VIDEO: 3-Lug Mount Suppressor Science

3-lug suppressor mount


Do you know who developed the 3-lug mount? Or why it’s used for pistol caliber guns rather than center fire rifles? Do 3-lug mount suppressors affect accuracy at all?

3-lug mount suppressor

3-lug mount on a B&T APC9 (Nick Leghorn for TTAG)

As SilencerCo writes in the intro to this video . . .

There’s no faster way to attach and detach your suppressor than 3-Lug. With a flick of the wrist, you’re ready to go. However, just like with all things in life the 3-Lug system does have its limitations. Sit back and enjoy while we take a deep dive into the world of 3-Lug glory.

Check out this bit of 3-lug suppressor science with SilencerCo’s Jake Turnblom. He runs down the pluses and minuses of using suppressors with 3-lug mounts.


  1. avatar Thixotropic says:

    I did Petrochemical R&D for 32 years.

    Well done evaluation.

    1. avatar Studio says:

      Hard to instill fear by quickly clicking on a three lug Silencer mount. Instead you have to slowly screw the silencer on the barrel while the audience watches wide-eyed. Then a pair of quiet gun coughs and fade to black.

      My ASR (Active Spring Retention) Mount works great and even though it requires a partial twist, I still have plenty of range time left before dinner.

  2. avatar Steven Hoober says:

    Tell me when anyone bothers top write it down. No interest in 15 minutes of video about it.

    1. avatar Hankus says:

      Ditto. This may be the age of Youtube, but screw them! for their censorship.

      It’s nice to be among the generation that learned to read.

  3. avatar guest says:

    If only silencerco could design rifle mounts as good as the 3 lugs.

    1. avatar Brandon says:

      Agreed. My Saker now wears a Deadair mount and for whatever reason Silencerco decided to go longer and heavier with their Saker line, so I bought a Sandman K instead. If Deadair would release a competitor to the Silencerco Hybrid I don’t think I would ever look back at Silencerco again.

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