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Henry Repeating Arms has been a big booster of veterans and the organizations that support them. Not long ago, when we asked Henry president Anthony Imperato if he’d help out Veteran Outdoors, he didn’t just send a rifle, he sent ten of them. So it probably shouldn’t surprise that Henry would help fund Charlie Daniels’ Journey Home Project that assists vets in re-acclimating to life stateside. And when Henry’s main man took the stage at Daniels’ 40th Anniversary Volunteer Jam this week in Nashville to present a check to Daniels for $100,000 (press release below), he offered to double the amount with one condition: he wanted to sing ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ with the big man himself. That’s when fire flew from Charlie’s fingertips as he rosined up his bow . . .

On Wednesday night the sold-out crowd at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN was brought to a standing ovation when four war heroes were invited onstage and presented with Henry Military Service Tribute Rifles during the Charlie Daniels’ 40th Anniversary Volunteer Jam.

Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms, gifted the rifles to thank the veterans for their heroic contributions to our country. The presentation was made midway through The Charlie Daniels Bands’ set, with Charlie standing by to greet the veterans. Imperato also presented Charlie Daniels with a customized Henry Golden Boy rifle with the Volunteer Jam logo and an inscription that reads ‘Presented to Charlie Daniels- Thank you for your patriotism and all that you do for our veterans.’

Image by Erika Chambers
Image by Erika Chambers

As lead sponsor Henry Repeating Arms donated $200,000 to The Journey Home Project, the non-profit organization co-founded by Charlie Daniels and his long-time manager David Corlew. TJHP connects donors with veterans’ organizations that do the most good in meeting the health care, education and career needs of military servicemen and women and their families.  Recipients were:

–          Sierra Madre resident Jack ten Napel, a 95-year-old WW2 Veteran who served in the USMC (!). Mr. ten Napel survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor and went on to serve on every island in the Pacific. Out of his original outfit of about 400 men, he is one of eight who survived until the end of the war. He showed up in full uniform- incredible.

–          Scott Schroeder, a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient who served in the U.S. Army for 26 years, lost both legs during his final tour in Afghanistan.

–          Sam Schoenheit, a USMC Staff Sergeant who was shot in the head during an ambush and later suffered a stroke. He spent last seven years accomplishing his goals of regaining his speech, ability to walk, and expression- and earning a college degree.

–          Ryan Weaver, a Chief Warrant Officer 3 in the U.S. Army who piloted a  Black Hawk helicopter in Iraq and continues his commitment to the military by training the next generation of Army aviators and officers at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

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The concert was massive and included surprise guests Eric Church, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jamey Johnson and Blackberry Smoke; and scheduled performers by Wynonna, Terri Clark, The Charlie Daniels Band, Ted Nugent, Trace Adkins, Alabama, Terri Clark, Billy Ray Cyrus, Colt Ford, The Grascals, Lee Greenwood, The Kentucky Headhunters, Tracy Lawrence, The Oak Ridge Boys, Ryan Weaver, Craig Morgan, Lee Roy Parnell, Billy Dean, Michael W. Smith, Travis Tritt, Phil Vassar, Montgomery Gentry and Blackberry Smoke.

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    • Ask a train full of Europeans what they think about the US military today, bet as liberal they can be they are grateful those American military put their lives on the line to do what was right.

      And you’re a prime example why these 4 men are true American heros and you’re not, they were willing to put their lives on the line so you are able to write that, it’s your right to act like this. No other country on earth are there people who would disagree with you but will fight for your right to say it. But the owners of the site don’t have to allow you to do so, you’re a troll in their house, you have to follow their rules, so have a nice trip to Bannedland.

      Would be interesting to know if his IP address was even in the US.

      • Yes, I am sure the entire world is so very glad that the US military created the circumstances to allow ISIS to flourish. Absolutely. Doing what’s right. 🙂

        But please, explain how murdering a bunch of Afghan and Iraqi civilians protected free speech.

        • Silly little troll, you need to come out from under you’re bridge more often. Our men and woman in uniform really had no desire to be in Iraq, they were there to do their assigned task. They didn’t decide to invade Iraq, people who didn’t feel like serving our nation in uniform ordered them to invade then learn a new job, nation building, our military was designed for one thing, WINNING armed conflict, not build water systems, roads, etc….

          Only if the powers to be would have taken a class on recent world history they would have learned about very strong dictators in power, then for what ever reason leaving, Yugoslavia is a prime example, power vacuum being filled by opposing forces, now you have a huge civil war. But they thought we would be welcomed with open arms, we were, we got rid of their hated leader and they expected us to leave, we stayed, house guest and dead fish both stink after 3 days. We did create a power vacuum, it was filled by crazy people who have no problem in killing innocent people. It would have happened when Saddam died, the vacuum would have happened, basic physics, nature hates a vacuum, something will try to fill that void. Stevie Wonder called the White House and told them, “I could see that happening, did you have Snoop over before deciding to invade????”

          Now let’s talk about civilian casualties, only if both nations had decided to do what our military were ordered to do WE as a nation would have not been the cause of those deaths. We have it here in our nation, how many times do you read about crime in an area but the those living there don’t do anything to prevent it, but if the police take action OHMYGAWD, you shot him to protect yourself and those of us that don’t do crime or would turn a blind eye to it. No war is sterile, never has been never will be, for as long as there have been central governments there has been non combatant casualties. Wrong place, wrong time, fog of war.

          US military is not perfect, it’s a reflection of our nation, just happens to be less than one 1%, which I am guessing you never had dude parts to raise your hand and take the oath, it’s OK, plenty of men and WOMEN do have the backbone to do that, they swear they will support your rights to make ignorant comments on here.

          All you are trying to do is provoke a passionate commenter into speaking his mind which is their right and then say that proves your point. You’re not smarter than anyone else on here, stop trying to take the “high” road, you’re in a indefensible position, deep in hostile territory.

          Now have a troll buddy bring you some sun block, come out to the real world. You would realize you have a mental illness, seek professional medical help for, go to your local free clinic, they have made huge advancements in anti-silly internet troll medications in the last 15 years. You will feel much better, even realize that those who raise their hand to protect our nation and our rights are not bad people and don’t deserve to die.

          So Nov 11th do something nice for those who have raised their hand to protect your freedom of speech, a simple Thank You will work. Ever get a chance say THANKS to any LEO you happen to meet, they are in a thankless job 99.98% of the time too.

          If you’re really good no more deranged posts we’ll give you a super yummy troll snack, sit pretty, now beg like a good little troll.

        • LOL, so much bullshit and you still didn’t answer central question: how does one’s duty to “do their assigned task” back your claim that they actually fight for free speech at home, or protect the nation? Quite a leap of “logic” there (and I use the word generously).

          Also amusing is your belief that the US government is immune from responsibility for unintended consequences, and the US military is not responsible for collateral damage. Yes, the Iraqis didn’t like Saddam much, but apparently they hated being invaded by foreigners even more. Praise the resistance. 🙂

    • Money absolutely buys happiness. You just have to know where to shop. Henry would seem to be one of the places to shop. Good on them.

      America loves it’s vets. It’s barry and company and a few twisted malcontents in the same vein as barry that don’t like us.

      • “America loves it’s vets”

        All that richly deserved spittle and you’re still buying into that delusion. 🙂

        • Mds aka good riddunce aka whacko biker aka trannysoreass aka blain cooper. We’ve had this talk. You’re a troll. According to studies done trolls are mentally defective. You suffer from the Dark Triad of Personality Disorders. Sociopathic Sadist to be precise.

          You don’t have a valid point to make. If I was anti soldier you’d be pro soldier. Lies is all you got. I doubt you’re a gun owner. Probably a prohibited person based on your very evident mental disorders. In fact your attempts to drive a wedge between pro gun people by alienating vets is good evidence that you are anti gun.

          None of which matters. You’re a troll. Everybody that has seen more than one of your posts or personalities knows this. So you’re comments are valued as much as any trolls.

          Don’t get mad cause I speak the truth, brah. 🙂

        • The military cultist gets mad at dissent, as expected. 🙂

          How do you reconcile the fact that veterans work for the same organization that is trying to destroy 2A?

        • How is stating facts getting mad? You’re just a good little statist that can’t stand others having an opinion different from yours. After all, you sought me out, still again.

          What vets working for what org? Or are the voices guiding you still. Again.

        • So an admission you got nothing but lies, again. Trolls gotta troll.

          I’m done. But you’ve reminded all who care to read that your comments are invalid. So, be a troll, bro. 🙂

        • Still eternally mad at losing in Vietnam. No amount of rage will change that. 🙂

          Here’s a new t-shirt for you to print up: “I killed for politicians in Vietnam and I got was this spit-covered t-shirt.”

  1. I’m pretty sure Imperato rearranged spells PIMP. Or something close to it. This guy is awesome.

    Also, as a mandolin player, the Devil Went Down to Georgia is really, really hard to play to tempo. Really hard.

  2. If I ever buy a lever action, it’s going to be a Henry. Good job helping the vets Henry Arms.

  3. I bought my wife a Henry Big Boy .357 for her birthday a few months ago. Glad to see those dollars going to a good cause. Kinda makes me want to add another Henry to the collection.

    As for the Big Boy, it was dead-on accurate right out of the box, and is a total blast to shoot. Beautiful gun, too.

  4. Charlie Daniels is 78 years old and still sawin’ on a fiddle and playin’ it hot! Nice to see him still performing and helping veterans.

  5. Why is it cool for nobody but country singers and country bands (and the Nuge) to pay for a veterans welfare organization, but when the same singers and bands play at an NRA convention it’s “not reaching out to minorities” or something?

    Or maybe — and I’m just spitballing here — maybe there’s just not a lot of support for veterans organizations or for the NRA among hip-hop singers.

    • It’s probably a bit of distaste for guns amongst the liberals in most of the music industry that keeps them out of the NRA. Country music seems to be the only place where having (legal) guns is seen as the norm.

  6. Great to see his support of Veterans. My sons and I own 4 Henry rifles. This makes me want to add another!

  7. 1. Don’t feed the trolls.

    2. Charlie Daniels is good people as is Henry.

    Aside from peoples’ views on gun rights, how they treat our veterans is a good litmus test of character in my experience.


  8. Been needing an excuse to buy that small game carbine from Henry, this seems like a pretty good one.

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