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“’We’re glad to be on the cutting edge of something like this. We are the first governmental entity we know of to have encouraged it,’ County Judge Mark Henry said. ‘The reaction has been phenomenal as evidenced by the class getting full in five minutes.’” Judge Henry’s talking about Texas CHL classes he’s paying for out of his own pocket for Galveston County employees. And he plans to expand the offer to employee spouses and dependents down the road. Spreading the RKBA gospel, one public employee at a time – an idea so crazy, it just might work! So for putting his money where his 2A-loving heart is, Judge Henry is our gun hero of the day.

[h/t Jeff M.]

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    • Not exactly accurate. Illegal to carry into a court when in session. Not illegal to carry in other parts of a courthouse.

      • I think it’s been updated to include the whole building now if there is a room functioning as a court (in Texas). That’s worth looking up.

      • Ditto for Michigan. Unfortunately in the 4 counties I’ve lived in there’re guards and metal detectors at every entrance to the building. De facto ban.

        • Same way in Hays County, metal detector and solemn Pistol packing LEOs. On the other hand in Gillespie County only one LEO stationed at a podium on main level and no metal detector. For those thinking about moving to Texas, keep in mind, County is as important as the City you move to. Just saying…..

      • Texas Penal Code makes no distinction for court in or out of session.
        (3) on the premises of any government court or offices utilized by the court
        (f) It is not a defense to prosecution under this section that the actor possessed a handgun and was licensed to carry a concealed handgun under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code.

      • There are several concepts at play here, which account for the confusion.

        In Texas, carrying in a courthouse is illegal, in the entire building, not just the courtroom itself, and regardless whether courtbis in session. In major courts, the guards and metal detectors are only steps inside the front door and access beyond goes through them.

        In other government buildings (except those specifically adressed in their own right, like prisons and police stations), carry is allowed UNLESS a government meeting is in session right then. This includes city council meetings, school boards, etc. Even then, the ban applies only to meeting room itself.

        Now, a County Judge, in this case, isn’t a “judge” in the sense of a criminal/civil legal judge trying cases. A County Judge in this case is one of several “judges” who are the administrators of Galveston County as its own legal entity. Think of it like a county being governed by a committee, instead of like a city governed by a mayor.

        So you can carry in this judge’s building, unless there’s an official meeting in session. It’s not hypocritical, though, because that’s state law and not within his discretion.

        I think it’s great he’s made this offer. He’s showing the type of leadership that goes beyond speeches or even favorable votes.

  1. “I’ll pay for your permission slip for that non-right.”

    I suppose there’s only so much he can do, and this is it. But lets not lose sight of the reality that having to get a CHL in the first place is evil…

    • Great job Marines. I hope the man down recovers well and fast. But unarmed gun heroes — is that even a thing?

      • I think it qualifies. Going unarmed against a guy with an AK and a couple hundred rounds of ammo sure should if it doesn’t.

        If they hadn’t intervened this potentially would have been 100 times worse the Hebdo massacre.

  2. Saving the French. Again. Still.
    All jokes aside, how can the French say its anything BUT terrorism?
    I know there is a large minority of Muslims there, but sack up and call a spade, a spade! Or have they been taking cues from dear leader on how not to call it what it is.

  3. Good for the Judge! No surprise that this judge is in Texas, can any of us imagine this happening in the states that are behind enemy lines?

  4. heard a rumor, and it is only a rumor, the chief justice for the missouri supreme court did the same thing for his entire staff, a few years ago.

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