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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (AP Photo/Mike Groll)
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By Larry Keane

Three-term New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo recently bemoaned President Donald Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, stating “We don’t have a king in this country. We didn’t want a king, so we have a Constitution and we elect a president.”

Perhaps “the Guv” should look in the mirror before opening his mouth.

Gov. Cuomo has used his daily time in front of press conference bright lights to knock the president. But he has his own king-like history of overstepping as the Empire State’s top elected official. That’s especially true now during the pandemic, and especially when it comes to the Second Amendment and the Constitutional rights of New Yorkers.

Shutters Gun Stores, Shuts Them Out

One of Gov. Cuomo’s earliest actions to combat the spread of coronavirus in New York included shuttering hundreds of firearm manufacturers and retailers by deeming them “non-essential,” despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security specifically included gun stores and those workers as “essential” in its guidance.

The firearm and ammunition industry in New York has a significant footprint with 5,500 jobs generating $1.44 billion in economic impact. Across the nation, that figure is more than 330,000 jobs and $60 billion in economic impact. But Gov. Cuomo didn’t think twice, instead using his authority to close them down. It’s no wonder he ranks among the least popular governors in America.

What’s worse than unnecessarily leaving thousands of New Yorkers in the lurch? How about refusing their offer to help save the lives of their neighbors? Nope. King Cuomo couldn’t be bothered to even respond.

It’s not surprising. This is the same governor who despises pro-Second Amendment, law-abiding Americans, infamously mocking “Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are…pro-assault-weapon…? Because if that’s who they are…they have no place in the state of New York….”

Long Anti-Gun Track Record

Gov. Cuomo’s disdain for the Second Amendment is deep and his king-like anti-gun record is long. Most notably he utilized the “never let a crisis go to waste” mantra and forced New York’s infamous gun-rights-restricting New York SAFE Act through in the middle of the night, the most restrictive antigun law in the country.

It includes limits on magazine capacity that was too far even for a federal judge in New York who struck down the provision in 2013, and Gov. Cuomo was again denied by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in 2015. His SAFE Act also included red flag laws that deny due process and bans on America’s most popular-selling centerfire rifle – the modern sporting rifle.

Second Amendment rights groups across the state roundly disapproved. But once again, Gov. Cuomo displayed his animosity to the legal process and protecting the Constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners, stating “You become sort of lawsuit immune,” when challenged on his order shuttering firearm businesses.

Even Gov. Cuomo’s neighbor to the south recognized the limits to his executive authority. New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy said he “wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights,” when he initially shut down gun stores, before relenting when faced with a lawsuit.

But Gov. Cuomo’s antigun bona fides trace back to his time as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Clinton administration where he threatened to have over 3,200 public housing authorities sue members of the firearm industry for crime committed in those housing projects. Congress quickly put a stop to his threatened litigation.

He also violated antitrust law in 2000 by conspiring with several big city mayors to politicize law enforcement purchasing by collectively refusing to buy from any handgun manufacturer that didn’t signed a so-called “code of conduct” that sought to implement gun control that Congress would never pass. NSSF sued Cuomo and his allies in federal court prompting putting a stop to their illegal antitrust conspiracy.

Twenty-five years ago, New York’s venerated Republican U.S. Congressman Gerald B. Solomon took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and boomed in support of law-abiding gun owners. Now more than ever America needs more of that – and Gov. Cuomo should take notice while running for a fourth term.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • Listening to my friends and family (that still live there) gush over this moron is nausiating. I would assume it’s like being in an abusive relationship… or Scientology.

      • I really don’t see or hear what the big deal is with this clown. Anyone can take the high road and be a master of the obvious. It would be easy to say the things he does, it’s nothing enlightening or impressive. I hear the same thing daily from dumb and dumber, the Mayor of Chicago and Gov of Illinois. You can interchange the two between the titles of dumb and dumber on any given day.

  1. Remington needs to completely leave New York. I know they have a really long history but Cuomo and his fellow leftists need to feel real economic pain. Move to a friendly Western or Southern state and get out of dodge. Bring the faithful workers with them.
    Big Green would get some a lot more dollars out of me if I saw that.

    • My thoughts exactly. If I were the Governor of FL, GA, AL, SC, I’d have my economic development people pestering everyone associated with Remington’s upper management. I don’t know how many people work at the Remington facility, but I’m sure it could be staffed with the good folks of Montgomery, Ocala, or Charleston. The cited total of 5500 jobs is significant.

    • That would mostly hurt upstate NY, which he hates, and he doesn’t have a lot of support there anyhow.

      (A former NYS resident)

    • “I hope he gets dysentery.”

      And no access to a toilet.

      Human shit like him deserves to covered in shit… 😉

      • Considering that a million people die from dysentery every year, I don’t really care if he has the luxury of a toilet or not.

        • @ Gov. William J Le Petomane:

          Gov: I don’t like the SOB either. But you were displaying an uncharacteristic mean streak when you wrote that. Jeesh!

  2. Every time I hear one of these clowns preaching constitutional values, I get physically I’ll! They tried to crown a “king” in 2008 and 2012, thank God we DO have a constitution!

  3. I think Cuomo is in a coma. He has his head so far up his ass he can see his father. He only speaks of the constitution when it will benefit him and his cronies. He fits right in in New York Shitty.

  4. If he did look in the mirror more often he’d notice his nipple rings really clash with white dress shirts…

  5. Only with a president that muses about putting UV light and disinfectant inside of people to cure a virus would Cuomo look relatively competent. And he has been, broadly speaking, relatively competent in the handling of this crisis… aside from being just as unprepared for it as Trump or anyone else beforehand.

    Make no mistake, if his political future was in doubt, it isn’t now. He is going to be a major contender for federal office. And if Biden drops out or gets forced out…

    • Hannibal, I got to tell you when Trump suggested ultraviolet light and disinfectans be used inside the body, I cringed. It was a Slow Joe moment. Why didn’t he speak with his his medical advisors first? Even I knew it was stupid to drink poison and swallow a black light.

      • Selina Zito nailed it about Trump –

        The Leftists take Trump literally, but not seriously.

        We take Trump seriously, but not literally :

        “I am blown away!” said one worker, an African American man who asked for anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the press. “The man I just saw there talking to people is nothing like what I’ve seen, day in and day out, in the news.”

        “It’s a familiar split. When he makes claims like this, the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

      • GS650G, I’m voting for Trump in November. When he made those comments, if it was a joke, it was so subtle it was lost on everyone except you. It was painful to watch/hear. When someone fucks up; they fucked up. Even if we like him.

      • I thought Trump was the guy that tells it how it is- now he’s the joker that is being sarcastic while talking about a disease that’s killed twice as many people as 9/11?

        I also have people I know talking about how he’s right, and that medicine for infections is ‘just disinfectant’

        What could Trump POSSIBLE say that you wouldn’t excuse?

    • Cuomo’s health department green lighted a plan to force retirement homes to take in covid-19 positive patients. Yes put covid-19 carriers in next to the people with the highest mortality rate for that disease. Yup truly competent.

    • Amen! That orange blob in the White House needs to shut his bloated mouth. No nothing liar! Hope his stupid followers drink the bleach and shove UV lights in their gaping sphincters!!!

      • The drinking of bleach and placing of black lights up the rectum is reserved for the political left. (Along with Tide Pods.)
        You obviously did not listen to what the President actually said; instead you went with what MSN/MSNBC fed you. As for ultra violet light, science says your snark shows a lack of education.

  6. He’s definitely exploiting the epidemic for his own political agenda. I still can’t get over that situation years back to where those birds of prey that built a home way up on a high rise building ledge to raise their offspring and the wealthy tenants bitched about the people below looking up at the birds (which were a blessing) and wanted them removed.
    I couldn’t believe that shit. Some peoples idea of nature is jogging in central park. Frigg’n “Bob Ross”, a beautiful person, painted with an orphaned squirrel on his shoulder until it was big enough to be turned loose in the wild. Cuomo is going to eventually slip in his own pooh and down he will go. Probably while playing basketball against his little brother.

  7. I live in New York actually Long Island and I have personally witnessed his skulduggery . Long Islanders do not consider Long Island as part of the inner city (Brooklyn,Queens, Kings,Manhattan and dah Bronx. It is the inner city that consistently re-elect the likes of coumo,schumer,de blasio and the rest of the liberals that parrot “do as I say and not as I do “. Long Islanders and Up Staters do not and will not vote for coumo and/or schumer, however, the inner city votes always win out. He is a corrupt criminal thug with questionable motives and associates. He like schumer and de blasio will do or say anything for the power and the vote. This sanctuary State is a cesspool of Illegals,criminals and liberals.

    • Yes, including putting people with Coronavirus in nursing homes to drive up the death rate. Look back about a month or so ago and you will find the order he signed telling nursing homes they have to accept Coronavirs patiants.

  8. He should have gotten in the coffin with his clown father allegedly the 2 of them did was put their names on shit the public paid for. The scumo bill AKA safe act placated blooming onion. The ashes in NYC put the jerk off in office. Hopefully this is scuoms last term and nyc will wake up!!!!! I don’t understand how a piss ant that said No one is going to retire with more than me. And the dumb ass unions endorsed the jack off. Someone needs to explain that to me. I didn’t vote for him or his dopey ole man maybe there’s hope yet

  9. You don’t need 10 rounds to kill a deeeeaaaaarrr. So is the stupidity of the armed security protected Cuomo. The 2A is not about huntin’ or any of the other concocted garbage anti gun zealots like to throw around.
    Since Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide it is time for Gun Control zealots to justify their racist and nazi based agenda. The floor is all yours, Gun Control zealots.

  10. Not to mention the Godfather’s Health Department order on March 25th, to retirement homes to admit residents who tested positive for the China Flu.

  11. Cuomo is probably posturing to run for President in 2024. He wants to make himself out as a hero with this virus.

    • I almost want him to run just to waste more DNC resources but we would just get him back even more fussy.

  12. Andy the Commie is a tin pot tyrannical Dicktattor,nothing more nothing less.
    And yes I know how to properly spell dictator.

  13. This is the guy who went from giving speeches about how we can afford to give away healthcare to all the illegals to screaming for federal assistance because he didn’t think he had enough resources for his own citizens in… what? 65 days?

    He needs more than a mirror.

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  15. Funny roun eye Tlump make me laugh . Ha ha, he make country lose face. Ha ha, they vote flo Biden, he make me laugh. Ha ha Amelkia, You Lose, you so stupid, like man you vote flo


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