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Insightful comments from readers

On Valentine’s Day, I wrote how last fall’s election results spurred the hard left into mounting an insurrection of sorts.  In fact, in ‘Will the Left’s Civil War Turn Deadly?‘ I described it as a civil war. I did so in part because of the organized nature of these violent incidents across America.

These malcontents see violence as their only option after the electoral shellacking their favorite party took last November’s. The story generated an enormous number of comments. As is often the case here at TTAG, more than a few of our readers’ thoughts proved proved sage, prudent and well-considered.

Strych9 offered this comment at yesterday’s story:

It’s my estimation that it might get violent and a few people might be killed but what the widespread violence that a few of the anarchists and “anitfa” want will not happen. Yes a beating might go to far or there might be a stabbing or perhaps a few CCW holders will lay a few of these [a-holes] out on slabs but that’s where it will end.

There aren’t a lot of these people who have the courage of their convictions to actually die for their beliefs. A few, but not many. The American Left is generally soft when it comes to real, true bare knuckle violence and society will only tolerate so much. A few riots are something society will tolerate. A few businesses lit on fire, a few windows smashed, a few cars flipped and a few people seriously [effed] up. People generally see that as the reason for insurance. See LA in 1992.

What the larger society won’t tolerate is widespread violence of that type or a concerted effort to make widespread violence a reality.  At a certain point society will look at this as an “uprising” of violent [f-]tards that has crossed the line into being an insurrection. At that point the gloves will come off and the full autos will come out with the approval of the vast majority of people in this country. At that point the Left will reap the whirlwind and, quite frankly, I don’t think they have the balls for that. Looting a sports store or smashing a Starbucks while chanting slogans and dodging tear gas with your milk-soaked bandanna is fun for some of these folks. Very, very few of them will think it’s fun when the tear gas turns to live ammo. Getting arrested is a badge of honor for many of them. Few see a [gunshot wound] that way.

You can see this in the way these “antifas” work. If they were willing to die they’d shoot bullets at the cops rather than fireworks, which are generally meant to distract so that they can move somewhere. They know where the line is that will provoke a truly violent response against them and they actively try not to cross it.

Are there people who want to see such an insurrection? Yes, but there are very few of them and fewer still willing to put their ass on the line to make it happen.

Now, if race manages to get injected into this, that could change the dynamic. That could provoke blind rage in a segment of the population and blind rage is, well, blind. Those people might actually not think about what they’re doing and they might push it farther than they really intended to. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Stay safe out there folks.

Well said.

JWTaylor, a man I have great respect for, called me on the carpet over citing the sniper attack on Dallas Police  during a leftist rally:

Micah Johnson killed those officers because he was a racist piece of [merde] that wanted to, in his words, “kill white people, especially white cops.” He was not a member of any prominent leftist organizations that we know of, and in fact was banned from membership into some of the more prominent “black liberation” movements. He didn’t spout any communist/socialist/anarchist stuff on his facebook page, aside from hating white people. Plus, he did his killings 4 months before the election. That’s not tied into the anti-Trump riots post election at all.

The other statistic about ambush killings being a 10 year high is absolute truth. That means during the George W Bush administration it was higher than now, and during the HW Bush administration it was almost twice as high as now. And I don’t remember anyone credible saying it was civil war.

Don’t make something into what it’s not.

I countered with this:

…He just showed up at a leftist protest and started killing cops because it seemed like a good day to kill people?

[Scumbag’s name redacted] sure as shinola was no church-going, God-fearing man who loved his country. He was a – scumbag – who let his rifle do his “protesting” at a leftist rally. He didn’t target the leftists. He targeted our civilization. That puts him in the radical malcontent category in my book. YMMV.

JWT came back:

He targeted the place he knew a lot of cops would be. That’s not hard to figure out. He didn’t target anyone for political ideology, he targeted them for wearing a uniform. He said, explicitly, that he wanted to “kill whites, especially white cops”. Nothing in there about conservatives, republicans, right wingers, etc. Just whites and cops…

To which Ralph, another contributor for which I have a great deal of respect, offered this:

“He didn’t target anyone for political ideology, he targeted them for wearing a uniform.”

Sorry, JWT, but hating whites and especially white cops is a political ideology.

Bud Harton brought up an aspect I didn’t fully develop. Specifically, just how organized the Left has become in their effort to undermine President Donald J. Trump. He wrote this:

Don’t make the huge mistake of ignoring any of this as inconsequential. 160 million people have been murdered by leftists like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot in the last 100 years ago.

You probably won’t have to really worry until they form a national organization, open offices and start recruiting.

Oh, wait, they have already have done that. Founded by James Messina and Michelle Obama, the Organizing for Action committee already has 30,000 members and has opened 250 offices:

and guess who the leader of this merry little band of unicorns is?

Barack Hussein Obama
Follow the link and see where they want to take this

Mr. Harton is correct: 250 offices.  That takes big bucks and deep resources to create and maintain.

Mark Kelly’s Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist’s Dummy (yes, that’s really his/her handle) wrote this about George Schwartz/Soros’ contribution to this mess:

They, “the Left”, comprised of Socialists, Communists, their violent Anarchist (AntiFa/AntiRa) stormtroopers getting their marching orders from Globalists want it, a “revolution”, but they are woefully unprepared for battle. Sure they are effective en masse when police are ordered to “stand down” by superior officers and elected officials but once, just once, they come face to face with law enforcement not hampered by burdensome “Rules of Engagement” and feel the impact of copper-jacketed lead rather than rubber projectiles they will be forced to “up” their game or submit.

Make no mistake Globalist puppetmaster Georgy Schwartz aka “George Soros” is quite adept at financing and engineering “revolutions”, he’s successfully done it numerous times before with the latest being Ukraine where his paid thugs ousted the duly elected leader. Don’t be fooled, contrary to what the previous administration and the Liberal Media claim they are far from “bloodless” coups just look at Syria and Ukraine today, both are products of the Cultural Marxist/Fabian Socialist/Globalist “Left”. The Ferguson and Baltimore Riots were Schwartz/Soros’ handiwork as is every other “Leftist” protest/demonstration but now that we were victorious in November 2016 and President Donald J. Trump is sitting in the Oval Office the situation is more critical for our adversaries, the true enemies of freedom.

The Globalists/Socialists/Communists (Russia is no longer “Communist”) will always use rely upon the Anarchists to do their, ‘the Left’s”, dirty-work but as I have said before in numerous comments here once the Anarchists then the Socialists followed by the Communists have served their purpose they are eliminated this time the Globalists being the top of the food-chain rather than as before the Commies.

What the Hell, let them, the Left, fire the 21st Century’s “shot heard round the world” what they will receive in return is a fusillade from unrestrained law enforcement and law-abiding citizens of ALL races after all what are we to do with all that ammo we’ve been stockpiling for the last eight (8) years.

In the end we WILL emerge the victors, sure “urban” areas will suffer the most (as they should) for they are the centers for stoking unrest, they are responsible for electing the tyrants, their populace actively promotes the Liberal policies while at the same time financing and sustaining those that seek to erase our existence.


Garry-Owen37 offered this gem:

While I don’t believe it will be a traditional civil war with actual uniformed forces, squaring off against each other in the burbs, I do believe it will go alot like Ireland circa The Troubles. Or for those of us a bit young to remember that-Iraq circa 2007-now.

You have a small fringe group who was at least half of their part of the country neutral to their actions, if not, out right supporting them. They have the MSM who will run their stories and give it a good white washing. You have Higher Education who allows this type of crap to start fomenting on their campuses because their professors supported it back in the 70s. And last but not least, you have the Entertainment media who walks out on the red carpet and tells middle america how terrible they are and how the coasts are the truly enlightend ones.

So yes, the left will motivate itself to start doing dumb stuff at some point. The only things stopping them is a trip to Club Fed.

I expect car bombs, assassination attempts on right sided socio-political figures etc. The left wants to have a very safe fight. They want symbolism behind their moves more than they want actual military effecincy…effincey…eff..affi..however you spell the damn word. But it still works, because it causes fear, and it motivates the bench sitters on their side.

I could be wrong, but I watched the samething unfold in the sand box. It might take a while. but it eventually works.

More than a few of the other comments contained insightful and articulate writing.

Then, on the other hand, “The_Resisistance” flung plenty of rhetorical feces into the mix. Some call him our resident troll.  Maybe T_R has too much passion, or perhaps he’s drawing a paycheck to heckle. (It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.)

Yesterday, he went so far as to label TTAG’s maximum leader, Robert Farago, a Nazi (despite being the son of a Holocaust survivor) while lobbing plenty of unsubstantiated allegations and charges. Here’s a sample:

And I find it hilarious that people like you are so brainwashed by every false story from whatever hate propaganda website like this one feds you.

There have been more peaceful protest than “violent” ones like this BS article talks about.

This website is what it is. Fake news.

It’s creator robert farago being nothing more than a fascist, racist, homophobic, sexist, neo-nazi coward.

The only incidents i’ve seen in this country is from right-wing freaks like you that hurt innocent people, suppress free information and free speech, intimidate innocents americans into silence with your fascist beliefs.

And face it nazi thug, Real americans outnumber un-american nutbars like you.

You’ve still not posted any evidence that proves any “left wing” attacks when in reality there are none.

Your just brainwashed puppet statistic of fake news.

Instead of arguing on the merits, The_Resisistance only offers ad hominem attacks. Bless his heart.

T_R should consider reading this story from Notre Dame’s college newspaper, The Observer:

The left’s intolerant ‘tolerance’

Tolerance should be a less confusing concept, but some would never know based on the political left’s misuse of the term.

“Homophobe” and “racist” are two terms that have been frequently thrown about in reference to people who have different opinions from those on the left. Believe in the sanctity of traditional heterosexual marriage? The left calls you a homophobe. Don’t agree with President Obama’s crippling policies? The left accuses you of being a racist, and just plain unaccepting of America’s first African-American president.

The Democratic Party and those who fall politically left often brag about being the “accepting” party and being “tolerant” of others, yet they are the ones attacking people with differing views. Senator Tim Scott recently got attacked by the increasingly liberal National Association for the Advancement of Colored People simply for being politically conservative. The group has taken such a far-left stance in recent years that they are apparently only interested in advancing liberal colored people. They went as far as to call Scott a “ventriloquist dummy” for not following liberal agenda. This sad misuse of authority has isolated the once highly benevolent organization and has continued the rift of intolerance among the politically liberal and their sycophants.


Click over and read the rest.

In the end, thanks to the People of the Gun for all of their insightful comments. We love your participation. Even The_Resisistance’s.

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  1. If the left wants to keep this up, made we need to enforce “physical removal” of leftists.

    You want to be marxists? Go be one someone else, if you really want to cause trouble you are going to get a “Free” helicopter ride from Pinochet Helicopter Rides and Rentals.

    • I hate having to bring this up so often, but that’s literally what Hitler did. And don’t even think about whining about how he was a socialist, because the fact of the matter is that he took over an apathetic socialist party and molded them into fascists, which is what you’re advocating.

      • No, marxists come to power, and then use ti strip away the rights of the people.

        We are just beating them to the punch, we are not going to kill them, just deport them. Go be a marxist somewhere else.

        I have no right to allow my enemies to harm or kill me.

        • > We are just beating them to the punch, we are not going to kill them, just deport them.

          > if you really want to cause trouble you are going to get a “Free” helicopter ride from Pinochet Helicopter Rides and Rentals.

          Make up your mind already.

      • I get it. Really I do. Between lousy high schools, incompetence, and just plain stupidity the general public has not the foggiest idea what a mother-lovin’ fascist actually IS. This drives me effen nuts, and I’m gonna put my metaphorical foot down – from now on every time I see the term ‘fascist misused, I’m gonna go medieval on somebody’s ass.

        In a nutshell, fascism actually is the preservation of the hierarchy, a strong government, no dissent, no disorder, lots of rules to keep us proles in line – and leading (theoretically at least) happy and fulfilling lives. It’s more complicated with many nuances, but Hitler was miles from a fascist, and Mussolini was maybe sorta in the ballpark. As a hot dog vendor.


        • “In a nutshell, fascism actually is the preservation of the hierarchy, a strong government, no dissent, no disorder, lots of rules to keep us proles in line – and leading (theoretically at least) happy and fulfilling lives. It’s more complicated with many nuances, but Hitler was miles from a fascist, and Mussolini was maybe sorta in the ballpark. As a hot dog vendor.”

          Having made an extensive study of this topic over the years and been frustrated by the seeming difficulty even writers on the subject have in actually defining what fascism is it became apparent that everybody was trying to make it into something complicated when in fact it is not. While fascism, generally, is a political idea preferred by the leftists, it is not unknown to the far-right wing. Conservatives, on the other hand, strongly desire less government and greater personal freedom, which is antipathetic to fascism. So, to determine whether a political concept is fascist or not there is only one simple test – do they or do they not adhere to this concept of political power:

          “We have decided what is best for you. If you know what is good for you then you will NOT oppose us.”

          In other words, toe our political line or we will crush you.

  2. Brevity is the soul of wit-and endless comments. We’re already in an uncivil war. November 8th only an opening salvo…

  3. I don’t discount the possibility of the left engaging in outright war. I doubt the probability of it….unless….

    Unless something else happens to disrupt civil society. We have discussed them here at one time or another, all the different ways a major disruption can occur. Power system failure, however it happens; economic collapse, etc.

    Given a major collapse the left will jump in to create violence and may well succeed in perpetrating wide spread civil breakdown.

    I doubt one thing will do it, but if breakdown happens it will be bad for everyone as well as the country.

    • The Tulsa Race Riots had civilians fire-bombing from the air.

      Philly police bombed “the move” from the air.

      Drones are the only thing that I fear, and work to overcome as my civil unrest go-bag. Comms, especially nationwide could be a problem, as would all the me too Shitpants mf’s of the world piling on. That’s an issue of “properly directed response” and that takes great care, “By way of example, the last pin to fall in a bowling frame when a “strike” is thrown is the farthest in effect from the prime-mover. Thereby removed by even greater quanta when you include the bowler. However, due to simple physics [for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction] force is returned to that which immediately supplied it,; removing the prime mover in quanta, to almost the point of infinity.” [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 43]

      But, we got that beat, and it’d be a real joy abandoning my humanity to express my displeasure should someone else cause the need. We could do the biblical Armageddon 1000 yrs of “peace” with a weekends worth of having-at. So, don’t make me wait until I’m 90, I’ll be an insanely mean mf by then.

    • The “Left” (Progressives and Liberals) is at a significant disadvantage in this contest.Not only are they poorly armed, poorly trained and unorganized, but they are trapped in their major urban areas for the most part. Giant cites and urban areas are the worst possible places for insurgent forces to reside. Especially in America those areas are insanely easy to blockade. They are very often dependent on outside sources of both water and power. Even those places with coal-power plants still have a limited supply of coal which much be shipped in. In the winter they must import gas and fuel oil, not to mention gasoline and diesel to keep their vehicles operating.

      I read somewhere long ago the adage: “In the event of economic catastrophe the urban areas of America are a very long way from an Idaho potato.” Almost all of the food, clothing and other necessities of life are shipped into those cities in a never-ending convoy of trucks and trains. In an outline for a dystopian story I never pursued (too much of an optimist) I predicted that the Los Angeles metro area could last perhaps 4 weeks if their main arteries (I-5, I-15, I-10) were cut off at the mountain passes leading into the city. And that didn’t even include shutting down the canals that bring in ALL of their water, which I thought would be cruel and inhumane.

      There would be great disruption to our economy and world-wide repercussions that can only be imagined in nightmares should such a leftist revolt actually take place due to bad-actors world-wide seizing the opportunity to operate freely while we were distracted by our internal problems. This in fact may be George Soros’ end-game.


      • After his Georgy Schwartz’s aka “George Soros'” and the Left’s epic loss on Nov 8th the only thing they and their Fakes News/Liberal Media allies can do now is what they are doing ie. portraying their carefully orchestrated town hall “protests” as “grassroots” when in fact we all know it’s “astroturf”. The uninformed may fall for this propaganda but we are smarter than that andmust refute their lies when anyone in our circle repeats them.

        Friday’s Rachel Maddow Show provided a perfect example, a middle-aged female “educator” (teacher’s union member) complaining about lack of town halls to disrupt in South Carolina, she claimed to be “non-political” but as soon as she mentioned her concerns which included “Gun Control” the veil was lifted and she exposed herself for what she really is, a Left-wing activist posing as a regular citizen.

        Today the Gateway Pundit, Drudge Report and Breitbart featured articles on Obama’s/Soros’ Organizing For America issuing handbooks for agitators which instruct them how to pose as Republicans/Conservatives, take control of the narrative at Town Hall events across the nation in order to make it appear there is a split among us.

        Like the character Elaine Benes’ orgasms with Jerry on “Seinfeld” it’s all Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake!

      • The Left is desperate, they are relegated to trying to mimic the TEA Party and influence the uninformed by orchestrating “astro-turf” protests at Republican town hall meetings. They are so dishonest as reported by Gateway Pundit, Drudge, and Breitbart today that Soros’/Obama’s Organizing For Action (Agitating For Revolution) has begun handing out manuals on how to appear as “normal”, “everyday”, “concerned” residents” and not “political activists” and how to “take control” of Republican-sponsored town hall events even telling their ideologically inferior followers “once you get the mic hold on to tightly and don’t give it up”. They are trying to portray themselves as “grassroots”, as savvy voters, as Republicans, not surprisingly the Fake News/Liberal Media is all too willing to help advance the lie as evidenced by their recent reports on such events. The fact is they can’t help but give themselves up, there are always ‘telltales” thus these fakers are easy to spot. As an example on Friday’s Rachael Maddow Show a supposed “concerned citizen”, a female “educator” (teachers union stooge) was lauded for organizing a petition bemoaning the fact that GOP South Carolina senators hadn’t scheduled any town hall meetings, Fred Savage I mean Rachael Maddow and her guest reveled at the paltry 4,000 signatures the petition received. The guest gave herself and her Leftist politics away not far into the interview when she claimed “I’m just a ‘regular’ person concerned about ‘Gun Control’ and ‘Healthcare'”.

        They want a “revolution”? Let ’em bring it on, we may have to wait for them to change their soiled underwear after the first shots are fired.

        This nation is in desperate need of an enema, I think I hear the nurse pushing the cart down the hallway and she’s about to enter the room and don her gloves.

        Until unrest escalates keep your gas tank full, store water and food in your vehicle and best be on “Heightened Alert” in “urban” areas particularly around colleges/universities. The last thing you want is to get caught in a traffic jam when the Leftists decide to chain themselves across the highway and start pulling people out of cars/trucks beating them senseless or to death.

  4. If I were going to assault/attempt to injure people, the US is the absolute last country I would pick to do it. Going further, Conservatives are the last demographic I would select. Both the location and the ideology suggests these are likely to be your most-armed, most-trained civilians.

    I don’t think any kind of non-government-sponsored violence by the hairball fringe of the Left would get anywhere. A few CCW holders would be forced into providing a few examples, and then the enthusiasm would die down. Strych9 nailed it in his comment.

  5. You know, no one was talking about helicopter rides when that ass%$#@ ( I won’t write his name) blew up the building in Oklahoma City a few years ago. Get a grip, folks. You make gun owners sound like, well, fascists.

    • We weren’t discussing civil war either. Perhaps pushback against the feds, but not against people/vast swathes of the country.

      Things have changed.

    • Go look up what fascism actually is. Then get back to me about how the heavily libertarian and conservative leaning gun community would actually support anything that resembles actual fascism.

      Throwing commies from helicopters is not fascism. It’s common sense and pest control.

    • Fascism is actually a left wing form of government. Stop thinking of the “scale” of political theory as a “line” with right on one side and left on the other. Think of it more as a circle, with a Republic at the top, and deism at the bottom. Leftwards from a republic on the circle, you get more and more government. Direct democracy, socialism, communism, fascism, Absolute monarchy, and ultimately, the most government you can possibly have, that being deism, where the leadership of the state is worshipped as a God, such as an Egyptian pharo, or the Kim Jung dynasty in North Korea. Now, The farther Right you go, you get less, and less government control. Go too far right, and you get so little government you get anarchy, failed states, and, eventually, societal collapse wich results in the rise of warlords forming new societies, also on the opposite end of the circle, where one person controls the society, like a deity or absolute monarch. The Republic, or the top of the circle, is at the top because it is referred to as “just the right amount of government”, or “as little government as possible for society to function”.

      • Hank, I completely agree with your definition. That is why Google and other Leftist are using newspeak to redefine the meanings of words. For example, read Google’s, recently redefined meaning of the word Fascism:

        an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

        synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More
        (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

        • That’s a semi-shitty definition. (I know, you didn’t write it, but still….) Read the authors of the philosophy, they were motivated (like most true evil) by trying to help us poor commoners lead better lives.

        • That’s interesting.Fascism is, and always has been, a socialist pathology. e.g. National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis).

          When I see black clad twerps in masks hollering fascism and ganging up on an unarmed citizen the first thing I think is Cowards, and the second thing I think is that they totally failed to pay attention in their history class (assuming that they didn’t drop out of school in 7th grade).


      • Oh, when someone throws around “left” and “right” it’s really just name-calling, thinly masked as some sort of preference analysis. Sometimes it refers to the roots of their thinking (the people being called names.)

        — “Left” and “right” have their roots in where people sat in the glorious people’s legislature after one of the glorious French revolutions, that was the perfection of government by the most enlightened people ever, just ask them. (I forget which revolution, vanguard, and enlightened cohort seizing control … there have been so many.)

        — The “Political Compass” is a bit less bad.

        — The “Nolan Chart” is somewhat better, even.

        — Personally, I’m a fan of the “Pournelle Chart” for this kind of thing.

        Even the gross oversimplifications of these several spectrums show the confusion of causes and results; approaches and goals; origins and preferences. Any good data scientist (I despise that term, but…) would jump on the at least 5 independent dimensions, and the several kinds or categories of distinction. Net, these are better than most discussion of this kind of differences, but only because “most discussion” of this stuff is so bad.

        I haven’t yet seen in any of these spiffy charts a “strategy” distinction. In my reading, Thomas Sowell was most articulate about this: identifying “conservatism” in part as a strategy for when you know you’re just not very smart about what you are doing. I’d like to see charts with a “strategy” dimension, because the world is full of people who think they know just what to do in organizing everydamnthing, who seem to get it very, very wrong. Venezuela, anyone?

        While I’m at it, I’d like to see a “feedback-based” strategy: how much does a political system allow for self-correction, even self-guided elaboration? That’s not very satisfying for a good revolutionary, who enjoys having all the answers even if they don’t work, but might be better for the people who live in the system, for some value of “better.”

        • “Social engineering seemed a whole lot simpler when we sketched it on the coffee-shop napkin.” – V.I. Lenin

  6. This “Organizing for Action” group seems so leftard. Calling out the same ideals that B. Hussein tried unsuccessfully to ram through while in office. Michelle “da beast” is a prime example of this, a liberal socialist with no real love for the United States, she’d prefer for us to be the “Untied” States instead, so they can claim them one at a time.

    Be wary my friends, with Soros’ and Hollywood’s money to back them we must stand vigilant!!

  7. As much as the American left likes to cry about this guy and that guy being a Nazi they are not. The real Nazis, the KKK, the right wing biker gangs, the Neo-Nazi’s, the white nationalists, the guys with the red laces, if enough people are beat up they are gonna start punching back and these left wing weekend warrior Antifa members are gonna have their cookies took. My biggest fear in all of this is thats what Antifa wants so the media can spin the news cycle to the point where the American public actually believes grups like Antifa are the victims in all of this.

  8. I think most posters are hopelessly optimistic. A riot will start. Some poor CCW holder will get caught in the middle of it, and have to defend himself. He will be arrested, crucified in the press, and get the full “Zimmerman ” treatment, only with a hundred witnesses swearing he said something racist. He will go to jail forever. The Left will declare open season on CCW holders,and by extension, white conservatives. Any who defend themselves will have the full weight of the media and the so called “justice” system land on them.
    Just because we are the majority and we are right, don’t assume we’ll win.

    • Generally speaking I try not to call people out for typos because I make them as well. It’s not like I seriously proofread what I write here.

      That said however, The_Resisistance cracks me up. It’s almost like his/her/it’s hatred of rationality extends fully into English composition. I must have missed that particular post when it was made but reading it now all I can think is “Jesus Christ, in the world of high art this little screed would be best displayed in the medium known as ‘crayon on wall’.”

      Seriously brah, stop supercharging your bong with nitrous cartridges while you post. Capitalization is crunchy, as is knowing the difference between your and you’re. I know it’s hard to concentrate on writing when you’re examining your granola package to make sure it’s all made from 100% natural, non-GMO, sustainable sourced, responsibly harvested, free range, farm-to-table tree bark but FFS a modicum of effort would elevate your posts from childish babble to mildly amusing bullshit.

  9. Netanyahu has always said the lesson of the Holocaust was simple – when people say they are going to kill you, pay attention. I would and do pay attention to the socialist thugs, both Soros-bought and useful idiot alike. I believe they have the intent, albeit an opportunistic intent. The man-bun, skinny jeans, sock head crowd is also heavily influenced by movies and tv. Hmm?, ‘Guadalcanal Diary’. ‘We Were Soldiers once and Young’, ‘Rough Riders’, ‘Platoon’, Gods and Generals’ ? Not so much. They pretty much missed that whole entire sleeping on the actual ground, field expedient T.P., filling sandbags walking for 20 hours or so digging in a couple of 3′ and saddling back up to go for another walk, not to mention the cuisine. Long story short, I do not doubt their petulant desire to exploit any situation, but a brief interruption in cell service or latte’s could grind the Resistance to a rapid halt. I would add I sincerely doubt they have given any thought to Plan B should they be on their own and left flat footed. I am guessing in that such an event there would be no small demands for the Black Flag in dealing with them.

    Another thing that completely gives me the red-ass is that whole Resistance thing. In what alternate universe. I have an elderly aunt by marriage who, born Dutch grew up in Rotterdam during the War. Resistance? Seriously? This sorry gang of leg humpers should be thankful they do not understand National Socialism, much less ever encountered it.

    • These are kids playing at Resistance. They are taking their cues from the current series on the SyFy channel called “The Expanse” and the struggle between Earth, Mars and the Belters. The Belter’s resistance is called the Outer Planets Alliance or OPA and they are fighting against a fascist Earth under United Nation’s control. Their symbol is a stylized symbol with the letters OPA superimposed over each other which Belters belonging to the OPA have tattooed on their necks.
      If you look at some of the riot and protest footage from across the country, you will sometimes see people with hoodies emblazoned with the OPA symbol.
      Fantasy is fun and playing pretend games is something young kids do all the time. I did it when I was 10 and Star Trek was the rage. But I grew up, entered high school and moved onto real life. These kids today are in their 20’s and thinking that sticking it to the Man (Trump) is hip and what possibly can go wrong. That hoodie may just turn into their shroud.

  10. I think a lot of it is posing for the camera, notice in every “burning whatever” there’s 2 dozen photogs snapping pics unhindered by “protesters” one of em needs to whip out a stick and make some smores. Yawn. If there were vehicles burned? it would be very insightful to see who owned them, huh? I don’t see these people as a crediable threat to anything other than to themselves.

  11. “We love your participation. Even The_Resisistance’s.”

    No, we don’t. That spelling-challenged, mindless, lie-spouting proggbot is the online equivalent of someone walking into a roomful of people having an animated discussion, dropping their pants and crapping on the carpet. He/she/ze contributes absolutely nothing positive to any conversation.

    • I’m reasonably certain that that troll is the same person who posts under than “concerned citizen against 2A tyranny” or whatever it is handle. The writing styles are very similar.

        • Hey Snowflake, Did I get you “triggered” again?

          Hypocrite much.

          I’ve committed no crime.

          I’m protected by the 1st amendment as much as your are protected parroting off fake news and whatever crap breitbart feeds you.

          I’ve every right as much as the next person to come on this website and speak my mind as long as it hurts no one.

          You might as well tell on yourself with the crazy background of yours with all your dubious and disturbing posts.

          I’m just pointing out the obvious BS that is this website and it proves me right that people like you and this very website are nothing but pure unadulterated evil.

        • “I’m reasonably certain TTAG should publish his IP address…”

          *Lots* of folks lurk TTAG.

          Does anyone know a ‘Greyhat’ pen-test guru?

          They could (hypothetically) take a peek at at the IP logs and drop that tid-bit on Reddit or somewhere…

  12. What I’m noticing is that all of the violence the left has been committing so far has been in either urban areas or college campuses. Places where they reside. No, it makes no sense, but then most of what they do is backwards to people like us anyway. That being said, if they were to move their violence into rural areas where they are essentially foreigners, I think things would get dicey real quick. I live in a blue state, but in a rural village. Things are extremely “red” here. A considerable majority of people here voted for Trump. I’d guess this is the case in most small villages. Now, imagine if a leftist mob came to a small rural village and began protesting, vandalizing, burning, and pillaging. This would put a whole new dynamic on their violence. It’s one thing to burn down their own cities, it’s another entirely to go to an area they don’t live filled with people who are ideologically their opposite. Logistically it would be difficult for them, they’d have to bus themselves in, as the closest city is 25 miles away. However, if they did attempt this, I think it would probably escalate things considerably.

    • You’d also have to factor in the logistics of hauling away the numerous dead and screaming wounded who brought violence to these neighborhoods and received bullets and buckshot in return.

      I think that’s crossed their minds, too, which might be why they’re content with destroying their own territory.

    • Like I said in the original thread, they go after soft targets. Closed stores, universities, and whatnot. They also only do this crap in cities where they know the cops will be told to stand down by sympathetic elected officials.

      You’d never see them assault a police station, military installation, or cause any problems in a red state.

    • They don’t need to move out of their ‘safe zones’ where their fellow traveler lefty pols will tell the PD to stand down and let the fires rage.
      The reason is their ready and willing propaganda machine will bring all of this mayhem right into the living rooms of the rest of America and with camera angles making their numbers look overly massive and breathless commentary by prompter-reading bleach-blond bimbos telling everyone how the riots are now mainstream and that we ought to be ashamed that we haven’t given them what they demand…… The ignorant masses will then bombard their pols with demands to “do something”, at which time the pols will attempt to pass legislation that will infringe even more upon the rights of those who didn’t take part in the riots……
      rinse, repeat.

      • That surely is what they’ll try to do, and 20 years ago or even 8 years ago, it would have been a fait accompli. Now it’s going to be a lot harder, what with people all over the internet providing firsthand contradiction to their carefully curated narrative and an increasing number of people abandoning the MSM for less-fake news sources.

        It’s going to get nasty and ugly in any case, but at least we have a fighting chance now that their capture of the media establishment no longer gives them a monopoly on information.

      • I live not far from the broadcast towers, and I guarantee they are not hardened targets. I know nothing about sabotage, but I could take every Denver TV station off the air in about 10 minutes by killing the power transformers.. Shouldn’t be hard to cut the cable, either, and Boom! No MSM.

    • After the Watts’ Riots, there was a rioter in the street interview, and his 15 seconds of fame was how he was sorry they burned down thier home, next time they are going West and riot there(that is West LA, Beverly Hills and Bel Air). That was the biggest run on guns ever in Los Angeles.

  13. Generally speaking I try not to call people out for typos because I make them as well. It’s not like I seriously proofread what I write here.

    That said however, The_Resisistance cracks me up. It’s almost like his/her/it’s hatred of rationality extends fully into English composition. I must have missed that particular post when it was made but reading it now all I can think is “Jesus Christ, in the world of high art this little screed would be best displayed in the medium known as ‘crayon on wall’.”

    Seriously brah, stop supercharging your bong with nitrous cartridges while you post. Capitalization is crunchy, as is knowing the difference between your and you’re.

    I know it’s hard to concentrate on writing when you’re stoned and examining your granola package to make sure it’s all made from 100% natural, non-GMO, sustainable sourced, responsibly harvested, free range, farm-to-table tree bark but FFS a modicum of effort would elevate your posts from childish babble to mildly amusing bullshit.

    • I’ve recently heard a Marine use the following term, which I think is quite applicable here:


      The context was someone who was acting immature, in the single-digit age range, and whining like a little twerp who wanted attention.

      As long as I have lived, Marines have been able to pop out with lingo that cracks me up. I’m almost certain there’s a one-week long training segment in the USMC titled “How To Be Droll For The Amusement of Civilians,” and it has been part of USMC training since forever ago.

      T_R is clearly a crayon-eater.

      • I heard this as “paste taste tester”, sometimes shortened to “paster”.

        Basically the same meaning but with the added suggestion that they do it on a regular basis and consider it a major part of their life if not their actual job.

        Crayon-eater is a good one though. It sounds like a really gay and annoying version of the Death-Eaters.

      • Some other military gems:

        -borderline retarded
        -ID10T form
        -ASVAB waiver
        -mental malfunction
        -chemlight batteries
        -go ask the Gunny for prick E-7 batteries
        -left handed batteries
        -left handed wrench
        -blue falcon
        -bomb tester
        -IED locator

        There are a lot of dumb people in the military, but at least they have a great sense of humor about it.

      • My all-time favorite Marine quote was a response to a reporter’s question in Iraq: “We aren’t in harm’s way, we ARE harm’s way.”

  14. Also worth mentioning the left needs to ask Twitter how to correctly throw a punch, so I’m not too worried.

    And though my comment didn’t get featured or anything, I’ll stand by it and reiterate: Arrest Soros, freeze his assets, and deport him to Russia or Hungary. So many problems in this country and the world would cease to be problems if he went away. I daresay the Left all around the world would lose almost all of its money and influence if he went away.

    • If the right-wingers in America were even slightly as ruthless as they are depicted in Hollywood this Soros character would have to be on constant guard from a former JSOC shooter(s), one of which would eventually find his target.

      As he (Soros) is still alive I contend this totally destroys the argument of the left that the right is a bunch of fascists.

  15. I think most will agree that tensions are high and that the potential for a Right vs Left civil war is certainly present. I’m in the category that doubts that the Left has the stones to do much more than smash windows at Starbucks and block freeways when lefty police chiefs have been given the stand down order.

    Now, if the Left had a leader like Hillary at the helm, the time to be sincerely concerned is at hand.

    If things do get messy I have a lot of hardware, supplies, and training. I suspect that’s the case with many other readers here.

    Also your links have been blocked in Facebook. Again. Seems the Left is really into ridicule and censorship. Nothing new there. I guess I’ll just have to move along with my deplorable self.

    • Lhstr, I guess USMC is a nasty word by some of you assholes, be careful you shits civil war would really be bad and not for us Righty’s either. The lefty’s a on a diving board and one or two more steps could get a person in a ton of shit. Conservatives keep your gear at ready.

  16. We, as a nation, are controlled chaos in motion. The freedoms we enjoy put us at risk almost constantly. Firearms, automobiles, fast food, freedom of speech, etc. can get us in trouble.

    We’re also pretty lazy, conservatives and liberal alike.

    It will take a monumental mistake for another civil war to erupt. The bad news is our POTUS has no filter, not being a politician. The good news is, he may introduce constructive, innovative solutions.

    Let us hope he doesn’t screw up too badly, in the meantime.

    It’s gonna be an interesting ride for the next four years…

  17. Here’s a couple of points that both the left and right should remember about “civil” wars and revolutions:

    1. Neither type of war is fought according to nice, clean, Marquess of Queensberry rules. There are no ‘non-combatants.’ There are no rules in either type of fight that says “You can’t target X, Y or Z.”

    If you think so, and if you think that civil wars have done so, then you’re a moron who never studied the US Civil War as it actually happened. There was quite a bit more to the US Civil War than is currently covered in publik skrools today. Go look up a fella by the name of Sherman and see how he conducted himself.

    Civil wars are nasty affairs, and those who are willing to act in the most bloodthirsty and cruel manner are usually the victors.

    2. The lefties like to talk a big game. Sure, they like the protests, demonstrations and riots – all staged for the breathless amusement of your comrades in the American press.

    But wars are fought on logistics, not on strategy, much less PR. You lefties are urban creatures, pavement-walking princesses. Your big game will come to a jejune and rather inglorious end when your water ceases to flow, your lights won’t go on, and deliveries of food and other materials no longer come into your dazzling urbanite enclaves.

      • I consider myself a pretty well-read person, and I’ll even be so bold as to say I have a pretty extensive vocabulary. Jejune is a new one to me. I like it.

      • No, I’ve not undertaken a body of work the breadth and depth of Gibbon’s. But as I start on the outline of a book on gunsmithing, I foresee at least two volumes, if not three.

        • Write it. It doesn’t matter if it sells, it doesn’t matter if it’s even readable. Write it! It’s likely to be the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

  18. More fake news from a Fake but alt-right propaganda hate website.

    And this website and it’s users intentionally misspelled and altered my posts to make it seem I was in the wrong when I was not.

    And my position stands that the triggered snowflakes here are nothing but brainwashed sheep of what ever nutbar propaganda like this website and it’s fascist, racist. cowardly neo-nazi creator.

    And to this day I see no evidence of these “left-wing” attacks on this country when it is statistically caused by individuals with ties to right-wing groups especially the nut-bar doomsday militia nuts that think the former president as evil incarnate when the former president saved our country from the downfall caused by GWB jr.

    You voted for Comrade Donald Chump because Hillary Clinton was going to be in Wall Street’s pocket. Trump wants to repeal Dodd-Frank and eliminate the Fiduciary Rule, letting Wall Street return to its pre-2008 ways… What gave us an Economic Recession… You voted for Trump because of Clinton’s emails. The Trump administration is running its own private email server. You voted for Trump because you thought the Clinton Foundation was “pay for play.” Trump has refused to wall off his businesses from his administration, and personally profits from payments from foreign governments. You voted for Trump because of Clinton’s “supposed” role in Benghazi (after EIGHT investigations from bipartisan & independent commissions cleared hers!). Trump ordered the Yemen raid without adequate intel, and tweeted about “FAKE NEWS” while Americans died as a result of his carelessness. You voted for Trump because Clinton didn’t care about “the little guy.” Trump’s cabinet is full of billionaires, and he took away your health insurance so he could give them a multi-million-dollar tax break. You voted for Trump because he was going to build a wall and Mexico was going to pay for it. American consumers will pay for the wall via import tariffs. You voted for Trump because Clinton was going to get us into a war. Trump has provoked our enemies, alienated our allies, and given ISIS a decade’s worth of recruiting material. You voted for Trump because Clinton didn’t have the stamina to do the job. Trump hung up on the Australian Prime Minister during a 5pm phone call because “it was at the end of a long day and he was tired and fatigue was setting in.” You voted for Trump because foreign leaders wouldn’t “respect” Clinton. Foreign leaders, both friendly and hostile, are openly mocking Trump. You voted for Trump because Clinton lies and (insert laughing snort) “he tells it like it is” Trump and his administration lie with a regularity and brazenness that can only be described as shocking. Let’s be honest about what REALLY happened! The reality is that you voted for Trump because you got conned. Trump is a pro Russian grifter and the American people were the mark. Now that you know the score, quit insisting the con-man is on your side…he’s NOT; you’re twisting yourselves into knots trying to rationalize & defend your DISASTERIOUS choice for POTUS in this fascist Agent Orange, and in the process I’m watching you become even bigger hypocrites than you already were. This administration has been a clusterphuck right out of the gate. You embarrass me, and you embarrass yourself. You’re all making this country a laughingstock to the world.

    • Was this post edited by the TTAG staff or have you still not figured out what letters you’re supposed to capitalize in a sentence? Did they go through and fuck up your punctuation too?

      Inquiring minds want to know. Are you stupid or are those bastards ninja editing your posts for you so as to make you look that way? Is it live or is it Memorex, dammit!?

      Also, if you’re gonna cut and paste, remember that this text editor doesn’t do paragraphs very well so you’ll have to go back and put those paragraph breaks in manually sometimes. Not that proper paragraph structure would significantly improve the quality of your wall-o-fail but it can’t hurt.

      • Well, I just found out my post got altered again and i noticed they even had some of my words intentionally misspelled.

        That’s cute, It even reinforces the fact that nazi thugs like you and this website like to do your best to discredit those who speak out against the unfairness anti-american shills like you believe and fall all the way.

        • See here’s the thing, your little protests here aren’t really that believable because you consistently make the same or similar errors. Now, is it possible that RF or JWT or ST are sitting somewhere with baited breath awaiting your next post so they can ninja edit it to make you look bad? It’s possible I suppose but I’d rate it as so unlikely as to not be worth considering. I imagine they have better things to do with their time.

          Further, they have no need to edit your posts to make you look bad. You do that by yourself. Ignore the piss poor understanding of English and just look at the content of what you post. Or are you going to tell me that you didn’t mean to call me a “Nazi thug” and “anti-American”? Did you actually type out “great human being” and “person I happen to have a political disagreement with”?

          Just a small piece of advice: If you want to try to make a point starting out with insults and ad hominem attacks isn’t a great way to win friends and influence people. It makes you like like a dipshit with no argument. You’re not a dipshit with no argument are you? Of course not, you’re all smart and educated and probably have a nice piece of paper on your wall from some state run institution of higher learning that certifies that you’re one of the smartest people ever to walk to Earth. Therefore you understand how a proper and civilized world works. So, there’s no need to resort to this sort of name calling when you can win us all over with your intelligence, charm and rapier wit. Just go with those things and bathe in the warm light of stunning success.

      • What you call upset, I call righteous indignation.

        I rightfully protest for what I believe in a peaceful manner.

        An American country free of fascism, war, corruption and racism.

        And all people like you did was impede progress and put our country back to the dark ages.

        And all people like you do is riot, suppress freedoms of speech, physically assault those who peacefully don’t agree with you, commit random hate crimes and oh, Rape against innocent people.

    • I’m still not entirely convinced you’re not a bored gun guy having some fun, or someone associated with this website trying to drive page hits up. Your vitriol is so over the top, it’s difficult to believe that you believe the things you’re writing. If I’m right, I don’t expect you to admit it. So whether you’re a wordy troll having some fun or really are an unhinged left wing extremist, either way, it’s funny.

  19. One thing to consider, the ‘war’ is in socialist strong holds, not out in the open country. The socialist city states and socialist states populations mostly riot, burn, and kill their own. As long as they stay in their comfort zones, packed together like sardines, the majority of the country is relatively safe. Should they spread out into the free territories then we’ll have a problem, or they will. (I use the term ‘socialist’, it’s actually more criminal than political, ‘socialist’ is just a convenient label). We are not out of the woods yet, half (+/- a few) of the voting public voted for “socialist” rule this past election. They’ll still be here the next one too.

  20. Something that all of those that think a civil war will break out and that we conservatives will only need to stand out front with our ARs, AKs, shotguns and ‘sniper rifles’ and the lefties will wither and fade, need to consider is that the pols (especially the lefty pols) are going to first come down on US to try and prevent any deadly response to the Black Shirts tantrums. THEY know where power comes from, and it isn’t flowers. They will do anything in and out of their authority to prevent a backlash, including emergency banning of CCW, legal of not. (by the time such measures make it through the courts the time of need will have passed, they hope)
    And IMHO, any response aimed directly at the useful idiots acting for the cameras is a waste of time and ammo. Soros could care less how many of his minions get nailed. He plans to use their demise or injuries for propaganda in his willing leftist media outlets. Just look at the fall-out after the shooting of one of his paid thugs at the Milo engagement.
    If you are going to take action that puts you in danger from the authorities, who will be looking for a sacrificial goat after such an incident, you may want to consider hunting for bigger game and get more bang for your buck impact-wise. Minions are cheap, expendable and there’s more where they came from.

    • I know the home addresses of my Senators and Representative. Of my Mayor and County Commissioners. And the Governor. On the other hand, none of those people have any clue that I even exist.

      Come down hard on us? They can try…

  21. I don’t think what may be coming is a ‘civil war’ in the traditional sense.

    We are fast approaching what will be our third ‘civil war’. Third because the first one, started by about 3% of the subjects decided that we would rather be citizen and when they won their civil war it was re-classified as a revolutionary war because they won. It was probably most correctly an ideological war, that is, one ideology (free citizen)against another (Royal subject).

    The second ‘civil war’ started out because some individual States, all loosely joined geographically decided they were sick of Federal interference in their way of life decided to start a “War between the States’ but they lost so it was called a civil war. It was, again, a war of two opposing ideologys .

    This next one won’t be enjoined to set one country free from another or to defend States rights but instead will be a cultural war or possibly a tribal war.
    Other than attempting to control the violence, I don’t think the Fed government will even be involved because they will probably pretty quickly lose control. They may even lose control of their enforcement arm as the members of the military and law enforcement decide that loyalty to their own kind is more important than a sworn Oath.

    We could easily see the potential repeat here of what happened to the Balkans in the nineties.

    It has every possibility to be even more bloody than the first two ideological wars because , oh boy, there is a LOT of hatred out there. This summer may be the
    summer of the pipe bombs”

    • Will it be cultural and tribal, or will it be ideological? I happen to agree it will be cultural, because I believe that culture guides ideology. But I’d love to hear differing opinions.

  22. I gotta say. You all have disappointed me. MANY of the gun community have disappointed me in the last few weeks. The first comment on here is about Pinochet Helicopter rides for any who oppose the agenda. We’re casually talking about armed civil war against “the leftists” on college campuses? Do any of you hear yourselves talk? Have any of you been on a college campus in the last decade? I so vehemently disliked anti-gun Democrats painting the gun community as a bunch of paranoid lunatics and have been disappointed to see so many prove them right the last 2 months. I’m increasingly finding that there are a lot of conservatives that weren’t for small government or individual rights. Not really because apparently that ends once they get theirs. Apparently individual rights end once we’re talking about “leftists” who we disagree with right guys? Because fuck them?

    This is some shameful shit. Too many people spent 8 damn years stating their opposition on principle only to turn around and sell out too many of those principals because “their guys” won. Here’s my last takeaway: I’ve critiqued my Democrat friends over their party relying way too much on “future demographics” and failing to really understand that public opinion or goodwill that must be spent and saved like any other resource. I’d leave the same advice to any of the current administrations supporters. Because millennials all finish turning over to voting age in 2018. And I know few who are happy with the new status quo.

      • int19h, in that thread you made this comment:

        “Regarding the reboot, I think that it’s needed for system as a whole, not just GOP. Democrats have become the party of status quo, and that’s not good. In that sense, a Trump presidency might also be beneficial in that if Hillary loses hard, it will trigger some soul searching in the party.”

        If you’ve noticed, and I’m sure you have, as you are fascinated with American politics, there is *no* true soul-searching going on with the Democrat party as a whole, save some ‘messaging’ issues (and this is endemic with the Left, when they lose elections, they never seem to be aware their actual policies are why they lost, not that they failed to communicate with the stupid Conservative voters who don’t know what’s best for them.)

        ‘Best for them’ meaning voting Democratic.

        Your Democrat leaders consider Trump’s winning to be an aberration, and they will just keep on keeping on with what they have been doing.

        Have you seen the data on the extent of the Democrat collapse in the state houses for the last 3 election cycles? There’s no ‘souls searching’ happening with them…

        • > If you’ve noticed, and I’m sure you have, as you are fascinated with American politics, there is *no* true soul-searching going on with the Democrat party as a whole

          You’re dead wrong here. I haven’t had a single friend or acquaintance, who is in the least concerned about politics in general, talk to me about what went wrong and where we go from here.

          Now, you might not like some of the answers that people are arriving to. If there’s one thing that this Republican win did, it convinced a lot of people on the left that the way to win is to play hardball the way Republicans did, meaning electing hardliners to any and all positions of power, and demanding that they obstruct and stonewall everything there when in minority, and steamroll ahead while in majority.

          That’s exactly what Republicans did, all while Democrats were trying to pander to moderates in their own party and even across the aisle – and look who scored. So it’s getting increasingly hard to argue that this is not the way to go.

          And BTW, if you believe that Democrats were “ramming their agenda through” under Obama, you haven’t seen anything yet. Obama was a politician from another era, and he genuinely believed in the possibility to compromise and find common ground. The next wave of Dem politicians won’t be like that at all.

          The other big difference between the parties is that this is a temporary setback for Democrats for sure, provided free and fair elections are still in place in general. As the presidential election has shown, the left has the numbers – literally millions more (and I hope you don’t seriously believe in all that “millions of illegals voting” BS). What it lacks is turnout, and reliably voting as a single solid block even despite internal political differences – as Republicans did for Trump. Once splitting the ticket goes fully out of the window – which it will real fast given how obviously in lockstep the Republican Congress is with Trump, and how willing it is to overlook its checks & balances role – you’ll see that reflected in the House races. There’s a lag there because of things like gerrymandering, but there’s only so many votes you can suppress without resorting to outright illegal measures.

          So, assuming that the existing political and electoral system remains in place post-Trump (something I’m not at all confident in), it’s likely that we’ll see the presidency and the House revert to Dems and stay there, while the Senate will remain solidly Republican. Except now both sides will have their respective “tea parties” in charge.

  23. This white male grew up in the 60s, in a neighborhood that turned mostey black by 67. Even though Pasadena,Ca was a step up for most black families, the hatred the fathers taught their children was bad. I was bussed across town to the “white schools” along with pretty much all black kids. Yes this skinny kid got beat up a lot, I gave as much back as I could. One of the fellows on my street backed me up, he was black and one of the shot callers. After that, I did not get too much trouble – the 2 of us against 3 of them with a black audience… 2 went to the hospital(not us).
    I thank God every day that I did not have sisters because it was much harder for them.
    My father was blind to it until a kid up the street took an axe to my little bros ankle because he saw it on Roots. It was a bad gash, but the axe was dull. And my brother didn’t axe for it.
    Anyway, these kids are highly suggestable and will do the things they think will make them tough and respected.
    We saw this in LA when the Crips formed. They looked up the the Panthers, wore leather and everything, but were not Black Panthers. Most of the Panthers had learned some discipline in the army or when they joined. These kids born after 58, did not have to worry about a draft and were different – but the hate was still there.
    We have to erase the hate. I don’t know how, but they are Americans and their forefathers got here before most of yours. Like it, or not, we have to get along.

  24. During our last civil war we had a president actively participating in invading the other side. In Iraq we removed their leader and left a vacuum. “The Troubles” had two sides with clear political goals. What we have here is civil unrest at best. With Liberal leaders trying to use the participants, most of which can’t articulate why they are breaking things.

    • The very best trolls, such as T_R, always have exactly the opposite effect of that which they intend – they cause their opposition to thoughtfully consider their positions and post them in a reasonably articulate manner. It clarifies our thoughts and makes us stronger to have the opportunity to debate a weak opponent who can none-the-less prime the pump of reasoned (for the most part) response.

      Thank you, T_R. Not for the challenge, for you present none, but for the chance to discuss our positions among ourselves.

  25. If you are honest you have to admit the major cities are where the left is strongest. This does make the civil war issue a mostly city dwellers problem. In Kentucky the NRA is doing a fine job. All the right people hate their guts. Just like President Donald Trump.

    TTAG has already covered having gun fighter insurance. If you are really concerned about a civil war in your area then I suggest you look into getting gun fighter insurance. The USCCA, Armed Citizen Defense, Second Call Defense, etc,etc.
    I’m looking into it because I do travel to major cities from time to time. And I do have a truck gun now. Last year I did not. I’m not buying more guns. I am taking gun training classes.

    “I don’t think in this state when you have as many NRA members in the legislature as we do, then it’s impossible to have them loosen the state laws regarding more strict gun safety ordinances in metro government.”

    • And speaking of gun-owners (voluntary) insurance, RF, how is it that you cannot find any of these companies to buy ads on TTAG?

    • I’d suspect most “gun fighter” insurance – like homeowner and auto insurance – has a clause regarding non-payment in case of civil unrest.

      • If my home were to be burned down in a ‘Black Lives Matter’ riot, er, ‘protest’, my insurance company will pay for a replacement structure.

        Those gunfight insurance policies typically cover your legal representation if your use of your gun was in self-defense, riot or no riot…

      • If anyone has $12,000 just laying around or stuffed in a mattress for a lawyer and bail, then you don’t need gun fighter insurance.

  26. Revolutions are always economic. Although times are rough for working families, they’re not rough enough for revolution. But if things get bad enough that the left and right working class people find common cause, look out.

  27. mot advocates of a civil war have never seen war except on their play station. where they win all the time, and the hero gets resurrected with reset. they have unlimited supply of Ammo and other resources! large group do well right up until they find Mr. H-MG or SAW. sort of like that incident in Washington where a guy got shot and the incredulous look on his face and his buddies look of terror were priceless! if they want it bring it, the consequences of which will be disturbing to say the least! a good Kukri, a Pistol of choice, a 12 Ga or rifle, spare ammo, water, food and a will.

  28. The_Resistance is nothing more than a criminal. Many times, right here on these pages, we’ve seen him murder the English language.

  29. You sir are the clown prince of dumb sadly. There is NO left or right , NO God or Allah or Buddah even there is only yourself and how you live with others around you. Opinions differ and are just that opinions , no man or women will see anything the same sure we may see some things the same like myself I advocate arms for the people but I don’t advocate anti abortion or blowing up clinics. I want taxes for the rich not taxes for the poor and middle class , I want clean water to drink and good animals to eat not water filled with sludge. There are other things from the right I advocate as well but I do not advocate Religion , Bigotry or Racism.

    Funny how people forget this country was built upon IMMIGRANT indentured servants running from a King who wanted to rule all and are now trying to instill that same premise. I am a Veteran who never fought for a flag or politics , I fought for the man NEXT to me because he was my brother no matter where he came from or what color he was.

  30. I get so tired of hearing obummer being the first black pos, wasn’t his trailer trash mother WHITE! So he’s a Mulatto but yet the white side is never mentioned just the muslim black half. There is your head racist that got the Tan-Klan active.

  31. “Mr. Harton is correct: 250 offices. That takes big bucks and deep resources to create and maintain.”

    If it’s anything like Obamacare, half of those offices will go under in the first year.

  32. Ummm, this is a pretty weird thread, right?

    At least one poster above has it right. All revolutions derive from desperate economic conditions. We may be close. But we’re not there yet.

    And, when we get there keep you rifles at the ready but unloaded and on safe. They’re just for the “in-case of” scenarios. And, they’re more effective as a very visible threat than they will prove to be in real life.

    If you think you’re a tough, armed, hombre go to and view 50 – 100 U.S. Army firepower videos. You’ll come away from that session agreeing with me.

    Besides, 10,000 obviously armed men peacefully demonstrating is a pretty darned intimidating sight. And, only the most foolish politician would attack such a force as that would provide a causus belli for a shooting revolution (think North Bridge in the battles of Lexington and Concord).

    Equally as effective are the following actions, again, by armed but peaceful men:

    1) Organize a nationwide general strike
    2) Sale of all securities and bonds en masse
    3) The birth of a new political party that makes the Dems, Repubs and all the rest think twice, three times and more as enough elected members to Congress could deny either of the major parties the needed majorities on any bill.
    4) Thereby sinking the National Defense Authorization Bill every time it came up.
    5) Recruiting clergy and church memberships to rally support.
    6) Holding faux elections prior to actual elections to quash support for undesirable politicians but demonstrating support for favored pols…way more powerful than polls.
    7) Drafting and publishing Articles of Confederation and Articles of Secession (keep the guns silent and it would work).
    8) Withdraw every cent from national and international banks and deposit it instead into credit unions.
    9) Establish state public banks vs. the commercial banks.
    11) General work slowdown…3 day work weeks.
    12) Demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate
    13) Mobilize the citizenry to PAY NO TAXES PERIOD (don’t feed the beast).

    But never fire a shot except in response to being fired upon. And, even then only when the friendly casualties are enormous (remember, victim status and righteous cause status mean everything to recruitment).

    Think before you act (fire). There are more powerful ways to fight than just to squeeze the trigger. But the possibility of squeezing the trigger must always be apparent.



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