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You gotta put yourself first sometimes, ya know?


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  1. i choose to evade taxes while ingoring all gun laws if you know what im saying. that being said, its hard to buy a new thunderbeast without paying the damn extortion tax so they got another $200 out of me last month.

  2. I prefer to say “Fuck you, no”.

    It gets a little awkward in restaurants when you’re offered a refill that you don’t want, but it’s a price worth paying to reflexively answer Lefties in a way they understand.

  3. It ain’t tax evasion. It’s theft prevention. Ignoring immoral unjust and unconstitutional gat laws is a duty of the unorganized militia…or so I’ve heard🙄🙃

  4. They got $200 for my can stamp, they’re not getting diddly squat after that.

  5. Well, I have no problem saying no. Except for the grandkids. There it is a little problem. PaPa usually allows the kids to get most of their way unless it’s something beyond them or dangerous for them. No dirt bikes until they’re old enough to handle them etc.
    Dealt with PTSD and depression years ago. Still have the rare nowdays nightmares etc.
    Don’t have enough taxable income to cheat on the taxes. Property taxes here aren’t too bad so no issue there.. As far as the gun laws are concerned, What may or may not exist, or be known about is not a problem. If the feds don’t know about it, or can’t prove it exists, it isn’t a problem. Be my guest and search to your hearts content. Just bring a warrant.

  6. If they aren’t concerned about budgets, then why should I be concerned about taxes?

    The Inflation Reduction Act provides the IRS a total of $79.6 billion in mandatory funds, most of which are available for obligation until September 30, 2031. These funds are in addition to the IRS’s annual appropriations during that period. This marks the first time that Congress has approved multiyear funding for the service.


  7. Do not ignore gunm laws or evade taxes. Those two on his list of the things not to feel bad about are controlled by the government.
    If you do not do as the government commands you will be incarcerated. And if your incarcerated you’ll lose your freedom.
    That’s what Freedom is all about, having the Freedom to obey the law, federal, state, county, or city. As long as you obey their laws you will remain free.
    America Freedom Liberty.

    • I remember that from MASH. “If we don’t blindly follow our leaders we stand to lose all our freedom!” Major Frank Burns

  8. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s…

    If you don’t pay the tax on that gun then your not walking out of the store with it.

    Knowing how to say no is important. So is saying yes. Part of wisdom is understanding the difference.

    Your mental health often needs to come first. You can’t let the media talking heads, race baiters, or government make you crazy. Yes they push and often very hard. But a strong mind can see through it.

    I know what’s best for me and it’s not government.

    If and when I need help, I’ll ask for it.

    It’s kinda hard to ignore the law while suggesting that others obey it. Some laws are unjust but we have most of the problems we do because of The Constitution being ignored (primarily but the Democrats). All this does is create chaos.

    All those who do not live by the law will be judged by it.

  9. Saw this tid-bit from Brazil last night that should concern POTG everywhere :

    “Lula has now given gun owners an ultimatum of March 31 to bring their guns to their nearest police station for inspection and registration in a national government database.”

    “In April, Lula will order a presidential decree forcing owners to turn over any firearms in excess of the new three-per-person rule, or face arrest and prosecution, Brazil’s justice minister, Flávio Dino, told the Journal.”

    “Any gun that is not declared will be considered an illegal weapon…they’ll be committing a crime,” said Dino, adding that a failure to comply could result in two to four years in prison plus an unlimited fine.”

    The same as it ever was… 🙁

    • Brazil is a big place, so good luck with that, Lula da Silva. On the other hand, this is one of the many reasons why so many people want to leave those hellholes.

  10. Its things like this that re-enforces the anti-gun belief that law abiding guns owners don’t actually exist because they are all ignoring gun laws or laws in general. They actually believe this. In reality, law abiding gun owners not only obey gun laws they sometimes get downright upset when criminals don’t.

    Its not gun laws law abiding gun owners get upset about. Its infringement on and having to ask ‘permission’ to exercise their constitutional right and burdensome infringing ‘restrictions’ and tyranny anti-gun juntas and being treated like criminals, especially while actual criminals are ignored or allowed to roam freely and the laws are focused on only the law abiding while actual criminals are free to ignore gun laws and basically have more freedom to exercise a right they are not entitled to than the law abiding gun owners have.

    Oh yeah, and not to ignore that the president and democrats have weaponized the government against law abiding gun owners and officially and un-offcially have created an unconstitutional ‘fourth’ branch of government called the ‘administrative state’ to wage war on law abiding gun owners and have created a tyrannical state by doing so. And also not to forget the democrats trying to force private companies into doing their dirty work for them to bypass law and congress and the constitution. And in the process trample the rights of all Americans, gun owners or not, at a minimum, under the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments.

    On second thought, maybe law abiding gun owners should start ignoring laws of this tyrannical state to wage war right back. We did that once before, it was called the Revolutionary War….. but lets wait to see what happens in the courts first.

  11. The proper term is “Tax Avoidance”.

    “Tax Evasion” is what the G calls a ‘crime’.

    • Tax Avoidance, (i.e.) The loopholes in the Tax Code purposefully included to allow the Elites, Big Business and Politicians included. To avoid paying taxes and require the use of Tax Attorneys/Accountants to understand and implement. It must be also understood the Big Business and the Uber Rich don’t pay taxes. They are figured into their business models. Just like any other expense (labor,materials,utilities,shipping, tax accounting and legal fees). All added into the price of the products they sell. Which are paid by the consumer. So when Democrats tell you they are going to raise taxes on Big business and the Rich. What they really mean is YOU, paying more for the goods and services you buy.

      • “The loopholes in the Tax Code purposefully included to allow the Elites, Big Business and Politicians… “

        Yes, wealthy tax cheats like Donald Trump:

        “When Trump and Biden’s federal tax returns from 2015 to 2020 are shared side by side, Biden paid $4.1 million more in taxes than Trump did. The records show a stark contrast between Biden’s and Trump’s tax returns, highlighting the complexity of the latter’s finances that could have hindered the IRS’s ability to audit Trump.“

        Some patriotic citizens do want to pay their fair share to support our police, soldiers and society.

        Others are people who are willing to cheat and lie to save a dollar, putting the burden of her care and protection on others.

        If you don’t want to pay for America, may I invite you to select another country.

        America, love it or leave it.

        • Holy fck you really do have Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s over he lost? theBiden won?.
          Why so worried about Trump?

        • “Yes, wealthy tax cheats like Donald Trump”

          Did he cheat, or are you just making more stuff up? I don’t see where your linked article says he cheated. Show us where he cheated.

          When Trump and Biden’s federal tax returns from 2015 to 2020 are shared side by side, Biden paid $4.1 million more in taxes than Trump did.

          Miner, you have to read the entire story. You’re more of a headline reader, aren’t you?

          Over that same time period, Trump shows a total net loss of nearly $40 million, while Biden shows a net gain of millions.

          2015: net LOSS -31,736,841 (payed $641,931 in taxes)
          2016: net LOSS -32,190,169 (payed $750 in taxes)
          2017: net LOSS -12,819,400 (payed $750 in taxes)
          2018: net GAIN +24,395,093 (payed $999,466 in taxes)
          2019: net GAIN +4,443,503 (payed $133,445 in taxes)
          2020: net LOSS -4,694,058 (payed zero in taxes)

          Trump income 2015-2020: +$28,838,596
          Trump losses 2015-2020: -$68,621,068

          Trump total net loss/gain 2015-2020: -$39,782,472

        • *CORRECTION*

          I didn’t include the loss from 2017.
          Revised Trump losses 2015-2020: -$81,440,468
          Trump total net LOSS 2015-2020: -$52,601,872

          Trump didn’t lose nearly $40 million during that time period. He lost over $50 million! Context matters, Miner.

        • “Show us where he cheated.“

          Really, this is just too easy. You folks are oblivious to the facts of reality, the real definition of Trump Derangement syndrome:

          ”The Trump Org was convicted on all 17 counts it faced — including tax fraud, falsifying business records, conspiracy and related crimes — following two days of deliberations in Manhattan Supreme Court.“

          “tax fraud, falsifying business records, conspiracy and related crimes“

          And don’t try to make some claim that doesn’t count because it’s the Trump organization, Donald Trump is the Trump organization and the grand jury is hearing testimony now regarding his ‘personal accountability’.

        • Nope. You claimed Trump was a tax cheat. Then you left a link that described zero tax cheating. You didn’t bother to read your own article. Your new link still shows zero tax cheating from Trump.

          Read your own linked article. It was Weisselberg’s (Trump Org executive) personal tax returns. It wasn’t the company’s, and it certainly wasn’t Trump’s.

          And another Trump Org lawyer, Alan Futerfas, asserted the law allowing the company to be found guilty if executives took criminal acts “in behalf of” the company was vague and “central to the case.”

          Anyone without a case of TDS can see what’s going on here. No one, in the history of the world, has been investigated more than Trump. They got an associate on something, but they wanted to claim they finally got Trump with something, even though they clearly didn’t. Repeat after me: Believe all women, Men can have babies, Orange Man Bad, We have him now! The walls are closing in! Orange Man Bad…Orange Man Bad…

        • “Your new link still shows zero tax cheating from Trump.“

          Amazing cognitive dissonance.

          “And another Trump Org lawyer, Alan Futerfas, asserted… “

          Perhaps one day you’ll learn the difference between an assertion, as proclaimed by a lawyer, and a finding of fact, as found by a jury in a court of law.

          I’m content to let the investigations and court proceedings continue… “the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine”.

        • “I’m content to let the investigations and court proceedings continue”

          Also Known As you have nothing.

          ” finding of fact, as found by a jury in a court of law.”

          You mean the fact that they’re prosecuting an organization for an executive’s personal returns? You said Trump cheated. I don’t see your proof anywhere.

        • Fuck you, @$$clown. Congress EXPRESSLY exempted themselves from insider trading laws – AND from Obamacare, and Social Security.

          Why are you such a lying liar?

        • This just in!

          “Former President Donald Trump’s defense attorney Evan Corcoran is scheduled to testify Friday before the grand jury investigating classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago after a new order from a federal appeals court, a source familiar with the matter told CNN.

          The US DC Circuit Court of Appeals said that Corcoran must provide additional testimony and turn over documents about the former president as part of the criminal investigation into possible mishandling of classified documents“

        • Here we go again. You just change the subject without ever acknowledging your lies. You’re like the comment section version of CNN.

        • They are a crime family. Plain and simple. Nobody gets wealthy off a .gov pay check.

        • “On the day America’s first billionaire president took office, “middle class” Joe Biden boarded the Amtrak out of Washington D.C.’s Union Station, bound for Delaware with the kind of modest fortune you might expect from someone who had spent his adult life as an elected official: $2.5 million, mostly composed of pensions and real estate. But Biden was about to cash in. By the end of 2017, he and his wife Jill had earned $11.1 million. They raked in $4.6 million the next year, followed by $1 million in 2019 and $630,000 in 2020.

          The story of how Biden became a wealthy man in the wake of his vice presidency, leveraging his fame to sell books and deliver speeches, has been told many times. But a closer look at the math prompts a question that hasn’t been asked: Why isn’t Biden even richer? If someone starts with a $2.5 million net worth and earns $17.3 million while the markets are raging, you’d expect him to be worth more than $8 million. So what happened to Biden’s money? Well, $7 million of it covered taxes, another $1.3 million went to charity, $180,000 paid for household staff and an estimated $80,000 went toward interest on mortgages. Take those items out, though, and you’re still a few million above Biden’s estimated net worth.“

        • “you’d expect him to be worth more than $8 million”

          In other words, they’re intentionally devaluing his net worth. Notice how “middle class” (multimillionaire) Joe couldn’t even spare 10% of his earnings to charity. He’s almost as bad as millionaire Bernie. He gets his senate and VP pension for life, yet he still takes his presidential salary. It’s never enough, is it? No one cared what that bumbling idiot had to say on the speaking circuit after his stint as a VP. That’s what you call influence peddling in case he ended up being the president. CAA agent Craig Gering emailed Hunter confidential meeting notes after VP Biden left office. One of those plans included “wealth creation.” Gotta strike while the iron’s hot and get that $$$.

          How much of his real estate income includes overcharging Hunter for renting one of is houses? Where did Hunter get that money anyway? That’s what’s known as money laundering. Then there’s the Penn Biden Center which, according to Hunter’s emails, “operates like The Clinton Global Initiative without the money raise.”

          I love how they portray Biden as some middle class champion. He immediately used his position to make personal bank. Then he was elected president, and imposed a massive stagflation tax on the poor and middle class. At least Jimmy Carter can die knowing he wasn’t the worst modern president.

        • This video should be played everyday, but the media ignores it. He explains how China has been able to resolve every issue because they “have people at the top” (in the USA). In other words, China owns influential people. Notice how he says they can’t resolve issues with Trump because they don’t own Trump. He said the Chinese way of handling things was “with a stack of dollars.” After complaining about not being able to control Trump, he says now Biden got elected. People immediately laugh. Then he brags about helping Hunter through a foundation. Get it? China almost immediately removed this video after it aired. Every time I save a new one, then return, the video is gone. Gee, I wonder why. This copy has lasted awhile, but only has 95 views in nearly two years. You’d never find it without knowing how to look for it. The Chinese are openly bragging about owning Biden.

  12. you got nothin’ without the guilt.
    chevy’s are for racing.
    ford’s are for torque.
    chrysler got the last of the patents. -steve kerr

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