NRA Sends YETI Tumbling With Record-Clarifying Statement

I’ll be the first to admit that after reading Marion Hammer’s memo regarding YETI Coolers last weekend, I was concerned with how this information was being shared with NRA members. The email, also published on the NRA-ILA website, stated (in part): “For years YETI Coolers have been a hot item for sportsmen at the Friends of […]

Brownells Enters the Gun Sales Business

There aren’t a lot of gunners who haven’t spent hours browsing Brownells’ site (and maybe their catalogs in the olden days) for parts and gear to fix and customize the firearms they already own. Now, though, they’ll be able to buy not only accessories and tools, but also the guns themselves. Brownells just announced that […]

Armslist Wins Court Victory in Suit by Victim’s Family

Four years ago, Radcliffe Haughton walked into the Azana Salon & Spa outside Milwaukee and opened fire. Estranged from his wife Zina, Mr. Haughton was under a restraining order that prohibited him from owning a gun. That didn’t stop him from obtaining a firearm. Mr. Haughton perused and arranged to buy a .40 caliber GLOCK through a […]

OMG! A Gun Store! In Westchester County NY! OMG!

“Would you want a gun shop opening near an elementary school, 2 churches with nursery schools, and shops that cater to kids?” From the reactions expressed in news reports like this one and 2500 and counting signatures from outraged locals, it seems a safe bet that Westchester Countians would rather have a halfway house, […]

Is Hillary’s Media Trying to Silence This Gun Store Owner and His ‘Pre-Hillary Sale’?

By Regis Giles of The following is an article based off a phone interview between the author and Cameron Hopkins. Gun store owner Cameron Hopkins of Westside Armory is causing the gun-control community to have a melt down. Why? Well just read the title of his advertisement in the Las Vegas Review Journal, ‘Pre-Hillary Sale: Prices Will Skyrocket […]