Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool)
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By Joe Bartozzi

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed law-abiding gun owners in his nation that he’s willing to become a tyrant to seize guns.

Prime Minister Trudeau invoked Canada’s Emergency Act when truckers descended on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario to protest the country’s strict COVID-19 vaccine requirements for border crossing and other restrictions. Called the “Freedom Convoy,” the protesters shut down the area outside of Canada’s Parliament and key trade route crossings into the United States.

Instead of meeting with protest organizers to hear their grievances, Prime Minister Trudeau hid in an “undisclosed location” and later verbally attacked his fellow countrymen as Nazis.”

His unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act, invoked without Parliament approval or court order, allowed him to exercise unchecked authority to trample on the rights of Canadians for 30 days. It was the first time the act was invoked since it was passed in 1988.

Drivers parked their trucks blocking lanes of traffic to protest against pandemic restrictions in Ottawa, Ontario. (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey)

In essence, he made subjects of his citizens. Worse, he revealed there’s no tactic he won’t resort to when it comes to pressing his agenda. That is an ominous sign as Canadians face a looming gun confiscation.


Canadian gun owners are facing a looming April 30 deadline to turn over nine specific types of firearms, all AR-15s, AR-10s and any variants, any firearm with a muzzle energy greater than 10,000 Joules or any firearm with a bore greater than 20mm. Firearms are being seized by the Canadian government under a forced “buyback” scheme, which in itself is an oxymoron, since the Canadian Government didn’t buy them in the first place.

As of Christmas, over 99.8 percent of Canadian gun owners rejected Prime Minister Trudeau’s unilateral edict to hand over their guns. His reaction to truckers who didn’t listen to his edicts doesn’t bode well for those out of compliance on May 1.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s crackdown wasn’t just police arresting protesters or hauling away trucks. He roped in banks to force the measure. When he invoked the Emergencies Act, that compelled banks, investment firms, credit unions, loan companies, securities dealers, fundraising platforms, insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies to search their databases for those protesting and “freeze their accounts and report it to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or Canada’s intelligence service, the regulations say.

Any “suspicious” transactions must also be reported to the country’s anti-money-laundering agency, known as Fintrac,” according to a Fortune report. Topping it off, the Canadian government protected those financial entities from lawsuits.

Justin Trudeau blackface black face
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau used the authority of the Canadian government to hold the money of private citizens protesting for what they perceived as government overreach into their bodily rights. It begs the question, what is in store when Canadians refuse to bend the knee to the tyrant trying to confiscate their guns?

Could It Happen Here?

Those observing from the United States might believe that no such move could occur in the United States. Surely there are strong civil liberty protections, but hat would be a foolish assumption. Members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet cheered Prime Minister Trudeau’s unprecedented power grab.

“Two of Biden’s Cabinet officials, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, pressed their Canadian counterparts to use federal powers to bring an end to the blockade at the bridges before they successfully did so on Sunday,” The Hill reported during the crisis.

Democratic Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego publicly called for the government to seize and redistribute privately-owned trucks of American truckers that are participating in their own Freedom Convoy headed to Washington, D.C.

“Perfect time to impound and give the trucks to small trucking companies looking to expand their business,” Rep. Gallego tweeted in response to the following news.

It’s Already Happening

The truth is banks are already doing the dirty work of antigun politicians in America. Corporate banks adopted gun control policies to deny business to firearm-related companies unless they implement certain gun control measures, including trampling on Constitutional rights.

That’s why NSSF is working with Congress and state legislatures to introduce laws that will protect firearm businesses from “woke” political agendas that threaten their ability to compete in the marketplace.

NSSF is working to pass the Fair Access to Banking Act, introduced in the U.S. Senate by Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) as S. 563 and by Congressman Andy Barr (R-Ky.) as H.R. 1729.

In the state legislatures, Texas passed the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act last year, which allows Texas the freedom to choose with whom they conduct business, just as the banks are free to choose their customers. Banks need only to certify that they hold no discriminatory policies against firearm businesses, which, of course, are a Constitutionally-protected industry. Similar legislation is pending in several other states, including Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

Those with politically-driven agendas are showing there are no limits to what they will do when it comes to eliminating gun rights or the gun industry. The notion that government authorities would seize funds or personal property to advance their goals was once the stuff of fiction. Today, it’s an unfortunate reality.


Joe Bartozzi is the President and CEO of the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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  1. Keep looking for door kickers to come and take your guns. There are no other means for government to discipline you. Keep looking for door kickers. Your rights cannot be taken without armed conflict.

    • Focus on that front post, Sam, focus. We can outflank the flankers later 😉. And there will be no lack of door kickers with the queens guard up here, they’ve proven that already, more than once. Are you coming up in May to help me out? I have beer. And some fine Single Malt Scotch. And don’t forget Sam, they all have doors too.

        • I would never take it that far darkman, no matter how poor their spousal selection process may have been. Stazi and Gestapo wannabes however rightfully belong in the ground and I’d be happy to put at least a few of their asses right where they should be.

  2. Has Canada even setup the buyback program yet? A few months ago I read that they didn’t even have prices or a method to pay established yet. Are they still operating on a basis of “just turn them in now and we’ll figure out what to pay you later…promise.”?

    • From the looks of the non compliance the guns the wacky tyrants who somehow want to “buy back” something they did not sell…Are not for sale, trade or rent.

    • Nope. And I believe it’s intentional. He will soon decree our “amnesty” expired and send the troops to collect his spoils. Never attribute to incompetence what you can attribute to a spoiled idiot manchild wanting to stick his thumb in the eye of the other kids who he knows hate his guts. With a passion.

        • Wouldn’t surprise me. At all. I’ve watched that snot nosed little sh!t from his university days and he’s (still) nothing more than a spoiled, arrogant, French Canadian rich kid (the worst) operating under at least one of his two daddies multi million dollar trust fund. He’s in every way what’s so wrong with our world today. That and I don’t like him.

  3. The truckers’ convoy grievance was that they were being prevented from infecting anyone they damn well pleased.

    I avoid protests because they have a tendency to turn into riots. Just by being present I would expose my self to physical danger and to legal danger if I defended myself. (Kyle Rittenhouse is the textbook example.) Still, there is the temptation to approach one of the protesters and ask, “Are you vaccinated?” When, not if, he replies, “No,” give him a swift kick in the nuts accompanied by, “Then f— you, too, m—–f—–!”

    • Kendahl illustrates what is wrong with the human condition: in something like half of all people, emotion drives their actions.

      In other words many people are no different than thieves and rapists.

    • Yet the much oversold “vaccines” don’t even reduce transmission rates. In some cases they may even increase rates of transmission due to the talisman effect.

      Quit talking out of your arse.

      • News article yesterday about tens of millions of doses of vaccine being dumped because more people are waking up to the B.S. and not taking the chance on genetic engineered “vaccines” that have limited efficacy. I was trying to explain to a local a couple of days ago that the farther the virus drifts from the original release that the original “vaccine” will have less and less effect (of any kind). F’g deer in the headlights look.

        • Beats the vacant stare followed by abrupt change of topic. Logic stopped applying years ago we just got an earlier warning in NY.

    • How bout you boogie on up here and try to kick me in my tendies there kendahl. Trust me buddy, it won’t go well for you. Not in the least.

    • Kendahl if the vaccine works hous come the people that have been fully vaccinated still get the Covid? And if the vaccine works why would you fear someone who hasn’t been vaccinated?
      So funny the people who get fully vaccinated are so afraid of those who have not got it.
      My conclusion is The Vaccine Dont Fcking Work.

      • That and it certainly ain’t no damn ‘vaxxine’. I can’t believe they lied to us. Again. Still. And fer money of all things!

    • Umm. Please read a bit about COVID vaccination. Being vaccinated does not prevent you from being infected and infectious. This isn’t a subjective issue it’s simple fact. The most simple explanation I’ve heard is that vaccine gives you antibodies in your bloodstream but not mucous membranes so the virus is free to multiply there and spread.

  4. Pompous Gun Control zealots look down on law abiding Gun Owners in America and Canada just like slave masters, the kkk and nazis looked down on N-words and Jews. Perhaps it’s time for the new N-Words and Jews to politely kick some pompous Gun Control behinds with the Truth About Gun Control. It’s past time to cease playing games with sick Gun Control zealots like the lily white spoiled brat blackface j. trudeaul. After all history confirms their demonic Gun Control agenda in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide…Therefore Gun Control has no podium.

  5. The notion that government authorities would seize funds or personal property to advance their goals was once the stuff of fiction. Today, it’s an unfortunate reality.

    Actually, if you think about it for a bit, paralyzing someone financially is a far more shrewd way to achieve compliance rather than achieving compliance through violent force.

    And why is paralyzing someone financially so shrewd? Because a faceless bureaucracy can press a key on a keyboard and unleash an avalanche of actions from multiple other faceless bureaucracies who, in-turn, press a key on a keyboard to financially paralyze the victim. In case it is not painfully obvious, it is very difficult to fight back against multiple faceless bureaucracies pressing keys on keyboards hundreds/thousands of miles away.

    Contrast financially paralyzing someone from afar (with a single keystroke) to gaining compliance through violent force–where actual government agents with faces are trying to break into your home to take your stuff or throw you out. In this scenario you can at least see who you are fighting and potentially drive them off, at least temporarily.

    And lest anyone underestimate the immense power of financially paralyzing a victim: please explain how you can function/survive beyond a few days in modern society if government seizes/freezes your bank and retirement accounts and credit cards (and, if they want to get really nasty, confiscate your home and vehicles). Remember, even if you have a job, at best your employer will deposit your paycheck into your frozen bank account which you cannot withdraw–at worst government will order your employer to hand over your paycheck to government. How long can most people function/survive in those conditions? Answer: not much more than several days for most people.

  6. For those concerned with door kickers…If you surrender to the likes of the kkk and nazis then you might as well lay down your weapons and surrender to dirtbag home invaders, etc. Either you are going to defend Freedom like your forefathers or you are not. There is no gray area when push comes to shove. For the skittish, dying is like being born…you’ll get through it one way or another. Of course exiting is easier when you believe.

    • I’ve been saying it. The left no longer exists. Communism, marxism, socialism are dead. A powerful, rich group of corporations bought them out.

      People like miner49er and dacian are now the servants of fascism.

  7. TTAG. I was just moderated for no apparent reason. again. New rule for me to play by. I get moderated for no good reason and I quit posting comments for that day.

    Maybe if enough of us start reducing clicks you’ll pau attention to the site a little more.

    • Why not just leave ttag altogether like you did when they changed their format? I remember you angrily demanded TTAG reverse that change, and then left when they didn’t respond to you. Typical impotent white power pansy lol…

      • Also a Karen. Grow up. You are what is known as a ‘useless eater’. A drain on society. But at least big pharma got some use out of you. Did they at least give you a reach around when they were done?

        • Hahaha. Note that jwm doesn’t dispute the fact that he lashed and subsequently left TTAG (in a very embarrassing and undignified manner) when TTAG made a decision to slightly change its format 🤣🤡.

    • Absolutely. I get it every article, often two or three times. Once or twice two right in a row with nary a bad word in them. It ain’t a good look for a site financially dependent on spreading the gospel of Freedom and Liberty. Very annoying.

    • Hasn’t anyone noticed the moderations have went up since the ruskin u crane thing started.
      I’m not joking when I say the elf bee eye and in essay are hacking our sht.
      I think every time it says waiting moderation just means “they” are using a back door. Every post, blog, all internet use and history, right there to spy on. Have to have a to log on, have to have a sim card for the phone to even work, just what the hell is stored in that sim card anyway? And to futher my paranoia, why wasn’t poor old grandma given a free government Land Line back in the 60’s? Well because it needed a wire tap for one thing, also nobody really cared about the cookies she backed that day.

      • Yeah, well, like, you started it with all that damn neutrino fission bombms n stuff, man. Now look at us.

  8. Not many people are in a position to be without funds for any length of time.
    While showing up at the door will get your own troops killed. While few of those in power give a crap about the troopers lives, even they understand getting your people killed needlessly is a sure way to send your enforcers over to the opposition. Of course they will have to risk the lives of their grunts to disarm some of us off grid types. Same as they will to disarm folks like the Amish.
    Of course I will be happy to let them look around here for banned items. All those evil rifles and hi cap hand guns sank with that boat up in the delta when we hit that snag in the gator hole. If they really want them, I can tell them where to dive. But few divers are dumb or brave enough to jump in with a momma gator or a big bull gator.

  9. I noticed that Vladimir Putin’s security forces are far gentler with protestors than the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who charged truckers and their families on horseback to trample little old ladies who could not get out of the way because they were encumbered by their walkers.

    Keep cheering the imbeciles who provoked Putin by threatening to develop nuclear weapons if NATO didn’t admit them as members.

  10. Canadian Law Enforcement showed extreme professionalism during the illegal assault by a minority of truck drivers that were nothing more than thugs and heavily armed Nazi’s that refused to follow common sense Covid precautions. The majority of Canadian Truck Drivers did obey the Covid laws.

    Shutting down commerce between two nations which started to effect thousands of jobs as well as emergency services cannot be tolerated or viewed as peaceful protest in any sense of the word.

    If the same event had occurred in the U.S. the untrained U.S. Cops would have opened fire and slaughtered hundreds.

    Canadian police found some truckers heavily armed as well and looking for a fight yet still they managed to avoid bloodshed that would not have happened with untrained U.S. thug cops.

    Trudeau also sent a chill down the spine of a minority of thug U.S. Truck Drivers that were forming their own convoy which today seems to have fizzled out because they realized that they too could lose their financial assets by an illegal shutdown of commerce and or governmental services including emergency services.

    I salute Justin Trudeau and the Socialist Government of Canada, we U.S. Socialists salute you. Good job and well done.

  11. Alright all you proud, saber rattling, endlessly chest beating good Patriots down there south of my border; what are y’all gonna do when (if) the Mounties start getting in firefights with us when they come to “just follow their orders” and good people exactly like yourselves and your loved ones are getting killed by the Proper Authorities™ in the name of Public Safety™? Good people that are not only just like you but are your neighbors, your permanent allies, your brothers and your sisters? This will be right on your own doorstep if it happens and don’t think it won’t be coming your way next, because you guys will then be it, the absolute last bastion of Freedom and Liberty on this entire damn planet, this insignificantly tiny ship of fools hurtling through the unknowable and empty vastness of the cosmos to our own self demise. It would be nice to think that our staunch allies and lifelong friends might at least organize a sternly worded and highly publicized memo on our behalf… at the very least (but I certainly won’t be looking to Brandon to issue one). Or will America First now become America Only? It most certainly hasn’t been in the past (and at great cost), be a shame to see it happen now and so very, very close to home. Will Vista Outdoors maybe send us some ammo? Will Canada Customs Agency charge us duty on it? Will “good men (and women) do nothing” and thus “let evil prevail”? Speaking for myself, if your tyrants de jour started killing you, I would be saddling the f#ck up. And I wouldn’t be riding north. What, exactly, are we all Patriots of, just our own little patch of soil? Food for thought.

    • Rider/Shooter,

      Your post is excellent food for thought.

      I can tell you one thing: hauling my rifles, handguns, food, and ammunition through one of the official border crossings is probably a losing strategy unless I am part of a very large group who can neutralize all of the border guards and their reinforcements–and have some method to disappear before the Mounties track us down.

      The only remotely viable alternative is to try and sneak across the border in the middle of some remote forested area. The trouble with that approach is finding a way to bushwhack while somehow hauling over 100 pounds of stuff. Having logged nearly 50 miles in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness along the U.S. and Canada border, I can authoritatively say that doesn’t sound very promising, either.

      • Uncommon, you say all that as if I/we couldn’t hook you up. Sad face. I alone could adequately outfit at least ten with semi auto long and short, a scattering of scatterguns, plenty of ammo in the five most popular evil assault calibers, at least a few mags per volunteer, a handful or two of jerky and plenty of refreshments. Most of my cohorts the same. Guns we got even though yes, a body prefers using their own gear, so I/we just need to know yer on yer way 😉. It’s numbers we lack; like you guys, only the 111 percenters might actually fight but down your way that spells an army, up here it spells a platoon. Oddly though we both seem equally awash in prospective tyrants. And yeah, my bushwacking days are, sadly, mostly behind me. I was thinking though that some kind of organized protest, even if just vocal (but really loud), from our Freedom loving Southern Brethren might be a hell of a good opener. So you got a full month to make something happen down there Uncommon, any ideas? I signed the petition but somehow they must not have received it.

        • Rider/Shooter,

          I commend your passion for liberty and action.

          I strongly recommend the following:

          1) Acquire and read the ancient author Sun Tzu’s very short book The Art of War. (Or read a summary.)

          2) Consider your overall strategy and some specific tactics very carefully in light of the material that Sun Tzu lays out.

          Perhaps the most important detail that Sun Tzu teaches us is to never fight your enemy on their terms, in conditions that are favorable to your enemy. Instead, only fight your enemy on your terms which favor you. That requires very careful study and planning.

          And a pre-requisite to the above point is another element that Sun Tzu teaches us: know your enemy, which goes well beyond simply identifying your enemy. You need to know your enemy’s mindset, aspirations, assets, liabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

          That should keep you busy for quite some time.

        • Rider/Shooter,

          With my previous comment about Sun Tzu in mind, I encourage you to think very carefully about your overall strategy going forward.

          Here are a couple things to consider:

          If you decide that a full-on “hot” engagement with your central gov. is the only possible path to securing liberty for your nation, note that you don’t need 500,000 brothers-in-arms to accomplish that. I suspect that you could achieve that with 5,000 brothers-in-arms, and maybe only 500 if you are exceedingly clever.

          Your enemy has ample weaknesses. Consider the Ukraine-Russia kerfuffle. Russia is the big bad military with tanks, cruise missiles, bombers, and fighter-jets. How could Ukraine possibly prevail? Simple: don’t use AK-47s to fight back against those tanks, cruise missiles, bombers, and fighter-jets. Instead, use those AK-47s to pick-off all of the Russian service men and women when they are NOT in those tanks, command centers, and aircraft. Use low-grade explosives to deactivate all manner of Russian military assets. You get the idea. The same general tactics would favor people in your small group fighting to preserve liberty and push back on your central gov.

        • Uncommon, thanks, I shall refamiliarize myself with Sun Tzu (been awhile) but other than multiple court actions against the kings decree there is zero organization up here, at least that I am aware of. Not a team player but that might have to change if opportunity presents itself. Right now the miniature scale plan is to immediately take the fight to their various and multiple doors at the first instance of violent dumbf#ckery on their part, rapidly and randomly over a wide area. About all a guy can do up here at this point with the lack of consolidated numbers. Public outcry from millions of our neighbors might make the difference right now and save many lives. Mine especially 😉. Do you perhaps know a guy who knows a guy? I sure don’t.

    • Damn I hate it when a worthy cause ask for volunteers.
      Feel like a real pu$$ if I dont step forward.
      I’ve know idea of the number of gunm owners in Canada, perhaps everyone who does not like Trudeau’s dictatorship should call in sick, shut down all production and spending. It seems the system doesn’t really care about blood spilled but it certainly does put money first and foremost .
      As far as writing letters of protest doing any good, ha, that only happens if your a Japanese citizen and have a president like Bill Clinton and it’s about Dis Arming and not arming.

      • So step forward and step up, good possum. You n Uncommon there can start brainstorming a good way to bring widespread attention to the well over 100 million(!) right minded People of the Gunm down there of our immediately impending doom and send a (very) strongly worded message to the idiot manchild up here that the Home of the Brave, Land of the Free will in NO WAY tolerate his tyranny over your brothers and allies, much less right on your very border. Ask him what he might think of ten or twenty thousand rigs in Ottawa flying the Star Spangled Banner on one mirror and the Maple Leaf on the other instead of just a measly thousand or so. Surround the cowardly little shitweasel. Cause I’ll tell ya what, my marsupial brother from another mother, this sh!t needs to end, everywhere, and I know you agree. This is actually a golden opportunity and if we (both) go all International Human Rights on their feckless butts and say NO MORE OR ELSE then I’m betting the hyenas will run back to their holes. At least for a bit. Or is only the Ukraine worthy? Just a thought but I think it’s a goodun. Sorry for all the words. Oh, and: “If not us, who? If not now, when?”: some dude in a wig not so long ago. TLDR: help! 😉

    • Well a pre-insurgency would prob greatly resemble the inside of my house right now. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Still a little fat though but if they seize my bank account too (you know, being a properly licensed gun owner n all) that could change.

  12. Wowie Zowie if I was in Canada the month of March would go by way to fast.
    Evidently Trudeau wants a civil war?

    • I and many others are ready to give him one. But our ‘111 percenters’ don’t quite add up to what yours does. 2.2 million licensed gunm owners up here to answer your previous question and our 111 percenters might be more like 1.5 percent, scattered over a huge area like lost angry puppies. Easy pickins without reinforcements. So saddle up bro, I got a spare loft and plenty of what we would need. BYOA (bring yer own armor). The struggle is now real, and right on your porch.

        • Sheepeater; don’t much like running. Never have, never will. Too obstinate and now too fat. But I might when the smoke clears and it’s my own Free decision to go. This is after all my Home. And the idiot manchild can kiss my beaver luvin ass.

    • And in June when we are done, the riding in BC is absolutely superb. California level without the traffic. Be proud to loan you one, as long as you like apes n open pipes.



    • NTexas, If the Truckers had all the money in the world, they would not be truckers. Nice try.
      These truckers are willing to stick their necks out for your freedom of choice. Those masks that have been “mandated” are useless against bacteria of viruses. These mandates are not about stopping the “pandemic”. It is about CONROL!

  14. The Cry Baby Convoy is blocking streets far worse than BLM ever did and over immature politically motivated BS!
    For God’s sake, be an adult, wear a mask & STFU!
    If you’re right about masks being useless, then you wore a mask for nothing and you were MILDLY inconvenienced, but if you are wrong, then you just killed someone’s mother or grandfather with your carelessness!
    As far as the Canadian gun grab, their gun rights are not protected by their constitution like our rights are….

    • WolfAmongSheep Actually you are a sheep among the other sheep trying to be the big bad wolf.

      FACT masks do absolutely NO GOOD. A three ply mask is ONLY 26.5% effective. the surgical mask is ineffective. It’s purpose is to prevent a physician’s spittle from getting into the surgical incision. The masks sold today are 2 ply which means they are only about 14-15% effective. The only effective masks are the KN95 or the N95 masks.

      FACT: We are at the back end of this “pandemic” which was spread by the Chinese Reds.

      Now, put your big boy pants on and buck up!

  15. I finally got an explanation that made sense to me about the masks. Alpha and Delta COVID infections of lower respiratory tract (lung) cause mucus to begin to block the small air sacs. As you inhale and exhale the bubbles of mucus pop, so just like sunlight on top of a fresh poured beer, you can see the fizz droplets which are quite big compared to a mask filter. These “foamites” can be caught. Omicron infects upper respiratory tract and bangs out zillions of viral particles below 5 micron size so only electrostatic media can catch it – so a damp N95 can’t catch too many. Any mask will reduce the size of the cloud especially speech projected, but basically we mostly already have been exposed to Omicron. It was doubling every 5 days a while back. So in short, masks are mostly theatre at this point.

    • Richard, here’s another possibility; the masks quickly become damp therefore attracting/collecting particulates including any airborne virus particles and thus greatly increase the likelihood of infection. Intentionally. At this point I have my tin foil Faraday head device firmly secured to my noggin with JB Weld.

  16. When I tell people I hope to catch omicron soon they think I’m nuts. But every day whatever benefit vaccine gave me fades, and your average 95 year old diabetic gets over omicron in a week. The vaccine is now far more dangerous than omicron, and omicron actually gives you durable immunity.
    See freedom of information capture of Phizer papers by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency”. The mRNA vaxx are quite dangerous but omicron is not.


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