Gun Tweet of the Day: The Brady Campaign Plays Skittles Edition

If you were grossly insensitive you could say the Trayvon Martin homicide was a gift to the gun control industry. Gun grabbers have seized on the tragedy with all the gusto that they apply to, well, any firearms-related tragedy. But to say that gun control has gained traction from the Martin-shaped media you-know-what would be over-stating the case. Sure, a few “Stand Your Ground” (SYG) laws are cooling their heels in the hinterlands. And Florida’s democrats will certainly subject the Sunshine State’s SYG to some kind of official review. But calls to ban or restrict concealed carry are notable by their absence—even from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence . . .

Check out the “We Want The Freedom to Buy Skittles Without Getting Shot” petition at Now know this: it’s a Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence production. The petition page doesn’t name the gun control org as the online doc’s creator, but our Google-Fu is strong.

The petition links to a page for Americans for the Freedom To Buy Skittles Without Getting Shot. Which lists The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence as one of the “Organizations Administered.”

That’s kinda funny in an unintentionally backwards kinda way. Anyway and additionally, one of today’s Brady Campaign’s Twitter feeds fesses-up:

OK? Right. So, the “We Want The Freedom to Buy Skittles Without Getting Shot” petition has garnered . . . wait for it . . . 3,983 signatures in the last two days. To put that into some kind of perspective, TTAG had 96,653 page views yesterday (figure roughly two page views per unique viewer).

As I said, a questionable defensive gun use and subsequent race baiting does not a gun control backlash make. In case you were wondering. Oh and Twitter still hasn’t removed the @killzimmerman account. Which has 598 followers. What does that tell you?


  1. avatar Guywithagun says:

    I’m starting a petition to end stupid petitions like this one.

    Please sign below to support us and invite your friends:

    1. avatar Michael B says:


    2. avatar Donovan says:

      Signed as well

    3. avatar HAVE GUN says:


  2. avatar Michael B says:

    Is the Brady Campaign going to set up one of those old school macabre sideshows where they charge people to see items involved in the case? Will they have the bloody hoodie on display? Some of Martin’s teeth? A lock of hair? The spent shell casing? The shoes he was wearing? How far are they willing to go in exploiting this tragedy?

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      I think Jesse Jackson has already spoken for the bloody hoodie.

  3. avatar ST says:

    If we on the side of the RKBA controlled the media the way anti-gun orgs and their donors do,race baiting would dissapear,gun control would be a blacklisted topic unworthy of discussion ,and crooks would be shown their true colors instead of being Rodney King’d into an activist.

  4. avatar Aharon says:

    More Americans are killed by eating an unhealthy diet (which can lead to obesity, cancer, heart disease, etc) and food poisoning than have been killed by guns. We must ban skittles candy.

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      Plus, they’re a choking hazard for toddlers. Think of the children!

      1. avatar C. Walther says:

        Choking hazard? If you can get over your emotions for just one second, you would see that kids choking on skittles is a myth. Don’t believe me? Look up statistics on childhood obesity trends.

        (Too far?)

        1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

          Actually, there is some sad truth in those words.

        2. avatar Aharon says:

          There is bound to be some child, perhaps even an infant, that choked at least somewhat on the candy. If we can save just one life or one ER visit it will be worth it.

    2. avatar Tom says:

      Ban the Skittles. A deadly rainbow.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    I want the freedom to rob a bank without getting shot. You know, like a Bank of America executive.

  6. avatar Mike OFWG says:

    We know that if Zimmerman didn’t have a gun Martin would be alive. But, do we know the same thing about Zimmerman?
    Just asking.

  7. avatar Low Budget Dave says:

    I think somewhere in there, someone was trying to make a point about vigilante justice. Just because the Brady people choose to trivialize it does not mean it is not worth thinking about.

    1. avatar Michael B says:

      I agree, the NBPP should stop encouraging vigilante violence.

    2. avatar MadDawg J says:

      If they are trying to make a point about vigilantly justice then perhaps a case of vigilantly justice would be more relevant?

  8. avatar Van says:

    I have to wonder how Mars, the makers of Skittles, feels about their product being associated with this now infamous event.

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      Notoriety. n. see “free advertising”.

        1. avatar Silver says:

          Well, on the plus side, the unhealthy garbage that comprises Skittles will end up killing these useful idiots faster.

  9. avatar Silver says:

    It’s exactly the desire for the freedom to go to the store and buy Skittles without getting shot that makes me defend the 2A. Glad to hear we’re on the same side for once, Brady.

    Oh, wait, you weren’t talking about the hundreds of convenient store robberies that happen every month? Right, sorry…I forgot that you’re in the criminals’ corner.

  10. avatar Totenglocke says:

    I’m tempted to create a petition to be able to walk in your own neighborhood without some punk black kid pinning you to the ground and bashing your skull into the pavement…. I think it would get more followers.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      So it would be okay if the kid were white or Asian or Hispanic or some other background?

      1. avatar Tom says:

        Only if he was a White Asian, a White Hispanic, or a White White?

        1. avatar CarlosT says:

          Personally, I’d rather not do the race-baiting thing at all. I’m against getting my head bashed into the sidewalk no matter what demographic the person doing it belongs to.

      2. avatar Totenglocke says:

        No. The point is that the Brady Campaign Against Self Defense is saying that Zimmerman, who was pinned to the ground and having his head bashed into the pavement, committed a crime by defending himself from Martin (who was black).

        I’m sure you can figure the rest out from there.

        1. avatar CarlosT says:

          Right, but you provided an easy distraction by dropping the word “black” in there. Why do that?

          It’s much easier to take the moral high ground, which is naturally ours anyway since we’re defending a civil right, and leave all those distractions aside.

        2. avatar Totenglocke says:

          Because if you remove “black teen”, then it’s not clear that it’s pointing out that Martin was committing a crime and trying to kill Zimmerman (or at least give him permanent brain damage).

    2. avatar Tom says:

      But that would not be politically correct.

      1. avatar Parthenon says:

        all the more reason to do it

  11. avatar Mark says:

    Morons… no one was shot for buying candy.

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