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By Regis Giles of

The following is an article based off a phone interview between the author and Cameron Hopkins.

Gun store owner Cameron Hopkins of Westside Armory is causing the gun-control community to have a melt down. Why?

Well just read the title of his advertisement in the Las Vegas Review Journal, ‘Pre-Hillary Sale: Prices Will Skyrocket After Crooked Hillary Gets In’.

The inspiration for his ad came from a series of events, which started back in 2012 when Obama won his second term.

If Hillary gets elected we are going to see another wave of gun-control and we [gun store owners/manufacturers]are going to see another crazy spike in demand; just like we saw with Obama after his second election in 2012.

We had record numbers of background checks in November and December of 2012. In November there were 2.7 million and the month of December shattered that previous record.

There is no precedent for what happens when an anti-gun politician takes office. 

So in anticipation for a ‘Pre-Hillary Sale’, I bought a large stock of guns in August. I thought people would realize what would happen if Hillary gets in.

But much to Cameron’s chagrin, people still seemed unable to read the ‘writing on the wall’.

August was our worst month of the year; September wasn’t much better and the first two weeks of October were also looking very, very slow.

Another gun dealer who has been in the business much longer than me said that his August was the slowest since 2009.

Summer sales have been dismal.

Shaking my head in realization I’m thinking, ‘Why aren’t people buying guns before Hillary gets in? Don’t they realize what’s going to happen?’

So I decided to take the bull by the horns and run an ad that directly addresses that.

So, that’s where the ‘Hillary Sale’ came from.

And my how the people have responded! Sales at his store have been very strong and on Monday, the very same day Hopkins’ ad went viral, there was a nationwide spike in firearms sales.

Looks like his ‘bull horn grabbing’ worked and people finally realized the dire situation a Hillary presidency would cause the gun-totting American.

I asked him if he thought Hillary’s bodyguards would take advantage of his gun sale, to which he laughingly replied, ‘No, because Hillary would never allow them to own more than one gun.’

SIDE NOTE: Maybe she will allow them to at least buy more than one bullet from Hopkins’ ammunition line, Super Vel Ammunition? But who knows, she isn’t exactly a ‘logical’ person when it comes to guns and such.

Ok, back to the interview…

Cameron has been running his sale ads with the Las Vegas Review Journal for roughly a year now. Never once have they rejected his adverts, until today. Just before our phone interview the newspaper informed him that they would not be running his ad.

So when I asked him how long this ‘Hillary Sale’ would be promoted he said:

Well it looks like only one week, because the newspaper that runs the ad are REFUSING to accept the ad again.

They are even refusing to add a substitute ad, which is also political in nature.

This current change in treatment is certainly none that Hopkins has seen before. One might be skeptical too, that the advertising department of this newspaper is being biased here.

Three women are running that department at the newspaper. So they work for a newspaper, they’re all female, and they’re rejecting the ad simply because it uses the phrase ‘crooked Hillary’ in it.

Can you say RED FLAG?

Someone should give the owner of the newspaper Sheldon Adelson–who is a staunch conservative–a call and notify him he has some liberals trying to block an anti-Hillary/pro-gun ad.

Cameron Hopkins has owned his gun store since June of 2014, but his career in the industry started back in 1984 as the Editor in Chief for the American Handgun Magazine. He has also worked with Surefire in sales and marketing, as well as played the role of consultant for major gun-manufacturers.

One could say he knows his sh-t on the ‘ins & outs’ of the firearms industry. Might even call him an expert, if you would be so bold.

All of this to say that his opinion on the political forecast for our second amendment right matters. Check out his response to a few of my questions below:


Hillary will be a worse president and a better gun salesman.

After it is all said and done Obama is an ‘OBAMINATION’, but he is a weak abomination. He talks well, but he doesn’t act. Just look at what he did with that whole ‘line in the sand’ with Syria.

Just after Sandy Hook he came out with a tearful plea for more gun-control, so we can stop this senseless killing. But he didn’t do anything.

That’s what scares me about Hillary. She’s as every bit as bad as he is, but she is going to ram it through.


Yes, I think she will chip away at it. She voted against the ‘Firearms Manufacturers Protection Act’.

There was a movement to be able to sue gun companies over any sort of tragedy that might have occurred. This movement wanted to sue Bushmaster for the Sandy Hook shootings; which is like suing Budwiser for getting a drunk driving ticket.

It’s not the fault of the manufacturer.

The ‘Firearms Manufacturers Protection Act’ [which would stop anyone from trying to sue a gun company due to a tragedy] did pass, but Hillary voted against it. So we know what she is going to do.

She is going to try and make gun-companies liable legally, bring back an assault rifle ban like her husband did and try to close what she refers to as the ‘online loop-hole’; which there is none.


Well, with the way this question is phrased, no! She is trying to deny women the right of self protection.


No, of course not. Criminals, by definition, don’t follow the law, so there are already criminals out there that possess guns. Convicted felons, domestic abusers, etc.

There are reasonable restrictions that everyone accepts; like felons not being able to own guns and we all agree that a 5yr-old should not be able to buy a gun either.

Beyond those most basic, reasonable, restrictions, NO! No further gun law will have any difference on crime. 

Hopkins is right. Hillary is after our guns and to think it won’t affect us if she gets elected is pure ignorance. The liberals know it, which is why they’re trying to censor his ad.

Wake up, America! Take advantage of this ‘Pre-Hillary Sale‘ before it’s too late.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Las Vegas Review Journal has been contacted (the newspaper’s advertisement Vice President, Kimberly Parker) to which I have yet to receive a response. When and if I do, there will be an update.

(This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.)

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  1. The LV Review Journal as officially endorsed Clinton which is why they are banning the ads. Westside Armory is two miles down the road from me. I haven’t purchased much from them but it’s a nice little store, pretty good prices on ammo and a nice selection of parts. They had a killer deal on G43s this month but personal finances aren’t allowing me to take advantage, sadly.

  2. I’ve purchased 5 in the last 6 months in anticipation, not including mags and ammo. I think I’m all set.

    Also, don’t we see stories on here about NICS records smashed on a monthly basis? This does not compute.

  3. No one is coming for you guns.

    So please tell me how our country’s crime is going down despite the increase in mass shootings?

    As usual, This does not happen in Europe, Canada, Japan (Which I will be head to in a few weeks) and Australia on a daily basis.

    The only brainwashed masses I see are the people who think that trump is going to be american’s savior when hes nothing but a wanna-be mass murder, dictator and a manchild who wants to turn american into a heavily armed tyrannical hellhole.

    The so called “Pro-gun” media is the one suppressing information and harassing and smear campaigning innocent people.

    Fear sells and you people are the ones buying into the snake oil.

    I’m glad I will never drink the NRA koolaid and I refuse to believe the debunked bullshit that more guns makes us safe when time again it statically isn’t.

    Your more likely to murder a loved one or turn your own weapon on yourself than stop a criminal attack.

    I hope more and more Americans continue to stand up against the lies of the NRA and the gun lobby.

    I hope more and more Americans wake up and realize guns do not make us safe.

    But again it is a sad day when the fascist “gun rights” groups continue to have a strangehold on the american populace.

    • *Yawn*
      Good thing you are going on holiday, from your pontificated diatribe, sounds like you are a wee bit wound to tight.

    • “…So please tell me how our country’s crime is going down despite the increase in mass shootings?”

      Crime is down overall. You answered your own question. One specific type of crime may be up, but crime overall is down.

      You knew that already, you just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to promote your statist, anti-rights agenda.

      • Your reply suggests that you might be agreeing that there has been an increase in mass shootings. Kindly please show us the numbers on that. What I have seen tells me that what we have is an increase in frantic and rabid dissemination of mis- and dis-information after a mass shooting, which might make it seem as though there are more of them.

        • +1000
          Never, EVER allow an assertion to go unchallenged. Romney did that just once at the last debate with Obummer, and look what it cost us.

    • If the claim about murdering loved ones is true, then there are a minimum of 60,000 murders of loved ones in this country that are being hidden every year. 60k is the rock-bottom low estimate of defensive gun uses annually in the country, so if you’re more likely to murder a loved one with your gun, then there have to be at least that many instances of people murdering loved ones!

      So… where are all the murders?

      • Where are all the murders (or negligent homicide, or manslaughter for the lawyers among us)? In hospitals and/or under the care of physicians….

        300,000+ people die every year due to medical errors. Not, christ Jim, I’m a doctor not a miracle worker, but in the manner of “oops!”.

        People shooting each other (even classifying the gang-banging crowd as “people”) is barely a week and some change of medical errors.

      • The correct phraseology is that you are more likely to kill a family member than an intruder, and that is true, so far as it goes.
        Kill a rapist outside the home? Not a defensive gun use by Demanding Moms’ definition.
        Stop an armed robbery at your place of work? Nope. Not a DGU
        Avoid being mugged on the street because you lifted your shirt to show your IWB carry? Not a DGU.

        Why are Demanding Moms in favor of rape, mugging, and armed robbery?

        • Jeeze, Lou-eeze.

          If you just cooperate, the attacker has no reason to hurt you after taking your stuff. Rape might be embarrassing, or even inconvenient, but it is way better than being killed with your own gun (women really are not strong enough, muscle or wits, to carry guns). If you don’t have a gun, the attacker does not feel threatened or disrespected (the most important element), and will not do you further harm; it’s a proven fact (somewhere). Moms Demand are not in favor of rape, and stuff. They are in favor of not having a gun that threatens everyone else’s health and safety (not to mention your own). Better that all rape victims cooperate, and live, than resist and get hurt. Same holds true for any other form of attack.

    • I like it when a white person tells me they aren’t coming for my guns.
      It re enforces the black American history I read about how white people like Hilary Clinton denied gun civil rights to black American citizens.

      Keep talking Mr white man. Hillary needs you.

    • As someone who grew up in Australia, I’d say you have very little understanding of what you are talking about. With gun control, the USA doesn’t become like Australia (debatable if that’s a good or bad thing – i choose to live in the USA for a reason) the USA would become like mexico.

    • Tobacco kills 500,000 people a year. 42,000 from second hand smoke. Nice, France had a mass shooting and truck ram killing that was larger then any recent US mass killings. Put France, Germany and Denmark together and more people have died in mass killings then the US in the last two years. And our population is still way more then those three together.

      I’m taking about killings not just shootings. Japan this year had a mass knifing in which 15 people were killed. Does it matter how someone is murdered? Not to me. Compare mass killings not just mass shootings and the US lead dwindles.

    • Yeah, dude! The first thing any aspiring fascist totalitarian always does, is make sure his subjects have maximally easy access to guns……

      Just the way the little Austro German You know Who was the driving force behind the formation of “Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership” and all.

      And how Southern slave owners, sinister fascists that they were, were doing their darnedest to force as many guns as possible down their niggas throats…

    • “I hope more and more Americans wake up and realize guns do not make us safe.”

      “…guns do not make us safe.” Which apparently explains why the vast majority of people serving in the military (any military, not just ours) are issued a gun within days of reporting for duty. Unless there is some other reason for them to have/need a “gun”.

    • It must be tough being the stupidest person in your area of the country.
      Killer Klinton is a maniacal, murderous traitor to this country and you being the dumbshit you are support her.
      I hope you break a leg and cant get to the polls to vote for the worst person in American history to seek the office of president.
      You are truly a pathetic pos.

      • Got that right!

        POTG are a class act, with intellectual capabilities and vocabularies to rival the best Oxford or Cambridge have to offer.

        So there.

  4. Dunno’ about Vegas but lots of guns going out the doors of gunshops around here. Maybe a “sale” of 699 is the problem. That and less is the normal price in Illinois & NW Indiana. I get leftard “news”papers being stupid. Why I haven’t bought one in years…

    • This. I’m not sure of the shipping expenses to Lost Wages v. the Midwest, but $599/699 is a popular pricepoint here in the STL.

    • I have been wondering about these “sale” prices I have been seeing too. I took my buddy to the LGS today for Ruger 5.56 rifles on sale for $599. The regular price is $629. I know the closer the election gets, we will start to see wicked price gouging from jerkoffs like Cheaper Than Dirt.

    • It does not appear that he is claiming his current prices are anything special, only that if Hillary gets elected the prices of all firearms will be MUCH higher.

  5. I for sure believe a Clinton presidency will be a negative for gun owners, i’ve bought guns, ammo and mags. But i see cheap ARs everywhere (new and used), ammo still on sale and mags still on sale. We’re three weeks away from the election with 90% probability of her winning being assigned in various places. Either everyone is already loaded up or supply is overwhelming demand, cause I don’t see anything indicating a frenzy of buying. Comment?

    • My opinion…it’s the former. Gun owners have learned the hard way they need to be prepared. From the first assault weapons ban to the more recent ammo shortage. Gun owners are no longer waiting around, they have been stocking up for the last few years. Everyone saw this coming a long time ago.

    • I think it’s a combination of both.

      People are definitely stocked up, I find myself in a cabelas almost every weekend looking for cool used guns, and there just isn’t the activity in the aisles like there used to be in 2013-2014.

      I also think that the supply was pretty much turned up to 11 after Newtown, with manufacturers running 24/7 and they pretty much haven’t stopped since then, the odd mass shooting and political games ever 6 months or so keeps demand just high enough to justify the cost to the manufacturers, so they keep stuffing stuff in the channel.

  6. I have what I need, but not what I want. If on November 09 she ends up winning, I will prepare to have my Christmas for the next several years a bit early.

  7. “One could say he knows his sh-t on the ‘ins & outs’ of the firearms industry.”

    … and yet, while Dean Weingarten is reporting month after month of record NICS checks (and indicator of gun sales), this guy’s sales are in the tank, apparently.

    Maybe there are things about selling guns he doesn’t know. Just sayin’.

  8. Umm, it could all be some massive conspiracy, orrrr maybe the market is just completely tapped out for crappy $400 m4rgeries being sold for $699.99 That’s your “sale” pricing? GTFO you are no better than the vultures circling Walmart at 7am so they can buy all the 22lr in stock as soon as they open ammo sales for the day, just somenopportunist asshole who probably decided to pull an FFL post Newtown.

  9. Nevada’s TV is flooded with libtard/progtard political ads. Was recently there and it is nauseating. 😛

    Easy guess that Bloomturd has been playing daddy warbucks to buy the NV elections and add that state to the People’s Republik of Kommiefornia.

  10. Maybe he should try putting in an ad for a pre- Hillary sale on condoms. If she gets in we’re all f****d. Might as well be safe about it.

  11. The paper has a right to decline to print whatever it wants as long as it is not discriminating against a protected class.

    If you want everybody to respect the Second Amendment, you have to respect the First.

  12. NO!

    Make the purchase on Nov. 9th. Send a message and let’s all make the effort to crash the NICS servers. Turn it into a movement. Heck, do it regardless of whether Hillary or Trump wins. It’s not just the President for whom this message is made. All of DC needs to hear.



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