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Gerald Villaflores, an information security analyst (does that mean white hat hacker?) from Las Vegas, sends his “Updated 2019” ensemble.

It looks like he’s running a customized GLOCK 19 in a “Tier 1” concealment rig.  I see a flared mag well, an aftermarket slide along with an RMR sight.  Maybe it’s one of the new 9mm models.  I’m not all that fluent in them, but that magazine extension has me wondering.  Because if it was a GLOCK double stack, why mess with a +2?  Just carry a G17 magazine.

Like me, he carries an Olight S1R baton light (I’m unhappy it doesn’t have a momentary “on” switch), a Spyderco Dice folder and, of course, that extra magazine with an extra couple of round extension.

Also semi-concealed is the Bastinelli La Sanction little blade.  Mmm, nice.



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  1. From his LinkedIn

    TitleInformation Security Analyst
    Dates EmployedJan 2010 – Present
    Employment Duration9 yrs 10 mos
    LocationSan Francisco Bay Area
    – Grant system access to internal employees’ also providing password resets.
    – Maintaining internal user’s role templates as new CEO products or updates come in from Waves.
    – Quarterly support for System Wave upgrades to systems.
    – Maintain reports that show users who are terminated from company and are to be deleted from system access.
    – Subject Matter Expert on all systems utilized and provisioned by the Wholesale Enrollments group…. See more

    • Larry, you’re kidding. I know that’s some kind of professional, quasi, resume sight, but why would anyone make that much information available to anyone? Next, if his spare mag holder is part and parcel to his holster I hope it’s appendix carry. Not that I’m a fan, but that’s the only place it makes sence.

    • I spent money on Priority1, ANR Design and Freedom AIWB Holster, before finally settling on a $140 Last Line of Defense holster. I learned the hard way; took the buy twice cry twice route. If the Tier 1 Concealed is the last AIWB holster he buys, then it was worth it the $135.

    • STRYCH9 and other knife folks, what is your preference between a thumb stud, finger flipper and the spyderhole? I’m thinking of stepping up from my $30 folders, but have much to learn about materials, blade design, etc. Thanks in advanced!

      • SoCal, I generally prefer Spydercos for a factory carry. Lean toward the custom collaborations. But, that’s just me.

      • SoCalJack
        I have several older style “one hand” knives that don’t have a hole, stud or flipper. Just a taller in the handle blade, enough to get your thumb on and a good enough pivot you don’t need much force/friction to open them.
        I, personally, don’t like Spyderco knives, but the thumb hole does work. But then, with practice, you can open a Buck 110 with just a thumb.
        I have autos that work well but my EDC is a Kershaw Leek with a flipper and a assist spring. I’ve found these to be about as fast as an auto and less legal hassle.
        Best bet? Find a store with lots of different knives or a friend with many, and try some out.Much the same as a new handgun, try a few.
        Cost is up to you. Kershaw, Gerber, spyderco and several others in the $50-100 price range is a good price for EDC. Don’t get confused with “carbon fiber” (high price) and other plastic handle materials, if it works and fits, that;s it. I prefer all metal for a slim profile. You want a moderate to deep pocket clip and smooth edges. Fat knives will wear a hole in your jeans.
        3-3 1/2 inches is best for ease of carry/use blade. Clip point, drop point or wharnclif style blades will give you the most use. Tanto’s look cool, but aren’t great for every day chores and hard to keep sharp. A good lock, like liner lock or lock back is a must, avoid slip joint or old fashioned “granpa” knives/ boy scout knives. No lock, will fold back on you.
        The steel is of importance, but not enough to get hung up on. The brands mentioned above are “good enough” for EDC. Rockwell hardness 50-60 is good. Too low, wont stay sharp, too high, like Cold Steel knives, are hard to sharpen. Most today are some form of “stainless steel” meaning easy to clean and minimal rust, if any.
        If you can touch/feel one that you like, go to Blade HQ for the best price.
        Good luck and “choose wisely”!

      • That’s a whole heap of question there SoCal.

        I’d say it comes down to what you want the knife for and then your preferences. I like all of the opening methods you mention for single handed opening knives. To me it’s about the overall design of the knife and what I want it for. A Spyco Civilian/Matriarch is completely different, well most knives.

        Instead I would simply say that the one folder I cannot recommend is the Benchmade Pardue Drop Point. Thin and light, awesome. Not to diss Mel here but it’s badly designed. The thumb stud has a sharp edge on the top, which is great for getting your finger on and getting the blade out but the turrets on both sides stick out past the handle. The result is that regardless of pants/pocket this thing cuts the shit out of the back of your hand if you try to reach past it or catches your fingernails. Fits nicely in web gear but good luck getting it out reasonably fast or while wearing gloves.

        Other than that, it’s all about materials/construction/design that meets your needs and fits your hand. Try a gun store or outdoors store with a wide selection and make someone open the case so you can try a bunch of them that seem nice. Just like a new pistol.

        For a primer on blade materials start here:–Best-Knife-Steel-Guide–3368

        For handle materials I think KnifeCenter does a better job, also note the other indexes at the bottom of the page:

      • I favor the Spider Hole. It works and never catches on anything.

        Some knives with studs work but it depends on where they are on the blade.

        If you dint like Spyderco designs, Benchmade has several models with holes.

        My Griptillain has a hole as does my AFCK ( best knife).

        I also own several China Made Spyderco knives I use travel.

        I suggest trying the hole and see I’d it works for you.

        You can use a pinch or a push to open. Studs are much less flexible. IMO

      • I stopped carrying more expensive knives after losing one, and breaking one. $30 and under folders will get the job done and not break your heart if they break or get lost.

        I prefer thumb studs, but that is just personal preference. You have to try them and see what feels best to you. I also prefer assisted opening. I would carry an automatic but in Pennsylvania 18 PACS 908 bans them except for very limited exceptions. Assisted opening are just as good for me.

      • I like flippers. I have a ZT based on a Les George design. ZT0900. Sadly discontinued, but can still be found.

    • Strych9, it’s all relative. I paid a $1000 for two fixed blade knives last week. Gave one away. You can spend as much or as little as you want on anything.

      • People can do whatever they want.

        Personally, I’m not paying an extra $100 over the value on a $50 knife because OMG it’s French!

        Wow, you paid some €10.00/hour monkey to to hit this thing with a big ass belt sander for a few minutes? Color me unimpressed.

        • Strych9 & Possum I’ll try to answer you both in one post. First, these knives are hand forged. Sure, there some polishing in the final stages. They won’t cut anything that a factory knife won’t cut, but they will retain their value. In fact I could post them on a knife forum and make $100 each in minutes. Randall knives are in extremely high demand. Five year wait if you order direct from Randall. They have been around since before WWII. Carried by historic figures and the average person. Each of the Mercury 7 astronauts were issued a Randall. On display in the Smithsonian and other museums. I’ve been asked more than once, “Is that a Randall on your belt?” No one ever asked me, “Is that a (insert factory knife of choice here)?” I live in a very modest house and drive a P.O.S. but firearms and knives I buy the best I can. Even if I have to save my pennies for a while.

        • I’m not referring to your knives. I’m referring to the knife in question from this post.

          That knife, the one in the post, uses midgrade products and asks a high-end price. The website has videos of French guys working the knife on a belt sander as if that’s some sort of wundertool that magically imbues middling steel with the properties of better steel. It doesn’t.

          Hand made artisan work is one thing, I own such knives as well. Cheaply made mass produced crap masquerading as quality artisan tooling, OTOH, is another.

          This thing is basically a Browning Black Label First Priority made with slightly better steel and grips that are $10 more.

        • Strych9, now I understand. Wondered where the French/Euros reference came from. Sorry, I seldom intend to step on toes. Understand, I was dropped on my head as a child. Twice.

      • ? Not being a smart ass, b,ut what csn a $500 knife do that a $50 knife cant? This Buck knife I use has skinned a lot of critters. I think I paid around $30 for it about 25-30;years ago

  2. “If your going to have a Cross yah gotta have a Switchblade. ” ,,thats what Pat Boone told me anyway

  3. @ Gadsden Flag
    Most of us don’t want an EDC that costs more than a good dinner out with the spouse.
    I, too, have some very expensive knives, and a somewhat understanding wife, but I don’t EDC those knives.
    You are also talking fixed blade vs folder. Apples and Almonds. Not the same.
    A good EDC knife can be had for $50 and up to infinity.
    I have no fear of using my Kershaw, CRKT or Buck knife, and yes they can lose a tip in a heart beat, but I’ll reshape it and not cry like I would over my Dosier handmade folder.
    A working knife needs to be affordable, usable and safe. Anything more is ego.

    • daveinwyo, I understand, but, at least in my case, it’s not about ego. About the only people who see my Randalls are my hunting/fishing buddies. I wouldn’t call them impressed as much as appreciative. You see, they all have Randalls too. After an afternoon of hunting we enjoy a sitting around the fire with a bourbon and discussing one model’s merits as opposed to another as much as we enjoy talking rifles and calibers. Occasionally a stranger will ask about a knife I’m carrying. That doesn’t inflate my ego, but it has resulted in a couple friendships. I was on way home from the farm one evening. Full camo, Randall #26 Pathfinder on my belt. Made a stop on the way home to pick up a few things. Stranger in line behind me, “What kind of knife is that?” Me, “A Randall.” Stranger, “I thought so! I’ve always wanted one of those.” Me, “Here’s my card. I have go, but call me. I’m friends with a dealer. I’ll give you his contact information. Use my name. He’ll charge you more and you’ll wait longer, but…” The stranger laughed and stuck out his hand. That coversation was years ago. Mark H is now one of best friends. I was at his daughter’s wedding. He was at my father’s funeral. He and his wife hosted my surprise retirement party. All my friends were there. They had become his friends by now also. None of this would have happened if I had bought my knife at Wal-Mart. Mark must own 20 Randalls by now. His daughter and son-in-law live/work on Ted Turner’s ranch in New Mexico. They carry Randalls. Other guides have starting carrying them. And this just keeps rolling along. Oh, and if I ever break a point I won’t cry and I won’t grind a new point. I’ll send it to Randall and they’ll give me a new knife. Sometimes the value of something is not measured in dollars.

      • Randall knives lean so much to the display side. My neighbor just received three he ordered. He supplied the cocobolo for the handles and they had to approve it. Damn they came out great. I’m looking at the Bear, Smithsonian, and Raymond Thorp Bowie knives. That is my favorite blade, the curve on them is something else. I’d love to make a display for them. I’d buy one of their more inexpensive knifes for actual use.

  4. Gadsden , just google his name , you get his FB ,LinkedIn and so forth. He’s a big 49ers fan as well . I have no fB,Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth , and certainly wouldn’t have one in my name .

    If someone googles my name theres a hand full of newspaper articles, and dept posts about promotions or awards ceremonies , oh and you can look up my salary .

  5. Pretty sure the Glock 19 is a Gen 4 (finger grooves and changeable back strap) and the magwell is from Magpul.

    The use of the Glock 19 magazine with an extension would likely be because there’s a place to rest pinkie which would be more comfortable than with the Glock 17 mag.

  6. I’m not going to get into a knife discussion, simply because being retired and on a fixed income, spending $500 on a knife makes as much sense as spending $100,000 on a Rolex when you have to live on a budget. It ain’t happening. Also with carrying a fixed blade, why carry a folder? A decent pocket multi-tool would be a better choice IMO.
    Nice rig. Don’t really care for the camo finish, as it seems pointless in oh so many ways, and fishing a camo wallet out these days gets you a whole lot of strange looks at the cash register. I agree on the hoster mag combo though. The only way that would work is in the appendix carry position, otherwise reaching across you body to access your spare mag isn’t real practical or speedy. Appendix carry isn’t real comfortable for me. I’ve got just enough of a gut to make it an issue. So for its value, I’ll defer to others. Is the cross for preaching to your attacker about the “wages of sin, being death” after you’ve shot him? I hope if he wears it round his neck, he has a break release on it, otherwise it’s a choke hazard. I can’t tell from the pic. Flashlight’s a must, so he’s good to go there. Is that a ring next to the folding knife?
    I’d give this kit a 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. The main essentials are there. A couple of things I’d do differently. If he’s comfortable with it that’s what matters.
    I didn’t judge the modified gun in my run down. I’m a believer that a CC Weapon should be as close to factory as it can be, mainly for litigation defense. Lawyers are a sneaky bunch of bastards, and although I’m not aware of a case where its happened yet, but it could. When a gun is modified, as this one is, the risk that a lawyer might convince a judge and jury that the modifications being done increasing the lethality of the weapon could screw you over in a courtroom. The possibility for that to occur is there, and it should be something anyone carrying should think about before tricking their carry weapon out. Others may not feel this way about it I’m sure, but this is just a “my two cents” observation and comment. Do I believe the modifications make the gun more lethal? No, but I’m not one of the 12 that might believe a lawyer’s point.

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