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“A Democratic U.S. senator on Sunday called on Congress to ban military-style weapons and stop firearm sales to suspected extremists following the largest mass shooting in U.S. history,” reports. “It’s time for Congress to finally act on gun violence and ban military-style weapons, put limits on clips and magazine sizes, ban those on the terrorist watchlist from purchasing firearms and require background checks on all gun sales,” Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said in a statement. “We know that the shooter in Orlando used a high-powered weapon that allowed him to fire a large number of bullets in rapid succession.”

As opposed to a low-powered weapon that allows people to fire a limited amount of bullets in slow succession? Such as . . . a derringer? As for the ban on weapon sales to suspected terrorists, once again, who gets to decide who’s a “suspected terrorist,” what the appeals process (still not formalized) and how does preventing new gun sales to suspected terrorists stop them from finding other means to commit mass murder.

Anyway, Casey’s call for an “assault weapon” ban echoes Hillary Clinton’s exhortation to remove “weapons of war from the streets.”

Even though the odds of such a ban are negligible under the current federal legislative set-up, the prospect of a Clintonian presidency come November is turning the Dems’ collective anti-AR rally cry into cold hard cash, as Americans head to the gun store to buy what they may not be able to, later.

TTAG’s sources reveal that all kinds of orders for AR’s began hitting distributors as early as yesterday morning. The next great gun sales surge may already be under way.

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  1. Yeah… Nope. Every dollar I would have spent on panic buying is going to defeat Hitlary. I have more enough guns. (Shocking, I know) What I need is a lot less treasonous scumbags like him in office.

    • *slow clap*

      I disagree with you on a lot of things, pwrserge, but that’s probably the most enlightened, reasoned, and intelligent response possible to another gun panic (if one even occurs – RF has been crying about that particular wolf after every shooting for the past two years). Buying guns and ammo at panic prices just masks the symptoms, it does nothing to cure the disease.

      • I thought Waco in the 90’s was the largest mass murder in the United States by definition. ?

        • You’re right. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno had a far larger body count than this at Waco, and the majority of the murders they committed there were the truly innocent, children.

        • Only if you included the 168 that died at the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in retaliation for the Waco shitstorm.

    • “Every dollar I would have spent on panic buying is going to defeat Hitlary.”

      That is a seriously persuasive argument. Bravo pwrserge.

    • Well said. I’ll be contacting my congresscritters to present a bill that makes murder a felony. That’ll show ’em.

  2. Due process and the Bill of Rights have really become a foreign concept to 21st century politicians. Jeezus…

  3. Once AR-15s are banned and the next shooter uses a different rifle, they must expand the AWB to include that one, then the next and the next. Until every gun is labeled an assault weapon and airguns are assault weapons and weapons of war that must be taken off the streets. The end game is an all out ban because the definition of “assault weapon” and “military style” can always be changed to include any gun.

    • Exactly! Everything from muzzleloaders to revolvers were “weapons of war” at some point. Give not one inch to these shitbags for they will never stop.

    • Long before then the terrorists will switch to other techniques such as explosives and firebombing, if for no other reason than effectiveness.

      In fact the Boston bombings could be seen as the start of this, and I’m somewhat surprised it hasn’t become more prevalent here.

      The only theory I have as to why not, would be that using firearms results in blame being placed more on the weapon than the wielder and deflects attention from motivation. The resulting hysteria about “GUNS!!!” from the politicians and press is a net benefit to the bad guys.

    • The outlaws will still have ARs, per the saying. Drugs have been banned for decades. They move TONs of drugs from other continents across the border every week. An AR ban will only affect lawful purchases buyers.

      What failed here?
      – Multiculturalism causes division, friction
      – Liberalism erodes law, social order; inspires people to kill perceived enemies
      – Liberal immigration policy that favors unassimilable 3rd world aliens
      – FBI, DHS, LEO throw out terrorism investigations under Obama
      – TWL is a witch hunt; not suitable for background checks
      – Liberals wanting to eliminate our rights and freedoms undermines cooperation
      – Public feels safe; don’t feel need to travel with backup despite decades of anti-gay, anti-white violence
      — Club security
      – Somehow, not even a few of the hundreds of fit patrons rushed the guy, despite him purportedly being alone and an easy target from 3 sides

      • “Somehow, not even a few of the hundreds of fit patrons rushed the guy, despite him purportedly being alone and an easy target from 3 sides …”

        ^ This! I cannot understand why no one attacked the terrorist. Use whatever is at hand. Chairs. Tables. Drink glasses. Fire extinguishers. Anything.

        • We just underwent “active shooter” training at work a couple months back. The trainers said to forget about hiding any more. They advised to attempt to flee the area first. However if you can’t flee, don’t hide, get your co-workers together, arm yourself as best you can and rush the shooter. I was glad to finally hear that being recommended. Of course, now it would be great if work would let us carry during the day.

        • We were told the same in my office. Active shooter? GTFO. Can’t run? Go on offense, fight until he’s dead. Local LEO gave a presentation and talked about how to properly break windows and things to use as weapons.

        • Yep, if we take a leaf out of our own book; unless you suffer a direct CNS hit you don’t die immediately from getting shot, in fact given the proximity to health resources you may not die at all, so rush the shooter any time he spends dealing with you and however many others rush him is time others can spend getting the hell out instead being trapped.

      • Considering you can 3D-print or use a mold kit to make a working AR lower and fashion the rest of the parts from common household items, a ban is pretty useless. Sure it’ll be an ugly AR, but it’ll be a working one. Royalnonesuch on Youtube has plenty of videos where he demonstrates making working guns of all calibers from parts acquired at Home Depot. He put together a working .50 caliber rifle, which was so ingenious that Serbu bought him in to help commercialize the idea.

        Gun control breeds defiance.

        Makes me proud, actually – we thought the Euros were namby-pamby with their guns – turns out they just took theirs underground.

        • European here. I will deny any accusations that I may or may not be a gun owner, as Führer Merkel hates them and wants them disarmed, but many, many of us here in France have chosen to hide our guns rather than turn them in. If you had any idea what sort of WW2 treasures we keep in our attics, I’m sure many of you TTAG readers would marvel! Among the things I have personally handled, seen, or know for sure are circulating: Gewehr 98, Kar98k, Sten, Luger P08s, Walther P38s, all sorts of revolvers, from old Glisentis to Webleys, many Colt 1911A1s, a few M1 Carbines, countless shotguns and bolt-actions of all sorts and calibers… And more I’m probably forgetting.

          Gun-owning and gun-loving Europeans do exist, and there are far more than we want to admit, let alone publicly or online, because our passion is constantly under attack. I envy you Americans and your Second Amendment, here the non-elected leaders of the quasi-dictatorial European Union are proposing to ban all semi-automatics and make it so even blackpowder firearms should be subject to registration and/or authorization…

    • I’m sure you can find plenty of progressive lawyers who will already argue eagerly that as long as people have access to break-action rifles and shotguns and muzzleloaders, their second amendment “rights” are not being infringed.

  4. There’s only one problem they’re sending their We have a constitutionally-protected second amendment Freedom to keep and bear arms so end of story. Not to mention the attacks in the UK France Paris all these places are gun free To the public civilians even the police department and some of these countries don’t carry firearms. They’re absolutely band And yet you have the hottest showing up with fully automatic Collision a cough slowing down people by the Dozen Explain that theory of thought to me sir. I thought you couldn’t because it doesn’t work gun control does not work in a free country or any other country. There are more facts on this subject In the last 10 years Than ever before and it all states gun control does not work.Not to mention the fact That if More armed people were inside that night club This would have ended with much less fatality And much quicker.

  5. So a P.O.S. terrorist commits a crime and the first thing politicians do is give up our rights as law abiding citizens? Sounds like the terrorists have already won.

    • The politicians that demand you give up your rights are terrorists who wish to keep you controlled, no different than the jihadists.

  6. This lazy thinking, ill informed legislator wants to take away our constitutional rights, the rights of people who have done nothing wrong, with the stroke of a pen.

    Growing the power of the state, at the expense of the victims of this terrible attack.

    How much more transparent can they be? How much of the public actually buys into this garbage? Because that’s what it is, garbage. An AR is not a military gun, there is no ‘high power’ gun involved here. Our rights are more important than this.

    This is a power grab, and it’s disgusting.

  7. There is only one problem mr. Senator With your school of thought. For one thing There has been terrorist attacks 4 years in countries where you are not even allowed to own a gun The police departments in these countries don’t even carry guns but yet you have the Jihadist showing up with fully automatic Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles mowing people down in the streets and police officers while other people video tape it Absolutely ridiculous that you would think that gun control will solve anything. It is unconstitutional for number 1 You cannot Take away all right To the people because Of all things terrorists are attacking our country that’s freaking ridiculous.

  8. We need to make murder a crime by law then all murders will stop. We can then hear the speeches about how the ‘murder bill’ now passed will stop all murders. Oh wait …. Maybe ban AR’s AND black SUV’s AND iPhones.

  9. Casey does not represent the mass majority of us from Pennsylvania. Having lived here all my life let me tell you, he pulled that one out of his own azz.

        • Perhaps there will be riots in Philly timed to coincide with the Democratic convention. Under cover of said riots, yet another terrorist who could not possibly be an Islamic extremist can do more damage, perhaps in a gay bar out in the suburbs, or at the shopping mall of his choosing. Even Hillary would have a hard time explaining that away.

        • Philadelphia is still Pennsylvania, and people who vote there are citizens same as you – and their votes count the same.

          In any case, the population of Philadelphia is, what, 10% of PA? You’ll need to find a different excuse.

  10. What might have happened if one or more of the victims in that club, during the three hours before the swat assault, had been armed.

    Yea, we all know.

    We need more guns, not fewer.

  11. 3 hours. In this day and age, how does it take 3 hours from initial shots fired by an active shooter until police enter the building to stop him? No wonder the toll was so high. Someone needs to be held accountable for this.

    • They learned absolutely nothing from the attacks in Paris where the shooters were given freedom to slaughter dozens of people while the SWAT teams were preparing.

    • I thought I read somewhere that there was a LEO working detail at the club when he started shooting up the joint. Now what should really be asked is if there was a LEO, why did he not do anything to stop the murder. Well we know why, LEOs are not required to risk their lives for yours. This LEO believed it was better for him to get out alive, then ensure others got out alive as well.

      • I heard that as well, but I also heard that he did engage the suspect and was not successful in doing so…

        We all know how sketchy details are right after these things though.

        • I’ve been suspicious about how little we’ve heard about this LEO. I haven’t heard that he was among the dead. I suspect he fired a couple shots and then bugged out.

          Meanwhile I watched video of a couple guys who escaped out the back and then admitted they blocked the door behind them and heard “banging” on the door. They were so busy trying to save their own skin, they trapped who knows how many others against a blocked door with no escape from the shooter. Disgusting.

          Plenty of cowardice going around in that place.

        • He was outside the club. He enganged the shooter when he came out and did not follow him back inside. Allowing the rampage to continue. I won’t fault the LEO for not chasing the shooter back inside as that would have been tactical suicide. I will fault the Florida law that restricts the carrying of arms in that type of establishment.

        • … tactical suicide…

          Tactically risky, not suicide.

          Congressional Medal of Honor rolls are filled with stories of guys who took bigger risks than that.

          Not saying everyone has what it takes to be that kind of man, but that’s what we all should aspire to.

          He wasn’t just a “bystander.” He was the man armed by the state and sworn to protect the people that the state demanded be left disarmed inside that club. If he wasn’t up to it, he should have taken up accounting.

        • There is something wrong with the LEO story of the event. I would like to hear the details on the terms of the engagement- landscape, distance, number of rounds, time etc. Also note that while they mentioned the LEO “engaged” they don’t mention if he put rounds on target. There’s just a lot missing here.

        • The cop who volunteers for late night duty at a queer bar isn’t likely to be John Rambo. More likely Rue Paul and at 2ma was more likely to be looking for a closing time shemale to play with his gun.

  12. Politicians: Something happened!?? We need more laws! More government services to address those laws! Higher taxes to supply those services! More laws to enforce those laws that couldn’t be enforced! More services to address those laws addressing loopholes! More taxes to pay for all this! More laws are needed to enforce people to pay these taxes! Need more funding from taxes for newly created agencies to address these laws!

  13. It’s interesting how foreign media are calling it a Terrorist attack. The U.S. media is calling it a mass shooting.

  14. After an event like this, progressives always say that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and never commit violence, so we shouldn’t judge them all by the actions of a tiny group of jihadis.

    But they want to ban an entire class of products because a vanishingly small percentage of them are used to commit violence…

  15. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are allowed into the country every year and none of them are properly vetted. OTOH, gun buyers are thoroughly vetted through NICS and other means.

    So what does Casey want to do to “keep us safe?” He wants to ban guns while facilitating potential mass murderers to set up shop unimpeded in the US.

    Casey is one crazy mutherflucker.

  16. Well to be fair, bolt actions with fixed tube magazines are harder to use for a mass shooting than a semiautomatic with a detachable magazine. The problem is if they ban the semiautos, they’ll eventually come after the bolt-action as well. Say the terrorist in Orlando had used a bolt-action and thus killed “only” fifteen people instead of fifty. That’s still enough to then have gun controllers saying to ban the bolt-action.

    • Many bolt action rifles would have the added effect of the bullets going through multiple people. Plus, if you have an old milsurp, you can keep reloading with cheap stripper clips. It would still be ugly even with a limited capacity rifle.

      The human body is a bullet trap for 5.56. Many times they do not overpenetrate which reduces the chance of hitting bystanders or people behind your target.

    • Exactly. Let them get a ban on semi autos, then they will start calling bolt actions “sniper rifles.”

    • Kyle,

      I have posted in multiple comments over the last several months how a terrorist/spree killer could use a lever-action rifle to almost the same effect. Take a level-action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum with a 10 round tube magazine and load it with 300 grain hardcast lead bullets. Each bullet will easily zing through and kill at least three adults when you are spraying into a crowd. That means the attacker could easily kill 30 people with a single rifle without reloading. And all the attacker would have to do is carry a second lever-action rifle in .357 Magnum to individually pick-off another 10 people without reloading.

      Along the same lines, an attacker could probably achieve about the same body count with four revolvers chambered in .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum (loaded with heavy-for-caliber hardcast lead bullets) without ever having to reload.

      Finally, the attacker could probably achieve about half the body count with nothing more than two, 12 gauge pump-action shotguns fully loaded with #00 buckshot. (Two shotguns with five round tube magazines plus one in the chamber have a total capacity of 12 shells, where each shell has at least 9, .33 caliber pellets for a total of 108, .33 caliber pellets exiting the muzzle in excess of 1,300 fps.)

      So, if politicians are thinking that they have to eliminate the firearms that enable such body counts, they are going to have to eliminate basically everything except muzzleloader and break-action rifles and shotguns. Of course we already know that is their end-game.

    • In three hours, you could suffocate 50 people with a pillow. One at a time, sequentially. Or bleed them to death with an insulin syringe.

      Someone bent on mayhem and murder could do a lot of damage with their bare hands if allowed three hours to rampage unimpeded.

  17. ‘A Democratic U.S. senator on Sunday called on Congress to ban military-style weapons…’

    Because that worked so well in France

    • And that is the point that the gun banners are pushing for everyone to forget while emotions are high. That the French ban does absolutely nothing to prevent terrorism. And the EU’s solution? More bans. They have nothing else to offer.

      • There were supposedly 300+ people in that club. Imagine if 10% of them were carrying their own weapons and returned fire as soon as the gunman opened up?

  18. I’m so very curious what the battle cry will be from the anti-gun community when, (I did say when and not if) somebody carries out an act of greater magnitude than this in one moment with a suicide vest.

    This same man could have leveled the entire building and killed several hundred occupants therein with a backpack full of explosives, and it would have been over in an instant instead of a couple of hours.

    But they always get hung up on the gun, the magazines, the bullets, the motive… They miss the point completely that 50 people died. They died because somebody was raised and cultivated to have hatred in his heart. And, quite frankly, there’s not a f*cking thing we can do to stop that.

    • The response would be absolutely predictable if a suicide vest or car bomb had been used: ban guns! Every instance of crime or terrorism evokes the same response.

    • All crime is carried out by humans.

      Except for that crime which is carried out by scary-looking “assault weapons.”

      Anti gun pukes being stuffed full of human DNA, they’ll weasel their way out of a ban on humans with that trick.

  19. Ban “military style weapons”?

    Essentially, that means banning practically EVERY firearm ever produced. Nearly all firearms originated with the military use back to the very beginning of the crudest firearms. Soldiers trained and carried firearms in war and came to appreciate their abilities. Such weapons carried over into civilian life as favored hunting weapons. Included among such weapons are the 30.06, .30 cal M-1 carbine, etc. In fact, “sawed off shotguns” were in use during the Revolutionary War by Royal Marines stationed aboard British warships. They were used to “sweep” the decks of opposing ships; often being loaded with “shrapnel”.

    • Henry Rifle, Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, Remington 870, + hundreds of others.
      A clever Clinton Administration can make the Army adopt one of every weapon available and declare them all to be “Military War Weapons”.

      Followed by bans on hunting, fishing and eating meat.

  20. Any talk of anything being banned is silly. You can take every firearm there is off the face of the earth and it won’t stop those intent on inflicting terror on us from doing so.

    Let’s not forget that firearms are a tool and not the only tool. There are countless easy ways to inflict casualties on a group of people in enclosed area. Who do these ignorant fools like Clinton and Casey think they are kidding?

    Sorry Mr. Casey, your call to ban any particular weapon is absurd, transparent and would be ineffective. As such, it’s rejected.

  21. This dimwitted used his father’s name to get in and has been a liberal all the way. PA should not have him as a senator. His dad was a courageous pro life democrat who stood up for his beliefs.

  22. Well Pennsylvania, you have two years to get ready to toss this clown….time for you to get ready.

    • Yeah well, this year the best we can do is to re-elect Toomey so don’t get your hopes up. We have good support for gun-rights on the state legislative level but not much to speak of on the federal. Maybe someone will rise to the occasion over the next two years.

  23. So much fail here, a block of smouldering wood on a gas grill? Internal temperature of about 225* (only needs to be about 190*)? Plus, everybody knows you never BBQ a plastic gun, you should always go with a cheaper gun with more fat (something like a Mosin)if you don’t want a dry, stringy gun at the end of the cook. And don’t even get me started on the choice of beer, something from “murica not good enough?

  24. 3 hours before police response?

    So can we make a comprehensive list of all the tools the murderer could have used in a three hour period to rack up an equivalent body count in order to put this into perspective?

  25. Another perspective question:
    How many DGUs happened between this mass shooting and the last?

    How many lives were saved by lawfully armed citizens in the meantime (that is not being reported in the news)?

  26. Standard response by all democrats,

    Ban Ban Ban.

    funny, I thought that they were suppose to be the party of freedom….

  27. If Hillary gets elected, be obstructionist.
    When you serve on a jury, hang it, regardless of the merits or lack of merits of the case.
    The Judicial System will clog up and stall.

  28. They can (attempt to) ban ‘military-style weapons’, but they can sell stupi(D) (D)angerous all day long?

    This is a lib_prog_comm (D) problem that is only 1/100th as bad as the lib_prog_comm (D) voters that give us this cr_p.

    If Civil War breaks out (it’ll be late, but) it wont be North v. South, it’ll be Conservatives v. everyone else, and they have voter rolls to make it easy.

  29. This waste of tax funds still hasn’t figured out the difference between clips and magazines so he just says both. Not that it really matters, because none should be banned, but I’m sure he’s equally confused about what constitutes “military style” weapons, anything beyond a single shot .22 or double barrel shotgun will be close enough for Casey.

  30. Bob Casey (and lib-prog-comm (D)s like him) are the type of “government” (a/k/a: your stupid neighbors that needed a job) are the reason that our founding fathers enshrined the protections inherent in the RTKABA, as they knew, from experience, you’d have an easier time ridding the world of termites, than you would of preventing the cropping-up of these worse than worthless individuals.

    I blame you, PA voters, Bob Casey is all on you, and you are worse than him.

  31. Instead of buying new guns how about sending money to the NRA GOA and NSSF to stop this antigun agenda.

  32. This proposed legislation will go nowhere. This is election season. Hate to say it but the MSM will be back on Trump and Clinton once the new car smell wears off this story. No need to panic buy and most folks tooled up after the 2012 AWB scare. This too shall pass.

  33. Welllll…after the Navy shooting yard there was some talk of banning SHOTGUNS that were “tactical”…I’ll do my best but I’m behind and have sooooo many varieties of gun and ammo to procure. I don’t NEED an AR-but I want one even if I rarely shoot it…

  34. In hindsight, on the afternoon of Saturday, before the events in FL, I am glad that I finally bought my AR 10. Sig 716.

    Now, I just need beat the ammo rush.

  35. .223 is high powered? I thought it was a varmint round. I consider high powered a semi-auto .338 Win Mag. Of Course a 30 round mag in a Ruger 10/22 is an “Assault Weapon” too in gun banner speak so “At this point what difference does it really make?” as Shrillary would say.

  36. I know this is a late reply, but I bought my first MSR yesterday (Ruger AR 556) at my local gun shop. I had been planning to buy it for the last couple of weeks. When I got to the gun shop, a semi truck had snagged their power line. The owner was nice enough to go through all the extra work to sell me the rifle, and there were about 20 people she had to turn away.

  37. This was not the largest mass shooting in US history. The largest happened at Bull Run by government forces.

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