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This past 31st of July, the Ramos family were enjoying a vacation in Michoacan, when they were attacked by gunfire by armed criminals, killing one of the occupants. It appears as though the van in which they were travelling was attacked in error by the criminals. The brothers, Bruno, 18 years old, and Jesus Ramos, 19 years old, their father Ignacio Ramos and their uncle Ramon Ramos returned to a park near the town of Periban, Michoacan, on board a Chevrolet Envoy colored white when then were attacked. . . .

The United States youngsters were gravely injured, as was their father Ignacio Ramos, meanwhile their uncle died in the attack. The victims were taken in an ambulance to San Diego, California, to be treated, however Bruno was gravely wounded when shot in the head, and fell into a coma.

According to family relatives on CBS television, travelled to Michoacan to spend some vacation days, when they were attacked by members of a drug cartel that confused them with other people, however it is assured that the Ramos family have no links to drug traffickers.

Since the event, colleagues and friends of the youngsters, some students in Oxnard, California, have started a series of activities to support the family and their medical bills. For their part, the family started a campaign on GoFundMe to raise more than $50,000.00

This past 1st of August according to a press release, the PGJE of Michoacan informed that the attack took place a little after 8pm, during which a 53 year old man was killed, and another 3 persons were wounded, when they returned to a park located on the Rancho de Pueblo Viejo, in the town of Buenavista.

According to the PGJE, the 4 occupants of the vehicle after the attack drove towards the Town of Periban, but near the town of Copetiro, Ramon Ramos died, while the family were moved to different health care institutions to receive attention.

The PGJE said it had concluded its investigations.

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  1. Well, I keep hearing from everyone, “Blend in”.
    If a family of Latino’s can’t blend in, in Mexico, there’s not much hope.

    • Who told you that? Because the bad guys in Mexico try to avoid old white gringos. Too much hassle.

      Besides, as a practical matter, unless you are fairly dark complected and you’ve bought all of your clothes in Mexico all the locals will see you coming three blocks away.

  2. I haven’t had a desire to visit Mexico in quite some time with apparently a lot of good reasons the least of which the cartels don’t care who they kill, tourists or their own people, and since even the Mexicans don’t care to live there, as evidenced by the increasing number that is showing up across our own border, there is not a chance in hell that this is a vacation destination anyway you look at it……..

    • Don’t ammosexuals ever read anything? Or listen to actual news? Right now most of the immigrants AREN’T from Mexico, they are from a place called “Central America.” Repeat after me: “Mexico is NOT in Central America.” In fact, most stats indicate that there are about as many Mexican nationals returning as there are Mexican nationals coming into the USA these days.

      • Yeah, well pretty sure it wasn’t the “Central Americans” that opened fire on this family or the Mexican police would have been more then ready to shift the blame on to them.

        • Keep up with the action Retard. Your fellow ammosexual said something about Mexicans coming into the USA. It’s not happening.

  3. Seriously, who vacations in Mexico right now?

    I guess boating off the coast of Somalia was not an option?

    No sight seeing in Syria?

    • Retards. I’ll be on a cruise ship docking near Margaritaville Cozumel in three weeks. Plenty of people go to Mexico. In fact, tourism has steadily increased for about the last 3 years.

    • Ralph! What have you got against several hundred kidnappings, A couple thousand murders, whole towns being shot up or torched, crooked prosecutors, corrupt judges, senseless gun laws, and just plain bad ass hoodlums.
      I mean, what the hell, can’t a few guys whoop it up a little on Friday night? Jeeez

      P.S., and Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and last but not least…………Thursday night!

  4. Been boycotting Mexico for almost 20 years. Used spent most of the my time in non resort areas. Much more fun.

    • Yes! I spent a lot of time in Quintana Roo, off the beaten path. Great people, great food, great tequila, great everything. I am so sad for the Mexican people. They really are great folks, and they sure as hell don’t deserve this.

      • You’re right about that Ralph. In general, Hispanic folks are the most courteous people in the world, in my experience. Except maybe on the soccer fields at times.

    • I used to consider vacations to Mexico. Not any more. I haven’t been to Mexico in years and have no plans to return.

  5. I’m half mexican and I refuse to “vacation” in that country. Nor will I allow my wife who was born in Mexico to go there, the country is a hell hole and as I’ve told her a thousand times I will not risk her or our kids going over there and getting hurt or worse kidnapped for extortion, which happens ALL the time!

  6. Odd, a friend of mine visits there often and says all this stuff about people being killed, kidnapped and so on is a pack of lies. He says they Mexican people are very nice and would harm nobody. He says the News about this stuff is a bunch of crap. Of course he also makes many other statements that seem totally off the wall. So, even though he has not been harmed there yet, I would not go there. Guessing he has just been lucky so far.

    • Depends on the location. Tamaulipas State and Monterrey used to be safer than most US cities up through 2010 or so. Now they are in varying degrees of play. But I still wouldn’t hesitate to cross into pretty much any Texas border town other than Juarez, and even there I have been considering running into Juarez on business.

  7. It appears much of Mexico not on American’s bucket list…not to worry, at the rate of population growth there, coupled with our joke of secure borders, Mexico will be coming to the U.S. sooner rather than later.

  8. When was anything beyond the southern border not third world? Why do people insist on vacationing, slumming or lording it over in these places? And then there’s the shock when something goes wrong, someone is attacked, murdered, taken hostage or get a dose of Montezuma’s revenge. There are 50 states here, there’s Canada, Australia and New Zealand where, for the most part, they speak English and you can drink the water. I’d stay out of the UK, pretty dreary business there. You want some danger in your life, go visit Harlem. You can get chased by a bear or catch the plague right here at home.

  9. Not to be critical of the author, English must not be (their) 1st language . Article is written
    (thus reads) a bit odd.

    Lived in Phoenix from late sixties -seventies and then the eighties. A lot of bad stories would make the news back then. From corrupt law enforcement and detainment, to thugs, thieves, and opportunists. Now from the sound of things Phoenix is NOT a world away either.
    If I desire dry and barren landscape, there is plenty of that North of the Border. Arizona, Nevada, Commifornia, etc…
    Not to say there might not be scenic spots in Mexico to see, but I would personally prefer to go elsewhere, if the travel urge truly overcame me.

    I went to a Beach spot ( unimproved at the time, “Rocky Point”) once in ’83 with a group of twelve friends, no problems but was glad to get Stateside again. (Could say I went to Mexico). It (“Rocky Point”) was a popular “Beach” location, closer to Phoenix, than LA, or San Diego. I believe the town or area of “Rocky Point” was Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

    NOTE: Even though LA and San Diego happen to be in an Eastern European Territory, ( by some standards) there still would be a greater desire to go there in the future, for a trip, than farther south……


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