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Here lies the Democrats' hope for gun control in 2019. (Bigstock)
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Like so many anti-gun legacy media outlets, the Washington Post is coming to the terrible realization that the impeachment push has probably doomed any hope they had for luring Trump into a gun control deal.

A big gun-control law always seemed a long shot, given the GOP’s strong embrace of the NRA and Democrats’ reluctance to settle for modest compromises given the huge public support for several of their proposals.

But some Democrats hold out hope that Trump would view the House’s impeachment proceedings as a chance to show the public that he is concentrated on doing the work of president and not just focused on his own political survival.

“I think the president’s got to make a calculation as to how he’s going to manage through impeachment and other ways — that he can show he’s still relevant,” Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.), one of the lead Democratic negotiators on guns, told reporters in Las Vegas at an event on the two-year anniversary of the nation’s worst mass shooting. “I’ve made this point directly to the president a couple of times.” …

[P]roponents of more gun control might have to go back to the political drawing board and try to keep up the pressure and defeat their opponents at the ballot box next year to truly change the law.

Doing that, in the midst of the constant Trump media storm, will be their greatest political challenge.

– Paul Kane in It seemed like a gun control compromise could be on the way. Then the impeachment inquiry happened.

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  1. Unfortunately, one can never really be sure which way the president is going to lean. There seems to be no filter between his brain and his mouth/tweets.

    • The mind of a Dem or Fem (one in the same actually) where attempting to destroy you should have no bearing on you should still “Compromise” and give me what I want.

      Just keep giving because I will never stop taking. Ever..

      • Ive been saying that since the 90s and yet the GOP has still NOT learned that lesson and most likely never will with the Establishment in control.

        • GOP is run by the same monied Elites and their control philosophies as that the Socialist Democrat Party.

          Fewer rights and more control of the individual. In other words:


      • The DemFems have a lot of gall, don’t they: ” I plan to destroy you, but until you are destroyed you should give me what I want.”

  2. this is a mastepiece of political theater
    with the fake impeachment they get to ruin bidens chances and effectively hand the nomination to warren all the while running on gun control that wont pass so they look good to their base without actually having to do anything
    in their minds its a double win
    but its also a double win for us:
    no gun control
    trump beats warren like a rug in 2020

    • I’ve noticed something about past presidents: they’re charismatic. Trump is divisive, but he’s still charismatic. Hillary wasn’t remotely charismatic and neither is Warren. It isn’t a given that Trump would win, but people probably have a hard time visualizing Warren as their president.

      • As in the last election: I would consider voting for a woman as president. But not THAT woman (Hilderbeast).

        The same for this cycle. The democraps have not presented ANY female I could ever think of supporting. Warren? — nope. Harris? — hardly. Gabbard? — kidding, right? Gillibrand – heh, heh. Williamson? — US Department of Peace? Riiight.
        Klobuchar? — maybe the best of the lot?

        Does not appear very good for female candidates this time — I hope.

        • I would only vote for a conservative woman. Candice Owens would get my vote in a heart beat. So would Amy Coney Barrett. Every democratic woman is a fucking Communist through and through.

      • No doubt. I would rather listen to my own bones break than have to listen to Faux-chohontas drone about socialist dogma.

    • Meanwhile, seventeen states now have Red Flag laws and more are likely to pass them. Many have formed specially funded flying squads to go out and seize citizens’ guns whenever liberal judges hand down warrants.

      The climate of confiscation is far more dangerous that it was only two years ago. We the POTG are lucky that Democrats’ own stupidity torpedoed their latest Federal level gun grab with Beto calling for confiscation & not a single Dem disagreeing. Their foaming desire for impeachment uber alles then drove the stake through the heart of more gun control for this year.

      No time to be anything other than vigilant. In my opinion President Trump will win reelection in 2020 but the House is up for grabbing citizens’ rights. Liberty is never permanent and is always in danger.

    • sticking-up for gun rights on WAPO’s website seems to aggravate the hell out of them…do it every chance I get!…

  3. Pay attention to what Trump does, not what he says, or especially not the press’ version of what he said. He has been very successful on judges, trade, jobs, immigration, cutting regulations, North Korea, Iran, NATO, etc. And he’s got China by the balls. We can gripe about bump stocks, but that’s likely to be overturned in the courts. Or are you more concerned about style than substance? Would you rather keep losing with grace, like with Bush or Romney, or get dirty while winning with the Orangeman?

    • “…Would you rather keep losing with grace, like with Bush or Romney, or get dirty while winning with the Orangeman?…”

      Well said Bob. The grace part could be substituted for a whimper.

      Would you rather have a doctor with a terrible bed side manner, that cures you? Or one that ‘feels your pain’ but leaves you with it?

    • I see THIS as the only real way to look at things.

      Trump is not a politician at heart. He knows how to get things done. Regardless of how it might look while in process, there are things that NEED to get done. He still has my vote. That is not going to change based on anything done on Twitter. Personally, I couldn’t care any less about what he’s put on Twitter. The truth is, It makes Twitter a hundred times more popular than it would be without him. But in all honesty, I would rather live in a world without Twitter. With or without Trump.

      One of the results of is presidency is forcing so many people to expose themselves. Biden is just an example. With a Clinton in office, who really thinks we would know anything at all about his dirty hands in the pie? The swamp actually is getting drained.

      He’s actually kept more campaign promises than most people ever have thought of even attempting. Deregulation, judges, foreign policy…etc…etc….

      My point is the The Washington Post is just as worthless as Pelosi talking smack about how someone else acts outside the Constitution. While they are claiming Trump acts like a child, it’s actually the left acting like children. This was the case long before Trump entered politics.

      • Leftist project. They project what they are doing onto others.

        In other words if they are accusing you of a violation, you can be sure they are the ones doing it.

        And it is wildly incredible how accurate this is.

      • Only the top 1/2″ layer of the swamp is gone, there is still the smelly muck and years of smelly rottenness under the rose petals on top.

        • Plenty of muck remains. When are the indictments going to be filed?? When do the frog-marches begin?

      • Bravo! Trump is a businessman that crashed the politician’s party. He acts like a businessman and not another beholden puppet politician. All of the democraps and 90% of the republicans didn’t/don’t want him around, potentially exposing all of their corruption, scheming, and pretending to care about their constituents.

      • “One of the results of is presidency is forcing so many people to expose themselves.”

        Not sure about forcing, it feels more like they are so used to getting away with everything that it doesn’t even occur to them that these dirty tricks could backfire. There’s been much discussion regarding whether the Ukraine furor could be 2-fer, weakening Trump and clearing the way for a Dem candidate other than Biden. Maybe, but it could just be sheer arrogance.

    • Excellent point! His actions speak far more eloquently than his words or tweets! Let’s hope the Dems don’t pick up on that!! LOL

  4. Hey, what the heck? We don’t use words like requiem, we don’t even know what the hell it means. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I looked it up, but, I’m not going to tell you what it means. Look it up yourself and let us know if you did. No lying now.

    • noun
      Roman Catholic Church.

      Also called Requiem Mass. the Mass celebrated for the repose of the souls of the dead.
      a celebration of this Mass.
      a plainsong setting for this Mass.

      any musical service, hymn, or dirge for the repose of the dead.

    • So not to much into Shakespeare, or Mozart, Beethoven or Verdi?

      Woops… I may have just given you more to look up. Although one could argue, you would be better if you do, they are some incredible masterpieces.

    • Requiem? That was some great acting. Both times, the 1956 teleplay by Rod Serling and starring Jack Palance, or the 1962 movie starring Anthony Quinn. They just don’t make them like that any more!

    • One of Mozart’s greatest compositions, but unfortunately he died before completing less than half of it. When his widow realized Mozart had not been paid for it and she could not collect the cash for the composition from the person who commissioned it because it was not finished, she gathered up his notes and secretly tried paying two of his students to finish it. Eventually someone secretly finished it and she got her cash.

  5. I really appreciate the hard work that Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and all the “Squat Girls” did to protect 2nd Amendment rights by going on an Impeachment joyride. Once again we were lucky.

    • Commiecrats overreaching or just dumb luck,that said Trump should have never even contemplated violating the 2 nd. amendment in the first place.

      • If you recall, he also “contemplated” staying in the Paris Climate Accord. He played it up just to bring attention to how stupid and worthless it was.

    • LOL! Since they know nothing about firearms, they shot themselves on one foot and now in the process of trying to figure out how not to shot the other foot. What a bunch!

  6. If I were Trump, at the next state of the union address I’d turn to the Democratic caucus, tell them to kiss this, then turn around, pull my pants down and bend over.

    • Yes seriously. His most tenuous voters are the soccer mommies, who actually prefer an Obama who says nice little platitudes, and then screws you in actions. They are the reason gun control plays so well with the democratics and who handed Nancy the gavel in 2018.

      Therefore whether you or I might ROTFLOAO, they are extremely fickle.

      • What handed Nancy the gavel was the Comey Coup. Now that that little hoax has been brought out into the sunlight, the DNC is going to pay for it.

        I’m rather looking forward to Trump’s 2020 campaign adds when the DNC finally decides who they are going to put up as his punching bag.

    • Sounds like a good idea, but you have to keep one thing in mind:

      Democrats get a re-BUTT-al. I don’t want to be scarred for life here.

      • Yeah, their reBUTTal would probably be a total Schiff-show. Or worse, they could leave a big ol’ pile of stinking Schumer on the podium.

      • Yeah, I guess he could reach up between his legs and give them that too. That’d be a nice touch.

  7. I would like to see Republicans be more vocal and outspoken in regards to some of the antics being pulled by the liberal left. I think that if people got both sides of the story on any issue then they’d have a better understanding of what the hell is going on and what the goals of the government or it’s politicians are.

    I think despite the fact that the liberal media promotes their point of view and spews their lies all day and night, day in and day out, the Republicans need to push themselves and get more air time, make more public speeches, and interrupt the moment of the left.

    The left preys on the mentally weak, easily fooled and manipulated people who only seem to hear a few key phrases and believe everything that is stated as fact or repeated until it sounds credible. They use terms like “gun violence”, “assault rifle”, “weapons of mass destruction” and tell the public that gun control will make us all safe when it’s just a lie and an excuse to disarm the citizens.

    And for God’s sake, I wish that conservative people would speak up about censorship by social media outlets and that anyone who is guilt of libel or slander or inciting people to use intimidation or violence (“Hello? Maxine Waters you listening?”) is called out for it and punished according to our laws. They should address the issue of free speech and political prejudice and not allow anymore time to pass. The government has become a circus and we’re not paying taxes to watch a silly clown show.

    • Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and even Zero Hedge are reporting lawsuits are being filed regarding tech censorship.
      Judicial Watch is also filing suits.

      Anyone else seeing an up-tick in conservative willingness to fund lawfare?

      • I wouldn’t really say there’s an uptick in willingness. There’s an uptick in organization which leads to money which leads to having access to lawyers. is a moneymaker and they have the standing and capability to sue and sue hard, something most individuals don’t possess if they are censored or deplatformed.

        On top of that, let’s be brutally honest here, your average Conservative isn’t particularly smart, well educated or, really, Conservative. Just look and BB’s comment section. Fish around for intelligent comments of substance. They’re few and far between.

        Mostly it’s just anti-Left virtue signaling by a bunch of people who happen to be right occasionally. When they’re right they don’t know why they’re right and they’re just as prone to feelz as the people they despise.

        The real value of these people, mostly, is the ad revenue they generate to fund the lawsuits you mention.

  8. Regardless of what you do Mr. President we are going to impeach you, but if you would just compromise on this one little thing, well we will impeach you anyway. So why don’t you compromise?

  9. I have the opinion of do not trust or negotiate with the left over gun control laws.They are proven liars now and in the past.For them to even think our President would negotiate away our gun rights is absurd.This is the same party that attacks him daily.I say F them and their B.S.

    • Hopefully President Trump realized that the gun control push was a trap that would separate him from many voters.

  10. Why in Sam Hill should prose anything if there is more than a 99% chance the Democrats would reuse it unless it was one of their czaristic forms of unconstitutional freedom infringing and abridging machinations.

  11. In order to push the gun control that the Washington Post wants they need to keep up the hysteria and make all the folks who know nothing about firearms to fear that they have a good chance of being the next victims of a mass shooting done by a gun guy with an evil weapon of war. My mentor is shooting use to say that it depends on who’s ox is being gored. Those who have no experience with guns have NOTHING to lose, or so they think, by supporting gun control laws that will deprive them of their freedoms. It’s hard to tell these people that once they are disarmed then the Government run by ‘populists’ will tell then, not ask then, what is printable or speakable. All communications will be either politically correct or it will be classified as hate speech. Next we will not only ban any reference to religion in schools but we will further restrict religion. Already red flag laws remove due processes attacking the 4, and 5th amendments. One of our founding fathers said if you give up a little freedom for a little security you will soon have non of either.

    • actually they employ a whole stable of trolls…just try posting something they don’t like…especially during the day when most of them are “on-duty”…and watch the reaction…

  12. “I think the president’s got to make a calculation as to how he’s going to manage through impeachment and other ways — that he can show he’s still relevant,”
    – Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.)

    It appears that Sen. Murphy is so un-self-aware that he doesn’t realize how badly the Democrats need to show they are also still relevant. And they don’t do that by hyperventillating over impeachment.

  13. Funny though it might be, the term tossed around so freely, Gun Control, is obviously a grevious misnomer, when a more honest description or version would clearly be Rights Destruction Legislation. How come, one wonders, are proponents of Gun Control so shy of honest description? Indeed, how come?


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