, have built, or own is like sending smoke signals to the all seeing, all knowing authorities that scrape up every bit (binary digit) of data sent by anyone that uses the internet and credit cards. In short order the authorities will assemble a profile from internet postings, purchases, bank transactions, search engine queries, and public photographic surveillance.
    For example the record collected by a certain Federal Agency for Individual X will assemble all their public media aliases, postings, credit card purchases, search terms, youtube viewing history, NICS queries, and every electronic transaction taking place over public network infrastructure-which is where every credit card purchase is routed today. Magazine subscriptions, and Prescription drug purchases are also collected, everything that authorities can find on the individual is collected. Add the photographs and videos Individual X posts of their firearms and of their unique knowledge in areas the authorities choose to track and in short order a fairly complete profile is created.

    When the balloon does go up authorities will be able to identify all persons fitting a certain profile with photos of them, lists of weapons they have purchased with credit cards, or posted for all to see on social media sites. So why make it easy for those coming to put you in a FEMA camp, kill you, and take your personal property? Now is the time for stealth. Become a Greyman. You cannot pull back anything you posted on the internet, but you can immediately stop doing the things that make it easy for you to be targeted as an “enemy of the state,” I suspect some public ranges track your weapon type and photograph you, providing government minders for example a quick record of all black rifle owners that use gun ranges in a particular zip code. It is certain every one of us who read or post here has a government assigned profile to us. We read a lot of the abilities of Communist China or almost Communist England to monitor every word their citizens post or even speak in public and every where they go How do we know the same isn’t planned for the US. You can be certain that wireless 5G technology in the US will be the enabler of the omnipresent surveillance state with cameras and microphones on every corner and in between.

    If I have made grammatical errors in this post I do not apologize. I don’t have an editor on the payroll and its a challenge to fat finger type my words into a smartphone, let alone triple check my work on a screen the size of a credit card. Im sure most of you come not to nitpick the authors writing skills but to learn something.

      • If they could forward that list to me it might be useful for inventory management purposes.

        I’m sure there are some exciting things I’ve always wanted I forgot I have.

  6. Looks like Larry left his phone behind. A protective backing without the essential electronics inside would seem a bit odd unless you’re Maxwell Smart and talk into the bottom of a shoe.

  7. Good kit. I would rather see someone carrying 3 spare mags than none, although it is extra weight to haul around every day. I don’t know anyone using a Versacarry (hope I’m spelling that right), so I have no opinion on their pros and cons. I think that’s the cap for the pen below the keys, but I won’t swear to that. It is a phone case, but I’d be willing to bet it’s because he’s snapping the pic with his phone. No flashlight is a concern. Even if you’re only out in daylight hours, a flashlight is still a good recomendation, get a mini or sub mini, they don’t take up a lot of room. I carry at home too, though I’ll usually divest myself of the other EDC items at home.
    Someone mentioned a Multi-tool in addition to the knife, and thats not a bad point to bring up. They are handy and have saved my butt a time or two. I carry the Gerber Mini Suspension in my pocket. The Mini is just a wee bit bigger than a Zippo, and I bought a bunch a few years back when Midway had a clearence on them for $5 or $6 bucks each. Although there’s a SOG Powerlock in the center console of both the wife and my vehicles.
    All in all, that’s a pretty good setup he’s sporting, and except for lacking a flashlight, a big step up from some of the others we’ve seen recently.


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