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A Pennsylvania couple in their late 70s were minding their own business a few days before Christmas had a very unwelcome mid-day visitor on Wednesday. A 54-year-old man sporting a T-shirt — and nothing else — barged into their home and started savagely beating the husband.

The wife managed to retreat to the bedroom and retrieve a handgun. The suspect followed her, though, and attacked her, too. As the home invader beat the elderly woman, the husband gained possession of the handgun. Cops say that’s when the husband shot Steven Shaffer rapidly and repeatedly, ending the attack once and for all.

Steven Shaffer shot killed
The late Steven Shaffer (courtesy Pennsylvania State Police)

Shaffer then successfully completed the room temperature challenge. Both of the homeowners were hospitalized with serious injuries. The wife is listed in critical condition.

From WGAL:

State police said they received numerous calls around 11:22 a.m. Wednesday about a man who was trying to get into a home and banging on vehicles on Green Springs Road in Berwick Township.

That man, who troopers identified as 54-year-old Steven Shaffer, then entered the home of a married couple in their 70s through an unlocked front door and began assaulting the man, state police said.

When the man told his wife to get a firearm from a bedroom, state police said, Shaffer followed the woman and assaulted her.

Even if one believes they live in a “safe” neighborhood, it remains prudent to keep the doors locked. Home carry of a defensive firearm can help as well.

Credit this defensive gun use as two more lives saved by civilian firearm ownership.



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  1. ANYONE living in this great country who still believes in not locking their doors day, night, whenever, is not living in the present or is too naiive!

    • Deadbolt on every door. S&W 442 and reload in pocket. Other rifles and pistols around the house.ill never be accused of being naive.

      • You are one up on me. I’ve got the deadbolts and the J-Frame (642) or LCP in the pocket at all times (and other guns around). I don’t however carry a reload. All that, and I live in a very quiet and safe neighborhood.

        I’m glad the victims survived, and don’t lament the passing of the thug.

        • Agreed, my home and outside carry all have commercial manufactured rounds. Hollow point to be sure but my reloads go down range. Don’t need some anti-constitutional prosecutor screaming about “killer bullets reloaded by this mad man.”

        • Almost all of my brass is previously fired factory ammo. How would they know it is a reload?

      • Three runners with suppressing fire. Mags and clips where you can reach ’em and extra grenades for the base runners.

      • Exactly. Come on in, but you will never know when you leave. Lots of people seem to realize this, including LE, they will not enter even when invited, we have to go open the door.

        • Yeah, the only door I go through without knocking and waiting for someone to open it is my inlaws. And I feel weird every time I do it. But they insist on not locking it when home, despite being in Philly, of all places. They get pissed if we make them get up to let us in. Of course they are always expecting us when we show up.

          I keep my door locked, whether home or not.

    • That’s what our Staffordshire thinks, too.. we keep the doors locked to prevent her from eating some poor fool trying to barge the door.

  2. I’ve got 10 bucks that says that Dacian can’t come up with any pseudo-intellectual blabber blabber about how guns are bad in this instance.

  3. only 144mi from altoona where my jr. high vp (ricky shaffer) was from.
    gotsta axe his daughter ’bout dis.

    • I’ve somewhat convinced my wife to carry when she’s alone in the garage/workspace of her business. I pity the fool who would mess with her. She wouldn’t hesitate to plug ’em…or use the many hammers,sharp objects or nails laying around🙂

  4. Lately there has been an increase in final solutions to these violent home invasions. It is nice to see people defending themselves with leathal force so that Leftist prosecutors and judges cannot let them go with either no charges or a slap on the wrist. Death should be the penalty for home invasion regardless who is the invader.
    It is high time that Democrats realize that the vast majority of American Citizens are fed up with their tyrannical efforts to socialize the Nation. When they favor illegals, refugees and criminals over American Citizens and do absolutely nothing to improve life in this Country they need to understand what the ultimate reaction will be. Historically, Americans have acted decisively in the face of tyranny and they have gotten very close to crossing the line. They can threaten all they like but the bottom line is when push comes to shove the American Public will rise up and destroy them. There are many people in this Country who have already made up their mind to fight.

    • Death should be the penalty for home invasion regardless who is the invader.

      thisis sraight out of the bible. Way bck when, the Lw of MOses declares that if you, the Father, are home with your family all gone to bed, and a stranger enters your home, “you may strike him tha the die, and there shall be no bloodguilitiness for you”. I believe home invasions were all but unknown in ancient Israel. It was a much safer place than the good ol librul USA. Most housebreakers only did it once. Once they matched their body temperature with that of the floor, they were somehow unable to recidivate.

      • Regarding the Law of Moses, that dealt with home invasions at night.

        This situation happened during the day, but deadly force was still clearly justified.

        • Good call: the Law regarding thievery at night was for simple theft. Theft during the day could be witnessed and tried in court.

          This was strong-arm burglary with actual assault; The Law allows deadly use-of-force for self-defense.

          I’m currently reading “a time to kill” by Greg Hopkins. The Bible and self-defense.

    • I’ll second that – even when it’s the cops. Or, maybe especially when it’s the cops. The Second was meant to protect us from Government, and representatives of the Government. That says “cops” to me!

      • Paul, so you think you have the right to shoot a police officer. Police are here to protect and serve. Protection is admittedly limited as to have perfect protection is impossible unless each of us had an officer guarding us.
        I suggest that you learn how to follow the law and you will not have to worry about police.

        • Anyone uninvited comes in my home,even dressed as Leo announcing as le is catching a case of lead poisoning. Got a warrant, show it to me first. I take my rights seriously and will defend my family and home.

        • Self defense is not nullified by a badge, or a military uniform. Thus no knock warrants are a really bad idea, especially for red flag situations. Anyone with evil intent can shout “Police” before breaking down my door, I will respond therefore in the same manner to anyone that does so. My widow and kids can take some small comfort in sorting it out afterwards, should they survive.

        • “Protect and serve”; you know that, just because they put that on police cars, that doesn’t automatically make it true, right?

        • Tired of BS Well, if that be the case be advised that the officers coming to your address will come and if you are STUPID enough to resist, then you will get your just and due.

        • Don, Then as I told the “Tired od BS” fella, you will reap what you sow! Do you have a windows in your house? If you look out and see the officers dressed in a uniform or SWAT garb, I suggest that you not get stupid in a No Stupid Zone.

        • Dave, UNLESS you can prove otherwise, I would suggest that you follow the law and follow lawful direction of the police. As I have said, Don’t get stupid in a No Stupid Zone. Unless of course, you want to become fertilizer or push up daisies.

        • Bev, if the cops are busting down your door you most likely won’t be in a position to go peeking out your windows to see just exactly who it is busting down your door at 0 dark thirty when you have been sound asleep in your jammies.

          I suggest, sir, that you get a strong dose of reality. No knock warrants are specifically what the Fourth Amendment is all about. That’s what the Brits did that got the Founding Fathers so p.o.’d that they told Georgie to stuff it. That was a bad ruling from the Supremes. It has led to numerous instances of perjury on the part of the police attempting to justify forced entry. I know. I spent 25 years in court listening to cops lie on the stand.

          It is my studied opinion that the War on Drugs has corrupted our police forces. I think lying on the stand is corruption as much as taking bribes or stealing from victims.

        • Old Lefty, you see, I don’t have to worry about police busing down my door. I don’t do anything to get my door busted down for.
          And, I am not a “sir”. I work for a living and both of my parents were married to each other even. No Knock Warrants are not prohibited by the 4th Amendment. All that is required for any Search Warrant is probable cause attested to before a judge. I spend 35 yrs in law enforcment as a police officer and as a Corrections Sergeant. I don’t know fo any instances where a police officer or corrections officer ever lied under oath.
          You allege that in your time in the court room claiming that police lied while on the stand is your OPINION as a Lefty and as a defense attorney. I made many arrests as a police officer for illegally possessed controled substances (drugs to you) and every single one of my arrests resulted in convictions on the top count. As a matter of fact, I have never lied in court and I’ve NEVER lost a case in court. I was able as an investigagtor able to get written confessions from felons (both in prison and out) with Miranda Warnings written in the hand of the felon. I won each and every Huntly hearing I ever particiaped in. None of my cases have ever been thrown out of court. And you are damn right. I am damn proud of that record.

  5. I wonder how much of this (and mr. bike lock at Burlington) is because of fentanyl or some such thing that came in across the border lately? 🤔

    • Valid question. It would be of general interest to raed the tox panel run on this dead deadbeat. Running about this time of year in Pennsylvania clad in nothing more than a tee shirt MUST be high on something. The random beating of strangers also fits with this suggestion of drug abuse.
      Interesting how al manner of people are now being forced to suffer the consequences of open borders. No other nation on the planet is so careless in this regard. Anyone else remember the US Marine a few years back who took a wrong turn at the VERY confusing border crossing into Tijuana Mexico (I’ve been there……) and ended up in a TJ prison for a few weeks? They got him for border jumping.. yet they not just allow but encourage tens of thousands to wltz accross northboud, and act as if WE are the abusers when anyone tries to limit that massive unlawful foreign invasion, along with all the evil it brings along with it. How many TONNES of fentanyl have been interdicted crossing northbound into this country in the past two years? Many times the annual amount lawfully use in this country. China are successfully working toward our destruction by supplying theinvaders wiht chepa fantanyl to distribute here. I’d lay high stakes at long odds this wierdo creep in his tee shirt was high on some illegal substance. Well, thankfully he’ll never do THAT again. Nice work Mr. Homeowner. And good job dfending your Wife. Hope she mnages to recover well and quickly.

      • No use blaming the drug of choice, it’s the people using it.
        Wouldn’t be no fentanyl problem if people didnt use it.
        I wouldn’t be drunk either but its them damned liquor stores on every corner. That’s the problem.

      • “How many TONNES of fentanyl have been interdicted crossing northbound into this country“


        Which country are you talking about?

        And I can tell you that individual asylum-seekers are not bringing in forklift quantities of fentanyl, that sort of shipment always makes it in only if there is law enforcement corruption at the highest levels.

        • Or it happens because law enforcement is too busy rounding up and processing record levels of illegal immigrants. Don’t look now, but that’s exactly what’s happening.

        • Minere49er, I can tell you that those “assylum seekers” have no legitmate claim to assylum. The economy of your home country does not entitle you to asylum. To enter this country illegally happens to be a crime.
          Get a grip!

      • The police are already subject to quite a bit of oversight as to police shootings. Apparently you have not been paying much attention.
        Get a frickin’ Grip! Funny how come you are not worried about al the Black on Black murders in Chicago? What’s up with that?

        • Take one of your xanaxs, Beverly. All I’m saying is, the police don’t “protect” anyone. They enforce law, which is a completely different mission.

          As to what happens in sh!tcago, you are correct. It is empirically truth that I could not possibly care less. If fact, I pray it all burns to the ground, consuming all of its animals with it.

        • Don, Then as I told the “Tired od BS” fella, you will reap what you sow! Do you have a windows in your house? If you look out and see the officers dressed in a uniform or SWAT garb, I suggest that you not get stupid in a No Stupid Zone. So much for that.

        • Tim I dont need meds, but maybe you do. The police have the obligation to protect us by ENFORCING the LAW.

  6. Lock doors will do more for your safety than handguns. Perhaps because I saw every horror movie out there while growing up, but lock the doors, including the storm doors…always!

    • Nonsense. I don’t lock my doors. I don’t even know where the keys are for my doors. Probably in the empty boxes that dear wife threw out last year when spring cleaning.

      If you get past the gators, the snakes, the ticks and the spiders, my dogs, and my kids, I’ll greet you at the unlocked door with whichever weapon I picked up when I woke up. Oh yeah, don’t forget the big cats that prowl around here, that the game commission denies live in our state. Most recent sighting was little more than a week ago, less than 1/4 mile from my door. Alas, I can’t offer you any bears. They used to live around here, but they got disgusted with all the liberals, and packed their bags.

  7. “Half naked man”. Has to be meth. You’ve got to hit them hard and hit them a lot to shut them down.

  8. The suspect looks like a smarter, younger and more in shape version of Geoff the Florida Half Wit. Man what a buster and clown ‘he’ is 🤣.

    • A (Fake) Real Man Nice try, there Lefty. The clowns here are you Lefties with a mountain of stupidity.

    • Joke’s on you little boy.

      I’m younger and much better-looking than that fuckwit.

      But I can understand why you are the way you are, bitterly disappointed with the little God gave you between your spindly legs… 😉

      • Lol. You’re the biggest joke on this website and several others. Now waddle back to the group home, boomer, and examine your life. Then make the many changes you so desperately require.

        You won’t respond because you’re a whelp 🤣!

  9. According to the left and Democrats the coupe being beaten to death would have been the preferable outcome since no gun was involved.

    Seriously though, ALWAYS lock your doors.

    • Shawn,

      F.Y.I. there are many situations where it is incredibly impractical, if not impossible, to lock your doors at all times.

      For example a business open to the public cannot lock its doors without great hassle/inconvenience to its customers.

      Another example would be a home with several small children who go in and out a lot to play with friends.

      In those two examples the adults in the room would be wise to be armed (e.g. “home carry” or “business carry”) while their doors are unlocked.

      I also have to admit that there are times during nice weather where I keep my main entry door open and the storm door unlocked–as well as the screen doors in my sliding-glass doors unlocked. (What good is locking a screen door when a home invader could silently slit the nylon screen floor to ceiling with a knife?) Then again I am armed at all times in my home so a home invader would have to contend with several .40 caliber, 180 grain hollowpoint bullets impacting him/her.

      • “…Then again I am armed at all times in my home..”

        Spot on. Sad that it has to be that way. In decades past things were different. Now Meth, bath salts, Fentanyl, ect can cause anybody to transform into zombie mode.

        • Don’t believe the hype. There is no “bath salts” anymore. The Chinese aren’t even making it. Fent might make it seem like a good idea to be passing some fake twenties at a convenience store/gas station – but it ain’t turning you into a raving lunatic. If you’ve ever been under in a hospital, you’ve probably had it. Meth though, a couple few days awake straight and a prediction to psychosis – well, you probably have a winner.

        • Fifty years I didn’t even consider carrying, now if I have occasion to cross one of those few real “No firearms” lines with an empty spot on my belt, it makes me nervous as hell. If I’m dressed, I’m armed.

        • Being armed at all times, everywhere, is remarkably relaxing if you have the correct frame of mind. In the 35 years or so when I was an adult running around unarmed (pre-2005), I was occasionally concerned for my safety although never attacked. So, when I began constant carry, I did not instantly assume I was about to be murdered, and I still don’t. I can see why someone who bought his first gun in response to a violent criminal attack might be forever alert for another, but that does not appear to be a problem where I have lived for 30 years now, I expect to hear about a bunch of local criminal activity before anyone comes through my door, but if I am wrong my gun will be on my hip, not in my safe. As a result my tension level is near zero.

      • @uncommon_sense

        I’m pretty sure he is referring to locking the doors of your home and not a business that’s open for business.

  10. Amazing the perp is lily white just like the bigot chris mallory, those two certainly deserve each other.

    Hopefully the wife’s condition will be upgraded and the couple can eventually resume living in peace.

    • “Amazing the perp is lily white just like the bigot chris mallory….”

      Debbie my dear, you truly are the Queen of Tonedeaf. Inside of *one* sentence you disparaged his race, then called HIM a bigot.
      Well-played, madam.

  11. We live in a very safe neighborhood and I never carry at home but i aways lock the doors. Also have one of those sensor lights by the front door that turn itself on when nearby motion is detected and motion sensor security floodlights around the house too. Weapons are close by if I ever needed one too.

    I hope the couple is going to be OK.

  12. Also look to see who is actually at the door before opening rather than open the door to find out, never understood anyone doing that, especially at night.

    • No problem here, got about 20 doors but every one is mostly glass, impossible to open a door without seeing who is outside. People seem to realize that and ring the bell then back away down a step or 2 so as not to seem threatening.

  13. “Cops say that’s when the husband shot Steven Shaffer rapidly and repeatedly, ending the attack once and for all.”


    Um … what’s Dacian’s (or Miner49er’s) real name??

  14. Hope the olé boy put the last two shots… each into the scumbag naked degenerates balls!


  16. Banging his fists on moving cars, trying to enter (possibly multiple) homes, stripped down to nothing – sounds like “bath salts” or something equally nasty.

    It’s good that they were able to stop this maniac before he killed them (which I am sure he would have), though I fear the damage may be done. The woman had to be airlifted out due to the severity of her injuries. Once hopes and prays for the best, but she’s facing a tough road ahead.

  17. I carry all of the time . S&W Shield Plus on the hip and a 649 In my pocket.

    Doors locked and security alarm on when I’m staying inside at both my suburban and rural homes.

    Too many crazies and criminals on the street that shouldn’t be.

  18. Perhaps it’s about time to reinstitute involuntary commitment to psychiatric hospitals. Fifty some-odd years ago a lunatic leftist federal judge “discovered” raving moon-bats have a civil right to not be committed against their will. Discerning readers might recall this ruling coincides with the beginning of the “homeless” problem. This dismal ruling was never successfully appealed, because no self-interested legislator would rather pour money down the snake-pit/money-pit than spend it elsewhere for appreciative voters.

    • Interesting concept, and perhaps worth a look, but remember we did not *decide* to cease committing loonies, SCOTUS ruled it was unconstitutional. Correctly, I believe, and on several grounds. Therefore, reinstituting would involve a Constitutional Amendment. Note I am not saying it’s a bad or stupid idea, just not to be taken lightly. It would require years of serious national conversation, at a nonpartisan and apolitical level which I am not sure our current populace is capable of understanding.

  19. Sadly that’s the world we live in now.The ever increasing violence is going unabated now due to defunding the police and D.A’s that let criminals out on no bail or low bail almost from the time they are booked on the crime.I do not and will not ever leave my house or car unlocked at any time even in my own driveway.I have more then enough protection in my house to protect my wife and I from any harm.A good security system complete with outside cameras helps also

  20. Half naked?

    Idiot. Would have been successful if you were smart enough to go full aerodynamic. It’s just science. No clothes = easier ninjin.

  21. I have a steel door with double locks and a 4″ window in the center. I keep a small club by the door. A little further in is a replica cutlass hanging from the wall.

    • The idea of a steel door with double locks is great, but for you to do any good with our club or that cutlass, you have to be close to the agressor. Where is your gun?

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